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    *Please note I do not wish for this to be a place where people discuss whether KA should be nerfed or not, rather somewhere we can design teams that have a chance at beating the current meta.

    So the first question really is, is it possible to compete against duplicate KA squads at the moment? I am f2p and not a top-tier player so what follows are mostly just ideas. I am not able to personally try out every combination mentioned against the meta. Obviously at the moment Bartrand is a counter but that may soon cease to be the case. I have a few ideas which I will write below but would like to hear from more experienced players.

    There are a couple of things that make KA squads very hard to beat. Both the FB and KA himself inflict stun on a column 100% and both the FB and Xenon inflict negative stun resist. This makes any unit with stun immunity, (Kitty, Gaxkang, Sky Horror from my demons come to mind), extremely valuable. Additionally the -50% curse resist of the FB makes even 100% curse resistant heroes vulnerable, especially to Xenon's AoE curse. Against any KA teams not including Xenon it may be best to leave power-gainers in the front row where FB cannot curse them, (a great exception are, of course, the power-curse immune Hawkes). The combination of large health, 50% health auras and, most importantly, heal on hit make KAs very difficult to kill: in most cases where the hero is not killed outright by an attack it will fully heal and gain enough power to kill 3-4 units with its attack. Consequently there are not, to my knowledge, any fast teams other than RLB capable of killing KA before he nukes. AOE is also not desirable against dupe KAs because it triggers all their health/power gain.

    Kitty and Envy Demon are both great units for killing KA and I have had some success using them with TDT, POC and Imshael. With enough slow resistance, all three fast/normal round heroes can usually attack. This is not a hard counter though...if Imshael attacks too early, Kitty's targeting fails, not enough crits roll or KA targets the right columns this team loses. It CAN beat Alistairs but not with any regularity. I wondered if a Gaxkang/Kitty effect-immune team would be effective. Stealth and single attacking limits how much power the KA's could gain and both units are immunte to all effects. There is also the revamped Sky Horror who has large health, heals on ally death and is immune to stun. Most importantly though, it has a chance to attack all with 20% Levy, potentially providing a more reliable nuke against the kings.

    Elves are also struggling, mainly due to being cursed. Even with THO and Xenon it is very rare for FH to hold onto his power gain and the other 3* versions of him usually end up just empowering KA with their AoEs. I wondered if perhaps a team centred around Spirit Champion might work?

    As for Ferelden, the Arcane Hawkes seem like the best option. Curse and slow immune, great stats, decent auras, arguable the best power-gain in the game. In reality though they are not enough to beat KA without good RNG. King Calenhad + Great Dragon + all the 'defender' gear in the game can create 2 massive damage sponges which may be enough to keep AMH and AGH alive for the second round but I haven't tested this yet. Carver sounds good as well with single attacking and assassination but is not reliable.

    I don't own Shapeshifter Morrigan but I've heard that even teams with four of her aren't enough to touch KA.

    Can we come up with some strange, multi-group squad designed just to beat them or are King Alistair dupes truly unbeatable at the moment?

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    Ive found a few teams that can counter the ali combo, here are three:

    LC: GWK
    FR: KA, Thom
    BR: Gerahald x2 (newer elven archer warden guy)

    LC: DM
    FR: maryden, Artificier Varric
    BR: RJS, RJS

    LC: DM/AHD
    FR: EGN, SSM T4
    BR: Xenon, EGN
    (or any mix of these 4 toons + DM/AHD)
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      3 words...Emerald Graves Nug...
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        Wait, what? The nug? I'm mythic forting and gearing it immediately. A meta nug is my dream come true

        Interesting setups, thanks. Out of interest Combofied, what sort of success rate do those teams have? Are any of them hard counters?


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          i tend to use some different combos depending on the KA setup, LC and support toons.

          AHD is a fantastic shield to attack KA hits and drain them on each hit. Graves Nug hurts KA and helps your own AHD a ton in that scenario.

