A weird little glimpse into HoDA's history

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  • A weird little glimpse into HoDA's history

    (Lots of pictures, I know, but bear with me because there isn't too much reading )

    Today, I opened up my alternate HoDA account to find something very strange had happened. For whatever reason, the entire game's text was displaying as weird bracketed descriptions, so it looked like this:

    For your viewing pleasure, here are a few more examples.

    But I noticed something. As I looked at the hero cards, I noticed that some of them had specifically named attacks in their descriptions. This is a Saarebas that I got on that glitchy account a few hours ago:

    "Deadly Maze?" What's that?

    A few veteran players will remember the old days when each hero had a name for their attack. Many of the lower rarity ones had the same name since they were the same attacks, and for the most part they each had something to do with the hero's lore. Most of the legendaries had their own unique names for their attacks. Here is an example, from the tier IV legendary hero gallery thread:

    And as I looked, I saw that for most of the older heroes from the game - the ones that were around when heroes all had named attacks - you could see the names of their attacks in their cards! I thought this was incredible, so what did I do? I wrote them all down as a resource to anyone who wants to reminisce on the good old days. A few noteworthy things are highlighted in red, such as the attack called "triple strike" where the hero attacks one anyway. So, here's...

    THE BIG LINK:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v2hHdi9Qf6tW0E3qFgSdWT8_PK-hMcikk0qLySdGfwo/edit?usp=sharing

    I only included the heroes with specifically named attacks. The newer heroes, and a lot of the older ones that have since been revamped, have descriptions that look like this:

    All that said though, this gave some really cool opportunities to look into some parts of the game us players don't usually get to see (which is a statement I'm sure the devs find very silly)
    Here are a couple favorites:

    The sad realization that Maryden really does only grant her allies 35% of her total power (what use does the other 65% of it serve then? None at all?)

    A little typo in Svarah's aura, "factiona"

    So-called "Felix" with a fuller name, "Felix Alexius," but his dad Gereon still has no first name

    And my favorite, Gordian's ability, called "Gordian Ability" and "Gordian Aura"

    So what do you guys think of all this? If you have any questions, the app is still open on my device so I should be able to access the glitched text until the next time the app updates.
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    Awesome discovery there! I know that at this stage, there's really no way to give each hero a named attack, but it was still a pretty neat feature. Still love Flemeth's "Apocalyptic Firestorm"! Metal AF XD

    Very interesting that they continued to give names on the devs side of things, though I guess it would help them keep things organized. Thanks for sharing!

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      kuuuuuuuuuu wwwwwwLLLL.

      i spy with my wittle eye... cone of cold.~!
      I wish we had poultices, herbalism, trap making you know...
      This all makes me think of tactics and crafting in DA:O.

      ... and then there's PALA (you know.. that lil warrior dwarf).


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        That's very cool. Thanks for sharing. I remember the named attacks, they were fun.

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          Now that we're walking down Memory Lane, here's the first GWO. I know the name of the attack is in Spanish, but that's what I have. My first ever leg from a soldier pack:

