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  • Alec
    started a topic Barfspawnless


    In the loving memory of my DA2 mabari Barfspawn I here by found a new club!


    Bloody Awful Randomness From Soldier Packs And Winning No LEgendarieS Sucks

    Recruiting now. Conditions are as follow:

    - No legendaries from recruit or soldier packs
    - At least 1 million gold spent

    These are the easy criteria to join.

    Please submit your sad story and you are automatically accepted.

    At the moment I'm level 99 and still waiting my drop. I do have legs but they are from events or bought with money. This silly luck with these soldier packs is just getting to me. My wife is also playing and she's about 5 levels lower and already with three leg drops! No fair...
    I know there are lots of other sad souls with the same luck so post in the topic and join the club.
    I'm adding this to my sig and as the founder I'm taking the post of chairman but if someone can match my luck with same unlucky situation with higher player level, I'm happy to give the position of chairman to that person.

    Join in if your able (hope not ) and add this to your sig.



    Alec (former chairman)
    Chris Hart
    Sarah Luz (former chairwoman)
    Max Varig
    Royal Cavalist
    The_Dude ★
    Blind Bill
    Maximus Aragorn
    Ser Noob-a-lot
    Johnny James
    Tetsu Noguchi feat. ChickenDinner
    Armistan Banes
    Maximus Aragorn
    Courier (the bringer of pancakes)
    Bobby Hughes
    Antpugga feat. guest account lvl 90+
    Jamie Smith
    Knight Kodes
    Cristobal Lander
    Fiona Khoo
    Quan Tran
    OG Svn

    Honorary member and dish washing helper for James Hayes at the Barfspawnless summer picnic:

    Ex-members and hall of fame - those who finally got the drop:

    James Hayes - Honorary member who shall always be remembered as the bringer of the legendary 7-layer dip. Now a happy owner of Sister Nightingale dropped from a silver pack.

    pigzor - our first real member who scored a legendary from soldier pack. Now a happy owner of Merril.

    Cassius - Happy owner of brand new High Dragon.

    spreepelle - Happy owner of GWO

    Malty - Happy owner of Morrigan
    Last edited by Alec; 04-29-2014, 02:51 PM.

  • Odin
    Originally posted by newcharacter View Post
    Here's hoping that everyone has graduated from this club by now. It's been awhile, but hopefully this club is now just a part of history.
    It would've been history if someone didn't decide to necropost :-/

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  • newcharacter
    Here's hoping that everyone has graduated from this club by now. It's been awhile, but hopefully this club is now just a part of history.

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  • Cassius
    The day has come to graduate my last account from this club. At 1,638,600 gold spent (795K since 2.0 = 530 packs), Morrigan showed up today from a soldier pack. The question now is whether it's worth it to have two separate Morrigans, as I pulled one from CPs shortly after 2.0 (she's almost T3).

    [spaceholder for when tinypic wants to start working again]

    Much of that gold has come from recent PvE Challenges, with their increased gold and xp. This also aided account #3 in pulling its second legendary from SPs, Harvester Orsino, the day before. This was pack #497 (745.5K gold) since 2.0.


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  • Cassius
    Is there anyone else still stuck in this club, or am I all alone in here now? Hopefully not for too much longer though.

    Second account just joined the Hall of Fame with a Varric Tethras pull from SP at level 80, with 2,008,500 gold spent:

    That leaves account #4 as my sole club member, now at level 65, with 1.24M gold spent.

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  • Cassius
    Originally posted by Cassius View Post
    RNG certainly has a sense of humour. At level 37, my third account is by far the least lucky. It took a long time, but is now stuck at 9-1, most of which was achieved with Duncan as the only epic ($1.99 pack). Last week, a WS Halla joined the crew during the PvE challenge. This morning, at the $ 480,000 mark, The Architect fell out of a soldier pack. So zero epics from soldier packs, but now a legendary.

