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  • Special Nexus Team Strategies

    I wanted to make a thread and gather all the intel required to beat hardest level in one first post. It was too cumbersome to read thru several pages of irrelevant information to gather partial strategy help for each event. So here goes:

    Masked Mayhem (Appeared to be easy)
    Insane (easy on all nodes) no rune required:

    Mostly epic forted
    FR Uldred T4 + Grand Enchanter Fiona T4
    LC T3 Harvester Orsino

    Switched between various heroes for other slots to level (since Uldred just wiped the board after first round).

    Winter Wardenland Nexus: GWS and WCD (Appeared to be relative easy)
    Insane (easy on all nodes) no rune required:

    Mostly epic forted
    LC (Not important)
    FR Elite Harlequin T4 + Elite Harlequin T2
    BR Elite Harlequin T3 + Elite Harlequin T4

    Elven Rogues Nexus Event - Crow Zevran (Very hard event, Elven Rogues +200%)
    I presume Tallis, Briala, Crow Zevran (legendaries) and Sentinel Archer and Sentinel Shadow are key heroes to use here.
    Insane (easy on all nodes):

    Grey Warden Alan
    LC Snug the Bronto
    FR Danarius + Grey Warden Velanna
    BR Tallis + Danarius

    LC Harvester Orsino
    FR Apostate Jowan + Vengeance Anders
    BR Grey Warden Sigrun + Flemeth

    FR Uldred + Vengeance Anders
    BR Tallis + Sophie Dryden

    Urn of Sacred Ashes Gauntlet (Extremely hard event, Grey Wardens +225% POW/+125% HP)
    Grey Warden Sigrun, Nathaniel Howe and Warden Commander Duncan seems like key heroes to use (due to speed and power negating/reducing).

    Insane (easy on all nodes):

    newcharacter posted (I presume T4, forts unknown)
    LC Snug the Bronto
    FR King Alistair + King Alistair
    BR Nathaniel Howe + Grey Warden Velanna

    Andreas Johansson (presume T4, forts unknown)
    LC Snug the Bronto
    BR Grey Warden Sigrun + King Alistair
    FR Sophia Dryden + Grey Warden Oghren

    Monsta Puppet (presume T4, mostly epic forts)
    LC Dragon Flemeth
    FR Warden Commander Duncan + Warden Commander Duncan
    BR Grey Warden Sigrun + Warden Commander Duncan

    Blake Taitstret Seenek (T4, forts unknown)
    LC Snug the Bronto
    FR Grey Warden Sigrun + Warden Commander Duncan
    BR Grey Warden Sigrun + Nathaniel Howe

    LC Snug the Bronto
    FR Brogan Dace + Grey Warden Oghren
    BR Grey Warden Sigrun + King Alistair

    Dudester (my favorite so far, due the clever use of WCD infront of GWV!)
    LC Dragon Flemeth
    FR Grey Warden Velanna + Warden Commander Duncan
    BR Grey Warden Sigrun + Nathaniel Howe

    DF leg forted in health / GWV Leg forted in all most t1. Others epic forted WCD / NH are around lvl 70.
    100% success rate the key for me was putting Duncan (much less likely to be hit) in front of GWV. I have yet to see kolgrim attack this column and as a result I always win, nothing else can kill GWV before she attacks.

    I will edit whatever I read in other posts and whatever other players supplies in this thread and my own experience. The overall feeling of the Nexus is purely biased and the feel I get from what people write, this might not be accurate. Giving credit to the posters, but if you don't like your forum name here, message me and I'll remove it.

    Elven Mages Nexus: Sophia Dryden and Grand Oak (Elven mages gain +300% HP and +125% POW)

    Rather simple Nexus event (Very Hard is the hardest option). Node 3+5 are the "challenging" ones were you can end up in an infinite stun lock and be defeated. Key heroes to use are Cillian, Merril, Varterral (and other stun res/immune characters like Maddox etc). You can also use stun res runes but then you won't be able to use XP/Greed runes. Various setups with elven mages (even if not fully tiered/leveled) should make you beat this simple Nexus. Also possible to use powerful quick teams to deal with the stunners before they hit. Or a BM team with lots of HP (you rarely get stunned "infinite" times, sometimes up to 4 rounds in a row, and your BM just needs one hit to neutralize the opponent).

