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    Have a question about Heroes of Dragon Age? Check this post first for the answer!

    Where can I find the TOS?

    English -
    French -
    German -
    Spanish -
    Russian -


    Where can I find the forum rules?

    Please remember it is a privilege to post on the forums and interact with the community, and the dev team. Be respectful to everyone.

    How can I change my forum or in-game name?
    For Forum name changes, send a PM to the Community Manager. If you’d like your IGN changed, please submit a ticket to Customer Support, and include the name you would like to use.

    What is the orange bar below my name on the forums?
    The orange bar fills as your posts are liked; the more the bar is filled, the more likes your posts have received.

    What about the status under my forum name? It says I’m a Common Hero.
    The type of Hero will change as you post more on the forums. Once you cross a threshold, you’ll be “upgraded” to a different Hero category.

    These used to be generic but the community wanted to theme them

    What is the difference between Visitor Messages and Private Messages?
    Visitor Messages are NOT private; only Private Messages are private. If you wish to have a private discussion with someone do so via the Private Message function.

    I think I might have found a bug. What should I do?
    First check the Feedback, Suggestions, and Bug Reports section to see if this is already a known issue. If it’s not listed under Bugs: Open Issues, start a thread and include as much info as you can.


    Where can I find out about the various kinds of packs, and what each pack contains?
    Details about the Champion and Grand Champion pack can be found in-game in the newsfeed. Additionally, tapping on each pack type in the store will provide more information about that pack. The staff keeps a public spreadsheet for the catalogs for each pack. For more detailed information, check out

    How do Champion Pack and Grand Champion Pack guarantees work?
    All Champion and Grand Champion Packs have a no-dupe policy in place. This means that all units you receive from a CP or GCP will be units you have never owned (not unlocked in the gallery), until you have owned all of the heroes within the pack, for that hero's star-rating. If you have had a Hero but since used it (forted, consumed) it still counts as being owned and thus will not be awarded from a CP or GCP until the catalogue is completed.

    For more information on the Legendary, 2*/3*, and 3* Guarantee, please see the above linked thread for Pack Information at a Glance.

    What does "Featured Heroes" mean?
    Occasionally, new heroes are released through the packs. During the first weeks of a hero's release, they are considered "Featured" and have an increased chance to drop from the Champion and Grand Champion Packs. Additionally, older heroes that have recently been significantly updated may be included as part of the week's Featured Heroes, as a re-feature. The Newsfeed Weekly Announcement for the pack will always indicate which heroes are Featured for the week, if any. These heroes are Featured in both packs.

    How can I know what my GCP/CP guarantee count is?
    Tap on the store icon for the pack, and helpful information regarding how many packs you must purchase before the guarantee triggers will be displayed. This counter is real-time and will update with each pack purchase. When the counter displays 1, that means your next pack purchase will trigger the guarantee. At that point, the counter is reset.

    How many Bloodstone/Iron Pack tokens can I have? Do they expire?
    You can have as many as you like - there is no limit on the number of tokens you can have, and tokens never expire. Your saved tokens will still be available to use when the pack contents are updated.


    How do I join a Guild?
    From the Camp (Home) screen, on the left hand side there is a shield icon, which is for Guilds. Click on this to open the Guild interface where you may view a list of recommended guilds, or search for one. Pick one that appeals to you, or create your own, and then join!

    Where can I find more information on Guilds?
    Check this page:


    Why did my unclaimed Event reward disappear?
    The event reward screen will hold up to 19 PVP Events and 4 Proving Grounds Events, in date order, regardless of whether the rewards were claimed. It will sort the unclaimed rewards to the top of the list, but it will still only go back up to 19/4 Events. Once the 20th PVP Event or 5th Proving Grounds week comes along, the oldest event will go away and become unclaimable. We can't make this come back on screen for any particular player, but if it's the first time it happens to you because you weren't aware, Customer Support may be able to assist in retrieving those rewards for you.

