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  • SPECTRE Guild

    Greetings fellow HODAnians! We have a monumentous event nearly upon us: Guild Wars! There's so much excitement on the forums in anticipation of this contest. With the first Guild War right around the corner, I'm inspired to formally announce the existence of SPECTRE.

    Who We Are

    SPECTRE started out as an unaffiliated handful of forum dwellers that wanted to discuss battle tactics for PVP - the first being for Lyrium Fenris in the Tevinter Imperium event. To this day we do not operate really as a formal guild; every member acts without any guild constraints or requirements. Each is free to post in the forums at their own will. We have no hierarchy. SPECTRE represents the coming together of independent assassins based on a common bond: love for HODA and the brutally glorious competition that is PVP.

    Many of the SPECTRE members dedicate their personal time to share ideas, information, tactics, perform tests, start feedback discussion threads, and more. We greatly enjoy this game, are quite fond of this forum community, and appreciate the fellowship it encourages. How many places can bring together peoples from all over the world under one banner peacefully like HODA? That's something special worth contributing to.

    SPECTRE reflects this diversity as well. Our membership base encompasses female and male players located throughout the world. Varied opinions are encouraged as it adds to the richness of the chat room discussion. I find that I have become a better person and much more knowledgeable about various cultures after having spent time with such excellent and admirable mates.

    What Do We Look For In Members?

    1. Players that are quality individuals with good character
    2. Players that respect the value and quality of the forums
    3. Players that are passionate about the PVP aspect of the game and willing to compete to their fullest (roughly 8-10k past performance on banners in a PVP as a min)

    That's it....just be cool and battle with vigor. New player, veteran player, GCP purchaser, non-GCP purchaser...we have it all. If you have interest in joining please let me know. We are at the limit of 20 for this first guild war, but there will be more in the future and we plan on being around for a very long time.

    Good Luck!

    Good luck to all other guilds. I'm honored and excited to battle with you all. This is a pivotal moment for HODA, let's all celebrate by making a great showing.


    I'll post our current roster in a subsequent post.

    Much Props

    Lastly, much props to LD. He's worked extensively on this project and will soon deliver what was promised some months ago. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


    Link to post on last page detailing recruiting info:

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    Interesting, I expect great things from this endeavor. I will watch with interest. Best of luck with it JSA!


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      Hi Johnny i just want to say this bro.
      You dont need to recruit at all.
      You are a true superstar bouth in the game and in this forum
      I think the best thng is for you spectres , the gang that has most knowledge, to make some cameo apperance in diferent guilds.
      I dont think any guild would say no if you and you gang would fight as guests for that guild. Maybe split even in diferent guilds. Every war different guilds. How cool isnt that. Its all for fun anyway bro.

      You have many friends on forum and you should only do guest fighting and enjoy life as usuall. .

      You have nothing to prove bro, you rock ;-)


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        thanks Starkillr
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          Aloha from the Pacific.

          Now this sounds like exactly what I and my friend have been looking for. If you guys still have room, myself and 'Max' would love to join in and contribute!!

          Max: 485-698-753
          Murphando: 489-911-193

          We both have fairly well rounded teams, lots of legendary characters and almost every epic (those are nicely leveled, tiered, and forted as well). The one thing we don't do is ever keep doubles of characters, so no teams of Elite Harlequins or Danariuses or Uldreds. However, that's never stopped us from reliably pushing into the 50+ sections of the top brackets and 25+ bracket for giggles.

          In all, if you have room, we would love to join!

          p.s. your teams are awesome! Always look forward to seeing what you, Jacknasty, Ethan Hawke, Baer Hawke, Andrey, and Ghost Chili (and of course others) are running.
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            This was more of a "hello" post than a recruitment post We figured it was better than people wondering who those weirdos were with bars around their names!
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              So the elite finally has a name. And a very fitting one I might add. Very cool.
              I still think you guys shouldn't recruit, you should hand-pick.
              Hmmm, maybe I am a little bit influenced by just having watched the movie "Kingsmen".
              Anyway, good luck to you guys, and I am very glad you are arround.


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                @MG - thanks for the compliment - that's very flattering, but I really just look forward to fighting with my allies just like everyone else. This is a great day / event for HODA.

                I'm looking forward to seeing the Outlaws in action. Love the Bonnie / Clyde split. Very cool.

                @Primorac - Also, thanks for the compliment and encouragement. There are many elite teams in this event. We will have to battle hard just to place in the top 10. There's a lot of really great guilds that have been around for a long time and have fantastic players.


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                  Be careful what you wish for...

                  Sweet Dreams Dearies...
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                    Originally posted by Rumpelstilzchen View Post
                    Be careful what you wish for...

                    Sweet Dreams Dearies...
                    I see another speed rune right there. Ok, I know you play dirty already. j/k

                    And welcome and good luck to SPECTRE!
                    IGN: |OG| Travedor
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                      Originally posted by Travedor View Post
                      I see another speed rune right there. Ok, I know you play dirty already. j/k

                      And welcome and good luck to SPECTRE!
                      Just being true to my nature Warden..


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                        I like it Rumpel...using your devious magical runes to conquer foes! Like the new avatar sir...


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                          Indeed, just doing my part. Showing those that can only hire from the local taverns, the highly trained and skilled, can be brought down with a little thought.


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                            Glad to know your Guild JSA, contains very very powerful members I have to say!

                            SPECTRE is one of the strongest Guilds, wish some day we could have a friendship guild war
                            Welcome to T8, we are nice we are fighters.


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                              Originally posted by | T8 | Photex View Post
                              Glad to know your Guild JSA, contains very very powerful members I have to say!

                              SPECTRE is one of the strongest Guilds, wish some day we could have a friendship guild war
                              I dunno. T8 had a great showing, esp considering the time difference and should also be considered one of the strongest( I like not quibbling about ordinals actually). It was certainly an honor doing battle with you.
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