    A Dream Made Reality: Varric Tethras and Isabela (Quinari gain +250% HP and +350% POW, Isabela (+Cpt.), Yavana, Alistair (TR, GW, King), Varric Tethras, Maevaris +500% POW/+750% HP)
    RARE: Mostly white (Templar Carver, Templar Recruit Alistair) and some red (Sten)
    EPICS: Fereldan Teyrn, Salit, The Arishok
    LEG: Varric Tethras (primary), Isabela (secondary)

    Fairly easy nexus. Node 3+5 are the harder ones. Key hero to use on node 3 is a healthy BM and node 3 a slower (GEF) to be able to kill most of the enemy before their turn. Also, using the non-mentioned boosted heroes will definatly take you a long way ;-)

    Also you might lose even if the node shows easy (due to RNG stunlock). If you can spare, better to use speed rune on the last node

    Witch of the Wilds Gauntlet (Templars gain 125% POW and 200% HP)

    This one is a tricky (very hard) Nexus. You need heroes with either insane amount of health or great amount of powerdrain. Blighted teams, or King Alistair based teams tend to be the trick. Key heroes to use; Logain Mac Tier, King Alistair, Knight-Captain Cullen, The First, Ancient Darkspawn or defenders (Guard Captain Aveline, Risen Ogre, Seeker Cassandra, Schmooples). Third node is the hardest (Wild Flemeth), hits all for 37,5k each round!

    Suggested working teams

    2x King Alistair, Sophie Dryden, Guard Captain Aveline
    LC: Risen Ogre

    Logain Mac Tir/King Alistair /Guard Captain Aveline /Sophie Dryden
    LC: Risen Ogre

    FR: Logain Mac Tir + King Alistair
    BR: Arl Eamon Guerrin + King Alistair
    LC: The Grand Oak

    FR: 2x King Alistair
    BR: Guard Captain Aveline + Logain Mac Tir
    LC: The Grand Oak

    FR: Knight-Captain Cullen / Schmooples (KCC T4 - Health all t2 Leg fort / Smoop T4 - Health some Leg fort)
    BR: Byron / Byron (both only T3 round about lvl 60
    LC: The Grand Oak

    FR: Knight-Captain Cullen + King Alistair
    BR: Guard Captain Aveline + King Alistair
    Only KCC is leg forted.
    LC: The Grand Oak

    FR: King Alistair + Byron
    BR:Guard Captain Aveline + Logain Mac Tir
    LC: The Grand Oak

    FR: King Alistair + Sophie Dryden
    BR: Sophie Dryden + Nathaniel Howe
    LC: The Grand Oak
    All epic T1 forted

    FR: Apostate Jowan (Max leg forts) + Vengeance Anders (HP leg forts)
    BR: Morrigan + Morrigan (Leg forts)
    LC: Harvester Orsino (just for buff, level not important).

    Sky Horror Nexus Event (+150% POW to Demons)

    Fairly easy Nexus. Very Hard (30 eneregy!) is the hardest difficulty. Super tierfood value. Demons, such as Uldred/Sophie Dryden makes this easy peasy. Grey Warden Sigrun is also nice to curse Orsino in the back row :-)

    Some teams making it through VH with ease:

    T4 71 Leopold (T4 rare forted)
    T4 61 mhairi (T4 rare forted) back row with T4 85 lyrium fenris (T1 epic forted) in front
    T4 85 flemeth (half T4 rare forted/T1 epic forted) back row with T3 32 grey warden carver (T4 rare forted) in front

    LC: HO - T4, max lvl, 2 epic health forts
    FR: VA - T4, max lvl, all epic forts; Uldred - T4, max lvl, epic power, leg health forts,
    BR: SD - T3, lvl 36, no forts, VA - T4, max lvl a few epic helath forts

    Tainted Blood (+200% HP to Circle)
    Medium to hard nexus. Bloodmages shine here, specially Circle BM: Uldred. Very good droprate of legendaries. First node is the toughest to get thru (they hit like a truck)!

