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    You know what is beutifful with Dragon Age lore? You can assum ethat most playthrought are lore and it would look like they are

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      Rogue Male elf (I don't remember if I chose a city elf or Dalish elf). I don't remember much about my playthrough so I am gonna skip this bit.

      Rogue Garrett Hawke (in my first playthrough) and Rogue Marian (in 2nd playthrough) romanced Isabela in both playthroughs so I killed the Arishok since he didn't want to listen to reason.
      Killed Anders in the 1st playthrough and in both cases Bethany was in the Circle. Pro-templars in 1st playthrough and Pro-mages in second playthrough. Killed Fenris in the second playthrough when he refused to rejoin my side, Danny-boy REALLY scarred that "Little Fox". I was disappointed how weak he was when he was my opponent during the final act before I went up against Psycho-woman Meredith. Keep your hands, and everything else attached to you, off the red glowy
      Speaking of red lyrium. Varric killed Bartrand in the 1st playthrough. Varric sent Bartrand to an "asylum" in the 2nd playthrough.
      Arishok was tougher than Meredith and Orsino combined. It took a while to kill him.

      Rogue (surprise!) Assassin Maxwell (1st playthrough) and I romanced Cassandra. Chose Vivienne as Divine Victoria (intentional). Sided with templars, I wasn't paying attention here. I didn't know I had a choice between Templars and Mages. Made Iron Bull a "Tal Va-F***ing-shoth". And Sacrificed Stache in the Fade. Killed Florianne at the Ball. Judged a box of her remains and sentenced it to community service. Cullen was not happy with this. Made Calpernia return to Tevinter. Thom Rainer was sent to "join" the wardens.

      Rogue Tempest Evelyn (2nd playthrough) and I romanced Josephine and chose Cassandra as Divine Victoria by mistake. I wanted to pick Leliana as the new Divine. I sided with Mages. Iron Bull was Tal Vashoth again. I don't trust those Qunari, not after the incident in DA2 with Ketojan. And I sacrificed Hawke in the Fade. Varric's reaction damn-near broke my heart. Made Samson serve the Inquisition with Cullen as his "parole" officer. Killed the Golden Halla when I got tired of chasing it. Dorian roasted that thing.

      In all these 3 games. I have chosen to be a dual-wielding rogue. Those locks are not going to be picked by themselves. Nor by Varric, Sera or Cole (who was a spirit in both playthroughs)
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        Originally posted by shlain View Post
        Rogue Male elf (I don't remember if I chose a city elf or Dalish elf). I don't remember much about my playthrough so I am gonna skip this bit.
        you didnt get to choose different origins as mage. there was only the circle mage origin, no matter which race

        i remember there being a mod tho that let you play with a dalish mage origin - sort of. you were basically just playing the dalish origin story with a mage character. not sure if later in the game your warden would trigger any mage specific conversations tho


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          Originally posted by erb View Post
          you didnt get to choose different origins as mage. there was only the circle mage origin, no matter which race

          i remember there being a mod tho that let you play with a dalish mage origin - sort of. you were basically just playing the dalish origin story with a mage character. not sure if later in the game your warden would trigger any mage specific conversations tho

          ATM this looks a bit stupid, cuz he said that he chose to play as rogue

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            Originally posted by erb View Post
            you didnt get to choose different origins as mage. there was only the circle mage origin, no matter which race

            i remember there being a mod tho that let you play with a dalish mage origin - sort of. you were basically just playing the dalish origin story with a mage character. not sure if later in the game your warden would trigger any mage specific conversations tho
            You're making me start to doubt my memory of DA:O. I recall an elf and I recall twin daggers on my warden. And I recall being bored as hell and months would fall off a calendar with no real progress while I played other games I found entertaining and I would only go back to DA:O because I had played all the games I had on my shelf then I would buy a new game and DA:O would gather dust again.
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              oh lol, i somehow mustve read that male as mage there. didnt even occur that a rogue mage wouldnt make a whole lotta sense either


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                Originally posted by erb View Post
                oh lol, i somehow mustve read that male as mage there. didnt even occur that a rogue mage wouldnt make a whole lotta sense either
                It's about time they let you multi-class in DA. No doubt someone's already created a mod for it.


