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  • HODA Walkthrough for new players

    When I started playing I noticed there were a some excellent posts in these forums that described the basic mechanics of the game and broke down things like consuming and forting. However, I could never find an actual "walkthrough", a document that would guide me on making the best strategic decisions from the beginning. So without further ado, I present my own version of that walkthrough, based on what I found to work and what didn't.

    NOTE TO EXPERTS: If you're an expert reading this, please add your thoughts and suggestions below and I will update this document to reflect any feedback I find.

    Special thanks to MAM_HODA for his invaluable contributions to this guide.

    Reading the Basics

    This walkthrough assumes that you know how the game works and have already read the other posts that discuss the basic gameplay mechanics. If not, this is where you should start:


    There is a wealth of additional information out there beyond that. Here is one post that has links to even more information about various misc subjects. Be sure to check it out.


    Also, here is an amazing database created by Deus Gladius of all the epic and legendary heroes in the game:


    Now that you know the basics of the game, what should you be doing when you start playing? Well, it depends on what your spending habits for this game will be. If you are a big spender (a whale), then you will be playing in one way, otherwise, regardless of whether you spend no money at all or a moderate amount, then you will play differently. I am not a big spender, so the focus of this guide will be for the little spender, but I'll add what I think is the way to go for big spenders.

    Know the value of your resources

    I think one of the most important things to understand when you're starting out is how to get the best value out of your main resources, which in the case of HODA are the "gems". At the beginning you won't have a team so you'll want to use gems to create heroes (toons) and grow your team. This means using your gems on Grand Champion Packs (GCPs) which give you 2 guaranteed legendary toons.

    These are a great investment at the start but the value is less compared to what you can do with gems once you have a strong team, therefore later on you'll want to avoid using gems on GCPs. Having said that, many toons are only available from GCPs so there may come a time where using gems on PvP isn't all that useful to grow your collection and you may consider saving up to purchase GCPs, specially if there are any special sales.

    Setting Expectations

    This game is luck based. Extremely luck based. The enjoyment you get out of it will be very dependent on how you deal with the way luck works. Don't fall into thinking that you'll undoubtedly get that legend if you venture into the nexus or that if a pack has a higher chance of giving a certain toon, it will give it in just a few tries. It probably won't happen and it doesn't have to, ever. That is the nature of luck.

    The only thing you can do is to improve your chances as much as possible, but you can never guarantee them. Also be aware that human psychology tends to latch onto the bad experiences and just takes the good experiences for granted. This means that you'll seem to always remember the time that you spent 500 gems on a Nexus without getting a single legend and won't remember that the previous week you got legends from Soldier Packs and a were lucky enough to get one in an easy Nexus. Try to get past all that and focus on progressing your team with what you actually get and changing plans to fit the current situation. In this way you'll have a better time.

    Starting as a Big Spender

    If you are planning to spend hundreds of dollars in the game, I believe your best bet starting out is to buy lots of GCPs so you can quickly build an army of legendary characters and get plenty of other toons that you can consume to tier them up. (See the medium spender section below for how to get the best starter pack).

    Since you will already start out with a strong army, you can skip the whole progression for beginners and go straight to competing in PvP and grinding the Nexus for even more legends. Just make sure you don't use up all your gems on GCPs since you also need lots of gems if you want to compete for the top prices which, being a big spender, you'll surely want to do.

    Starting as a medium Spender

    There is a really nice middle ground at about $30-$50. If you spend around $20-$30 on gems you will unlock a special single purchase starter pack available for $20. This pack gets you 3 legends: Corrupted Spider, The First and Steel Golem, all very solid toons that you can't easily get from Nexus events or soldier packs. They are also fairly rare in PvPs and are usually only available at the highest ranking tiers, if ever. If you plan to play this game seriously then you'll be spending hundreds, or more likely, thousands of hours playing it, so a $50 investment is pretty good when it comes to cents per hour of fun. I highly recommend getting this pack. Be warned, specially those planning to spend more money, this starter pack does not appear if you spend more money. I'm not exactly sure how this works but it only appears if you have spent within a certain range of money and I'm pretty sure that range is within $20-$30. The devs have mentioned they may change how this works in the future though.

    Starting as a little (or zero) Spender

    Even if you don't really plan to spend any serious money you should at the very least get the one time purchase epic pack for $2. It really jump starts you at a very reasonable price and it supports the developers of the game. If you are going to spend hours and hours on this hobby, its a worthwhile investment.

