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  • Who am I?

    Can I conceal myself for evermore?
    Pretend I'm not the man I was before?
    And must my name until I die
    Be no more than an alibi?

    Who am I?

    Hello all! Several have asked for me to give a little bio of myself and I find myself in the odd position of having some free time today. I guess it's time!

    Many of our community know me from long ago. I started playing HoDA on the day it was released, way back on December 5, 2013. I didn't find the forums until May 2014, when I joined and introduced myself to the rest of the community as cheron98. What brought me here? I kept seeing all these "OG" and "4PDA" tags in PVP and eventually it piqued my curiosity enough that I had to find out what it was. Google searches revealed the forums, and from that moment on I became immersed in the community.

    OG became my first guild, way back then. I made several friends, and enemies, within the guild over the next several months. Ultimately we parted ways, although I continued being active on the forums, and as part of the group of players that maintained the community drop rate spreadsheet. I later went on to join SPECTRE, where I stayed until having to retire from competitive gameplay. By January 2015, I found myself being goaded into becoming a moderator on the forums, and created Lyeshal for this. Not long after, I was elevated to Senior Moderator, and stayed in that position until January 2017. When our beloved GameOfJones departed from us, I was asked to fill the role - and here we are today!

    I'm doing quite a bit more behind the scenes than just Community, and it's been an absolute blast being able to present player feedback in a way to the rest of the team that is deeper than ever before possible. One philosophy I brought to this role was that in order to truly get the feel of the community, you have to go where the community is. Because of my time as a player, I have several channels available to connect with a broad range of players, many of which don't come to the forums despite my daily pokings that this is where it's at

    When taking on this role, I chose Cassandra as my avatar, because I share a common, defining trait with her: I see what must be done, and do it.

    But, who am I?

    I have a BS in Computer Science, and have spent the last fifteen years of my professional career as a ColdFusion and PL/SQL developer. I was born and raised in New Jersey, USA, spent several years in Michigan, and returned to the East Coast when I married my husband from Long Island. I've since convinced him that Long Island is not the place for us to live, but we are still on the East Coast. Although we have no kids (and don't plan to), we do have a cat, who is constantly by my side whenever I'm working. I am a Christian, and thank God every day for the opportunity he's given me to be able to be working on HoDA. You are all my blessings.

    Gaming has been a part of my life for a very long time. I started way back with Atari, advanced to Nintendo, moved on to Sega, and eventually found PlayStation, which has been my console of choice since, and had been a fan of the Final Fantasy series. Having been teased by my family that gaming was a waste of time and useless, I suppressed my gamer nature for several years, until one day I saw a commercial for Dragon Age 2, and decided I just had to play that game. I bought myself a PS3, had some friends insist I had to start with Dragon Age: Origins before even looking at DA2, and have been immersed in Thedas ever since. I've also played my fair share of Call of Duty: Black Ops (1-3) - mostly in the Zombie modes, as the campaigns held little interest for me, and my group of friends had a standing Zombie Night on Sundays where we would get together, make a dent in the unending waves of the undead, and watch The Walking Dead. More recently, I've gotten into Mass Effect as well, and was hugely surprised with Titanfall 2 and how much that appealed to me.

    Now I get to tease my family about how my gaming is totally legit. I just have to play Dragon Age now to research new heroes. It's just such a chore

    Apart from gaming, I like to cook and have had a bit of professional training in that regard. We also have an extensive wine collection - in fact, it was through wine that my husband and I met, and he proposed to me at Corison Winery in Napa, CA. Also, I love Broadway, in case you couldn't tell by my opening lines, and have been known to sing on occasion - unprofessionally, but I have taken part in and won competitions.

    If there's anything else you'd like to know about me, please feel free to ask!

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    Originally posted by Lyeshal View Post
    ...as part of the group of players that maintained the community drop rate spreadsheet.

    Also, I love Broadway, in case you couldn't tell by my opening lines, and have been known to sing on occasion...
    Ah yes, the good old days of HoDA, using the chat feature in googlesheets, where @PeWa/Cerberus and I would "listen" as Cheron would recite the lyrics of whichever Disney showtune was on her playlist at the moment...
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      I am Neegan.

      Thank you for sharing~!
      ... and then there's PALA (you know.. that lil warrior dwarf).


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        Yes, thanks for letting us have a peek inside your life. As always, I'm astonished that there are real persons behind the avatars and posts. Well, apart from myself, obviously, I'm just a black metal band from Norway in case you didn't know... ☺️

        Appreciate your post!
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          I appreciate your post Lyeshal.
          Thanks for introduce yourself and know us know more about you.
          Cool biography
          I understand you, I started playing with Spectrum, Megadrive, Game Boy, PlayStation and Wii. I also love videogames and I played them since I was a child.
          I am a fan of Final Fantasy Saga too and Legend of Zelda.
          I also love computer videogames and DA games, I passed all the games several times.


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            By the way, I can't but wonder: who are your favorite DA heroes apart from Cassandra, Lyeshal?
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              Originally posted by Darkthrone View Post
              Yes, thanks for letting us have a peek inside your life. As always, I'm astonished that there are real persons behind the avatars and posts. Well, apart from myself, obviously, I'm just a black metal band from Norway in case you didn't know... ☺️

              Appreciate your post!
              Shh don't tell them I'm real. I'm just a highly advanced AI


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                Originally posted by Ellana View Post
                By the way, I can't but wonder: who are your favorite DA heroes apart from Cassandra, Lyeshal?
                I always had a soft spot for Leliana in Origins. Her character evolution across the series has been tremendous. When she broke out singing In Uthenera, the first time I was playing, I think I reloaded the scene a dozen times just to hear it again.

                My head canon Warden is a rogue female Cousland who became Queen, Hawke is male mage and sarcastic with Fenris at his side, and the Inquisitor is a female warrior elf who lost her heart to the Dread Wolf.

                From Origins, Shale and Sten amused the heck out of me. From Kirkwall, Isabela, Fenris, and Aveline share equal parts of my heart. And I quite enjoyed Sera and Cole, little troublemakers, and Krem. And Scout Harding.

                But Cass is definitely the one I identify with most.


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                  The only mage I played till the end of the game was in the Origins. Neria Surana fall for Alistair and did everything to stand by her king. I had to sacrifice Loghain though so on my second run as a male Cousland rogue I'm going to romance Morrigan, give birth to Kieran and make Alistair a king. Probably this means that I will have to send Loghain to take a losing fight against Nightmare in DA:I. Hate this choice (Fiona or Barris decision too).

                  My Inquisitor rogue also fall into Fen Harel's nets. Both of my rogue and mage Hawkes stay with Merril: her love and royalty is disarming. However I do love those rivalry relationships in DA: 2 so the nature of their feelings is different. One of my biggest regrets was that Hawkes can't romance Aveline though.

                  When she broke out singing In Uthenera, the first time I was playing, I think I reloaded the scene a dozen times just to hear it again.
                  Also fully agree, In Uthenera is definitely beautiful
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                  Team: Top F2P Hanged Man
                  Rank: Eternal Newbie of Top F2P Hanged Man
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                  My ally code is: 628-786-963




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