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                  well ill add mine then

                  male cousland warrior. do-gooder, helper-aller. ran with morrigan, sten and leliana for the most part. romanced claudia blacks voice. never even looked at leliana twice. was nice to her but only on platonic level. she somehow still got it wrong so we had to have a talk. went to the circle first, prevented annullment. then defended redcliff village, even forced the plump innkeep to help. kept everyone alive and got a useless helmet. bonded with sten over a sword. sent to the circle for aid to cure young connor, even tho his mom was annoying as hell. cleared out the desire demon. alistair said he approved - didnt care.

                  went on a wild goose chase after the charred remains of a highly delusional woman. even convinced sten that it was a good idea. found some weird dragon worshippers and rooted them out. cruised through 'the gauntlet' and went skinny dipping with the whole party. found a waste-bin. later returned to hook my boi wade up with some dragon scales and bones.

                  took a stroll through brecillian forest, promised to help elves with some werewolf hunting. found their lair after outsmarting an old homeless dude and rap-battling a tree. saw a beautiful lady, promised to help her, too. got jumped by a bitter elf, had to put him in his place and make him see reason. lifted the werewolves curse, never saw the beautiful lady again.

                  reluctantly made my way to orzammar and put up with the entitled little people. bulldozed through the darkspawn infested deep roads in search of lost smithing equipment. doggy found some cool stuff. ended up siding with the big golem cause branka had clearly lost it, and that whole golemification procedure felt wrong on a whole lot of levels. plus oghren seemed to be more fond of felsi anyway. gave harrowmont a golden crown cause i couldnt stand that douche behlen.

                  went and killed flemeth cause morri asked nicely. or thought i did, anyway. helped pretty much everyone in denerim with their first world problems. made sure the tevinter slavers spilled the beans along with their intestines on the floor. showed a certain rendon howe what i thought of him and completely killed at the landsmeet. both figuratively, and literally. chopped loghains head clean off. made alistair marry anora, which he didnt seem to approve of - again, didnt care.
                  sired a god and slew an archdemon - didnt even get cake.

                  tracked down morri who mustve gotten lost on the way home from grocery shopping or something. agreed to live in a mirror with her.

                  female mage hawke. good gal in principle, easy to anger and with a strong sarcastic streak tho. spent most time with varric, his crossbow, iabelas thighs and the walking discoball that claimed to be an elf. didnt romance anyone, aint nobody got time fo dat. saw to it that varrics brother would get the help he clearly needed. helped merril and her tribe as best i could even tho they all seemed a bit on the wonko side of things.

                  tried to reason with the arishok - didnt go well. had to take him by the horns and pull them apart. was lauded a champion for it, didnt even ask for cake this time - knew better. stabbed anders with some satisfaction. kept everyone else around tho.

                  sided with the mages cause.. duh. told meredith shed gone bonkers, ended up being right - as usual. fought through some resident evil mess, all the while longing to have proper darkspawn back.
                  didnt enjoy the trip all that much. left negative feedback with the kirkwall bureau of tourism.

                  human male warrior. tried to live up to the shining example set by the legendary hero of ferelden. romanced cass for her cheekbones. strolled around with mr chest hair and his number one fan, as well as a tag team of bald people subbing for each other in regular intervals. was sceptical about this whole herald of andraste idea but didnt want to rob people of their illusions so played along. tried my best to help everyone in the lands far and wide in order to make haven a better stronghold for the inquisition, just to see it razed to the ground by a gang of drug addicts and an apocalyptic dragon led by a floating mummy with a booming voice.
                  had sided with the mages obviously, cause.. duh. did some mind-bending time-travelling stuff to bring them in as allies of our radical religious movement. always kept my clothes when time-travelling tho. obviously, the terminator movies were full of sh*#. saw some weird stuff in the future that could not be unseen.

                  went on an ill prepared arctic expedition after the sack of haven. eventually took heart in a spontaneous sing-along and settled into skyhold. was named inquisitor for obvious reasons. the obvious reasons being the total lack of leadership qualities displayed by the triumvirate. met hawke and alistair and figured out what was going on with the wardens. lead the assault on the venatori controlled demon puppeteers to free them, ended up plunging headlong into the fade for whatever reason. found the exit using a glowing old woman to light the way. alistair volunteered to stay behind in order to help me escape - not that i wouldve needed it - so let him have his moment of heroism. he never seemed fond of his role as a husband anyway, so was probably just looking for a way out all along. didnt judge tho. sent hawke off to help the wardens get their stuff together at weishaupt.