    Why does my Hero's attack power vary from their power stat on the 'More Info' screen?
    A Hero's attack can vary for a number of reasons:
    • There is a random variance of up to +/-25% power on each attack.
    • The Hero may have gained power by their own abilities or the abilities of allies or gear or they may have had their power drained by an opposing Hero.
    • A character who normally damages a row or column deals bonus damage when hitting a large creature.
    • The Hero may have the ability of dealing bonus damage to certain groups, or an ally may provide an aura that allows the toon to deal bonus damage to certain groups.
    Is there a cap to damage resistance?
    Damage resistance caps at 85%; anything more than that won't count. Stealth allows for bypassing 10% of Damage Resistance, but is calculated before the cap is applied.

    What do the relative values of auras and abilities mean, such as "small", "medium", or "large" amount?
    For Defenders, if there's no specified value (not even "small","medium",etc) then it's a 50% absorption.

    For all mechanics, we generally use "very small" for < 10%, "small" for 10-25%, "medium" for 25-40%, "large" for 40-60%, and "huge" for anything bigger. We allow these ranges so that if we need to alter for balance by just a small enough amount to stay within that range, we can still do so without needing to change the description (although we would post in the patch notes that it has changed). Plus, using these terms allows us to reuse an aura or ability for different heroes without having to create new description strings, but still allowing for some variance between the heroes.

    Recently we have been making an effort to display the actual percentage values instead of relative values. Some older heroes may still display the older terms, however.

    What are the speed tiers?
    • There are three basic speed levels: Quick, Normal and Slow. All Heroes start in one of these three tiers.
    • A Hero’s speed can be improved with Runes, but max speed level is Quick +1.
    • Speed can be lowered through the Slow skills, this drops speed one tier. There is no cap to how low a units speed can get (slow -1 will move before slow -2 etc..). Heavy Slow ability equates to a -2 tier speed drop instead of the normal -1 from Slow.
    • Slow effects can be prevented through Slow resistances and Immunities. Resistances can be reduced through negative auras, but Immunities cannot be effected. A unit immune to Slow can never be slowed under any circumstance.
    What are the limits on negative resistances? How do they work?
    • Stun resist cannot go below 0% stun resist
    • Slow and curse resist cannot go below -50%
    • Power Drain resistance cannot go below -100%
    How are units final stats calculated?

    Power = (Base Power * (1+ Event Bonus) + Fort Power) * (1+ Aura Bonus A + Aura Bonus B + ...) * (1+ Faction Bonus)

    Health = (Base Health * (1+ Event Bonus) + Fort Health) * (1+ Aura Bonus A + Aura Bonus B + ...) * (1+ Front Row Bonus)

    Keep in mind attacks have a +/- 25% damage variance, meaning a base 1000 power attack can hit between 750-1250 damage. Critical Hits are not affected by this damage variance, Critical hits do exactly 2x that units power at the time of the hit.

    Why does my banners per fight change?
    In an example 4000-banner ladder, you start at 25 max banners per win, every 400 banners you get your max banner per win increases by one to a max of 30 at 2000 banners. After you hit the max of 30 you will slowly drop back down in max banners. If you are unsure what your current max banner count is, look for fights that reward 270 gold, those are max banner fights.

    Banner gains are scaled based on the number of banners required to complete the ladder. The "maximum" point is always at the midway mark.

    Why does my Hero stats not match what they should be with the event bonus?
    Event bonuses only apply to units base stats, not fortified stats. So an event bonus of 100% power will only boost your units power by 100% of its base value then add on the fortified power.

    How does Matchmaking work in PVP and Proving Grounds?
    Matchmaking in Proving Grounds and PVP Events is determined based on your current rank and trophy/banner count compared to those of other players. An opponent will be randomly selected for you from a pool of players within a certain rank of your own, which can be from above or below you, and not based on your squad strengths or level. Based on the difference in your trophy/banner counts, your award for winning or penalty for losing will be determined.


