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  • XP Reference Chart + XP Scale Reference Chart

    [[[ UPDATE ]]]

    Oct 11, 2017

    I have updated the XP Scale Reference Chart which now displays up to level 271 and I have posted down below some of the updated numbers beyond Level 223.

    July 24, 2017

    It's been a buggy week and I wasn't able to do some things sooner than I liked. I have filled in the missing spots on the Sunday Nexus XP Chart.

    July 10, 2017

    Well, it has been a long time since I updated here (pretty much a year).

    July 31,2016

    Today I updated the Sunday Nexus XP chart. All rune combinations have been checked.. if there are any errors please bring it to my attention.

    Thank you~!

    July 13,2016

    Well with the large update we received yesterday (*see here http://forums.capitalgames.com/forum...trophy-rewards) I wanted to leave a brief message on this thread which I created a while while back.
    RUNE crafting system is HERE~!

    Thank you and enjoy exploring all~!

    August 21,2106

    Added Ultra Legendary Rune Value Pyramid for a nice visual comparison of runes needed to create 1 Ultra Legendary Rune (in this case displaying Knowledge--xp Runes). I will be doing some more updates to the information in this thread when I can. Thanks~!

    UL Legendary Rune Value Pyramid: http://imgur.com/a/P9Rla


    Okay so a brief mini update to the chart since Very Hard difficulty has been added to daily nexus. Apologies if I have been lagging behind on this info if anyone was looking for the most updated. I'll get to filling in the numbers a bit more when I can. Anyhow, I also plan to stop extending this original post. Thanks~!

    ================================================== ==================================

    --(original posting from Dec-2105)

    Hello all,

    Over the course of my several months of playing HODA which I've thoroughly enjoyed, I've been compiling a journal of info on the xp in the game. I have created 2 handy reference charts which I suppose are mainly geared towards newer players but even more senior players can benefit from it I think.


    ..again it's nothing special.. just easier to have all the info in one spot and really any player could have done this for themselves.. here it is:

    (this is a thumb.. link below for full size charts)

    Sunday Nexus Gold/XP chart (full size) UPDATED July 2017:

    http://imgur.com/9vDmGkv (Imgur hosted-- way better quality)

    XP scale Reference chart (full size) UPDATED Oct 2017:

    Cross reference with this (the above charts can be cross-referenced with the info from the following threads-- I take no credit on this info which was gathered long before I ever played HODA):
    http://forums.capitalgames.com/forum...6-xp-per-level (the beginning of this thread about xp levels)
    (and thank you again to ChickenWing for bringing this thread to my attention)

    Blue Key Double EXP nexus (full size): ***see post 5 for more info***SEE POST 7 for updated info as of JUNE 2016***

    Now I suppose I should've prefaced this when i first posted in the morning that the way I gain my xp, my approach may differ from other players. The bulk of my xp is made on Sundays and thus the XP chart I was referring to was specifically for the Sunday Gold/XP nexus. Sorry that I didn't clarify that originally.. i realized this after.

    (1) Really the most efficient XP gain is made with double runes and best with similar duration types. At the time I made these charts I didn't have any Legendary (green) xp runes but the only difference from Ultra Legendary is the duration. I believe Legendary (green) XP rune is 30 mins duration while UL-XP rune is 1 Hour. I prefer epic runes most of the time since if I get busy I don't have to worry about putting my phone down or being away from my computer and wasting the Runes remaining duration timer.

    (2) Try to use UL-XP runes just before you are to level OR at the beginning of a new level. And be prepared to play for 1 hour. If you are certain to be busy, save the UL-XP runes for a time that you can commit a solid 1 hour of play.

    (3) Since the Rune-UI doesn't have the timer right on the rune, I use a separate timer. This helps me ensure I get the most usage of my rune without waste.

    (4) I recommend levelling at your PC. With Tip #3 I use the free app "countdown timer" but anything really works. Might even be better if you have a real physical timer OR you could use your smart phone, etc.

    (5) Whatever your account level is +11 is your current maximum energy capacity. So for example, if you are level 91, your maximum energy capacity is 102. My current level as of this post is 167, so my max energy capacity is 178.