          One of my favorites is the 3rd option mentioned by Combofied, although you can get stun locked for a long time. I like to use 1 Kitty in the front row to power up your squad and most importantly, not get stunned or power drained. If everyone gets stunned, at least Kitty can still go to work. The thing to watch our for there is a power cursing LC negating Kitty's power conversion. You don't even really need a SSM in that setup. A KA of your own is nice too.

          Just beware using these power drain squads on KA teams with Templar Banner (drain immunity)...that's a whole different beast. Same setup can work with Kitty converting more damage as the Kings won't be losing power, but dangerous as they can get out of control if not power cursed.
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            DM, SSM t4, ssmt1, kitty, chair dual health
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              LC: GWK
              FR: Thom, WCD
              BR: Garahel, Isseya

              demon's advocate easy gives u one shots.


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                Originally posted by Silverclaw View Post
                Wait, what? The nug? I'm mythic forting and gearing it immediately. A meta nug is my dream come true

                Interesting setups, thanks. Out of interest Combofied, what sort of success rate do those teams have? Are any of them hard counters?

                they've had 100% success rate so far, ive never won against any of them.

                2 of the teams (last two) powerdrain you into Oblivion or kill one/two of your heros and powergain so much that if you don't wipe them they will oneshot you (which you can't wipe them due to RL idol and big tanky LC).

                While the first team (warden one) has so much damage resist, powerdrain resist, and powergain that you can't kill them or even deal with them for a few rounds, which by then they just oneshot you.
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                  KA dupes are rather laughably susceptible to power drain. Combos of Emerald Graves Nug, Chair, SSM Tiers 3/4 (wyvern and spider) are an absolute bane on dupe KAs.

                  KA is best when backed by FBanner. I don't have the banner and my KA team is 3 KAs + Calenhad + Abyssal. A monster combo, but Proving Grounds is pretty much Barts, FBanner/KA combos, and somtimes the EGNug/SSM drain teams, which mean that I can't crack top 500, I usually land between 500-700.

                  I was wondering if a drain Blight would have any success, but I suspect they'd just get stunlocked and nuked before the drain has any any chance of neutering KAs. Still, I'll have to test it. I think dupe TEO/dupe AD + Urthemiel with double health might do something against stun-happy KAs simply by virtue of surviving long enough to drain and then nuking when the enemy is dealing no dmg.

                  TL;DR: power drain
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                    what would the EGN have as gear?


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                      Originally posted by Z!NY View Post
                      what would the EGN have as gear?
                      Of Things Not Lost (epic book) and Remarkable Emerald are perfect for that drain-centered build.
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                        Agreed with 2 EGN, SSM T4 and Xenon is the best counter for KA team

                        Many players in Proving Grounds are using Assassinate + Merediths Key teams (4 Bartrands or 2-3 Bartrands + 1-2 Ad Leliana etc). Maintainng top 500 now is pain in the ass. All my top allies who use KA teams before are now using Bartrand teams. Still waiting for fix


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                          Originally posted by Z!NY View Post
                          what would the EGN have as gear?
                          I didn't actually look, but probably drain gear (the dwarf crystal and the book that lowers enemy drain resist) and survavibility. I imagine most dmg in a EGN/SSM squad would come from SSM, especially T3 with Nobility bonus and T4 because AOE.

                          edit: didn't see that this has already been answered
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                            the more the merrier xD....i only got 2 barts and 1 Ad Lel, iv seen with RJS (that i have) or maybe KA or Chair guy for that 4th position...i would assume that for LC should be Behe for full barts cus hes the only one that could use the the last GW and this event im using 2barts, KA, TEO and DotEO and im having fun 85% of the time xD


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                              Originally posted by Alduin The World Eater View Post

                              Of Things Not Lost (epic book) and Remarkable Emerald are perfect for that drain-centered build.

                              - drain resist are useless if enemy have 0% drain resist right ?




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