    I had various setups with Uldred+HO and it all worked fine. Only Uldred+HO+GWV T4 (rest levelling, even the secondary Uldred).

    FR: Uldred+Vengeance Anders
    BR: Keeper Marethari+Grey Warden Velanna
    LC: Harvester Orsino

    FR: Uldred+Grand Enchanter Fiona (to ensure GWV hits before opponent BM)
    BR: Merril+Grey Warden Velanna
    LC: Harvester Orsino

    FR: Uldred+Vengeance Anders
    BR: Keeper Marethari+Uldred

    Enemies of Tevinter (+300% HP+POW to Tevinter)
    BM shines here as well. Specially Danarius since he's Tevinter and BM! Very easy Nexus (aslong as you have Tevinter and/or BM). Very bad drop rate.

    The Quinari Quest (No bonus) [REVAMPED 13thAug-15]
    RARE: Sten, Tal-Vashoth Berserker
    EPICS: Salit
    LEG: Tallis (primary), Ben-Hasrath and Raasan (secondary)

    Insane added with more leg drops. Basically you either need a good quick team to dispose the enemy before they hit, or you need powergainers that aren't bothered with Saarebas drain (BMs and other powergainers).

    Quad Elite Harlequin (~T2 power forts) and Ser Stroud (~T2 power forts) seems to breeze thru this.

    FR: Katari+Advisor Morrigan
    BR: Tamar+Katari (this 2 one is t1 and the other t3 still leveling and tiering)
    LC: Dragon Flemeth

    FR: Katari+Advisor Morrigan
    LC: Dragon Flemeth
    (this one here fails in the last node sometimes)

    FR: Katari+Advisor Morrigan
    BR: Saarenas+Katari
    LC: Dragon Flemeth
    (this one here is the most solid)

    FR: Grey Warden Genevieve+Sophie Dryden
    BR: Warden Commander Clarel+Ser Stroud
    LC: Ferelden Frostback

    (Ferelden Frostback is fully T1 leg fortified. Sophie Dryden and Warden Commander Clarel are like 80% T1 leg fortified. Ser Stroud has his health fully T1 leg fortified and Grey Warden Genevieve is about half T1 leg fortified.)

    FR: Sophie Dryden + Sophie Dryden
    BR: Sophie Dryden + Ser Stroud
    LC: Dragon Flemeth

    FR: Vengeance Anders+Danarius (all T4 leg HP)
    BR: Uldred+Vengeance Anders
    LC: Harvester Orsino

    Any decent legendary team can breeze through. Bloodmages are great combined with meatshields (defenders). This nexus only has Very Hard, but it's the most difficult "Very Hard" nexus.

    FR: Sophie Dryden + The Baroness (boost SD)
    BR: Sophie Dryden + Sophie Dryden
    LC: Nightmare Aspect

    FR: King Alistair + King Alistair
    BR: Sophie Dryden + Sophie Dryden
    LC: Dragon Flemeth

    FR: Caladrius + Caladrius
    BR: Danarius + Danarius
    LC: Harvester Orsino

    FR: Warden Commander Duncan + Warden Commander Duncan
    BR: Elite Harlequin + Elite Harlequin
    LC: Snug the Bronto

    FR: Byron + Byron
    BR: Sister Nightingale + Sister Nightingale
    LC: The Grand Oak

    FR: Loghain Mac Tir + Guard Captain Aveline
    BR: Danarius + Lyrium Fenris
    LC: Phoenix
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    Have a hard time beating current Nexus? This thread might help:

    Ally code 416-466-415

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    Reserved for potential future need.
    Have a hard time beating current Nexus? This thread might help:

    Ally code 416-466-415


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      Reserved for potential future need. (Not sure how much information will be supplied).
      Have a hard time beating current Nexus? This thread might help:

      Ally code 416-466-415


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        I did not see this yesterday, but what a cool idea for a thread. FWIW, all the toons in my example for Sacred Ashes were T4, max level, and none has the 10th spot opened.


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          I am very conflicted about this thread. It shows some of the best and worst.

