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    DA:O - Scaea Aeducan, the fiery, exiled princess of Orzammar. Distrusts magic. She did not romance anyone. Sided with the werewolves, the templars, and reluctantly saved Redcliffe. Crowned her traitorous brother Bhelen as King of Orzammar due to wanting to keep the throne with the Aeducans. Sided with Branka. Recruited Loghain into the Wardens and convinced Alistair to marry Anora. Loghain took the final blow.

    DA2 - Cordelia Hawke, the sarcastic, charismatic and sweet-talking rogue. She became angrier in Act 3 due to Kirkwall and the rising situation. Remained neutral up to the very end, but ultimately sided with the mages due to the insistence of her mage, Grey Warden sister. Romanced Isabela.

    DA:I - Charlotte Trevelyan, mage. Romanced Cullen. Denied being chosen by Andraste. Inquisition founded on order. Allied with the mages. Celene rules alone. Grey Wardens rebuilt, Stroud stayed in the Fade. Leliana became Divine. Inquisition preserved as a peacekeeping force. Solas will be stopped at all costs.


    This is Briella Amell. She became very close to being my canon Warden and I love her to pieces -
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      To update my original post, because I got to play DA:O finally and a several more playthroughs in DA:I to get Leliana to become Divine Victoria.
      Here we go:

      2nd Playthrough: Female noble human Rogue (Elissa Cousland - dual wielding, of course - as if I would chose to be anything else)
      Brokered peace between werewolves and elves in Brecian forest. Werewolves were cured of the curse.
      Sided with Harrowmont and made him king. Bhelen was too much of a douche and psychotic.
      Killed Branka, she friggin lost it, and destroyed the anvil. The whole golem creationg thing didn't feel right but Shale is hilarous and she is my constant companion. Oghren wasn't overly distraught over the stab-ation of his ex-wife. He does seem to be happy with girl at the Spoiled Princess Inn.
      Sided with mages at the circle.
      Sliced and diced Tevinter slave traders at the Denerim alienage.
      Stabbed Rendon Howe with a cheese knife for killing my (Elissa's) parents.
      Chopped off Loghain's head. Felt satisfied. Anora cried and knelt at her father's headless corpse. Felt doubly satisfied.
      Made Alistair king and he married Anora. Alistair was not happy. I still don't trust Anora, that woman looks like she would pull a "Loghain at Ostagar" at any moment. The Mac Tir blood is strong with this one.
      Romanced Leliana and gave her a nug, Schmooples.
      Had to have a chat with Alistair when he misconstrued my kindness to having feelings for him.
      Zevran continues to want to be in Wynne's magical bosom. Me feels she is starting to soften to him and appears to be considering letting him have his way. It's Zevran after all.
      Sten is happy with his sword.
      Saved Connor. Jowan was sent to the circle.
      Morrigan is still Morrigan.
      Killed Sophia Dryden (she was possessed after all). Made Avernus continue his research in an "ethical" manner. ---- DLC

      (lost count at the number of playthroughs after the 4th one - all because I was intent (maybe a little obssessed) to make Leliana the new Divine)
      Played as a male human rogue (dual wielding, naturally).
      Sided with the mages. Pissed off Vivienne and I didn't care.
      Romanced Cassandra.
      Pissed off Vivienne at every opportunity, I made it a goal of mine. Gave her a regular wyvern heart and she was present at killing of that wyvern.
      Always sacrificed Stache in the fade. Him and I have no rapport.
      Iron Bull continues to be a tal-vashoth. I still don't trust the Qunari to sit the right way on a toilet seat. I feel bad to Gatt because I actually liked him.
      Cole is still a spirit of compassion.
      Varric is writing his next book "This **** is crazy"
      Vivienne is back to "who the f*** cares". As one youtuber once said "Madame de Fer? More like Madame de F*** Off". This means the voice actress did a fantastically awesome job.
      Now, I can put this game on pause.
      Didn't take much, just 1000s of hours through different playthroughs and yes, I have played as a mage in 3 of those many playthroughs. Played as a Rift Mage (Solas was happy) then a Necromancer (Thom Rainer was not happy and I gave zero f**ks about his opinion) and as Knight-Enchanter (Madame de F*** Off seemed happy yay).
      Ooh yeah, I got a big spoon from the Quizquisition (poorly made wind sound).
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        As I'm a slow learner, I always play the game with a warrior first... I find it less complex like that.
        DAO : Human Noble Warrior... with Alistair, hating Morrigan, very paladin-like.
        DA2 : Warrior as well... but I don't remember much of that first playthrough...
        DAI : guess what ? Human Warrior, with Cullen of course, very paladin-like again.
        All females.