                  was guilt tripped into attending a silly masquerade in the middle of france. mustve conducted myself well amongst the snobs cause i didnt get kicked out. ended up bringing an odd couple back together for the sake of the realm. also foiled an amateur assassination attempt by björk. had people ridicule her for her shoes as an atonement. met morrigan and the little god. quiet lad. mightve made a pass at her but had too much respect for the warden.

                  hunted some dragons, hang with the crew, helped them in their private affairs. made iron bull break ties with the qun cause the chargers were a pretty fun bunch. bailed rainier out of jail after his totally shocking identity reveal and disappearing act - never had me fooled for a second anyway. helped cole become a real boy, helped solas save the innocence of a spirit. even guided the golden halla home. tried the same with a talking goat but enraged it by killing a bear in front of its eyes - for the record, that bear came at me. it was self defense! also, the whole talking goat act seemed suspicious anyway, so upon returning that thing home it wouldve probably gone berserk and killed a few children somewhere down the line. means i totally saved those children!

                  headed out to seek some mystical old place of great elven power, tried to be respectful by putting up with its rituals. ended up finding a suspicious pond. had morrigan drink from it as she seemed really intent on it, plus i reckon she mightve been a little dehydrated. turned out she drew the short end of the stick there. dont envy all the stuff the hero of ferelden is gonna have to go through in the future of that relationship.

                  back at skyhold, got hit over the head with a super abrupt boss fight right outside the door. was looking forward to swatting that apocalyptic dragon, but morrigan stole the kill. had to settle for beating up on that shriveled mummy instead. plugged the hole in the sky for good, was praised a hero and got a party thrown. like to believe i actually got cake this time.

                  havnt played any DLC for DAI up to this point

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                    If a Dragon Age movie was to be made, please let erb write the script.
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                      Originally posted by davibr View Post
                      If a Dragon Age movie was to be made, please let erb write the script.
                      Oh please do! This is golden.

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                      On the Loose, Sighs of the Kirkwall Champion, 9:33 Dragon:
                      "Someday, I'd like to go one week without meeting an insane mage. Just one week."

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                        Whe I first decided to try Dragon Age Origins (my first and favorite) - I had every intention of trying out all the different Origins. But I started with Cousland, and after dozens upon dozens of new characters, I've only been able to bring myself to finish the game once with a different Origin.

                        My canon Warden is Elissa Cousland - and in every iteration of the timeline I've come up with (save for a very AU, Solo-Ruler version of her) - she refuses to touch the title of Queen with a 10 - foot pole, and at best, Alistair is only a dear, brother like friend. (At worst, she ends up becoming resentful as all hell and bitter as sheeet about his constant whinging about Duncan while seeming to be willfully obtuse about the fact that she watched her family be murdered all but in front of her).

                        Her middle name is Moira, and like many children in an independent Ferelden, grew up idolizing Loghain Mac Tir and King Maric. I for one refuse to believe that the ruling families of the only two Teyrnirs left in the country weren't at least decently familiar with one another. So obviously, she spares him. :-D Staunchly patriotic, she's almost like a younger, female version of Loghain to be honest, but a hella lot less jaded and cynical (at first/during DAO). To draw on a comparison I've made in conversation before - think Jon Snow. (The Couslands are like the damn Starks of Thedas though - for real).

                        That's not to say she's very happy with our resident grumpy Teyrn of Gwaren. While she's willing to believe he didn't know about Howe's plans /before/ the fact - she has a much harder time swallowing how he behave re: Arl Howe /after/. As for how she convinces him to go through with the Dark Ritual - it's something along the lines of...

                        "Ferelden's Wardens are dead, and Alistair has abandoned me. You didn't murder my family, but knowingly or not, you aided and then rewarded the man who did. Without you, I am utterly alone in this (command). I'm not going to order you to do this, but if you want to pay your debt to me - you'll do it by living, not by dying."

                        Anywho - I'mma stop rambling. hahaha. Thanks for listening.
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                          Hope no one minds the thread necromancy, I just came across this, otherwise I would've posted sooner.

