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    It seems like there is still a lot of confusion about how targeting mechanics work, especially after the introduction of gear and a lot of recent heroes with targeting mechanics, like Hivernal. So I wanted to go ahead and make a reference for how this all works. Keep in mind that this is an oversimplification of the actual code.

    By default, every hero is targeted by enemies based on their squad positioning using specific weighting values:

    Large creatures - 300
    Front row - 200
    Back row uncovered (no ally in front) - 20
    Back row covered (ally in front) - 1

    Every hero in YOUR squad has a weighting given to every enemy in the opponents squad. So with all 5 heroes alive in both squads, there are 50 different weighting values being tracked to determine each heroes' chances of attacking each opponent hero. For example, A1 vs B1, A1 vs B2, B1 vs A1, B1 vs A2, etc.

    If no heroes have any special targeting mechanics, then all 5 of YOUR heroes will all end up with the same weighting values for each enemy. In this case the total weighting would be 300 + (200 x 2) + (1 x 2) = 702. At this point none of the enemies meet the criteria currently for "back row uncovered" weighting because all 5 enemies are alive, and thus no one in the back row is currently "uncovered". All your heroes give the large creature a target weighting of 300, and thus a 300/702 chance (43%) of being targeted.... and they each give EACH front row hero a weighting of 200 and thus a 200/702 chance (28%) of being targeted... and they each give EACH back row hero a weighting of 1 and thus a 1/702 chance (0.014%) of being targeted. Then let's say one of the front row heroes dies, so there is now a new total weighting of 300 + 200 + 20 + 1 = 521, and the same logic applies to determine the targeting chance of EACH of your heroes to target each enemy.

    Flank - Heroes with descriptions that say "More likely to attack the back row". For the specific hero who has this ability, it adds 25,000 to the target weighting for any enemy meeting the criteria of 'back row uncovered' OR 'back row covered'. So assuming all heroes are alive, the total weighting for a flanker is now 300 + (200 x 2) + (25,001 x 2) = 50,702, and thus the chance to attack EACH back row hero is now 25,001/50,702, but since there are 2 back row heroes then the chance to attack ANY back row hero is 50,001/50,702 or roughly 99% chance. Flank uses a much higher weighting than all other targeting types, so in the case of a hero having multiple types of targeting working at the same time, Flank will still have a significantly higher chance of occurring.

    Other Targeting - There are various other types of targeting. Brave Targeting ("More likely to attack the highest Power enemy"), Wounded Targeting ("More likely to attack the enemy with the lowest percentage health remaining"), and Slow/Quick Targeting. If an enemy meets the criteria for that type of targeting, then the weighting on that specific enemy is increased by a set amount for the hero who has that type of targeting... the exact amount varies but it's generally between 2,000 - 5,000. Brave Targeting, for example, adds a weighting of 5,000. So if hero A has Brave Targeting, and enemy B is a front row enemy who has the highest Power stat in the enemy squad, then hero A's target weighting on enemy B is increased from 200 to 5,200.

    Multiple Targeting Mechanics - A hero can have multiple targeting mechanics all working at once, via their native ability, gear, targeting runes, or an aura given to them by an ally. In this case it simply updates the target weighting of each enemy meeting the targeting criteria, which effects the final chances. No targeting mechanics "override" other targeting mechanics, they all just change the weighting for any hero who has the targeting vs any enemy who meets the criteria for that targeting.

    Taunt/Elusive - These are multipliers of the final target weighting values. Taunt is a multiplier of 1.5 or 2 ("More likely to be attacked" vs "Much more likely to be attacked..."), which means that the final weighting is multiplied by 1.5 or 2, further increasing the chances of that hero being targeted. Elusive is a multiplier of 0.2 or 0.1 ("Less likely to be attacked" vs "Much less likely to be attacked..."), which means that the final weighting is multiplied by 0.2 or 0.1, decreasing the chances of that hero being targeted. So for example a large creature with taunt goes from the standard target weighting of 300 to either 450 or 600 (depends on the level of taunt), while a front row hero who is elusive goes from a standard target weighting of 200 to either 40 or 20 (depends on the level of elusive). But let's say that we put that front row hero with elusive (0.1) in the back row (covered) and have him fight against a flanker. The flanker would target that back row elusive hero with a weighting of (25,001 x 0.1) = 2500. On the other hand let's say there is a front row hero with taunt (2x)... they would get targeted by that same flanker with a weighting of (200 x 2) = 400... in this case the flanking is irrelevant against the front row hero.

