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  • Black Fox’s Jerkin

    Either you have it (I don’t) or you just watch your team loses.

    This is how I would describe that gear. How come it says „attack first within initiative” and speed runes do not have effect on it? I always thought speed runes CHANGE the initiative +1. But I was wrong.

    This gear has broken the game. In current event for example (next max 8) I am unable to win half of matches. Somehow a lot of players have this gear on + running fast teams. What can I do apart of applying a set of runes???

    P. S. Thx to all those players who put single hero in slot 1. Thanks a lot!!! I am also one of those players. I have done it for years and I will continue to do that in order to make this game playable.

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    I like that you give Rare / Common and epic heroes the occasional moment to be vaguely useful, but gear like this (which most players will attach to fast mythical) basically undermine any bonus you grant lower level heroes, and I do like to get to use heroes which normally do nothing as a pleasant distraction for these rare occasions. The realm of mythic heroes is highly competitive they don’t need these extra abilities when facing lower level heroes.
    In essence you make bonus events like the current one heading towards obscurity so to redress this, for these event why not disable legendary / mythic gear?
    Or add restriction that gear like this only works against legendary / mythic heroes.


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      I would also suggest that gear like this carries a penalty, like a heroes ability to stun / slow or reduces it to a 5% chance.
      Likewise with the stealth gear that they don’t carry a health or power penalty because that’s easily overcome, but carry a speed penalty, I.e. a fast hero becomes a medium speed, medium to slow.
      In order for heroes to get a strong boost in something they don’t already have they should lose or have significantly diminished skill in another field.


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        Disagree. I put Black Fox on my rare werewolves, and they work like a charm!
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          Next GW will be worse, with NH bonified
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            As always, Speed has a limit of "Quick + 1". Applying the Black Fox's Jerkin has the exact same effect on that hero as applying a Speed rune. Therefore, a Quick hero with the Jerkin is advanced to "Quick + 1", and no further speed boosts apply.

            This is the same as if you have a Quick hero with 1 Speed rune, or a Normal with 2 Speed runes. They will all be in the "Quick + 1" phase, and then order is randomly determined from there.

            Try finding the builds that are meant to withstand speed.

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              „More likely to attack first within initiative”.

              So it does NOT work as rune. Runes CHANGE initiatives. At least what I understand is:
              Fast speed heroes have the same chance to attack. Let’s say there is only 1 vs 1 hero. Both fast speed. So depends on RNG your fast hero has 50% chance to attack first vs 50% chance of your opponent. With the gear (if your opponent have it) your chances decrease. Don’t know how much, let’s say to 30% vs 70%. Thats all WITHIN initiative.

              If what you say is right that gear gives you speed boost OVER initiative. (+1 as rune)

              If it is true what you say Lyeshal, Black Fox’s Jerkin is a broken gear and imo should be fixed.
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                More likely to attack first within initiative - in game mechanic its equal speed rune. So, if you use black fox's jerkins - you dont need to use speed rune, just because max speed in this game is fast + speed rune. Thats why fast heroes with jerkins and fast heroes with speed rune will has equal initiative, so, who will attack first - its about RNG (it can be as jerkin's wearer, as fast with speed rune, or normal with 2 speed runes)

                Oh, sorry, i didnt realize that Lyeshal already answered your question so, she is right, and this gear dont need to be fixed
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                  Once again: „MORE LIKELY to attack first W I T H I N initiative.”
                  Not: „Increases the speed of you hero +1 initiative” (taken from speed rune description).

                  Let me guess: You have 4 of gears Uriziel? So, no. It doesn’t have to be fixed.


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                    You told me about what was written on this gear - me and Lyeshal told you about how it was realized in game technically, this ability gives your hero speed rune, and thats all. And yes, I've put this gear on every roggue that i have - its easy when you have some orange keys and 2 scout harding
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                      please tell me why you make bonuses that do not play every time, crazy random in the game, if you make bonuses then make them logical, I just would like to see many heroes in the game and not robbers who now have a super bonus!!!


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                        Originally posted by Uriziel View Post
                        You told me about what was written on this gear - me and Lyeshal told you about how it was realized in game technically, this ability gives your hero speed rune, and thats all. And yes, I've put this gear on every roggue that i have - its easy when you have some orange keys and 2 scout harding
                        Exactly. I just want the gear working presisely with the description.

                        Therefore I repeat: this gear is broken and needs to be fixed.


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                          The gear is working as designed and intended and therefore no change will be made to it. This thread will now be closed.

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                            Hello I come on behalf of the Guild B.S.Unity, we already thank the game creators, because it is a very good game, but we could not leave our opinions regarding the speed item.

                            Opnions related to the new Speed ​​Item (black fox jaw).

                            1- The new item (Justilho da Raposa Negra) gave a direction very out of control, before we played for strategy, now it is no use to have game strategy, as battles are inserted.
                            2- There is a very high disadvantage in relation to heroes of single attack, row, and column, and also for slow heroes, due to the fact that rogue heroes attack everyone having the chance that if a hero survives, he will kill all adversary, thus limiting the benefit of victory to only a few heroes, making the game take a non-strategic direction.
                            3-For the gameplay, what will be the interest in acquiring other heroes already q with 4 heroes when this item (black fox jig) can be used would be enough to win jewels ? ....

                            Point that can be corrected:

                            1- Limit the use of this item (black fox jaw) to only one hero per squad, who can use it.
                            2- puts a negative strength bonus on the item (Black fox jig)
                            3- reduce the strength of all the heroes who can use the item (black fox jaw).


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                              This game isn’t about combat anymore. It feels as though it has become a game where the objective is try and prevent your opponents from being able to attack, to utterly stitch them up before they attack.
                              The fact you have the gear and I assuming you spent a considerable amount of time and effort to get it or were simply “lucky” to get so many that you felt you could give them to rare heroes.
                              Now this bit of gear negates the benefit of speed runes on fast heroes which seriously undermines the value of speed runes.
                              Once upon a time the game was simple combat, now it’s a bit messed up and overly complicated. You can no longer get by with knowledge of the heroes and use the power and health values to gauge if a combat can be won, but you are relying on gear which means many events become meaningless as it’s faster to skip battles then check every opponent heroes gear.
                              When it gets this complicated it stops being interesting to the more casual players and those with limited time.




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