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    I am currently about a week into this game I thought I had a decent Inquisition Squad however I've been doing the main quest and I am stuck. I cannot defeat Open Veins Master Level 8 versus the Horror OF team. I keep using a combination of an inquisition team consisting of night enchanter Vivienne ,Inquisitor ameridan, Scout Harding, Young Cassandra, Thom Rainer, Dagna, Bianca. Or some combination of those mentioned characters above but I usually always have Knight enchanter Vivienne and Inquisitor ameridan as my anchors. I can't survive past two rounds I have all the stated characters at Mythic level and fully maxed on their levels but I don't have them completely maxed out on there level consumption. There two times hit percentage is 25% a piece. Is there another team that I should use any advice would be well-received.

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    You have some decent characters, especially for only a week in, but most of those aren't near the top tier in terms of power or usefulness. Scout Hardin and Inq Ameridan are probably your stars. Have they got gear and fortifications on? Gear can make a *huge* difference, and it all gets very complex. I tend to use legendary wisps to fortify

    In terms of other teams, it really depends on what other characters you have - play the other quests at the hardest level you can to get more characters - current ones dropping Red Lyrium or Inquisition could build very handy teams indeed, elven mages up next not quite so much. The gauntlets are good and reward repetition Running through the Large Creatures quest is also good if you have a key to get a decent dragon / golem.

    Mostly, I think patience - I have been playing for more tham 5 years, and always have a new squad to build etc.

    PS are you in a guild? There are team events every month that have bigger rewards.


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      I do have the dragon version of Morgan and yes I fortified my characters pretty well with multi-colored Mythic whisps. I do not have any Guild that I belong to. Still very new learning some of the mechanics and the team play this game at the moment any Guild help would definitely be appreciated.


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        I also use dagna I have her leveled up pretty well and fortified very well is she a good character to use on an inquisition build?


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          That's the second quest to last and it consists of 4 Red lyrium horrors,
          If I remember correctly, I beat that with a team of 2x Ferelden banners in the back slots and 2x King Alistair in the front slots, with Great dragon as the large creature.

          I think you should put that quest on hold and wait until you get more characters because it seems too hard with your current roster of characters.
          You can also try to get max level on your characters ( Tier IV ) and gear them up, mainly your Dragon Morrigan, Scout Harding and Inquisitor Ameridan.

          I went and check out that quest again and used Dragon Morrigan (LC), Scout Harding and Lady seeker Cassandra in the back spots and added a second Lady seeker Cassandra and Inquisitor Ameridan in the front spots and got easy.
          You can try and get Lady seeker Cassandra which drops in the Thursday Event, I picked her cause she's good and easy to obtain through nexus quest.
          Also you can add mythic power rune to make it super easy if you want.

          Good luck.
          a Cullen and Theron Shan fangirl


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            Hard agree on not focusing on that quest. Lady Seeker Cassandra is indeed very good and fairly easy to come across, but I would focus on getting as many as possible rather than chasing any particular one. There are 386 Legendary characters, with updates and new releases all the time.

            I'd go with daily, weekly and gauntlet PvP for toons, and PvE for steady income of gems and to learn what squads people use (including gear).

            Also, join a guild. My guild (Dream Warriors) are great, but we ask for 6000 banners in a two day war, and I don't think you're equipped for that - others have lower or no limits, but you might still get more support.


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              Thanks to both of you for the advice I will try to consume some more wisps and maybe a few garbage characters to really try to pad the stats of my current rotation thank you so much.




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