Account Leveling from 200-229 ish Requirements

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  • Account Leveling from 200-229 ish Requirements

    Hi guys, Im not sure if this has been asked or documented before. But I know there's a lot of number crunchers around here.

    I'm curious how many gems roughly it would take to get from Account Level 200-229 ish?

    Obviously, optimally one would be running the XP event with 2x UL XP runes. Right?

    Let me know your thoughts and calculations if you can, thank you.

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    If I had the exp numbers per level I could calculate the amount of energy (and gems) it would take to do that.

    It's a bunch, though, and you're looking at more than 1 full day of runs if you're going for the the best possible exp per energy spent ratio.

    Using the exp key event would take significantly less time at the cost of 25-30% more energy than other events.
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      Best exp methods in the game (per energy spent):

      1. Various weekly Nexus events (the upcoming Anvil of the Void event is one of the better ones iirc)

      2. Sunday bonus exp nexus (very hard is the most efficient)

      3. Bonus Experience Event (the blue key). It's the fastest because it gives all its exp for 1 node. I actually don't think 99 keys will get you more than a level or two after 200, however.
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        Ok great to know Agency79 thanks for your insight!

        Reason I ask is because I love to spend my energy on weekly nexus events rather than packs. So if I could get to level 225+ ish, it would be very ideal for my play style. Refills would obviously give me another ludicrous/insane run or several lower difficulties.

        If it costed between 500-1000 gems to get those 25 levels, I think it would be well worth it in the long run for me.

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          On page 5 of the above thread there is a sweet grid showing exp needed to level for every level from 15-223. I'm only level 191, so I can't speak for its accuracy. I'll assume it is for my purposes here though

          Total exp needed for 200 thru 223 (that's as high as the chart there goes) is 90,638,548.

          With 2x UL exp runes that's 90638548 / 6.25 = 14,502,168 (rounded)

          For the bonus exp event (light blue key), it'd take:

          14,502,168 / 1625 = 8,925 runs

          @20 energy per run, that's 8,925 * 20 = 178,500 energy.

          That comes to somewhere in the ballpark of 9,000 gems to go from level 200 to level 223.

          If you do the most energy efficient nexuses, I think it would cost closer to 6,000 gems.
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            Someone check my math because those numbers are surprising.
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              So, I don't have all the numbers for amount of XP required per level for 200-225, but I do have the amount to get from 202-203, so I can run some rough numbers with that.

              Firstly, some assumptions: my calculations assume you're really focussing and so it takes you three minutes to get through a 5 node Gold and XP run, 30 seconds to get through the one node blue key run or 10 minutes to get through all 18 nodes of a BP key.

              Level 202 takes 44,972,181 XP while level 203 takes 47,259,163 XP. That is, it takes 2,286,982 to level up at this point.

              In terms of value for gems, the VH Gold and XP on Sundays has the best XP to energy ratio, providing 125 XP per energy (compared to 81.25 for blue key and 50 for a great weekly Nexus on insane). Using double XP runes, this is 781 XP per energy. At level 202 you have 213 energy per refill, so, if you could somehow use all of your energy at that rate you'd gain 166,406 XP per 11 gems. This would mean it would cost 151 gems for this 1 level and it would take you about 3.66 hours.

              So, a very conservative estimate of the cost to get from 200 to 225 would be 151*25=3775 gems taking 91.47 hours. Obviously the actual numbers would be larger as XP per level increases and you can't use energy perfectly. My guess would be somewhere in the realm of 5000 gems.

              If instead you used blue keys, it would take 5814 gems under the same assumptions, but it would only take 46.91 hours. Alternatively you could spend 1271 Banished Plane keys and 0 energy which would take 211.76 hours.

              Edit: Saw Agency79's list after I made mine. I might knock up a spreadsheet using the data he dug up to calculate it exactly. But our rough estimates (6k vs 5k) line up.
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                I love topics about XP...
                Here in this thread contains the info for levels above 200 (post #70):


                If you don't know already I have been tracking XP ever since I came onto this game:

                There was no visual chart to map out what the levels looked like in this game.. so I created a very very basic scale with XP amounts approximated.
                The XP per level thread where Cassius lists the amounts per level are accurate and the only thread to my knowledge that lists out the amounts. All i did when i came on-board with HODA was make a visual scale to give an idea as to where players would fall in from newer players to veteran. Most veteran players are in the upper 180s (some casual.. some who took breaks form the game, alot of F2P players) well over 200s (more hardcore players, played alot- every day all day type players.. probably spenders mostly here too).

                Hiro and Agency79 in their posts pretty much hits all the numbers well. I'm not really great at the math of it all.. but I can tell you for this entire year.. my experiences with leveling.

                I was F2p up until 181 to 184ish account level.
                I converted to spender.
                Then I basically went from around 183 to 223 as a spender.
                I leveled every week 1 level. So 20+ weeks getting one account level a week. (by the 220s it took me 2 weeks to gain a level)
                I can say i spent roughly 200 gems every week. (more some weeks.. others less.. just giving a general even # to work with)
                I did my leveling on Sunday gold and XP nexus. And when it ended and i still had UL xp runes with time left before expiration.. i either ran BPlane or I used Blue keys to finish off the runes.

