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  • HODA Guild Index

    Here in the Guild Hall section of the forum, you can find a thread for each guild. The purpose of this thread is for the guild leaders in the community to help create an easy to read index of HODA guilds by posting a single reply for each guild in this post with information at a glance about your guild, then link to your guild hall for more detailed information.

    Thread Rules (for guild leaders):

    1. ONE Post per guild (that also means one post per multi-team/merged guild as well, so since I have several teams and several other guilds merged with mine over time, I still get one post total)
    2. In your post, please include a brief description for your guild, how to join, and a link to your main guild hall thread. Please do not post photos and just take up space, that's what your guild hall link is for.
    3. You may post your note in your guild's official language, but please also provide an English translation.
    4. Remember: this thread is designed to be easy to read and search by players looking for guild information. Posts should be brief and on topic!
    5. If you want to advertise that you are looking for a guild, DO NOT post that here, there is another thread for that.

    While I can't mod this one alone, I will keep an eye on it and ask mods to have a heavy hand on this one and delete 2nd posts from guilds or other unrelated requests. Let's make this a good reference for players to easily find the guild that fits them best!
    Guild: Top F2P
    Team: Top F2P (please apply to "Top F2P Epic" to join any of our teams)
    Our Vision: We Are The Proud House of the Most Dedicated
    Rank: Overlord of the Top F2P guild family of teams

    Ally: 716-545-692
    Click Here for our Guild Hall
    Apply Today!

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    Guild: Top F2P

    Who we are: Welcome! Like the name says, we're looking to gather the top F2P (high level/experienced) players out there into this guild. The vision is a guild of the most dedicated players who through perseverance and time have achieved high levels as an F2P. The guild is more casual by nature; be positive, be respectful of and helpful to others, have a good sense of humor, and above all have fun playing.

    We are a thriving international guild of over 130 players and many playing styles across several teams. From F2P style competitive with minimum banner requirements in each GW to goal oriented and just for fun, the Top F2P family of teams offers a place for all playing styles and players are free to move among our teams when space is available. We look forward to getting to know you!

    Our Family of Teams:
    Top F2P - Top 40 GW team
    Top F2P Witherfang - Top 100 GW team
    Top F2P Guardians - Top 100 GW team
    Top F2P Hanged Man - Top 100 GW team
    Top F2P Epic - New Members Team

    Our Guild Hall (please visit this link for more information):

    Guild Leader:

    To Join us, search for "Top F2P Epic" and Apply today or send me a PM for more information!
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    Guild: Top F2P
    Team: Top F2P (please apply to "Top F2P Epic" to join any of our teams)
    Our Vision: We Are The Proud House of the Most Dedicated
    Rank: Overlord of the Top F2P guild family of teams

    Ally: 716-545-692
    Click Here for our Guild Hall
    Apply Today!


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      Guild: Dream Warriors

      Dream Warriors
      Guild Tag | DW |
      Formed: May 22, 2015
      Guild Leader: | DW | Tavan Tavan
      2 Team - We are not part of an Alliance and are solo guild
      - Dream Warriors - We strive for top 50 in all Guild Wars and achieve that goal most of the time.
      - Dream Warriors 2 - New guild for newer players. Chance to get into a guild, have some fun and build your teams. Optimally would promote members from this guild into main guild when spots open.

      History: Dream Warriors was formed by Rumpelstilzchen on May 22, 2015 as a group that could get together and talk about HODA. This was around the same time as the original Beta version of the Guild War. While the timing was very similar the main idea behind forming the guild was to gather people together to talk about HODA and have fun. Rumple had created a private forum where members would talk and discuss all things Heroes of Dragon Age. We even had Bounties that we would try and complete during the PVP Events.

      After Guild War 1 happened, Dream Warriors merged with another guild NFS. NFS was one of the earliest guilds in the game (even before the thought of Guild Wars), but had a lot of their members leave the game, leaving the remaining 10 members searching for a home. Dream Warriors welcomed them into their group and after some initial feeling out the two guilds eventually became one.

      Due to other commitments Rumple stepped down from the Leadership position in September 2015 and crowned a new leader - Tavan, one of the members of NFS. Together with the help of some of the long term Dream Warriors members they kept the guild going for the past two years

      Over the years members have come and gone, including our founder Rumpelstilzchen, but we still have a strong core of players who have been with us for the majority of the guild's lifespan. We have achieved top 20 in a guild war or two but those were some of the earlier wars. Lately we have been averaging in the 40-50 bracket, but have had some issues with activity levels. We require members to push to complete the ladder during 2 day guild wars and we have a strong core of members who do this every guild war. We are looking for members who have the same commitment that we do in order to fill out our roster and allow us to get back into the top 30 rankings and perhaps even push for top 20 again.