                          DAO: Marlana Cousland, a a duel wielding rogue (can't remember her specializations outside of her having assassin) who can best be described as complex. While she always tried to do the right thing, she wasn't above following the Warden philosophy of "whatever it takes" to pretty much everything she did. While she tried to be diplomatic, she wasn't afraid of just shouting over people to get her way. If that didn't work, well, she was pretty sneaky and not afraid to use poison. Despite herself she fell hard for Alistair and at the end of it all became his queen. One of her regrets is killing Loghain in front of Anora since she knows the pain of losing a parent in such a fashion. I may have adored the story so much that I ended up writing a massive fanfiction for her and Alistair.
                          Saved the mages and turned to them for a cure for Connor figuring they owed her a favor, saved Redcliffe including the blacksmith's daughter, sided with Caridin because after Bronka's betrayal of her people there was no way Lana was going to let that woman have that kind of power and crowned Bhelen as king. He may have been a monster, but he wanted to save all of his people, a sentiment she could understand. Talked Zathrian into dying to end the curse on the werewolves. Had Alistair do the Dark Ritual (though my head canon is that Alistair did it out of his own free will).

                          DA2: Indigo Hawke, a sarcastic mage who was plagued with loss (her player pretty much hated all of the companions except for Varric). Losing her sister, then her brother, then finally her mother left her distant from everyone, except for Varric (no romances). So when Isabela turned out to be the reason for the Qunari lingering about in Kirkwall she had no problems turning the woman over to the Arishok (there was some rolling of eyes when she learned that Isabela escaped his clutches. Again.) When Anders blew up the Chantry, she executed him as the danger he proved himself to be. When Fenris turned on her at the end, she was so tired of his garbage that she executed him too. After seeing the messes various apostates got themselves into she was death on any kind of blood magic.Her reaction to the bit with Meredith and the red lyrium idol was not fit for polite company.

                          DAI: Sheyoni Adaar, snarky qunari mage. If she'd had any kind of inkling about the events that would occur, she would've kept her mercenary band far far away from that particular little contract. While she wasn't a devotee of the Qun, she certainly didn't believe in any of this Maker nonsense so was horrified when people started to call her the Herald of Andraste. After awhile she gave up yelling about it because she clearly wasn't getting it through anyone's heads that she wasn't sent by some mythological woman. Sided with the mages because she wasn't a fan of the templars and was rather horrified with what they'd been doing (not that she was too happy with the mages either, they were just the lesser evil). Became good friends with all of her companions, despite how she repeatedly butted heads with Viv, though her besties were probably Cass and Varric, ended up falling for Iron Bull even though he was meant to be a fling and was a little surprised when he committed to their relationship too (her player laughed her butt off at the scene with the dragon's tooth necklace). She was grateful for Viv's advice during the nightmare of dealing with the Orlesian court, she managed to keep herself from burning the whole thing down, and basically knocked Celene's, Gaspard's and Briala's heads together, forcing them to work together for the good of the people. She also conscripted Florianne into working for the Inquisition, though she was *very* tempted to make the woman a court jester. Let Morrigan drink from the Well because she was saddled with one mytholgical woman, she didn't want to take any chances that one of them might turn out to be real. When she found out the deal about Mythal, she felt a bit guilty about Morrigan, but not too terribly so. She was gutted by Solas's revelation at the end, so once she was called back to Orlais to deal with people's demands about the Inquisition, she had no qualms chasing her friend down. If she weren't in so much pain from the Mark going insane, she would've knocked him unconscious and hauled his sorry ass back to Skyhold for some extended chats to get him to pull his head out of his butt. Furious at her treatment after everything she'd done for the ungrateful louts, not to mention worried about the growing corruption, she disbanded the Inquisition since it's purpose was largely met. My personal head canon is that she retired to Kirkwall with Bull much to the horror of the nobles there, because of the Champion having resumed her residence in Hightown, but Varric, as Seneschal, was delighted. Not just because his two closest friends hit it off, but also due to the chaos the two of them wrecked among the nobility.


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                            No worries Sue Sherman! This thread was indeed created for anyone who'd want to share their protagonists' story!

                            IGN: Exscenth | CODE: 187-772-882

                            On the Loose, Sighs of the Kirkwall Champion, 9:33 Dragon:
                            "Someday, I'd like to go one week without meeting an insane mage. Just one week."

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                              Ho boy, strap in for some dark dragon age.

                              The Warden: (the dwarf commoner is quite good as well)

                              My favorite for this game is definitely the city elf so here is a city elf, a very angry and unscrupulous city elf.