    If you plan to spend a bit more money, the starter pack is an ok deal. Although Barkspawn, the included legend, isn't super strong and is fairly easy to get later on, it will certainly speed you up in getting to a point where you can compete in PvP and go through the higher nexus difficulties. To make any more money worthwhile at the very start you'll want to invest enough for one or more GCPs and the $20 starter pack mentioned above. At this point in the game gems aren't that useful for refills because your level ups will do the refilling for you and you don't wan't to refill energy anyway since its very expensive to do so.

    You should be able to get through an easy daily nexus but at the start you really need to get some gems to buy one or two GCPs, so you'll want to go into the normal map. The first few quests are relatively easy and will gain you a few gems and gold. Use the gold ASAP to get some more toons from Soldier Packs. At this time, keep the rare toons you open and use the uncommon toons to tier the rare and epic toons you get.

    Champion Packs vs GCPs

    Do not use your gems to purchase the Champion Packs, ever, they are a much worse deal than the GCP. Since the only other option is the GCP, just save your gems (or throw in some cash) until you can purchase one.

    Recruit (Bronze) Packs vs Soldier (Silver) Packs

    Recruit Packs (RP) will, on average, give more consumption/tiering points than Soldier Packs (SP) per gold. This requires opening up and consuming about 4 to 5 times more toons and since it takes a long time it can be very tiresome. The biggest advantage that the SP has over the RP is that after about 500 opened packs, the odds of getting a legendary go up dramatically, practically guaranteeing one. Once you open a legend they reset and it will take another 500 packs to have the odds go up again. And don't worry about getting to 500 opened packs, it will happen eventually, and you can open them whenever you want, they don't have to be all in one session. They also have better odds of getting epics which will become your main toons at the beginning. Because of this, it is generally recommended that you just open Soldier Packs

    Here is a list of the possible legendary toons you can get from SPs

    Here is a list of some (new ones have been added) of the Epics:
    Gate Guardian
    Inferno Golem
    Ogre Commander
    Pride Demon
    Aveline Vallen
    Cassandra Pentaghast
    First Enchanter Orsino
    Grey Warden Alistair
    Grey Warden Bethany
    Grey Warden Carver
    Lady of the Forest
    Sebastian Vael
    The Arishok

    Also, here is a spreadsheet that shows the probabilities of opening any given rarity:

    You may still want to open RPs if you want to tier up characters and have plenty of time but less gold. They are also specially good for tiering up red faction characters since they have a higher ration of red drops. You'll also want to open RPs if you're trying to complete the gallery, since they hold all the common toons except the wisps.

    Starting out with Rares and Uncommons

    During your first few days you will mainly be using rares and uncommons so its best to know which ones are the best. You have a limit of 250 characters in your inventory. At first this seems very high but as you play on, you'll start to fill it up and will have to make sure you only keep the best toons. See further below in this guide for a section on how to compete in rare and epic events for suggestions on the more advanced toons that you can get from nexus events but for now here is a simple formation that you can get from Soldier Packs:

    One Tevinter Arcane Mage(TAM) and 3 Desire Demons (DD). This team can get you through sticky situations by forming a team that can stun every opponent to win perhaps 40% of the time.

    Also if you open up these rare large creatures, they can help you quite a lot early on.

    Bereskarn: gives 50% health to Blighted + taunt
    Dragon Thrall: strong taunt + 10% DR gets used even in top 10 competition

    And here are some useful uncommons to keep around as a beginner:
    Sylvan: 25% health to beasts and demons
    Spider: 35% power to Blights (this one is particularly strong in the uncommon PvP event "Friends of Red Jenny").
    Dalish Hunter/Elf Bard: quick unit that slows and is good for attacking single toons in Nexus

    Using Your Resources

    Use the little energy you have to play through the map until you can go no further due to the enemy squads being to hard for you, then start mastering the earlier levels. This will get you some badly needed gems. Eventually, you will be able to go through an easy Nexus. Once you can do this you need to decide what you are aiming for. The map will get you more gems, so use the map if you haven't yet bought your second GCP. The nexus will get you more toons that you can use for tiering, so go there if you already have a handful of legends to tier. Also, one good rule of the thumb is to avoid the map if you can't go through at least 6 to 8 nodes with a single full bar of your energy.

    Use your stamina in the PvP event as much as possible. The PvP event has very nice rewards and is the best way to get gems in the game. At the start its very difficult though, so you might often want to go into a normal (non-event) PvP battle since it will mostly match you with similar squads. See below for some suggestions on how to best do in the PvP events.

    Between advancing in the maps and the PvP events or battles, you will gain experience and quickly gain levels. Each time you gain a level it refills both your energy and stamina. Make sure to try to use up both before gaining a new level. In the beginning you gain levels so quickly its difficult to have any control over it, but later on you will see a new level approaching and will have options to, for example, enter a map or nexus level that will drain your energy so that when you gain the level its not wasted.

