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  • Templar revamps

    As I imagine is the case for most, I'm primarily interested in LVR. I recall other recent revamps all improving the toon instead of trying to... rebalance it?

    Take TEO. The leader of his faction. Buffed stats and auras.

    LVR. Arguably the leader of his faction. There aren't that many Templars to begin with, and the only other 3* Templar is Advisor Cullen, who's more Inquisition than Templar. LVR got a stacking health & power buff, which does make the faction stronger, but his power was nerfed to effectively arrive at what it was before the revamp when you include the new buff. It seems to me that Templars have been neglected even in their revamp. LVR will now work rather well in a Seeker team with TLI, IA and LSC, but Templars are still inconsequential.

    Why the nerf? It's not like leaving him at ~14k max power plus the new buffs would threaten game balance. There are other AOE powergainers in the normal round with similar stats.

    I appreciate the revamp on a forgotten faction, and multiple revamps at that, but I can't help feeling a bit disappointed in LVR's power nerf.
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    Yes I agree with the disappointment on LVR power Nerf. He should be one of the best Templars and Seekers. Now he is better than before but still far underpowered and Templars will still be bench warmers. I don't see as how keeping his power where it was would have been unbalanced. Fereldan still far outperform Templars.


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      Its not such a big problem. The power is effectively The same, and he can gain power. On top of which he is power drain immune. Only need to partner him with some that can help reduce curse chance.
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        What seems ineffective to me is that most templars have resistance to drainage of strength, so that they have resistance to drainage if the standard already grants immunity to drainage?

        they could not change the templar's drainage to stun or braking resistance or gain strength with death of enemies or strength or who knows but that takes away a lot of support that the templars could have

        I have tested them against other teams even with the event they are not so efficient they need to be updated in a better way if they want to become useful


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          i think LVR is now more powerful and viable in dupes, which he wasn't before but only just, due to his limited resistances. with the right gear and in the right team, he can be scary. more power would have made him more scary, but i don't think they wanted to make him meta.

          that said, there were a few missed opportunities with this update. i like the damage reduction buff on SBD, but her base stats are just too low. the tankiness she brings to inquisition MP is just not reflected in her HoDA character and, IMO, she needed another 50% health aura to inquisition, chantry, and templars and maybe a negative power aura to demons and blood mages.

          the templar banner doesn't do as good a job as the tevinter, ferelden, and grey warden banners either at reducing the limitation of the group, so it's a shame this round of updates didn't take that into account.


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            His revamp seems to me to be on par with apsol.Its nice but not meta.Im glad because he is far too simple to acquire to be given meta make over.Teo is as well but not quite as easy.Im from mind set meta toons should be harder to come by.Im not talking money I’m talking pure stupid luck!


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              drew attention to the temple. They all have resistance to stretching their strength and the banner in general gives immunity. Some have resistance to deceleration. But the resist to stun? Therefore, the flag of Ferelden well deafens Lambert
              Darrow generally has 85% of the resist to slow down for himself, but to become nothing!
              The susceptibility to sucking strength from the banner of the Templars is nonsense.


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                I really love LvR's revamp, and the other two are certainly better now than they were so I'd say it was overall a successful revamp. Every round of updates can't change the meta, after all. I do wish LvR's power hadn't been reduced, but I don't hate that it was because it's still a huge net improvement to an already decent. I have 4 of him, and they play very nicely together. Belinda absolutely sucked before, and now she certainly doesn't. That 40% DR is nothing to sneeze at, and with dupes she can totally reach the DR cap. Delrin's good, and has a nice tanky place in any templar team I think.
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                  DISCLAIMER: In this post I am referring to the "good guy" Templars, those with white faction. (Including those of questionable "good guy-edness" like Lucius and Lambert. And legendary ad mythic rarity only - just to include the Banner. Not referring to any of the RL Templars or lower rarity ones in this post at all.

                  I think it's easy to think these revamps are good because we are in the midst of a string of Templar events and they are rock solid. But on the whole I just don't think this round of revamps is that good or makes much sense - and I think the entire Templar group is scattered and is a mostly terrible group in terms of how they work with each other.