                So basically sank in 200 gems every Sunday.
                I would play that nexus for anywhere between 6 hours to 10 hours.. (honestly i wasn't tracking this so precisely)...

                For every hour I used x2 UL knowledge runes. So if 8 hours of play that would make 16 UL Knowledge runes for that day.

                As Hiro pointed out.. the efficiency depended on how you spend your current energy capacity.

                Currently I have reached 223 account level. And I can tell you this is the current wall to hit. The levels previously 219, 220, 221, 222.. all gradually rose up.. then reaching 223.. i learn it's like a 70million xp wall. I was expecting something like a 6.9mil (or round up and say 7 million) xp jump.. but the gap all of sudden became 70 million.. like 10 times greater than i anticipated.

                So the way I currently run VH on Sunday Nexus.. which allows me the following:

                #of runs) 1-----2-----3-----4-------5-----6--------7-------8-------9-------10------11------12-------13--------14-----15------16-----17

                So on the left side bar you can see the cost of the difficulty..
                And on the top in purple color is the number of runs you would be able to do.. line up the 2 axis and it tells you the energy you will spend.
                VH is 40 energy per run. So based on my energy capacity of 234.. i can do 5 runs of VH and that would mean I would spend 200 energy.
                That would leave me 34 energy. I would get some natural energy points along the way.. but would not be enough to get to 40 in the time it takes to do those 5 VH runs.. so I would end up doing a Hard run (25).. which then left me with 10 energy.. and I finish off the energy by doing 2 easy runs. Then refill.

                But i discovered after number crunching that it was more efficient for me to run 4 runs of VH.. which spent 160 energy... and left me with 74 energy... and i would gain 1 natural energy which then made it 75.. which allowed me to run Hard (25) three times.. and then refill. Best xp gain with the most efficient use of my energy. And you would have to recalculate the best way to spend your energy every time you level up.. because it can change of course.

                You can do the same by number crunching your current energy capacity in those terms for whichever Nexus you decide to use to level.
                But imo Sunday Nexus is the best.
                You could also consider Banished Plane on Insanity.
                And i feel like Blue Key is like something like 3/4 as good as Sunday Nexus. I usually can do 100 runs or 2 blue keys with a pair of UL Knowledge runes before they expire out.

                Regardless, it will take 3 things to do it quickly from week to week:

                1) Time
                2) lots of refilling
                3) at the least 15 to 20 Ultra Legendary Knowledge runes every week. (and this is where gold farming comes into play.. to help purchase more SP packs to gain enough runes to craft to the amounts of UL you need)

                And it is possible to gain 1 level or more a week by following this method.. that I chose.. which is at least 6 hours of running Sunday gold/xp nexus with x2 UL knowledge runes for the entire 6 hours (or more).

                Sorry if this post seems like a massive knowledge dump... no pun intended.

                PS)) mind you also, things have changed in all that time I spent leveling.. the changes to Ultra Legendary Knowledge runes..from 100% to 150%.. and also the rune crafting system.. and now the addition of VH for the daily nexus. Not to mention daily log-in rewards granting plenty of xp. The bulk of my leveling was done on HARD mode for Sunday Nexus.. so now with the new VH difficulty players could level at an even greater pace then I have. It just takes alot of time commitment and runes.. so your results will likely vary.

                Hope this helps.. if you have more questions i am willing to shed more light on it.
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                  additionally if you chose to utilize nexus that yield hero drops.. you will encounter an inventory clog up... where you get that message you have too many heroes..and the game pushes you to the consume interface.

                  This will then cut down your efficiency.
                  Like every busy person you will only have enough hours each day to play...
                  So this is also why leveling most efficiently favors the Sunday gold/xp nexus.. since you will not have issues with dealing with inventory and having a hard stop.. where the game forces you to clear your inventory.
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                    But basically though, it looks like its gonna cost considerably more than what macfinn was hoping for.

                    I'm like him, the push would be worth it to me for a few hundred gems.
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                      Unfortunately there is a huge jump from 223 to 224, but my understanding is that it levels out again after that (to return to something like 8-10mil xp per level).

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                        Why don't we just ask Darrell?
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                          Thank you guys for such great feedback!

                          Seems like Bill Lumberghs method is most practical. Instead of trying to hammer it out in a few day bender, spread it out over a couple months doing sunday events.

                          Still 5k gems is well out of my league. But i might actively pursue up to level 223

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                            Originally posted by Lyeshal View Post
                            Unfortunately there is a huge jump from 223 to 224, but my understanding is that it levels out again after that (to return to something like 8-10mil xp per level).
                            *puppy face*
                            i hope so... i really want to continue this mountain climb..
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                              Here are the XP requirements for each level after 222...


                              That is as far as I've gotten.
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