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    Peanut Labs Blue Crystal Giveaway -12/7-12/21!

    Peanut Labs Blue Crystal Giveaway -12/7-12/21! Want a chance to win free Blue Crystals Make sure to play Age of Champions and Complete Peanut Labs offers and surveys!!

    6 Winners of the Peanut Labs Blue Crystal Giveaway are:

    1st Place winner awarded 600 Blue Crystals
    -Alex Kesteleyn 100001317695518 with 600 blue crystals.

    2nd Place winners awarded 300 Blue Crystals
    -Richard Landry 100001608481624 with 300 blue crystals.
    -James Edmisten 100000692773877 with 300 blue crystals.

    3rd Place winners awarded 300 Blue Crystals
    -John Barton 1810434791 with 150 blue crystals.
    -Scott H O'Brien 547756308 with 150 blue crystals.
    -Bryan Creed 100000628088497 with 150 blue crystals.

    All Blues Crystals total have been rewarded! Stay tuned for the our next sweepstakes...

    Congratulations to all the winners of the Peanut Labs Blue Crystal Giveaway!

    Make sure you stay tune for our next Sweepstakes. Invite your friends and Battle on! -->

    Announcements for the 20k Winter Holiday Sweepstakes will be made later today so stay tune because you could be out next Sweepstakes Winner!

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    So they've stopped putting the levels down lol.

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    the longer the FB ID the newer the FB member lol DUH so in other words all Level 25s or less

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    Not really, dont forget about energy and stamina refresh. Some could be 80+ in a day. (If they're really addicted like Charsky was)

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    -Jason Anthony Bevilacqua 764719142 1000 Blue Crystals. he won in another its the second time he has won one , and he is a high level . strange.

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    i won in the first one and im a high level. But when the invite people things go on I make sure I come back every 3-4 hours (literally I set alarms) and add people. Maybe he is like me but he stayed on the peanut stuff a lot.
    Klicknation Moderator

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    i hear ya i was pissed about doing 50 offers in the peanut lab deal and getting nothing, but im always pissed

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    i never bother with tht stuff.

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    they plan to do this again?
    "Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face!" The Joker "add me but be sure to put AoC in friend request i ignore blank requests lol" "Join my Guild Murder Of Crows seeking active players" and how does everyone keep adding crank titans with just the titan name showing up? i try to do just 2 titan links and tells me signature is over 1000 limit grrrrrr lol

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    peanut labs stopped doing the 12 crystal bonus

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    Lucky, peanut labs is always "no more offers try again tomorrow" for me :S

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    Why do I always miss these things??? uhg Fate!!

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    I knew nothing about this.

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