    Growing you Squad

    At first you'll mainly open soldier packs. With these, you can tier up the toons you start with or, if you are lucky and open some decent rares and epics, you can start tiering those. Between PvP fights and the map you'll get a bit of gold to buy even more soldier packs and continue your growth.

    You should quickly (within days) find yourself with a squad that has a mixture of epics and rares. The large creature (LC) will likely be the hardest one to get as an epic and later on as legend but they drop eventually. With this mix you should be able to compete in the PvP events and, even though it takes time to find a beatable opponent, you should be able to consistently rank beyond the 10000 place, netting some more epics and gems. In a couple of weeks you should have an all Epic squad and be getting your first legend (more on that below) and by this time you should be able to start farming the easy nexuses, leading to faster tiering of your new toons.

    In the links above and in the sections below about competing with rates and epics you will find a list of the most useful toons, so focus your tiering on those toons. Look at the bonuses on the PvPs that are coming up and try to prepare for them by levelling and tiering up relevant toons. You will be limited to epic and rare toons which means you won't be able to get far in PvP events or the normal map or the Nexus, but don't be dissuaded and continue to play the battle that you can win. Also remember that you have an inventory limit of 250 heroes so you will want to be careful in choosing which ones to keep around.

    Don't worry too much about factions and groups for now. Just start tiering up the toons with the best stats and once those are tiered up go for some more toons. You'll slowly build a collection that gives you more and more options.

    Here are some quick hints for tiering your units to make the stronger. At first follow this simple rule:


    However, once you start gaining epic toons at a faster rate, it becomes convenient to combine them in certain ways. For example, the tier level that requires the most points is when going from tier III to IV, so if you have two characters of the same type you should either tier both of them to tier II then combine them, or tier one of them to tier III, then combine it with the other. Tiering from tier II to tier III requires the least resources (due to the way the bonuses work) so tiering one character up to tier III then combining with a tier 1 is the most effective. Combining two character of the same tier gives you bonus experience so if you can level both characters up a bit, then combine them as tier II characters you will end up with a character with a bit more experience so people sometimes prefer this.

    While this is ok for epic toons, you should always hold back on combining or consuming legendary toons until you are much more advanced in your collection. It will never be tactically convenient to consume a legend (unless you are in some amazing hurry to tier another toon and have a massive surplus of legends) but you may get to a point where it becomes convenient to use a tier 1 legend to fortify a toon, then level another legend of the same kind up to tier 3 and use it in the same fortification slot, effectively combining it. This is the only case where you'll be combining legendary toons. More on that below in the fortifying section.

    It should also be noted that you will also eventually get epic and legendary wisps. I find that epic wisps are better used for consumption than fortification (you should be getting plenty of other epics at this point), but legendary wisps should only be used for fortification.

    I find that gaining experience is much easier than gaining tier points, specially with the experience nexus event (see below), so I recommend tiering up to III then combining with a tier I.

    One important thing to be aware of while growing your squad is which toons to keep? and which ones to use up? (remember, legends should never be consumed, only used for forting). To help with this, Stonewyrm has written a great post that you can see here:


    Consuming and combining Efficiently with the user interface

    It can take up some time to go through the whole consuming/combining process. When going through the nexus, you will get a bunch of similar toons so it should be very clear that using the "newest" tab is the fastest way to combine and consume them, as they are right there and there is no need to scroll much. However, when purchasing from SPs, it becomes a little harder. Here is a thread from MAM_Hoda that explains some strategies to make this more efficient:


    Leveling Up Your Account (and some Toons)

    When you have just 11 points of energy, there isn't much you can do in terms of adventuring into the nexus or the map. Fortunately, your max energy grows with your account level so its in your best interest to get it fairly high ASAP. The best way to do this is by grinding the Daily Nexus Event on Sunday.

    This Nexus doesn't give out toons, just lots of experience and gold. Hopefully by the time Sunday hits you will have opened plenty of soldier packs and obtained some runes of Knowledge. These runes increase the experience you get by a percentage. Just using a couple of uncommon runes of Knowledge will help quite a lot but it will be better if you have rare or epic runes of knowledge. These runes multiply, so always use the highest values that you have for the most efficient use.

    Armed with your runes of knowledge, take your best team into the highest difficulty of the Experience Nexus that you can take (just check if the battle will be "easy"). Since your level is low, you should be gaining levels very quickly, which should replenish your energy and allow you to continue going through the nexus.

    While you are doing this, make sure to also use up your stamina on the current PvP. Since you are gaining levels and refilling both of your bars, this will give you a huge advantage and, if you play it right, you should be able to get to within the 2500 rank (but you'll be pressing "next" a lot). The toons you use to go through the nexus will also be leveling up. Make sure to use toons that require leveling up and if they are approaching their max level, swap them out for another.