          IGN: dogwelder79

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            GWO's attack in English is/was Relentless Barrage. I still have a record of most of the old names (excuse the long list):
            Name Attack
            Abomination Triple Strike
            Ancient Darkspawn Tainted Cleave
            Ancient Rock Wraith Lyrium Smash
            Anders Chain Lightning
            Apostate Wanderer Fireball
            Arcane Horror Crushing Prison
            Armored Ogre Slam
            Ash Wraith Leech
            Ashaad Archer's Lance
            Aveline Vallen Disperse
            Barkspawn Brutal Maul
            Bartrand Tethras Bribe
            Bear Slam
            Bereskarn Overwhelm
            Blackstone Irregular Mark of Death
            Blighted Werewolf Triple Strike
            Carta Assassin Perforate
            Carta Smuggler Backstab
            Carta Thug Mark of Death
            Cassandra Pentaghast Tornado
            Charred Sylvan Massive Attack
            Chasind Scout Adrenaline Rush
            Chasind Wilder Adrenaline Rush
            Circle Apprentice Fireball
            Circle Mage Bethany Maker's Fury
            Circle Senior Enchanter Cone of Cold
            Corrupted Nug Nug Drain
            Corrupted Spider Overwhelm
            Corypheus Deadly Maze
            Coterie Thief Twin Fangs
            Coterie Thug Sword Slash
            Crow Assassin Twin Fangs
            Dalish Arcane Warrior Spirit Bolt
            Dalish Hunter Disorienting Shot
            Dalish Mage Stonefist
            Dalish Warrior Assail
            Dark Revenant Scatter
            Darkspawn Emissary Crushing Prison
            Desire Demon Scream
            Devouring Corpse Drain Life
            Devouring Skeleton Sword Slash
            Dragon Thrall Flame Breath
            Drake Flame Breath
            Duncan Reversed Grip
            Dwarven Warrior Adrenaline
            Elf Apostate Fireball
            Elf Bandit Assassinate
            Elf Bard Disorienting Shot
            Elven Mage Winter's Grasp
            Enraged Spirit Adrenaline Rage
            Fenris Spirit Flux
            Ferelden Ash Warrior Shield Bash
            Ferelden Infantry Pummel
            Ferelden Knight Shield Bash
            First Enchanter Orsino Blood Magic
            Flemeth Apocalyptic Firestorm
            Fluffy Nug Fluff
            Gate Guardian Whirlwind
            Genlock Alpha Triple Strike
            Genlock Assassin Slam
            Genlock Brute Slam
            Ghast Perforate
            Giant Corrupted Spider Massive Attack
            Grand Enchanter Fiona Edge of the Abyss
            Grey Warden Alistair Staggering Smite
            Grey Warden Bethany Telekinetic Blast
            Grey Warden Carver Righteous Strike
            Grey Warden Mage Entropic Cloud
            Grey Warden Oghren Relentless Barrage
            Grey Warden Rogue Chain Strike
            Grey Warden Warrior Assail
            Guard Captain Aveline Unstoppable
            Halla Overwhelm
            Harlequin Chain Strike
            Harvester Orsino Bile Burst
            High Dragon Flame Breath
            Hunger Demon Hunger
            Hurlock Bolter Bursting Arrow
            Hurlock Emissary Chain Lightning
            Hurlock Grunt Sword Slash
            Hybris Stunning Pride
            Inferno Golem Ignite
            Isabela All Hands on Deck
            Karashok Killer Blow
            King Alastair Royal Smite
            King Cailan Pummel
            Kirkwall Guard Sword Slash
            Knight-Comm. Meredith Restoring Smite
            Knight-Commander Greagoir Killer Blow
            Lady of the Forest Dessicate
            Lay Sister Leliana Chain Strike
            Legionnaire Scout Chain Strike
            Legionnaire Warrior Mighty Blow
            Leliana Exploit Weakness
            Loghain Mac Tir Betrayal
            Mabari Overwhelm
            Mage Nug Nug Spell
            Merrill Wounds of the Past
            Morrigan Waking Nightmare
            Noble Nug Nug Bash
            Nug Nug Bite
            Oghren Unstoppable
            Ogre Slam
            Ogre Commander Slam
            Paragon Branka Paragon's Might
            Pride Abomination Unpredictable Pride
            Pride Demon Fire Fist
            Queen Anora Rally
            Queen of the Black Marsh Spirit Breath
            Rage Demon Fireball
            Reanimated Leandra Poisoned Love
            Red Iron Mage Fireball
            Red Lyrium Meredith Lyrium Charge
            Redwater Raider Mark of Death
            Revenant Scatter
            Sandal Enchantment
            Schmooples Snuffle, Snuffle!
            Sebastian Vael Arrow of Judgement
            Ser Cauthrien Shattering Blow
            Shade Spirit Bolt
            Shah Wyrd Unbridled Rage
            Sharps Highwayman Pinning Shot
            Shriek Assassinate
            Shriek Alpha Chain Strike
            Sigrun Rush
            Silent Sister Adrenaline
            Sister Nightingale Chain Strike
            Skeleton Archer Pinning Shot
            Skeleton Mage Spirit Bolt
            Slave Fenris Spirit Pulse
            Sloth Abomination Contagious Sleep
            Sloth Demon Sleep
            Spike Nug Destroyer
            Spirit of Valor Shattering Blow
            Sten Cyclone
            Sten of the Beresaad Unrelenting Barrage
            Stroud Aftershock
            Sylvan Massive Attack
            Tal-Vashoth Berserker Adrenaline Rush
            Tal-Vashoth Marauder Scythe
            Templar Archer Archer's Lance
            Templar Assassin Assassinate
            Templar Carver Righteous Smite
            Templar Recruit Holy Smite
            Templar Recruit Alistair Righteous Strike
            Tevinter Arcane Warrior Killer Blow
            Tevinter Battlemage Stunning Blast
            Tevinter Laetan Mage/Tevinter Arcane Mage Edge of the Abyss
            Tevinter Slaver Blood Magic
            Tevinter Warrior Mighty Blow
            The Architect Drain Life
            The Arishok Impale
            The Old One Roots
            Varric Tethras Rhyming Triplet
            Velanna Nature's Vengeance
            Vengeance Anders Strikes Twice
            Walking Corpse Triple Strike
            Werewolf Overwhelm
            Wintersend Dragon Quick Flame Breath
            Wintersend Halla Overwhelm
            Wintersend Nug Nug Bite
            Wintersend Rock Wraith Rock Stab
            Wolf Overwhelm
            Wynne Attack and Group Heal
            Wyvern Poison Breath
            Xebenkeck Hypnotic Scream
            Yavana Death Cloud
            Zathrian Ensnare
            Zevran Exploit Weakness


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              a shame to see tinypic no longer hosting these images, I've long since deleted all of them. Too bad...
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