          It is a very nice gesture by Odin to make this database to "help" out players. The community and the forum are great this way.

          It is a terrible indicator of the state of game play. Many threads in the forum correlate highly with players not understanding the game mechanics-complaints about "OP" teams that have counters, questions about beating basic opponent squads without effort to solve the problem etc. Many simply "google" for a solution than trying to understand the game. This thread makes that searching easier.

          Is the game more enjoyable and does it encourage long term player retention through having a database where every squad's counters are listed or by having players understand the game?
          "Dan and his BloodMage buddies loved the sport of hunting for the rare goaten eggs. With each new egg, they increased their efforts and enthusiasm. Then Dan found the goat who laid the eggs. Dan soon had all the eggs and went forth to resume the sport he loved. But, the village was empty as his buddies could no longer find eggs nor the sport they loved. Dan threw down his eggs and left, realizing that while he did indeed love the eggs, he loved the sport and his buddies more. When other goats returned, there was only Smaug who yawned and went back to sleep..." With a start, Dan awoke from his nightmare and vowed to run from GOATS!
          Enter your Nexus drops and see your odds: http://bit.ly/HoDA_Nexus


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            There er numerous reasons I do this. And you are stating some of them. Yes, many people to google/search for answers to a problem instead of trying to solve it. But there are those of us who can't afford spending 60 energy for 1 try and restart again. As this post doesn't necessarily give the correct answers, it atleast points people in the general direction of how/what they should focus on to be able to succeed (or just give up rather than wasting energy if their roster is not at all similar to these solutions). In my case I have several legendary wardens I haven't focused on tiering/levelling. And by the time I have levelled a team I would think might do the trick, this event will be over... But now I'm focusing on something that might actually work!
            Have a hard time beating current Nexus? This thread might help:

            Ally code 416-466-415


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              I beat Witch of the Wilds with an oversupplied AJ:

              FR: AJ (fully leg forted), VA (health leg forted)
              BR: either 2x Morrigan or Morrigan and another VA (i prefer two Morris for the damage, at least one has to be leg health forted)
              LC: HO (like level...3? He had just dropped)

              Obviously the nail of the team is AJ. He can take two hits from DF (and has to, in order to have enough power to take her down)


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                Hey, Odin, what a brilliant idea to recap all the strategies in one thread since we have repeated events.
                good work
                IGN: lOGl Azrul
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                  Nice thread . Any tips on the seekers event?


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                    Urn of sacred Ashes, Insane, easy on all fights, didn't loose a single battle (around 20 runs so far):
                    LC: Snug
                    FR: WCD, GWS
                    BR: GWS, NH/SS

                    All epic forted only, Snug has T4 leg forts in HP though.


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                      Urn of sacred Ashes, Insane,
                      LC any meat. snug, pride demon, etc.

                      fr KA SD
                      br GWS KA

                      fr SD SD
                      br KA KA
                      works also ok for 100% (epic forted)


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                        Bumping for new Insane on the Quinari Quest,

                        Would a Mod or Dev Sticky this Please.
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                          Originally posted by Dunadain View Post
                          Bumping for new Insane on the Quinari Quest,

                          Would a Mod or Dev Sticky this Please.
                          What do you mean? I've already updated with latest confirmed teams for insane (but kept the Very Hard setups aswell).
                          Have a hard time beating current Nexus? This thread might help:

                          Ally code 416-466-415


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                            Originally posted by Odin View Post
                            What do you mean? I've already updated with latest confirmed teams for insane (but kept the Very Hard setups aswell).
                            I did see the updates & I thank you for them, I meant so that players who did not know about this guide would be able to easily find it in the strategy thread instead of combing through pages of drops in the PVP thread for team setups.
                            IGN: The Triptych Ally code: 842-363-943 Hero List My 1050 Soldier Pack Opening Spree https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...gid=1855731119


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                              The Quinari Quest, Insane - no fails with that team:
                              FR: SD, SD
                              BR: Solas, ApSol
                              LC: GH

                              T1 leg forts in all except GH (epics), GH T1 L60, ApSol T3 L90.




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