    By doing this your max energy will go up and you'll be able to enter the nexus multiple times on each full bar.


    While you are starting out, don't worry too much about wasted fortified units, just stuff your rare toons with uncommons and your epic toons with rares. Fortifying gives a considerable boost that will take your units from weaklings to proper contenders so its important to do it as soon as you need to use them in battle. However, be aware that the fortifying additions aren't considered for the PvP bonuses.

    Once you get to fortifying legends with legends it requires more thought because of the difficulty of getting legends. Fortifying legends has been discussed a few times in these forums, you can see some great thoughts on it here, here and here.

    There are some considerations you should take when deciding how to fortify:

    - Using a Tier 1 (T1) legend on a fortify slot will give about 74% of the total bonus of that slot. The other 26% will come from the other 3 tiers.

    - Once a toon is used to fortify, the only way to improve that fortification without wasting the existing toon is to use the same kind of toon, increasing the tier of the existing toon. You can also substitute the existing toon with a different one but that is a big waste if it was a legend.

    - Tiering a toon through consumption of uncommons, rares and epics is more efficient (though it takes much longer) than combining the same legend. In other words, its harder to find a legend to combine for 60,000 tier points than to just get those points from other rarities.

    Given this, your best options to fortify a slot are the following:

    1) Use a T1 legend to get that initial boost, then, when you get another legend of the same type, take your time to tier it up to T3 to get the full T4 boost.

    2) Temporarily fortify with a T1 epic while you tier up a legend to T3 and use that as your fortification. This leaves you with a weaker toon for a bit, but then you get an almost fully powered toon for longer.

    3) Temporarily fortify with a T1 epic while you tier up a legend to T4. This is the most efficient way to reach full fortification as it only uses 1 toon but it takes the longest, specially that last T3 to T4 stage.

    Given that you will have very limited resources to be tiering legends for fortification (as most of your resources will be for tiering legends to use in actual battle), the most practical options are 1 and 2. I would recommend option 1 for support toons that you won't be using that much and option 2 for staple toons that you often use in your squads, specially the nexus.

    Here is a list about the percentages of fortifying, courtesy of MAM_HoDA. It compares the percentage of a toon with max stats (tier 4, level 85) with the specified fortifications. These are the values of the total creature stats compared with their maximum values (not to be confused with the percentages for just the fortification slot I mentioned above) :

    4T1 Epic forts-54%
    4T1 Legendary forts-73%
    5T1 Legendary forts-84%
    5T2 Legendary forts-88%
    5T3 Legendary forts-94%
    5T4 Legendary forts-100%

    Getting your first Legendary Character

    As mentioned in the SP to RP comparison, you are almost guaranteed to get a legendary toon after around 500 opened SP packs. You should be able to reach that number after about a week or two of playing consistently even if you spend no money on the game. You should also be able to reach the 342 gems required to buy a GCP in about the same time.

    Legendary toons have much greater stats than any of their lower rarity counterparts so focus on tiering them and leveling them up ASAP. Obviously continue to use your other toons and those with relevant bonuses on the PvP events, but use your new legends whenever you can. After another week or two you should be able to have 4 legends and will should be able to consistently get past the easy and possible some medium nexus events. You should also be able to get further in the maps, gaining more gems.

    You may have seen in these forums that such and such legendary toon is garbage or crap. Don't pay too much attention to this banter. At this point any legend is good and will improve your team. Once you start amassing a large collection of legends, then you can get all L33T and frown on your crappy legends.

    Creating a Team

    At first your team will be made up of whatever you get, so don't worry too much. Check out some of the resources in these forums for what the best overall uncommon, rare and epic toons are so you can try to tier some of those up in the early game just to get some traction.

    There exists a general rock-paper-scissor balance in the game. The quick toons will usually be able to take down the powerful slow characters before they can act. The normal speed characters will usually have enough toughness to handle an a quick toon's attack and will destroy them when they fight back, but won't be able to deal with a slow toon, which will then destroy them with their own powerful attack.

    For PvP events you will want to have a strong main team that takes advantage of the bonuses but also you'll want some additional teams to counter some of the existing strategies that those bonuses allow, usually following the rock-paper-scissor system I mentioned above.

    One good tip for creating strong teams is to look for heroes with auras, for example, +25% power to elves. These auras stack and having multiple copies of these heroes can create a very powerful team. Its also important to know that all the auras stick around even after the characters die.