    Note that we've discussed the fact that the default multiplier amount for Taunt is a bit low, and we've considered possibly increasing it in the future to something like a 3x/5x multiplier for the 2 levels.

    That's pretty much everything to the targeting mechanics. Hopefully that helps answer any future questions!
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    Thanks @gettypoppy

    One question though:
    What does that mean for row and column attackers?

    Are the values for front row hero A and front row hero B just added together? And what does taunt and elusive do in that case?
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      Originally posted by _Heisenberg_ View Post
      Thanks @gettypoppy

      One question though:
      What does that mean for row and column attackers?

      Are the values for front row hero A and front row hero B just added together? And what does taunt and elusive do in that case?
      Every hero technically targets just one enemy, even row, column, and all attackers. So the math is identical for them... they just happen to also attack any other enemies who are within the range of the specific hero that they target.


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        cool, this is how things should be explained

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          Thanks for the explanation!

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            Amazing explaination GP!

            So many strategic impacts I can now plan around. Eg having elusive toons in the front row is much more important than in the back as it's much more likely that a column attacker will target a front row toon, even when one back row toon is uncovered. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

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              Funny story from the times of the first taunters/evaders: I used to put Crow Zevran behind Kolgrim because I thought his evade would cancel Kolgrim's taunt. I soon (ok, maybe not so soon) learned that it didn't work like that, but it seemed a good idea at that moment! XD
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                Nice explanation, thanks.

                I love the idea of increasing the multiplier for taunt abilities.
                Also, gettypoppy using your example as basis, can you tell the difference on the numbers caused by targeting gears? pretty please?


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                  Originally posted by CoolNameHere View Post
                  Nice explanation, thanks.

                  I love the idea of increasing the multiplier for taunt abilities.
                  Also, gettypoppy using your example as basis, can you tell the difference on the numbers caused by targeting gears? pretty please?
                  Maul of the Dragon (target large creatures) is weight 2,000. The Ancestor's Greaves (flank) is standard flank weighting 25,000. Skywatcher's Cleaver (brave targeting) is weight 5,000.


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                    thanks again


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                      Thank you for this! I can finally figure out how I want to leverage taunts and elusiveness. I have a few questions:

                      What is Marshall Proulx's multiplier for "Allies have more chance to attack back row?" From what I tested, it seems like it is very effective. I would just like to get an exact answer for number crunching.

                      Also, what is the multiplier for gear targeting? Is it the same as taunt and elusiveness for heroes?

                      If I have a much more likely to be attacked LC, and FRx2, and much less likely to be attacked BRx2 against flankers, then my chances of the flankers hitting the front row or LC is:

                      LC: 300*x2=600
                      BR:25000*.1(2500) FR: 200*2=400
                      BR:25000*.1(2500) FR: 200*2=400

                      BR= 5000/6400 which is now a 78% chance of the BR being attacked instead of 99%
                      FR & LC=1400/6400 which is now 22% chance of being attacked instead of 1%

                      I would love to see the Taunt to change these odds. A x5 multiplier would change the percentages to:

                      LC: 300*5=1500
                      BR:25000*.1(2500) FR:200*5=1000
                      BR:25000*.1(2500) FR:200*5=1000

                      BR= 5000/8500= 59%
                      FR & LC= 3500/8500= 41% -This would make me feel like I can actually do something against flankers. As of right now, the best I can hope for is a 22% chance the flankers don't attack the BR.

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                        That was....elaborate. Thanks for the details.
                        It's only a game..........right?


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                          Thanks a lot for this info GP! definitely allows better understanding of strategy.

                          So essentially if I use 2 elusive front row toons I almost ensure that my LC will be attacked by all non flankers, regardless of the LC taunt - 300/(300+20*2+1*2)=93% for regular LC or 600/622=96% for max taunt.


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                            Originally posted by edulin123 View Post
                            What is Marshall Proulx's multiplier for "Allies have more chance to attack back row?" From what I tested, it seems like it is very effective. I would just like to get an exact answer for number crunching.
                            It's not a multiplier, it's just a weighting increase. The same increase as any standard flank ability (+25,000 weighting), except it's given to all of MP's allies.

                            Originally posted by edulin123 View Post
                            Also, what is the multiplier for gear targeting? Is it the same as taunt and elusiveness for heroes?
                            Same here, it's not a multiplier. It depends on the gear, but I mentioned above the 3 specific pieces of gear that have targeting auras and what the amount is.


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                              avoided reading because math and logic
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