                              She thought the wedding that was being arranged was quite silly and wasn't really prepared to go through with it. The Bann's son interrupting wasn't the best and she most certainly did not enjoy being taken captive. The river of blood throughout the palace testifies to that yet she took the offer of gold in exchange for leaving. (She does end up regretting it but more on that later.) Needless to say she is quite glad to be conscripted into the wardens and leaves Denerim in high spirits until she realizes she now has no idea what she is doing.

                              Ostagar was quite an eye opening experience and she was quite surprised to be finding herself responsible for rallying a nation all of a sudden. She gathered all the help that she could and was generally found with Shale, Sten, and Morrigan unless there was a special mission that required someone specific.

                              The Tower was her first destination, where in she decided to rescue the mages from the demons, realizing that their power would be far greater than anything else. The elven and werewolf conflict was quite easy for her to solve, she cut a path through the werewolfs, got very mystified at the elven ruins with some human designs, and took down witherfang. The Temple of Sacred Ashes was next and here she found herself baffled as to why anyone would still worship a dragon. Needless to say she did not take these ideas well as they reminded her of tevinter worship and so many died. In the end she left the ashes alone, not entirely certain about how real they were but her doubt was erased when she saw how they worked on the poisoned Arl in Redcliffe after a very hard night spent fighting undead and dealing with having to convince Morrigan to go into the fade. (Alistair was not a happy camper when he heard Isolde died in a blood magic ritual even though he was hardened.)

                              The dwarves were last and eventually she decided that Bhelen would be the better choice to reignite the fallen empire and set off into the deep roads to find this Branka person. The broodmother was horrifying to her but at that point she had fully embraced the warden's ethos after seeing the Dead Trenches and recognized the value of what Branka had found. The anvil of the void was active once more and Bhelen was crowned king.

                              The landsmeet that followed was an unmitigated disaster from start to end. The warden once again slaughtered her way through the palace and this time finished the job, killing Howe along with Vaughn this time. Needless to say, going back the alienage was not the best. She realized what she had done by then, having seen Branka do it in the deep roads and left that area as soon as she could. The landsmeet itself quickly fell into insults and a massive melee before the Revered Mother intervened. A duel between Sten and Loghain followed and Loghain fell. The Warden invoked the right of conscription then, which severely irritated Alistair but that did not change his acceptance of the crown or his arranged marriage to Anora.

                              In the end, she was uncertain about Morrigan's offer and rejected it and found herself atop the tower. The decision was easy for her to make after all she had been through and the Archdemon fell with her, undoubtedly glad to be leaving the chaos she had created.

                              The Champion: (Angry hawke is best hawke!)

                              The champion found herself in a situation that she did not enjoy in the slightest, the destruction of her home,protecting the family from the blight, losing Carver to an ogre and moving to Kirkwall only to find out that the much played up family fortune was non existent. What patience she had with the world was rapidly lost over the year in servitude to Athenril. A great number of people ran afoul of her anger at the point of her sword and she easily earned her way into the expedition with the money she saved up.

                              While the expedition was an economic boon for her it was a tragedy for her family as Bethany perished in the deep roads and with her went Hawke's last link to a sane mage. The loss of Leandra after that to Quentin furthered her hatred and she found herself agreeing more and more with what the templars were doing. The qunari attack was incredibly easy for her to deal with as she had no interest in losing a second home to invaders and so the Arishok fell before her even though she was very tempted to give Isabela over for the betrayal she had orchestrated.

                              The mages in Kirkwall had a very bad time of it after that as the Champion fully supported Meredith and they all died due to Ander's actions.

                              The Inquisitor: (hooray for a positiveish ending)

                              After so many years of bloodshed there was finally someone able to put the world back together. The Inquisitor was an elf from the Free Marches, a mage to the horror of many, and she took to her calling quite well except for that little part where she became a necromancer. Regardless of that decision the world was very happy to have her in command and the Inquisition ran southern thedas for quite sometime, conscripting the templars, graciously allowing the grey wardens to remain, schemeing to keep Celene on the throne, capturing forts, seducing Cullen, and installing Leliana into the role of divine.

                              She had mixed feelings about the well of sorrows but in the end decided that as an elven mage she should be the one gaining its power, not this arrogant human who she barely knew and everyone told her not to trust.

                              Her time spent exploring the eluvians left her deeply conflicted about her faith in the elven gods and she found herself swearing to stop Solas' plans whatever the cost. At the end of the exalted council she opted to disband the inquisition, recognizing that a smaller group would be far better at dealing with the troubles ahead.