    Progressing through PvPs in the Early Game

    Your main source of gems throughout the game will the PvP events so its important to make sure you participate in PvP. Competing in the PvP events doesn't just mean having the strongest squad. This is thanks to the "next" mechanic. When you enter the PvP battling mode you will be offered a squad to fight and you can choose to fight it or press "next" to get another option. PvP events are full of squads from all levels, including very weak squads deliberately placed by nice players to help newer players (this is called nugging because these weak squads are often composed of Nugs). Therefore, to compete as a beginner, you just have to press the next button until you reach a squad that you can beat.

    You can see how strong your opponent's squad is when compared to yours by taping the "more info" button in the top center of the screen. This will show you the stats (after bonuses are applied) for all the toons involved in the battle (you can also tap on those stats to get the base value and description of that toon).

    Winning a battle gains you "banners". Accumulating these banners lets you climb up the ranks and at the end of the event your rank determines the prize you get. Accumulating banners also lets you climb up the PvP achievement ladder which gets you runes, gold, experience and gems.

    When battling a team you can see how many banners and gold they will give you if you defeat them. The maximum gold you can get is always 270 and it depends on the rank of the opposing team relative to yours. It will be 270 if the opposing team has similar or greater rank, but less if they have worse rank. The number of banners you get depends both on the relative rank and on the total number of banners you have accumulated. The maximum number of banners possible (those you get when the gold value is 270) will go up at first, up to 30, then start going down. The easiest way to know that you are getting the maximum banners is to look at the gold value and make sure its 270.

    When you are starting out, it will be difficult to find squads that both give maximum banners and that you can actually beat with your own squad. Therefore, don't worry about getting maximum banners at first, just look for beatable squads. You make up for this due to being able to refill for free whenever you level up so just focus on beating squads, not on the quality of the reward.

    Specially early on, its important to optimize the use of gems and stamina to get the most out of PvP events and the ladders. Here is a post from MAM_HoDA on how to best use your resources for that:


    If you use your stamina effectively during each PvP event and take advantage of your leveling up, you should be able to get into at least the 10000-5000 ranking and climb up the achievements ladder significantly. This should net you some 20-30 gems each event and its possible to do better if you really put some effort. See the section below for more information on hoarding gems from the PvP ladder.

    A word of warning. At first don't try to go beyond the 1000 ranking. You'll find that once you get there, most of the teams are very high level legends and the amount of next pressing required is just too much.

    Advancing Into the Mid game (What to Focus on)

    Once you have a handful of legends, you have multiple things you can do, and what you do depends on your situation.

    If you have very few gems (I like to keep a buffer of 300 gems at minimum) and don't intend on purchasing any with money, you can take it easy on the game (don't worry, it won't go away and the world won't end) and just cruise along with your natural refills to gather some gems from PvP.

    If you have any untiered legendary toons, your focus should be on tiering them up. Instead of using gems to compete for more heroes, you'll want to use them in the nexus wisp event or other nexus events that give a lot of toons. Check out the schedule announcements in the Battlefleld forum to see upcoming events and bonus for those events to decide which toons to prioritize.

    Note that refilling energy is very expensive so it may not be worth it to use gems on energy refills until you are a fairly high level to get their worth. I found that at level 80 I felt each refill was worth it but to each their own.

    If all your good toons are tiered, then your focus should on getting new toons from PvP events or the nexus.

    Hoarding gems from the PvP Ladder

    For accumulating gems (and UR runes):

    - For 2 day PvPs use the gems you get from the ladder to climb up to the last UR rune. With the current active HODA population, this guarantees you a place in the 2500 ranking, netting you 30 gems and 1 or 2 UR runes.

    - Use naturals to go through the full ladder in 3 day pvps. This gets you the 35 gems from the ladder and usually about 20 gems from the rankings. Depending on how things are, it may be worth it to spend a few more gems (up to 3 refills or 9 gems) to get the next level in rankings, since that's 10 more gems.

    This nets you about 100-120 gems and 3-6 UR runes a week, depending on how generous the ladder is.

    Given that chasing a 200 rank on the PVP requires about 50-80 gems net (about 120-150 minus the gems you obtain from the ladder and the prize pool) I'd say that's a pretty good rate of gems that HODA is giving us F2P players since for one week of hoarding you get enough resources to chase a couple of 200 ranks, netting 4 legends and 2 leg wisps. Obviously you cant both hoard and chase PvP ranks at the same time so take a good look at the existing prizes for the week and decide what to go for.

    You can also be mindful when spending your gems, and that obviously gives more value to your hoarding:

    - First rule, never spend gems on GCPs or CPs once you have a handful of legends.

    - Avoid racing for top 25 unless you have already saved over 1000 gems and are at a stage where you want to try going for the top stuff (if you already have most of the stuff that finds itself in the top 200).

