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  • Tier 4 Legendary Units - Gallery

    Moderator Edit:

    In an effort to organise and propagate this thread, I have moved all non-picture comments to this thread: http://forums.capitalgames.com/showt...cussion-Thread (included are comments quoting pictures to save doubling up). A couple of duplicates moved as well. Any comments/repeats beyond this point may be moved there as a result or deleted.

    Please note that some heroes may receive adjustments to Stats/Abilities and Artwork since they were originally posted here. Since this gallery is concerned only with appearance, please only post updates if that aspect has been adjusted, and then ideally only if it is significant.

    Thread Contents (In order of appearance):

    Page 1
    1) Wynne
    2) Varric Tethras
    3) Grey Warden Oghren
    4) Guard Captain Aveline
    5) King Alistair
    6) The Architect
    7) Merrill
    8) Grand Enchanter Fiona
    9) Isabela
    10) Flemeth
    11) Shah Wyrd
    12) Harvester Orsino
    13) Loghain Mac Tir
    14) Red Lyrium Meredith
    15) Chasind General
    16) Hybris

    Page 2
    17) Vengeance Anders
    18) Sister Nightingale
    19) Queen of the Blackmarsh
    20) Morrigan
    21) Ancient Darkspawn
    22) Keeper Merethari
    23) High Dragon
    24) King Endrin Aeducan
    25) The Baroness
    26) Apostate Jowan
    27) Arlathan General
    28) Ariane
    29) Nathaniel Howe
    30) Saarebas
    31) Schmooples

    Page 3
    32) Duke Prosper
    33) Barkspawn
    34) Dragon Flemeth
    35) Justice
    36) Paragon Caridin
    37) The Grand Oak
    38) Uldred
    39) The First
    40) Leopold
    41) Witherfang
    42) Corrupted Spiderling
    43) Corrupted Spider Queen
    44) Ben-Hassrath
    45) Tallis
    46) Snug the Bronto

    Page 4
    47) King Maric
    48) Byron
    49) Broodmother
    50) Warden Commander Duncan
    51) Grey Warden Genevieve
    52) Guardian of the Urn
    53) Ghast Leader
    54) Lord Pyral Harrowmont
    55) The Grand Oak
    56) Knight-Captain Cullen
    57) Risen Ogre
    58) Alamarri Warlord
    59) Kolgrim
    60) Eirik
    61) Danarius
    62) Lyrium Fenris
    63) Sten, The Arishok
    64) High Seeker Aldren

    Page 5
    65) Seeker Cassandra
    66) Ser Pounce-A-Lot
    67) Sky Horror
    68) Crow Zevran
    69) Brogan Dace
    70) Sophia Dryden
    71) Grey Warden Sigrun
    72) Elite Harlequin
    73 )Neria
    74) Sera
    75) Spirit of Hope
    76) Caladrius
    77) Vivienne
    78) Phoenix
    79) Cillian
    80) Sentinel Spellbinder
    81) Aurelian Titus
    82) Felix

    Page 6
    83) Solas
    84) Thornton
    85) Alexius
    86) Imperial Archon
    87) Grey Warden Velanna
    88) Maevaris
    89) Rasaan
    90) Assassin Florianne
    91) Briala
    92) Josephine
    93) Lord Erimond
    94) Ser Stroud
    95) Abelas
    96) Samson
    97) Empress Celene
    98) Maddox
    99) The Lost
    100) The Seeker
    101) Giant
    102) Red Lyrium Giant
    103) Diamond Shale
    104) Ruby Shale
    105) Sandal
    106) Steel Golem
    107) The Mother
    108) Rion
    109) Prince Bhelen Aeducan
    110) Warden Commander Clarel
    111) Horror
    112) Calpernia

