insane missing from weekly events after update

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  • insane missing from weekly events after update

    Hello, I am not sure if this is intended or not but after today's update I no longer see the insane difficulty on the weekly events. Has it been removed as I still see it in the daily faction events?

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    Not a bug:

    Due to some technical limitations, we have had to find ways to cut corners in reducing the overall gamedata size. To this end, weekly quest events will have no more than 3 difficulty settings. "Boss Encounter" events previously were already reduced to just Very Hard, Insane, and Ludicrous. Along this same vein, the other weekly events will now only have Medium, Very Hard, and Ludicrous modes. If an event previously did not have Medium, we chose to keep Hard instead. Daily, Keyed, and Seasonal events are not affected by this change.

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