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                                DA:O: Atheist Dwarven noble rogue, destroyer of religion. Made sure every chantry building was destroyed, except Denerim. It can be in Chronicles, so essentially every chantry can be destroyed in Origins. Killed Barkspawn, Wynne, Leliana, Zevran, Shale, Sten and Alistair but impregnated Morrigan and then stabbed her in the belly. Abandoned Redcliffe, that bow and destruction of the chantry was too good to pass up. Killed Connor, freed Jowan. Killed Elves, because I had a mod that sets up a werewolf merchant. Sided with Branka, put Bhelen in charge and secured my son's future, shut down Orzammar chantry in favor of mages, sent the crazy blighted guys mom out into the deep roads. Let Avernus continue his experiments. Secured roads and abandoned Amaranthine in order to make Vigil's Keep wealthy, and destroy that annoying chantry in the city. Let the Architect take his followers into the deep roads, because I think intelligent darkspawn will finally destroy the world.

                                DA2: Blood Mage Hawke, kaboom! F you Templar scum, die die die!

                                DA:I: Qunari Mage, really the high point of the game is driving Cassandra to alcoholism.
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                                All inquiries regarding Customer Support should be routed through the online web portal for support. The Community Manager and Moderators are unable to assist with inquiries regarding support tickets. Posting your ticket number and requesting assistance on the forums will result in the post being deleted. Sending a Private Message to the Community Manager or Moderators about CSR Inquiries is not to be tolerated, and will be ignored.

                                Additionally, all interactions with Customer Support are considered confidential, and all issues are handled on a case-by-case basis. As such, posts containing transcripts or results of your interactions with Customer Support will be edited or deleted.

                                Violation of these terms is grounds for removal from EA Capital Games games and a report to Facebook.

                                What should I do if I see objectionable material on the forums?
                                It is important that members recognize the real-time nature of this forum: the moderators cannot always monitor the contents of posted messages, and as such depend upon you to inform them when participants or their messages are violating our policy as stated here. You must also recognize that they cannot respond immediately to such notices and that some time may pass before any warranted action is taken.

                                To contact a moderator, please use the Flag Post function on the post represented by a flag:

                                What happens if I break the rules?
                                At best, your post will be edited by one of the moderators and you will be issued a warning. If the offense is more serious your post will be deleted. Posting "why was my post edited/deleted?" etc. will only make matters worse, so please don't. If a moderator has not sent you a message stating why, please send the Sr Moderator a message asking for a reason.

                                Should you have already been issued warnings and continue to break the rules, you will be issued an infraction - your posting privileges will be disabled for three days, but you will still be able to view the forums as a guest.

                                For persistent and deliberate rule-breakers your account will be "Banned". That means you are no longer welcome on these forums and/or games and your account will no longer function in them. If you re-register, your new account will be banned as well.

                                Posting Suggestions
                                In the attempt to create a compromise where everyone is happy, the following suggestions are also recommended:

                                1. Be civil and courteous. This forum is visited by people from all over the world, of different ages, genders, religions, and backgrounds, and are each entitled to their own opinion.
                                Also, see Flaming, Right to Privacy, and Hatred.

                                2. Make sure that your message topics fit the topic description of the forum in which you are posting. This is for your own benefit - for example, a question regarding a bug or problem should be posted in the Feedback section.

                                3. Use the search function before posting, particularly if the question is problem oriented. Most technical questions have been answered before, and solutions are freely available.

                                4. Make sure that you have followed #3 before posting

                                5. Read the sticky threads at the top of each forum - they are there for a reason, and generally contain information relevant to the forum.

                                6. Don't quote the entire message that you're responding to, only the pertinent passage. This makes it easier to read for other users.

                                7. If you find it easier to express yourself en français, auf Deutsch, en español, in Nederlands, in Italiano, or any other language, post in the International Discussion forum. Hopefully someone who speaks the same language as you will be able to assist you. All posts in other sections (non-International) of the forums must be in English, so please make use of Google Translate if you need assistance with translation. Posting in English will allow the widest range of people to assist you.

                                In addition to the Forum Rules, you are bound to the general EA Terms of Service both on these forums and in the game. Links to the TOS are as follows:

                                EA TOS English
                                EA TOS French
                                EA TOS German
                                EA TOS Russian
                                EA TOS Spanish
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