Been playing for a month now and could use some help. Within the next week I need to finalized my lineup for the next Onslaught Event as it takes me some time to tier and fortify an entire squad. Being as I'm still new, the vast majority of my units are unfortified, ungeared Tier I units.

Here is my entire roster.

This past Onslaught I managed 4773 banners with a Warden lineup. Next one I'd like to get over 5k with high expectations of over 5.5k. I used the following units for this past event...

Front: King Alistair/Thom Rainer
Back: Warden Commander Duncan/Isseya
Large: Grey Warden Knight

At the end I was coming across teams that I just couldn't beat, had units like Dragon Morrigan, Hawke (two different types, both where white/blue units), Inquisitors (again two types, both were a threat), Dude in a Chair, Tall Blue Ghostly Guy, Kitty, Better Fortified King Alistair.

So, do I have a team that could potentially beat a team with those types of units in it?

Oh, two units I couldn't find on the HODA Codex that I also have - Phantasmal Warrior & Torpor.