    - 4 day pvps are more expensive in terms of gems required to get high rankings so avoid those unless there is a toon you really, really want and doubt there will be a better opportunity.

    - Similar to 4 day pvps, events with really high value toons are also more expensive. When you are starting out avoid trying to compete in these and just go for the ladder rewards. Once you have a good assortment of legends and feel that the ones in the prize pool are worth it then go for it, but realize that the gem cost will probably go up by a considerable percentage.

    You can find some more tips in this thread.


    Runes are specially important once you start getting a little further into the game because they can make a big difference and help you get past nexus difficulties that would otherwise be impossible and they also give you a way to compete more effectively in the PvP events.

    MAM_HoDA has already written an excellent guide to using runes, so I'll just link to it here:


    Pro Tip:
    Once you start growing your squad and have plenty of legends, opening SPs becomes less relevant for your progression so it can be a good strategy to save your gold. By not opening SPs until the last moment you are in a way reserving runes as well and that helps to use them more efficiently as you don't lose them to their expiry date as much. For example, you might find yourself facing a nexus event that has a bunch of toons that stun. If you have saved up your gold, you can just open SPs until you hit an anti stun rune and use it then.

    Grinding the Nexus

    Once you have a slightly stronger team of rares and epics you should be able to start grinding the Nexuses. These are great for getting more toons for consumption and can occasionally drop interesting epic toons and if you're really lucky, you might get a legend.

    Don't get to excited though. While we don't have exact values, my experience has shown me that the drop rates for legendary toons at the very highest difficulties in the most generous of Nexuses is usually less than 5% per node, but in the lower difficulties its not really worth considering since its a fraction of a percentage point (something like .01%, I imagine). Therefore, as long as you are venturing into Hard, Medium or Easy difficulties, your main reason to be there should be to get tiering and fortifying material along with some occasional rare and epic heroes you can use for battling.

    There are repeating daily nexuses that are there just for 24 hours and there are the event nexuses that usually have more interesting toons and higher difficulties. The daily nexuses are organized into factions over the week days, starting on Monday with red, then blue, black and white. Then on Friday there is a rune event, on Saturday a Wisp event and on Sunday the experience and gold event I mentioned earlier.

    The best daily by far is the wisp event. The encounters are much easier than the other events so its possible to enter higher difficulties than you normally would and more importantly, the drop rates are higher. Once you have enough energy and a team that can go through the very hard difficulty multiple times, it is not uncommon to see multiple legendary wisps in a single day. This is a great event to use gems when you are in the process of tiering up your toons.

    The other outstanding daily nexus is the experience and gold event. Its particularly good because in combination with runes of knowledge you can force a level up, effectively getting a free run. One technique I like to use is to apply a couple of runes of knowledge, run through the experience and gold nexus to level up, then use my refreshed energy to enter the current event nexus, while also getting some free PvP battles.

    There is a detailed post from Stonewyrm on how to best take advantage of the nexus events to gain experience, including specific run downs of the experience gained from each type of nexus.


    *Note: At the time of writing, the 6th tip indicates that runes apply to the ladder bonuses. This isn't actually true and I'm sure Stonewyrm will correct it soon.

    The worst nexus, in contrast, is the runes event. You should be getting enough runes from opening SPs, so don't waste energy in this event. If there is no other event available that you can enter on a Friday, try to advance in the main map.

    The daily faction nexuses are what you will normally be using at the start. Use them to tier up and while you're at it to get some higher rarity toons. On easy mode all the daily nexus are straight forward but they mainly give commons and uncommons so you'll want to move to medium ASAP. I should mention that the most challenging one is probably the blue one due to an Orsino mage at the end. Don't get dissuaded if you can't get past it even on medium, you'll eventually be able to and you should be able to get past the other ones with a relatively weak squad.

    The event nexuses are more interesting but they vary in difficulty and usefulness. There are the boss battle nexuses that only have the highest difficulties and are meant for elite players, you can ignore these for now. There are also certain nexus events that have a very high experience value even at lower rarities. If one of these comes up make sure to grind it as much as possible since they usually give out toons in addition to experience, making it much better value than the experience daily nexus.

    Key Nexus Events

    Some of the Nexus events use keys to unlock them for a brief moment. At the time of writing these events are: xp nexus, giant creatures nexus, giant wisps nexus and potion nexus. The value of these events is generally lower than their other counterparts so, until they get improved, its best to just claim your keys as they are available but avoid using them. The only one that is actually valuable is the potion nexus since it lets you refill your revival potion at the cost of 30 energy per potion, much better than the 13 gems it costs to revive without potions. The giant wisp event isn't too bad either, but in terms of value you're better off doing the normal wisp event on Saturdays or waiting for a special nexus event that gives out lots of large creatures.