        But as I matured (yes, it happens), I quite liked the full mage treatment and I would say it is my favorite arc...

        DAO : elven mage (romanced Zevran, pretty hard, I can't manage the cold hearted pose).
        DA 2 : mage (and romanced Fenris, because as a mage, it's fun, and Anders definitely whines too much) (even if I understand)
        DAI : human mage (the best... but I will definitely try a female elven mage to get up close and personal with Solas)
        All males, this time.

        I really suffer to support the Templars. Every time I start a new game, I plan to try the Templar / Cassandra / Vivienne route, but I can't. I know it is only a game ! But it is just... not possible for me. I feel too alienated from my character and I don't enjoy it as much (and I generally stop in the middle to start a new game... and side with the mages).
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          Glad to see this ship still sailing! I kind of drifted away from DA:I but would love to play again once I get my computer not burning on itself lol.

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            I'll say right away I didn't have an opportunity to play DAI. I'm planning on doing it maybe in a few years, for now I'm busy with other pursuits.

            I have played DA:O a good number of times, and I've played the beginning up to Lothering probably in the dozens. I found myself coming back to a particular choice though--the dwarf commoner male.

            I don't envision my man Brosca as the pinnacle of wit. I think of him more as "dumb smart". He locks himself into a suit of heavy armor and carries a sword as tall as he is. If there's a problem, his first instinct is to poke it with his big bloody sword. If it dies, no more problem. If it doesn't, Morrigan can talk to it. He possesses an animalistic cunning that sees him through tough situations. He attracts capable companions, because they think they can guide or exploit him, but he knows enough to be aware of those motives. He will usually be found on the front lines, rending flesh from bone in the Boulder style--I'm too tough to just die, so all I have to do is keep annoying you until you're out of blood. That's not to say he's an idiot. It's just that his kind of wisdom is something a smooth talker like Morrigan will scorn, but Sten will appreciate it for its sheer blunt effectiveness.

            Romance is not on this dwarf's mind, and his approach to friendship is pragmatic--find gold, buy gifts. Gold solves many problems, so it's good to have lots of it. If a situation arises where there's nuance, he will look both ways to opposite models of morality for advice--Alistair and Morrigan--and then probably agree with Sten anyway. This sometimes leads to otherwise regrettable choices, like killing Connor because demons are bad, but there's no point agonizing over what could have been done in hindsight. He's a decent chap at heart, but some people just need to die--it's a gut instinct. He told Alistair to bang Morrigan because he's not into such kinks, but she said this way no one has to die to kill Urthemiel, so that's obviously the logical way to do this.

            The Champion of Kirkwall is a lad with a healthy--grandiose, even-- sense of self-worth. He tries to be respectful in the face of tragedy, but sometimes the setup for the joke is too good to waste. Being a mage gives him a perhaps somewhat elitist outlook. If there's a lucrative deal to be made, he'll con you and the other guy out of as much gold as he can, and if he's caught, he'll threaten you with blood magic. He rushes to judgment sometimes, but that's only because he knows that most people are fundamentally scoundrels. Except in one case--if you look at Bethany unkindly, he will risk the wrath of Templars to impart on you his displeasure. Bethany is often exasperated with Hawke being so overprotective, even after she joins the Wardens. She arguably has more experience dealing with darkspawn, but it doesn't stop Hawke from offering his advice whenever they go darkspawn-hunting together.

            Hawke refrains from declaring for any particular side in conflicts larger than a backalley brawl, being of the opinion that it's better to decide on a case by case basis. This attitude endlessly annoyed Anders, and when Hawke finally slit his throat for being a terrorist prick, Hawke himself was strongly meh about being forced into choosing a side. He went with Orsino because Meredith was just the worst, but then it turned out Orsino wasn't much better, so Hawke threw up his arms and decided he was going home and all these people could figure out their mess for themselves. It just so happened that on the way home he had to cut through a lot of angry Templars and some demons because somehow, demons are always involved, but he just took it in stride and slaughtered everyone, because it had been a long night and he was supremely pissed, and Varric's jokes weren't making things any better.
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