    How many keys can I have and what happens when I reach that amount?
    Keys do not expire. Keys cap at 99 max, if you have 99 of a color key you will be unable to collect anymore until you use them.

    I just received a Tome of Ascension but can't find it in my Gear inventory. Where did it go?
    Tomes of Ascension do not appear in your Gear inventory. Instead, when you have unlocked the fourth gear slot on a Legendary Hero, when you tap on the slot to apply a Tome, it will indicate on screen at that time how many Tomes you have available in your inventory.

    Why is my Daily Login Reward not the same as everyone else, or what is posted on social media for today?
    Daily Login Rewards are a progressive schedule based on logging in every day. If you miss a day of logging in, you will fall behind in the schedule. The progression starts on the first day you log in for the month as Day 1. Each day you log in after that increases the reward day by 1. By "logging in", we mean that the game must go through the loading screen where you see the "logging in" message. Sessions time out roughly every 24 hours, so keeping the game loaded in the background of your device without actually accessing it is not enough to keep your rewards progressing. It is advisable that you restart your game at least once a day to trigger the advancement of your Daily Login Rewards. Rewards reset at the beginning of each month for all players, so if you fall behind in your progression, you will miss the final rewards of the month by that many days.

    Why is my Heroes of Dragon Age file so large?
    Every update adds more assets for news, events, announcements etc… so over time it can add up to a very large file size. Make sure your account is linked to Google Play, Game Center or Facebook and then uninstall and reinstall.

    It is recommended from time to time to perform a clean installation of the game, especially after a client update, in order to take full advantage of efficiencies in file size requirements that have been implemented. A clean installation involves uninstalling the game, restarting your device to allow the cache to clear, and then reinstalling the game fresh.

    Always be sure your account has been bound to Google Play, Game Center, or Facebook before performing a reinstallation of the game.


    I sent in a ticket to Customer Support and they haven’t gotten back to me yet. What should I do?
    Please be patient, and refer to this post:

    Why don’t you answer my Customer Service issue?
    The Community Manager, Moderators, and Devs on the forums cannot help you with CS tickets and issues. They are here to take suggestions, pass along information, and moderate the community on the forums. Any technical issues or account concerns must be handled via the CS ticket service in-game. Posting ticket information will not help your ticket get answered faster. That said, if you notice any bugs or are having issues feel free to post them in the Feedback, Suggestions, and Bug Reports section (as long as they haven’t already been noted).


    Stuck in the Tutorial:

    Members of the Community Team (Devs, Mods, and game experts):

    Creating a HoDA Forum Account (and Facebook Connection):

    Signature and Avatar Help and Guidelines:

    Posting Pictures/Screenshots:

    Frequently Suggested Topics (check here before posting a suggestion):

    Skills and Auras Explained:
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    Added info about Daily Login Rewards.

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      Added info about expiring PVP event rewards.

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      These rules set boundaries to ensure that the Heroes of Dragon Age game and forums continue to be a friendly place where members can learn and share information on a variety of topics. As Heroes of Dragon Age and its forums are available to players 13 and older, refrain from excessive cursing/swearing. For more information, please see this link.

      By accessing the EA Capital Games applications, users agree to accept that game administrators and moderators may remove any content submitted by a player as defined below. Users agree to EA Terms of Service as well. Misrepresenting oneself to engage in illegal activity will be immediately reported to EA for legal action.

      Even though these are forums to allow free expression of ideas, there are other (real) people involved and one should respect their opinions and questions as ORIGINALLY POSTED IN THE TOPIC HEADINGS. Moderators are here to uphold and enforce these rules and the Terms of Service. Freedom to express your ideas, concerns, suggestions, and feedback, does not allow you the freedom of saying anything you want when you agree to the Terms of Service.

      Unless otherwise stated, courses of action will be as follows:

      1. First Offense - Warning
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      If you have received a Permanent ban, this will extend to all future accounts created. If you are discovered to create a new account, it will also be banned.

