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  • 3* Arcane Garrett and Marian Hawke

    New mage Hawkes! This daring duo has power gain to challenge Fen'Harel, and also incredible visual character design. Discuss!

    Also, it's worth noting that this week Elite Harlequin got an update. Not my first choice considering a year ago dupe teams of her were nearly unstoppable, but it looks like CG wanted to make sure dupe teams of her are stil unstoppable. New hero card:

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    Hero attack names from days gone by

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    Pulled AGH. Interesting stats.

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      Here you go <3


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        No staff of parthalan?


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          Many thanks for the pics GoJ!
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            I'm assuming that they will be this Thursday's featured heroes, so I wonder whether it would be better to spend the 4xGCPs to drop them 100% for sure, or whether to spend the equivalent gems on refills and running the event. Hmm. I just can't decide!


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              My favorite Hawkes! I was hoping to see them soon. Already got two Marians, I really want a Garrett now!

              Loved them, but I think they should have red and blue base, instead of blue and white. Mage Hawke is an apostate, and I think the red fits them even more than white, even though s/he is a hero and one of the good guys. Red makes a lot of sense with his/her fugitive status, both in DA II and specially in Inquisition, and we can find a better sinergy with other DA II heroes, like Isabela (captain, who is pure red). I know most of DA II companions also are in white faction, but I think the red-blue heroes' list is too short, when the white-blue has really a lot of strong examples (I'm looking at you, Fen).

              Anyway, they belong to the apostate group, remember that, CG!
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                Originally posted by Pappy View Post
                I'm assuming that they will be this Thursday's featured heroes, so I wonder whether it would be better to spend the 4xGCPs to drop them 100% for sure, or whether to spend the equivalent gems on refills and running the event. Hmm. I just can't decide!

                I got both of them in 1 run.


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                  I absolutely love what's been done for the Hawkes this time around.

                  CG has answered the criticism very well, giving everyone a shot at RNG for a very limited time before releasing them with the purchase guarantees. The new heroes themselves are amazing, with a new mechanic and very good abilities, auras, and stats. I do agree with Virennain that they should be red/blue, and their apostacy is a very important part of the story (I'd even swap out the Outlaw tag for Apostate in this case, since it's basically the same thing).

                  Other than that, I hope to snag a Garrett to match my new blue Marian before the Drop-A-Hawke 2.0 event runs out! Best of luck to everyone!
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                  Hero attack names from days gone by


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                    I second (or third, fourth, etc) the opinion that the base and group change would better reflect the canon. But from a gameplay perspective, removing the white faction will limit the synergy between Arcane Hawkes and other Fereldan toons. But, ultimately that's not a terrible loss. Plus, I love blue/red toon bases!

                    I'm glad to see a mechanic involving the crit chance! I have thought for awhile that they should introduce toons that effect that in some way, and I like that as of this point, it's unique to Hawke (just like the levy ability with Battlemaster Hawkes).

                    The only thing that I think is lacking is a protective aura vs. a group, like the way the warrior Hawkes protect against blighted. I thought it would be neat if each class of hero offered resistance to a specific powerful group in the game (blight, qun,...probably demon, but that's not fair to the poor, weak demon group XD)

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                      I'm really liking the new Hawkes. Sadly not getting the slightest bit of luck on Drop-a-Hawke. Its really cool to see a hero that modifies crit chance, as well as a pretty tanky looking mage too!

                      I'm probably holding the minority opinion, but I definitely hope Hawke stays White/Blue (So many more groups/factions to fit them in). I think Hawke overlaps better with White faction anyways personally. I think the Apostate tag would be really good addition, perhaps even in place of Outlaw since apostates are just outlaw-mages.

                      A small question though; Is Arcane Marian Hawke's staff supposed to be silver? Garret has the cool gold staff.


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                        Got Marian, and i'm really happy. Actually, i'm really happy since they announced the Arcanes, i thought the rogue hawkes were coming first.

                        Now i don't know if i should spend more gems in the nexus or just spend some gems in their pack to get Garret as guarantee


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                          well.. i still don't have these.. and i'm about to start a more serious grind on these...
                          I ran maybe 5 refills worth of insane earlier today... with no luck...

                          if the base colors are changed... then that makes me reluctant to fort .. since i don't know which colors to fort in.
                          I guess blue is safe?...
                          ofc once i get one...
                          ... and then there's PALA (you know.. that lil warrior dwarf).


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                            Got Garrett! I'm so happy right now! I'm in love with them and already waiting for the rogues! What could be they unique new mechanics?

                            Analyzing Hawkes very strong power gain for allies with any ally death, I can only imagine that they are a counter to the fast meta heroes. Now we just need to find ways to make them survive until their turn and we will find some balance. At least I hope so, I really hope.

                            Some things I would like to add about the Red/Blue base color, and why I immediatly thought this when I saw Arcane Hawkes:

                            Yes, like Flerm and Inquisitor Adaar said, the white/blue base is great for synergy with a lot of characters and specially with Fereldan units, the group they apply their aura, also it's much more easier to fit them in a large number of teams such as Nobility. Honestly, red/blue base would be a little harder, but would add some challenge in making us think out of the box and I would love that! xD

                            The game lose a lot of it's strategy with all these new meta fast teams and multiple terrors like Fen'Harel. I think the developers should not only keep giving us an extremely powerful ready-to-wear destructive combo with every new release, they should challenge us, instigate us to keep loving their game with it should be in the essence. We would need to be much more dinamic than using the same old teams and all the time.

                            The white base is present in almost every Fereldan, and that's the group the Hawkes gives a boost. I never quite agreed with that and always thought we should have a new group: Kirkwall. Yes, Hawke was born in Ferelden, but her/his whole history is based upon finding a new home and making a new life after letting everything behind. This characteristic of the game is very present in that moment when Aveline needs to kill her husband right at the start. We are leaving everything behind, we are leaving Ferelden behind, we are leaving Origins behind. It's a new tale we will see now. So s/he is Fereldan, but s/he is not the Hero of Ferelden, s/he is the Champion of Kirkwall. S/he became the protector of that city, that people, and that's what truly represents her/him. Ferelden is not favored in any way by Hawke's heroics. Imagine just how strong could be a team made with Hawke and his companions if all of them were added to a Kirkwall group, imagine an incredible duo of Hawke and Viscount Varric (who is helped by Hawke in his duties, according to the Trespasser epilogue slide) with a renewed strong synergy? Also, a Kirkwall group is much more needed when we remember that the Slave Statue and the Gate Guardian still do not belong to any single group.

                            However, I should defend the white base too: a great thing I can think lore-wise to keep the Arcane as it is, is the antagonism with the Qunari. They were the biggest treat in DA II for most of the time. They are completely outside of Thedas culture and laws, and since the red faction takes more damage from the white faction, this is good for all Hawkes, and by the same time the blue faction takes more damage from red one. Also, bringing attention to this antagonism, before the release of the Arcanes I was thinking each new class of Hawke would be strong against a specific enemy they had. We've got Battlemaster with extra damage and resist against Blight (I assumed it was because of Corypheus) so I thought we would have the mage and rogue Hawkes strong against Qunari or Bloodmage/Demon/Mage/Templar/Red Lyrium. I think it's not the case...

                            Well, that's it. Sorry for such a long chatter and probably a very bad English. I loved to see one more version of my favorite protagonist! Thank you very much CG!
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                              Got 2 Garrett - Marian I'm looking at you !!!
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