      We do accept applications in game and applicants can also contact our Guild Leader on the Heroes of Dragon Age Forums by PM. Tavan

      ​Guild Hall: http://forums.capitalgames.com/forum...dream-warriors
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      IGN: | DW | Tavan - Guild Rank: Guild Leader - Ally: 229-229-833


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        Guild: Casteless

        Who We Are: Casteless is the longest running guild dedicated to f2p and very low spending players. We were built by a community of fans and players who enjoy talking strategy, new heroes, and all things Dragon Age without dropping too much cash. We enjoy the challenge of playing as best we can with out the investment. We know that we will never be a top guild, but we have many players who have gone onto those top guilds and shone there.

        Casteless is currently divided into two subguilds: Legion and Carta. Carta is for the more casual of us, whereas Legion is for those who expect to play harder. Joining is easy: while we prefer a direct comment or message in the forums, you can just apply by looking us up in the game. Search "Casteless" for Legion, or "Casteless; Carta" for Carta. We will boot anyone from the guild who is inactive for too long, but invite all to reapply when they're playing the game again.

        Our forum page is less active than it used to be, but much of our conversation has moved to our Google Chat. When you join up, we can send you the invite!

        Guild Page: http://forums.capitalgames.com/forum...spending-guild

        Ally code: 526-213-456
        370 Unique Legendaries!
        Welcome, Asha'Bellanar!
        Catalog completed 12/18/17


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          THE IMPERIUM

          Formed: from the beggining, I can't remember the date.
          Guild Leather: Grey Warden
          We are a solo guild, we aren't part of a guild merging or alliance.

          THE IMPERIUM is an international guild for all people over the world who are experienced and active players in the game, you should be level 170 as minimum, but if you are a new and an active player with a good roster and you are interested to be part of our guild, you can send me a pm or let me now in that post, I can low the level entry, there is no problem.

          Most of us are f2p and low spenders.
          We need players who love the game and participate in the daily events and at the Guild Wars actively, if you enjoy the game and spend time playing it, you are welcome.

          We are a top 40 guild now: you should do 7000 banners in a 3 days GW as minimum, 6000 banners as minimum in a 2 days Guild War and 5000 in a one day GW to mantain our position, if you can't do the banners for some reason (vacations, work, personal issues, etc.) it doesn't matter, you can tell that to the guild and we will do the rest of the banners to ensure our position.

          We have lost great players that left the game and we have won new guild mates so we are looking for new replacements habitually, if you are interested to be part of our guild, even if the guild is complete, send me a pm and I will tell you when I have a free spot.
          You can check out The Imperium guild for more information.

          If you want to join us you should look up "THE IMPERIUM" (all in capital letter).



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            TR 1453 DRAGONLORD

            Sticking to rules, not gonna put life story, to keep short and neat. Many players come together to gather hard to find Turkish players about a year ago and so far created a good community.

            To join: Contact to us on Palringo, chat group same name with guild. Search on facebook Heroes of dragon age Türkiye link:

            CONSORTIUM TR 1453

            That is an allies guild with our friends from CONSORTIUM and TR 1453 DRAGONLORD, time by time we joint our power in GW for better wars.

            To join to this guild, be a member of CONSORTIUM and TR 1453 DRAGONLORD


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              Guild Name:
              VKontakte (VK)
              How many players in total:
              How many teams (provide Team names):
              When was the guild founded:
              Guild was founded from very beginning of the HoDA project. It was a small group of interests based on the fans of DA and HoDA in VKontakte social network, the biggest network in eastern Europe.
              In the beginning there were about 300 followers, some of them used useless clantag VK just to show our appurtenance to that community. Than this group became the biggest public in VK. 5000 followers. So when HoDA got the guild interface, we made a decision to create 8 different guilds. Most of them united in alliance, well known as USSR. But we stood separately, as VK COA (Chantry of Andraste). Then COA postfix was deleted.
              About us:
              WE are the players from "all around the world", native russian speakers: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other former USSR republics, USA, Germany, Israel. All countries with the strong Russian presence. Our guild is one of the oldest guilds, consists mostly from f2p players 60/40 per cents, or even 70/30
              Our new public group
              Our private group
              Our Logo

              Blessed are the peacekeepers, the champions of the just
              Last edited by Heal and Harm |VK|; 12-04-2018, 12:51 AM.
              IGN: VK Admin AC: 349216687
              Social network admin: https://www.vk.com/HoDACommunity
              Please subscribe our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/VKHoDACommunity




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