      What is not permitted in the discussion forum:

      Advertising or soliciting other members to buy, sell, or peruse any products or services including other applications or accounts, along with chain letters and junk mail.

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      You will not violate a person's privacy by publishing, against another member's will, any information that is private and personal. Nor will you post private communication between EA Capital Games Support, other forum members, moderators, community managers, administrators, EA Capital Games employees, or partners of EA Capital Games on these forums or anywhere else.

      Unless expressly endorsed by EA Capital Games, publicizing any correspondence of a private nature such as support tickets, email, Private Messages (PM) or chat logs thereof by any medium is NOT permitted.

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      Posting the same question in more than one forum is not allowed. Should this occur, then only the thread in the most relevant forum will be left open; all others will be locked/closed and subsequently deleted.

      The use of any exploits or known bugs or editing of files in order to gain an unfair advantage while playing, will result in a permanent game and forum ban.

      Accusing another player of cheating will result in your post/thread being deleted and a message sent to you, stating to refrain from further accusations. If continued accusations occur, a forum ban will result. If you believe a player to be cheating, send a PM to the Community Manager with as much detail as possible.

      Please privately contact the Community Manager in order to submit an inquiry regarding this behavior.

      Off-Topic Posting
      Taking over a thread by posting excessively off-topic is not allowed. Off-Topic posts and any responses will be moved to their own, new thread if possible, or else deleted.

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      Because political beliefs, like religion, are a personal and sensitive topic, avoid posting about politics on the forums.

      Customer Support Inquiries
      All inquiries regarding Customer Support should be routed through the online web portal for support. The Community Manager and Moderators are unable to assist with inquiries regarding support tickets. Posting your ticket number and requesting assistance on the forums will result in the post being deleted. Sending a Private Message to the Community Manager or Moderators about CSR Inquiries is not to be tolerated, and will be ignored.

      Additionally, all interactions with Customer Support are considered confidential, and all issues are handled on a case-by-case basis. As such, posts containing transcripts or results of your interactions with Customer Support will be edited or deleted. Keep in mind that your friend's case may not be exactly like your case, so the results of your request may differ from the results of your friend. Customer Support will not discuss the details of any player's case with any other player, but will provide support to you under our established, confidential policies. Asking why your request was resolved differently than another player will result in your post being deleted.

      Violation of these terms is grounds for removal from EA Capital Games games.

      What should I do if I see objectionable material on the forums?
      It is important that members recognize the real-time nature of this forum: the moderators cannot always monitor the contents of posted messages, and as such depend upon you to inform them when participants or their messages are violating our policy as stated here. You must also recognize that they cannot respond immediately to such notices and that some time may pass before any warranted action is taken.

      To contact a moderator, please use the Flag Post function on the post represented by a flag:

      What happens if I break the rules?
      At best, your post will be edited by one of the moderators and you will be issued a warning. If the offense is more serious your post will be deleted. Posting "why was my post edited/deleted?" etc. will only make matters worse, so please don't. If a moderator has not sent you a message stating why, please send the Lead Moderator a message asking for a reason.

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      In the attempt to create a compromise where everyone is happy, the following suggestions are also recommended:

      1. Be civil and courteous. This forum is visited by people from all over the world, of different ages, genders, religions, and backgrounds, and are each entitled to their own opinion. Keep in mind that in most cases, posts are not intended to offend. If you find yourself taking offense at a post, take a step back and contact the person directly, or appeal to a moderator for arbitration. Don't make the situation worse by posting in anger and lashing out at the original poster. Also, see Flaming, Right to Privacy, and Hatred.

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      3. Use the search function before posting, particularly if the question is problem oriented. Most technical questions have been answered before, and solutions are freely available. Additionally, before posting a bug, check the Known Issues thread to quickly see if the staff is already aware, and to find the discussion thread about that issue.

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      In addition to the Forum Rules, you are bound to the general EA Terms of Service both on these forums and in the game. Links to the TOS are as follows:

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