    Edit: What a difference an hour can make. Now account #1 (level 59 with $1.2M spent) just found a High Dragon hiding in a soldier pack.
    So exactly three months and 40 levels later, my Hall of Fame account finally pulled its second legendary from a soldier pack. With the first being a High Dragon, of course the second would have to be QotBM.

    Account #3 still has only Archie from SPs, but did get Morrigan and V.Anders from PvE Challenges.

    Originally posted by Cassius View Post
    The time has come to submit my second account for membership to Barfspawnless. This account is level 54, and passed the $1Mil threshhold this morning.

    Does this make me the first re-enrollee?
    Account #2 is still a full member of barnspawnless, now at level 70, with 1.755Mil spent. At least this account was lucky enough to get Wynne and GWO from PvE Challenges.

    Lastly, account #4 is only 10,000 away from the Million mark, and pending enrollment in the club.

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  • Rhyalto
    Originally posted by Bkaufmann View Post
    I feel like we need a special barfspawnless for people who finally get a leg and it's sister nightingale.... such a let down.

    I'm the pissed owner of a SN, my one leg dropped in soldier pack.

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  • Bkaufmann
    I feel like we need a special barfspawnless for people who finally get a leg and it's sister nightingale.... such a let down.

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  • olly
    Last night I got Archie although I nexted too quickly to get a screen shot.

    First Leg from recruit or soldier packs and not one I had before.

    Was I the last one in this group and should I turn the lights out as I leave?

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  • Bivitar
    I graduated from the group today!

    Got a Merrill from a soldier pack. I was stunned!

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  • newcharacter
    Congratulations on the pulls, everyone! Since I already pulled a leg I'm waiting to hand someone chairmanship but legs are coming around too quickly now for that to happen! Seems like this update is working.

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  • Flatscan
    Originally posted by fantazy View Post
    so! breakdown of my pulls since the drop rate increase thing.

    Yesterday was :

    150k Duncan
    50k 0
    50k GWA
    50k 0

    70k 0
    30k SN + Yavana --> this is the mark! first leg between 370k-400k
    50k 0
    50k FEO
    100k HO + Fenris
    25k AV
    30k 0
    109k Fiona + GG (on the last two pulls, down to 333 gold now)

    total: 3 legendaries / 750k+ gold OR rather... 3 legendaries / 11 million gold

    this compared to majority of posters and online friends is still a really low drop rate (though it seems I'm not the only one suffering from this), but hey, RNG-not-supposed-to-compare-right-despite-fact-I-got-0-leg-in-10-million+-spent, this still means I'm no longer chairwoman of Barfspawnless (!)

    newcharacter, you win the bet. You are new chairman of this club! Despite the fact that you have pulled a legendary, I now pass on the baton to you to welcome the poor souls here.

    I retire. Truly. The rusty statue with cobwebs can be pulled down. I am noping out of here. So tired...
    Congrats! Sure took your time.

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  • Courier
    Originally posted by Lokthey View Post
    Well... I requested to be added to the club... that never happened but it is not needed anymore.
    you dont read this thread entirely, then. the OP (Alec) already leave this forums and the game weeks (or months) ago
    lately ppl come here, join the unlucky fray, and leave with awesome pull(s).

    also, congrats to the (former) chairwomen Fantazy for the leg pulls! you deserve a rest, ma'am

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  • Lokthey
    Well... I requested to be added to the club... that never happened but it is not needed anymore. I am the lucky owner of 2 HOs and 1 TA from soldier packs (only 1 HO after the drop rate increase the other two were with the old drop rates)

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  • Hypocrite666
    Originally posted by Hypocrite666 View Post
    I hereby ask to be accepted in this noble club. I recently hit level 100 and so far I haven't scored a leg through silver packs, though I just got one of those Shale-thingies in a champion pack. I easily spent 5 million so far, gold, not $
    What a fortunate turn of events. Not even 9h after my message I pulled a Flemeth...

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