    Here are some tips for the nexus.

    - To gauge how likely you are of successfully passing any given nexus, enter it and check how challenging the game thinks it will be by entering the first node and looking at the rating (easy/medium/hard), just don't touch the fight button. If it says "easy" you may be able to get through the whole nexus, but beware that nodes usually get harder as they go further in (though sometimes the hardest node will be in the middle). Sometimes switching squad members or changing their positions will improve your chances but if it says medium against your best squad, you likely won't be able to get through it.

    - Its possible to find a difficulty where you can get through some of the nodes easily but the last few nodes are medium. In these cases it may be worth it to use a rune or two. If this is the case then there is something you can do to slightly increase the usefulness of those time limited runes. Simply, before activating any runes, enter the first node of the nexus and fight. This will use up your energy. Now instead of finishing the nexus, wait for your energy to fill up (or to get to an exact multiplier of the energy needed for that nexus) and you will get an extra run through the nexus using your runes without having to refill.

    - Never use gems to revive unless there is actually a legendary toon already in your loot drops.

    - Even when using a potion to revive, its effectively adding a cost of 30 energy to your run so make sure its worth it. It will only be worth it if you are running Insane difficulty or if you already have a lendary toon in your loot drops. In all other cases its actually better value to just rerun the event again.

    - If you died then it probably means you are not ready for that difficulty and should go down to an easier difficulty or perhaps you need to make sure you are using the proper runes. Non legendary runes are less valuable than gems (generally) so make sure to use your runes if you are venturing into difficulties slightly higher than your squad would normally allow so that you don't risk having to revive.

    Here is a spreadsheet that shows some of the nexus drop rates

    Avoid the Temptation to Waste Gems

    Many people often write into the forums indicating how upset they are because they bought so many GCPs and didn't get the toon they wanted. Avoid falling into this trap!

    Each toon has a very small probability of actually appearing whenever you buy a GCP, even if it has "increased odds". If a toon has 1% chance of appearing, and it has double the probabilities, that's still just 2%.

    Don't purchase GCPs with the expectation that you will get a new toon, specially if you already have most of the toons. CG has now implemented a new way of selling GCPs where you can guarantee a 2* toon after purchasing 8 packs. This is great for getting the first few 2* toons, but be aware that after just a few of them its highly likely that you will start getting repeats and highly unlikely that you will get any specific toon.

    I repeat: DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP of thinking that because there is some probability of getting a toon that it has to happen eventually. It doesn't. Each pack you open is independent of the previous. This means that if the probability of getting a toon is 1%, it will still be 1% when you open the second pack even if the first pack didn't have that toon. This means its entirely possible to open a large number of packs without getting that one toon that you wanted.

    Your best bet is to set a budget that you will spend on GCPs and assume that you will more than likely get repeats used for forting and that once in a while you will get some cool new toons. If CG does more of these "guaranteed legends" after so many packs events, then your best is to accumulate your gems or money and spend it all at once when a good sale happens.

    Using gems to purchase one or two GCPs once you had a nicely sized team used to be a really bad idea but the quality of GCPs has improved. You now get 2 guaranteed legendary toons and they are also guaranteed to not be any of the ones you get from soldier packs. However, there is no guarantee that they won't be ones you already had or that you got from PvP or nexus events. This luck factor makes the GCPs have generally a worse value than using your gems on PvP or Nexus events. In the nexus events you get a whole load of consumption points in the process to try to score a legendary toon, and in the PvP you get experience, gold and other goodies, plus the fact that you know exactly which toon you are going for. Once you have a handful of legends and a few ultra legendary runes, just 100 gems will usually be enough to get to the top 500 ranking in a PvP event, ensuring a specific legend. If the event isn't far too contested, 100 will actually be enough for the 200 ranking. Even if its highly contested, the range is between 300-500 usually and that gets you 2 legends.

    Using gems this way will also give you a few hours of gameplay, vs getting a GCP where you basically skip the whole game just to get a new toon. If getting the toons is more important than the gameplay, then what are you getting the toons for? Once you realize just how more enjoyable it is to use your gems in game instead of going for the instant gratification, you'll be able to resist the urge a little better.

    Having said that, there may come a time when you have all the toons offered by the nexus events and all the toons offered by PvP events. In that case, you can either stop playing or start saving and using your gems on GCPs.

