Guild Wars and Lost Rewards

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  • Guild Wars and Lost Rewards

    There has been an uptick in requests recently from players who have not been properly receiving their Guild Rank rewards following the conclusion of an onslaught event. In every case, it has been related to that player either being removed or removing themselves from the guild very shortly after the event ends (within an hour of event completion).

    Due to the way guild rewards are processed, there may be a delay between the end of the event and when the guild rewards become available to claim. If you leave the guild before the processing completes, you run the risk of losing the rewards as the system may not recognize that you were in the guild through the end of the event. To prevent this from happening, be sure to check your rewards screen after the event concludes, before leaving the guild. Once you see the guild reward listed, it is safe to leave the guild.

    Spread the word.

    And Leaders, please be so kind, even if you wish to remove a player from your guild, to ensure that they have been able to claim their reward before kicking them. It only leads to them contacting Customer Support and getting the rewards manually anyway, so you can't "punish" someone for poor performance by kicking them out immediately after the event ends.

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