    (6) When deciding how to spend your energy look at the multiples of 5, 15 or 25. Match your energy usage with one of the multiples of whichever difficulty you are running. For Sunday XP nexus on Hard for example, if you have 157 energy then you could run 6 full runs and wait 15 minutes for nats to run 1 easy run. Then refill.
    OR you could use that 157 energy to run 10 runs on medium, 1 run of easy and then up to you to wait on nats to do 1 more run of easy then refill or just refill without waiting.
    Multiples of 5:
    5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100...

    Multiples of 15:
    15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135, 150, 165, 180, 195, 210, 225, 240, 255, 270, 285, 300

    Mutiples of 25:
    25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 325
    (7) From my estimations and calculations, I have found medium is the most efficient for xp gain. It yields the most xp and it's not as difficult as hard so you can have a mix of T3 or T4 heroes with fresh low level heroes to level up. So I recommend running medium most times. For gold gain, Hard is likely the most efficient i think.

    (8) If you ran out of energy but are very close to reaching the next level and you still have time left on your xp runes.. then run Banished plane. With the new Nexus key addition of banished plane, it is free and so you probably want to stock 5 to 10 keys to bank for this purpose. Banished plane on Insane yields 400xp per node.. coupled with double-epic runes makes it 1400xp per node.

    Finally, you will see from the simple XP scale I created where your account level is and really I recently discovered what a climb ahead of us!!! By level 167, you get to double-digit xp numbers ..10 million. I am currently 167 and my desire to climb xp is waning now.. it's just a monumental climb~!

    Sorry this is so long again, hope it helps somebody out there in Thedas.
    Good luck and please post feedback here.. any comments are welcome.. errors let me know.. thanks.
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    Which kind of leveling (or both) - the kind to level up toons or the kind to level up your account's level? Over in the "Newbie" Circle Tower section, there is link to a XP chart for toons via Rifter
    ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?pli=1#gid=1 ). But I have also seen references for the various milestones to get a level up for your account as well.
    Here since the beginning...


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      Thanks MinnieMayhem... yes the charts I've created are for account level (which in turn is about total energy capacity). The milestones you refer to is the same direction I am looking. I like to understand information in a more visual manner so I think the ones I created will represent that well. They are simple and really anyone could've made them but it was a fun project for me while I was waiting for nats refilling.

      If there aren't any issues, I'll post later today. I"ll keep checking in here.

      Thanks again~! =)
      ... and then there's PALA (you know.. that lil warrior dwarf).


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        POSTED charts. INFO is updated.. see post #1. Thank you.
        ... and then there's PALA (you know.. that lil warrior dwarf).


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          added to post #1 the Blue Key Nexus Double EXP nexus.. another info chart.. with XP gains coupled with runes.

          Some quick calculations:

          If you use 2 Epic XP runes you will net 4000xp.

          For myself I am currently as of early February 2016 at account level 179.. so basically 190 energy capacity.

          Multiples of 20:

          1... 2... 3...4.... 5... 6..... 7.... 8... 9...10.. 11.... 12.. 13.14.. 15
          20,40,60,80,100,120,140,160,180,200,220,240,260,280,300,320,340,360,380,400,420,4 40,460,480,500

          This is how i have the info in my journal. As you can see 2 runs costs 40 energy... 15 runs costs 300 energy.
          Basically with 190 energy I can do 9 runs of this Blue key nexus. So after 9 runs i make:

          4000xp X 9 runs = 36,000 xp per full energy bar.

          If I ran this Nexus 10 times a week (twice a day) from Monday to Friday I would make:

          36,000xp X 10 days = 360,000xp per week (from Monday to Friday).
          Hope this helps players on whether they wish to spend on this Nexus. I did not find it valuable to run this Nexus sub-100 energy capacity. But now it is much more worth while for me.

          I also intend to post up some refill rates a bit later on.. possibly in another thread..

