Saarath's power curse not functioning???

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  • Saarath's power curse not functioning???

    Hi I am working on a Qunari squad with Saarath as a giant. I noticed that he is barely able to power curse. The majority of the time the power curse icon pops up with the red stripe through it. I understand some squads will have curse immunity or a high resistance but it even popped up fighting a single epic Arishok. That doesn't seem right to me. Can you please look in to this?


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    The icon shown here is the power curse icon - it's the Power icon with a red stripe to indicate power is cursed. You should also be seeing a visual effect on the cursed heroes of red bubbles floating upward from their base while they're cursed.

    If the curse failed to take effect, you wouldn't see the "Cursed!" text pop up at all.

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