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  • Hard counter against Ferelden

    Hi, Guys. I was thinking about hard counter for PG, against Ferelden teams with banner.

    Runes should be power and speed.
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    Whenever I see a Ferelden Banner team I go to my Passive Drain team of MD, ND, SoF, Xenon & Gurn. It's worked pretty well so far in "no rune" fights in PVP but ATG would cause more problems than most Ferelden Heroes.

    I can't comment on PG though.


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      Originally posted by Scultura View Post
      Whenever I see a Ferelden Banner team… MD, ND, SoF, Xenon & Gurn.
      That combination doesn't work, because of 2ATG. Frankly, they can have emeralds, so they also drain your team to 0. SoF doesn't help at all, even with GD instead of Gurn

      I am thinking about Josephine in Inq teams, or combination of Genevieve and Clarel in GW teams.

      But I need such team with power and speed runes. On the defensive slot I will use 3RJs and Kas with Lirium Behemoth.
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        Originally posted by Heal and Harm |VK| View Post

        That combination doesn't work, because of 2ATG. Frankly, they can have emeralds, so they also drain your team to 0. SoF doesn't help at all, even with GD instead of Gurn

        I am thinking about Josephine in Inq teams, or combination of Genevieve and Clarel in GW teams.

        But I need such team with power and speed runes. On the defensive slot I will use 3RJs and Kas with Lirium Behemoth.
        Well I did say ATG might cause problems

        I'm assuming the teams will be 2 ATG, Banner, King Cal & Great Dragon?

        I have used the BM Hawkes with some success againt Ferelden Banner teams and they give high drain resist, you could add a Sab Hawke for the Stun Resist. PC Caradin give 50% Stun & Slow Resist to the BM Hawkes so if you had 2 BMH's & 1 Sab the BMH's would be pretty immune stun & drain. The high DR from the Banner doesn't stop them getting drained, just makes them slower to kill. The Sab Hawke would also have a chance of taking out the Banner. Xenon would be the best for the negative drain resist so the BMH's would drain them. The BMH's targetting also means they go round hitting and draining the strongest enemy which helps a lot.

        You basically need high stun resist & negative drain resist to make best use of the BMH's against them.

        If the ideas are garbage, then feel free to discard, but as PG isn't time friendly for me I won't be worrying about it too much

        You could also try with the much maligned Greater Mistral as she has 50% Stun & Slow resist for allies and -35% Drain Resist to the enemy, actually looks the best LC for the team.


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          Ghost Teams work good, for example Gurm with two SoF, ghost champion, SoT or Maferath or a second ghost champion


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            Possessed Ogre Commander and some slow(er) Demons (Theurge and Gax), along with Rev Gurd and Xenon work pretty well. It gives a lot of negative drain aura to opponents - you've got some good stats (fort them well), and they can withstand some hits and drain the Ferelden to nothing.

            But you need to run health runes. I'm not sure you're going to find a hard counter with the runes you specify. If you're that intent on a counter than build one that is known to work and then wait (like the rest of us) for the new client that will allow different runes for different slots.

            Or you could just max out a clowder of Kitties and go at them head on...
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              I'll throw something else you might want to experiment with.

              Start with 2 Tevinter Banners & Greater Mistral and equip all the team with "Of Things Not Lost Gear" so they have -75% Drain Resist or only +25% with 2 ATG
              Tevinter would have 130% Stun & Slow Resist or 80% after the negative resists from the Ferelden Banner.
              The Tevinter Banners would drain the other team a bit, but probably not enough to help that much, but slow the other team so you go first.

              You then have 2 slots left to kill the team with so good luck with that , but here's a few thoughts,
              Dorian - drains a lot of power (60% of his current power) and not affected by ATG's powwer reduction, but the ATG's gain power when hit and can't be power cursed.
              Archon Radonis - gives an additional -25% drain resist, so Dorian would drain more, and might assassinate an ATG if your lucky or King Cal if your not
              Xenon - additional tank with good buffs and -35% drain resistance but you're then totally dependant on the last Hero to do all the killing.
              Felix Alexius - drains and gives power to allies on attack and power to allies when attacked, only attacks a column but this is better against the ATG's.
              Marius - Attacks with Stealth so no ATG power gain and gains power on enemy death, loses faction with the Tevinter Banner and doesn't drain. Can also wear the "Chestplate of the Fortress" so the ATG's should attack the Banners in the front row or Greater Mistral.

              I would also think they need to be max forted as you will likely be facing max forted enemies.

              Have fun trying them out or just laughing

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                My clanmates think of 1 or 2 Carver Hawkes, Banner, Advisor Callen (or other variations) with key, Kal (if only 1 CH) and GD/FF
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                  I wanna try inqteam (Last inq, Amer, FH + Kas/ferelden Banner)
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                    I don't have ATG or any of the 3* Hawkes, so KM is my only worthy Ferelden. I run with
                    mythic-forted KC/Ferelden Banner/KM/Chair + GD and I got burned HARD by Gurn + Dowager/SoF/Chair/MG. I nearly fell out of my chair when it happened.