                  Random thoughts about this group as a whole, in no particular order:
                  - We have auras that are split among Templars, Warriors, Seekers, Inquisition, and Chantry. They cannot even consistently help each other. I understand many of these people belong to several groups, and will at times help those groups. But the Templar is an until death organization if my lore is correct - and as such I feel that Templars should almost always buff or offer something to other Templars.
                  - Of the 10 legendary Templars in the codex, 4 of them grants power drain resist to allies and 1 of them is immune himself to power drain. All this in a group who's Banner grants the entire group immunity. That's a lot of wasted auras.
                  - This group does have decent resists to slow and stun scattered across some of the toons, however some of these resists are on toons that are just not good.
                  - The entire group, thanks to many natural auras and the Meredith Key gear; is built for power gain and healing. Massively so. Yet the only curse resist among the entire group is a 65% curse power resist on the Banner. Not a single other unit offers curse resist for the group and none have personal immunity. Without bringing in dupe Banners, or non Templar units, this group is immediately health cursed and can pretty easily be power cursed as well with some of the negative auras out there (Xenon, Ferelden Banner, Hissera, etc.).
                  - Outside of Eva, LVR, and Advisor Cullen; stats kind of suck. Belindas new health is good, but not enough in my opinion. And her power is laughable for a toon that was just redone. Her power right now would have been laughable a year and a half ago.
                  ​- The added auras and coinciding nerf of LVRs power is a kick in the Templar teeth. Fen has very comparable power to LVR pre-nerf/revamp, identical self buffs, and is also a normal round AOE gainer. LVR deserves higher health to offset his defender status. Yet LVR needed his power held in check? Why? This is just a complete head scratcher to me.
                  - Kitty and other powerful Demon squads laugh at Lucius and Belinda's low health. All the DR in the world won't save them or make them an effective Demon counter as they stand right now.
                  - Delrin Barris got a revamp? Oh yeah, that's right, he did. That makes 2 revamps for him now - both pretty forgettable. Not ever once did Delrin Barris cause even so much as a hiccup in any battle the entire GW. He was forgettable on release. Forgettable after his first revamp. Forgettable after his second revamp. Forget about Delrin Barris already.
                  - Of the 5 best toons in this group (Eva, LVR, Lucius, Belinda, and the Banner) - 3 are defenders and are laid out to die to save the others. Too many defenders spilling out of 1 group makes that group unusable in any event other than an event that buffs that group.

                  This group needs...
                  ... most of the redundant power drain resist auras dropped.
                  ... way bigger stats on 80% of the toons.
                  ... lots more curse resist auras added (or even an immunity here or there).
                  ... a Templar group LC. Perhaps just an anonymous mounted unit like the Wardens have.

                  Just my opinion. It's harsh. But I really like this group. And I'm really very disappointed in these revamps as they overall do nothing for the Templars. It really feels like someone who doesn't know HoDA was given a toon card and told to revamp it - without ever looking at the group as a whole to see what it needed. This revamp makes Templars much more fun to play with during the 3 Templar events each year - but otherwise is just junk.

                  Edit to add: And before someone starts crying "not every release and revamp can be instant META..." - yes, I know that. I am a huge proponent for balance and don't want every new release or revamp to be the new OP either. But in the interest of balance, nearly every group should be able to field a remotely competitive lineup in PG. And these Templars are not close.
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                    I think nog pretty much nailed it. The reduction to power hurts LVR a lot. Especially in boosted events as the boost goes off the base stats. Before, he was just under Eva, now his power difference is much more noticeable. I only had him forted with T4 legendaries not Mythics. His overall power dropped but he is still doing fairly well in these events.
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                      as a group, templars still have major weaknesses.
                      -no LC. behemoth is a templar but only buffs red faction
                      -no curse health resist
                      -limited curse power resist. need two banners in order to reliably not worry about curse power
                      -lvr has power drain immunity, but limited drain resist otherwise
                      -little slow resist (ser wesley vallen?)
                      -stun resist is ok but perhaps not enough to overcome negative auras

                      so these revamps have done little to address this. we'll see what future releases add as i'm sure there are several templars left.


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                        Guess templars are destined to always be the sidekicks. Is this kinda like how it is in the games?
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                          Originally posted by vitus View Post
                          as a group, templars still have major weaknesses.
                          -no LC. behemoth is a templar but only buffs red faction
                          -no curse health resist
                          -limited curse power resist. need two banners in order to reliably not worry about curse power
                          -lvr has power drain immunity, but limited drain resist otherwise
                          -little slow resist (ser wesley vallen?)
                          -stun resist is ok but perhaps not enough to overcome negative auras

                          so these revamps have done little to address this. we'll see what future releases add as i'm sure there are several templars left.
                          Keep in mind the banners also give all Templars power drain immunity. Would be nice if it was curse power immunity instead as it overlaps one of LVR's best features.
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                            Curse/ Power Drain Immunity sucks. It will make the game broken and will only add problem in future heroes.

                            Templars with PD and CP immunIty. Fans wants broken revamps. SMH

                            Adding 50% Curse Power resistance is enough and more balance
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                              Originally posted by gamesworn View Post
                              Curse/ Power Drain Immunity sucks. It will make the game broken and will only add problem in future heroes.

                              Templars with PD and CP immunIty. Fans wants broken revamps. SMH

                              Adding 50% Curse Power resistance is enough and more balance
                              I can think of 2 VERY popular toons that negate that curse resist aura and even more that are able to curse.

                              Considering LVR still hits like a noodle for the first several rounds, I'd hardly call giving him the ability to power up and MAINTAIN his power up game breaking or broken. IE SC. It's more like a chance to be viable. You can still crowd control the sweet maker outta him by slowing and stunlocking. Far from being overpowered.
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