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  • Some gear ideas

    1. We have gear that can make a defender out of a non-defender. We have gear that can increase % defense of existing defenders. How about the opposite: gear that can strip the defender aura/status from a character? This could open up some pretty fun squad comp/strategy builds where you've got some great character that you are more easily able to keep alive by removing their defender status. Is this at all possible in the code? Something that's ever been considered before?

    2. Love to see an aura in the game (either built-in or via gear) that grants assassination immunity. Take it a step further and have assassination resistance %s (through both gear and auras).

    3. We now have gear that can increase a character's initiative round (the aura has been around much longer than the gear). How about the opposite; gear that can reduce a character's initiative round? Imagine a slow round Fen just waiting for his nuke to be even bigger. Strategically there are many places and cases where this could be a great thing.
    (I'm posting this one as a gear - as opposed to the rune idea in another thread) because tactically, you wouldn't necessarily just want to slow an entire squad; but rather have the ability to be more selective about it. If I just wanted to slow my entire team I can just throw TSera T3 in there... 0.o)

    4. I think this one has been discussed before, many many moons ago, but I'll bring it up anyways. Gear (or auras, or even runes) that affect targeting based on status conditions. "Less likely to attack opponents who are already stunned". The tactical value of something like this should be obvious; especially if you've ever watched a stun get wasted on the one of the two remaining enemies who is already stunned. Could cover most of the status ailments: stun, slow, the two curses. We do already have targeting runes and mechanics for most powerful, fastest/slowest, lowest % health, etc. - so this feels like a natural extension of those.
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