                    ​ In terms of a hard-counter, a suped up drain squad is the way to go. I can't beat them. Carver + Templar Key combo loses to my squad more than half the time, so I wouldn't consider it a hard counter. I never consider runes when attempting to counter because in most scenarios, runes can be matched on both sides.

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                      The passive drain team works like a charm, just throw of things not lost on all of your units and that's a negative 75 percent drain resist
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                        Well with the update to TEO, I think 2x TEO, 2x Tevinter Banner with either DoTEO, Archdemon Urthemiel or Greater Mistral would have a good chance of draining them enough to win.

                        With either DoTEO or AU and 5x "Of Things No Lost" they would have -110% negative drain resist against White/Blue or -10% when there are 2x ATG. This would increase to -45% with Greater Mistral but they would lose some power.

                        The TEO's would have the following resists
                        130% Slow & Stun Resist or 80% ofter the Ferelden Banner with DoTEO/Greater Mistral, AU would give 25% less.
                        180% Curse Power & Health Resist or 130% after the Ferelden Banner and so would gain power if the Tevinter Banners are hit and heal on any death.
                        80% Drain Resist with Greater Mistral, 130% with DoTEO and 180% with AU, all less 50% from the Ferelden Banner.

                        I have one TEO t4 Leg Forted from way back and another at t3 and had an easy win vs a decent looking all Mythical King Cal, King Marric, ATG, F Banner & Great Dragon Team using DoTEO as the LC. It was in the Glorious One PVP with the Dragons boosted.

                        It's not a D Slot team but could be a decent counter to the Ferelden teams, so over to you guys to try it out .


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                          Originally posted by Tabub View Post
                          The passive drain team works like a charm, just throw of things not lost on all of your units and that's a negative 75 percent drain resist
                          Rather than just saying Passive Drain works like a dream, please say what teams were you using and fighting as that make a big difference to how viable the counter is. I can easily beat some F Banner teams with Passive Drain as I said at the start but it wouldn't work against the teams in question who have 2 ATG's.


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                            Scultura , would you mind listing the core items on the passive drain team?
                            I'm guessing of things not lost and emeralds for all, and the other 2 I'm not sure.
                            Would 2nd SOF work instead of Xenon? haven't been lucky enough to pull him. Keep getting damn banners instead.
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                              Originally posted by iluvvanessa View Post
                              Scultura , would you mind listing the core items on the passive drain team?
                              I'm guessing of things not lost and emeralds for all, and the other 2 I'm not sure.
                              Would 2nd SOF work instead of Xenon? haven't been lucky enough to pull him. Keep getting damn banners instead.
                              The main aim of the team is to keep Gurn alive to nuke the other team, using Passive Drain is one of the best ways of staying alive.

                              They have the following gear, some could be replaced with the better I have now.
                              Gurn - Remarkable Emerald, Defenders Coat, Forge Masters Hammer, Expensive Dog Treats.
                              Magister Dorian - Grand Enchanter's Staff, FM Hammer, Augur's Witchstaff, Wilhelm's Staff
                              Necro Dorian - Hammer, Emerald, Augur's Witchstaff, Grand Enchanter's Staff,
                              Xenon - Stroud's Targe, Hammer, Emerald, Heartwood Shield
                              Spirit of Faith - Emerald, Hammer, Soother's Sapphire, Augur's Witchstaff

                              The Staff's giving Curse Resist can help when Gurn gets targetted, especially by Heroes with Levy, so you have a better chance of the Dorians not getting cursed. If you go all in on one effect with gear you always lose on something else so it''s just trying to get the best balance. That's why I dont use "Of Things Not Lost" in the team as Xenon gives -35% Drain Resist.

                              I think Xenon is better than a 2nd SoF mainly for the buffs & debuffs he has but you always have to use what you've got so it would still work quite well against a lot of teams as the main aim is the Gurn Nuke

                              The team works best when there is a fast round AoE like VV & Hissera as the follow up hits are too low to do much damage even if SoF & Xenon die. It's not good against single hitters & teams with very high Drain Resist. You also have to be careful against teams with Meredith's Key & on Eneny Death Powergain (LSC etc) as they can more than offset the Passive Drain.

                              It also likes being slowed so that's why it can be good against the Ferelden Banner teams without Arl Teagan or the BM Hawkes. It can be a struggle when your MD goes first against a normal round Mage team and slows them and then Gurn & ND go, but's that's RNG.

                              I wish I'd have got more Banners as they make great fort material but they keep hiding with Kitty lol.




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