          If anyone has suggestions related to XP or tips for players please insert here.. for other players since this is stickied and a highly visible thread.
          Any errors I've made please let me know.
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            I have been digging in the HODA forum vaults recently... searching for the lost sea scrolls of XP information... and consulting the ancient sages of forum wisdom on the divine ancient texts of expedient levelling...

            I thought this thread contained some very useful information for newer players and is worthy of a read:

            (keep in mind that it is older.. and some of the info may be outdated)

            also I am amused at how players previously arrived to similar conclusions that I myself have found.. very cool.
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              JUNE 2016 update

              Well, I've been a bit lazy to update here.. so here it is, we had an update with patch notes at the beginning of this month:

              with further discussion here (and i've written up my brief assessment on post #3):

              So as we can see BLUE Key Double EXP nexus numbers were updated.. you will get more gold and a lot more XP.

              Good luck to all and happy farming~!
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                [[[ UPDATE ]]]----- July 31,2016

                ..........................Today I updated the Sunday Nexus XP chart. All rune combinations have been checked.. if there are any errors please bring it to my attention. I intend to update the tips I originally put in later today or tomorrow.

                Thank you~!
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                  Updated Original post today (see above for updated charts).

                  Sorry to the community I haven't updated this info in a year.
                  I will work my way through it this week and I plan to update the XP reference chart for Sunday Nexus to include Gold farming amounts as well. Also some information for the silver (uncommon) runes is missing but I can get to it next weekend.

                  I will gradually work my way through Blue Key Nexus and Banished Plane to make sure it's all up to date.

                  And I will also drop in here a RUNE SUMMARY chart:

                  Full size chart here:

                  Rune Value Pyramid updated for Mythic Rune:

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                    Updated Sunday Nexus XP Chart.

                    Sorry I couldn't get to it sooner.
                    I was affected by the facebook issues.. and usually when I collect data and information it's at my PC. It's just much more work on a mobile device... and I can be lazy.. haha.

                    Anyhow, due to the compensation as well, Vault tiers also posed a minor obstacle (i know many of you can crunch the numbers.. but that's something I just ain't good at.. haha.. and I like making charts.. need visuals).

                    And now Guild War is upon us. Anyhow, as you know when I get the chance I will update where and when I can~!

                    Hope it helps some of you out there~!
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                      Updated XP Scale Reference Chart today which now includes up to level 271~~!!
                      Here (also included in post #1):

                      I also wanted to include in this post a previous discussion of levels 200 to 229ish as reference for anyone searching for information about leveling.

                      So from that thread OL Sigrun summarized the following info (and I am amending the data with the precise amounts where i can):

                      223 = 131,388,230 million xp
                      224 = 199,292,992
                      225 = 209,000,078
                      226 = 218,707,277
                      227 = 228,414,589
                      228 = 238.1
                      229 = 247.8
                      230 = 257,537,210
                      231 = 267,244,980
                      232 = 276,952,866
                      233 = 286,660,868
                      234 = 296,368,987

                      And I will add what I have learned beyond that:

                      235 = 306,077,223
                      236 = 311,254,966
                      237 = 325,788,539
                      238 = 335,202,640
                      239 = 344,911,350
                      240 = 354,620,180
                      241 = 364,329,130
                      242 = 374,038,201
                      243 = 383,747,393
                      244 = 393,456,707
                      245 = 403,166,143
                      246 = 412,875,384
                      247 = 422,585,384
                      248 = 432,295,190
                      269 = 636,230,585
                      270 = 645,943240
                      271 = 656 million (my projection)
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                        Hi guys, I'm interestend also in first 200 levels. Has anyone recorded the datas for those levels? I have datas from 184 to 206 levels (with a missing in 193).
                        Thank you


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                          Originally posted by Mikael van der Rhoe View Post
                          Hi guys, I'm interestend also in first 200 levels. Has anyone recorded the datas for those levels? I have datas from 184 to 206 levels (with a missing in 193).
                          Thank you
                          Hey Mikael, yes that info was in the first post of this thread. Sorry I know there is a lot of information. I will place link here again:

                          ... and then there's PALA (you know.. that lil warrior dwarf).


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                            Sorry, i missed! thank you very much!




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