    Page 7
    113) Iron Bull
    114) Katari
    115) Amethyst Shale
    116) Arl Eamon Guerrin
    117) Avvar Goat Legendary
    118) Despair Demon
    119) Lord Woolsley
    120) Nightmare Aspect
    121) Noble Spirit of Hope
    122) Sky Watcher
    123) Velghast Chieftian
    124) Behemoth
    125) Red Lyrium Samson
    Ser Stroud (new appearance after patch)
    126) Greater Mistral
    127) Bianca
    128) Tamar
    129) Professor Bram Kenric
    130) Dagna
    131) Vinsomer
    132) Korbin
    133) Snowy Wyvern
    134) Arvaarad
    135) Dragon Morrigan
    136) Apostate Solas
    137) Hall
    138) Great Bear
    139) Riordan
    140) First Enchanter Irving
    141) Blackwall
    142) Scout Harding
    143) Advisor Morrigan
    144) Arl Rendon Howe
    145) Knight-Commander Delrin Barris
    146) The Elder One
    147) Northern Hunter
    148) Ferelden Frostback

    Page 8
    149) Michel de Chevin
    150) Ketojan
    151) Dragon of the Elder One
    152) Arigena
    153) Advisor Leliana
    154) Noble Spirit of Justinia
    155) Hakkon Wintersbreath
    156) Hakkonite Archer
    157) Krem
    158) Lambert van Reeves
    159) Lucius Corin
    160) Hissrad
    161) Santa Blackwall
    Lord Woolsley (new appearance after patch)
    162) Gakang the Unbound
    163) Prince Sebastian Vael
    164) Sidony
    165) Necromancer Dorian
    166) Divine Vivienne
    167) Dorian
    168) Captain Isabela
    169) Archdemon Urthemiel
    170) Sha-Brytol Revered Defender
    171) The Last Inquisitor
    172) Elfie Sera
    173) Crassius Servis
    174) Swiftrunner
    175) Marshal Proulx
    176) Ataashi
    177) Abyssal High Dragon
    178) Professor Frederic
    179) Spirit of Justinia
    180) Regalyan D'Marcall
    Krem (new appearance)
    181) Hakkonite Defender
    182) Spirit of Faith
    183) Vidasala
    184) Morvan the Under
    185) Hand of Korth

    Page 9
    186) Saarath
    187) Advisor Cullen
    188) Sandy Howler
    189) Nuggalope
    190) Plaideweave Dorian
    191) Plaideweave Vivienne
    192) Red Jenny Sera
    193) Ser Jory
    194) Daveth
    195) Renn
    196) Cretahl
    197) Sha-Brytol Earthshaker
    198) Maryden
    199) Fen'Harel
    200) Maliphant

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________
    Original Post:

    Inspired by the works of fantazy, Basnjas and others, I like to join their endeavours and expand Tier 4 Gallery into Legendary.


    (1) this thread only contains T4 Legendary units screen captures
    (2) if you post a T4 picture, make sure it has not been shared already in the thread, or that it has better quality than currently posted . There are currently 17 Legendary units.

    Let's begin!!

    Common Gallery
    Uncommon Gallery
    Rare Gallery
    Epic Gallery
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    IGN ----> Reddplague
    Injustice mobile IGN -----> reddplague
    Ally Code ----> 523-836-581

    Uncommon Gallery
    Common Gallery
    Rare Gallery
    Epic Gallery
    Legendary Gallery

    "We recently looked at our drop rates and we saw they were a bit higher than intended." ―CG —

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    IGN ----> Reddplague
    Injustice mobile IGN -----> reddplague
    Ally Code ----> 523-836-581

    Uncommon Gallery
    Common Gallery
    Rare Gallery
    Epic Gallery
    Legendary Gallery

    "We recently looked at our drop rates and we saw they were a bit higher than intended." ―CG —


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      AALSO have merril tier IV , and isabela tier IV

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        don't have her maxed out yet but at level 53 she has 1113 atk and 3487 health
        It's only a game..........right?


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            Originally posted by Daethos Sothaed View Post
            10 chars....
            IGN: Optimus Prime

            Tier IV Galleries: 20/23 37/37 24/51 15/35 4/24


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                  finally /weeps silently


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                    Cool gallery! Just got this last week:

                    IGN: l l I Phoenixsong I l l/l l II Phoenixsong II l l/l l III Phoenixsong III l l


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                      My new favorite.....

                      IGN: |OG| Parmenion One (Two and Three)


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                        And here is the BEAST.

                        IGN: |OG| Parmenion One (Two and Three)


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                              IGN: iruugndir




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