    Competing for the mid rankings (1000 to 200) in PvP

    Once you have a more competitive team you can attempt to aim for one of the legend prize rankings, beyond 1000, though usually the first legend is a wips so you'll often need to go all the way to 500 to get an actual usable legend. You should check the "Battlefield" section of the forums for information on the current PvP. There will usually be one thread dedicated to the event itself where people discuss the strongest team setups, counters to those setups and the value of the legends that are available as prizes. One very important thing that you can realize from these threads is just how strong the competition will be. Even if you have a decent team, if the prizes are extremely good, the competition will be strong and the required gems could be prohibitive, so pick your battles. Since at first you don't have many legends, any legend is good so be on the lookout for unpopular events and use your gems and runes there.

    The first thing you need to have are gems. Based on the goal you want to achieve you need to make sure you have enough gems or are willing to purchase them if needed. At the time of writing, the typical banner and gem counts for 2 day events are the following:
    Top 1000 3500 banners 30 gems
    Top 500 5000 banners 70 gems
    Top 200 7000 banners 120 gems

    These numbers are approximation and the values vary from event to event and depend greatly on the prizes. They also don't account for the gems you gain during the event so you actually still gain gems by getting to the top 1000 and more or less break even when hitting top 500. This is why its so much better to use gems for events than for a GCP once you have a competitive team.

    Here is a thread that shows how many battles are required to reach a certain number of banners:


    And here is another thread where this is discussed and calculated.


    And here is a direct link to the spreadsheet that calculates exactly how many banners you need to reach a specific goal.

    This link also has the banner count for the most recent events:


    You can use this information to calculate how many gems you might need to reach a certain banner threshold during the event and that will help you decide to continue pursuing your goal.

    To be able to compete effectively you need a good team, lots of gems and plenty of time. If your team isn't quite there, some ultra legendary power and speed runes can do the trick, depending on how good your team is. Ideally, your team is good enough such that a 100% increase in power and an increase in speed would be enough to beat almost every other team. If that's the case, then, when you have an hour to play, activate the runes and use up as many gems as you can in that hour. This will boost you up in the rankings. If you think that you can go further, use up some more runes and gems, but realize that during the last two hours people get very crazy and you need to be able to keep up.

    You will be in a position to be successful if you can use a few gems early on to get to the middle of the ranking range you want to be in and keep that position throughout the course of the event, then in the last hour or two spend the extra gems necessary to maintain that ranking. Use this strategy ONLY if your squads are good enough to win some battles without runes, otherwise you'll find that you can't actually win your battles when running on naturals and will either have to resort to beating lesser teams and getting fewer banners or using runes every time you want to use up your naturals.

    Pro Tip 1: Beating the mirror match.
    Once you are able to create a strong team you will often find yourself facing teams of very similar composition where its really the outcome has close to 50% chance of going either way. The best way to deal with this is the following:

    Press the NEXT button.

    It often comes as a surprise to people but you really don't need to win every battle you encounter and you should always stay away from anything that doesn't have a high win percentage for your team, and this includes mirror matches. Obviously if you have a rune that will give you favorable odds go ahead and fight it out, but otherwise just press next.

    Pro Tip 2: Keep prizes unclaimed until you need them.
    After the event is over your prize is left in the Goals section awaiting for you to claim it. Something that veteran players will do is to NOT claim it until you actually need the toons and/or the gems. The saves space in your limited inventory and prevents toons from getting in the way of the process of combining and consuming. Be warned though, if you try to do this you must be mindful that UNCLAIMED EVENT PRIZES WILL BE REMOVED AFTER 19 EVENTS HAVE PASSED. Make sure you claim them before then. To keep track of which events are scheduled to disappear, here is a useful post that MAM_HODA created:


    Playing and having a life at the same time

    As a father of two small children and a full time employee I can attest to how hard it is to play HODA competitively without sacrificing the rest of your life. Well, competitively to a degree. Trying to compete for a top 25 place requires full commitment of quite a few hours within the 2 or 3 day period that the event lasts and this might just not be possible for a person with a busy lifestyle. The fact of the matter is, you don't have to compete for the top ranking to be successful, since there is no clear win condition beyond collecting heroes.

    Fight your PvP battles when you have a chance and don't feel obliged to wake up every 2 hours to get every single natural. Your gains will be slower, obviously, but you will still get a good number of gems on each event just by fighting the battles that you can manage. A rank of above 5000 isn't too hard to do under the current population and you should be guaranteed to get the at least the 10,000 rank even if you just do your fights a few times a day and miss out on a lot of them.

    Be patient and build your gem stash and when you do have a good opportunity and the stars align (you have time, you have gems, you have the right team for the bonuses and the prize is attractive), then go for it. I don't really recommend trying to go for the top prize if you can't fully commit, but a 200+ rank is quite attainable with just a few hours of battling and a few hundred gems.

    The nexus is even more approachable for a person with little time to spend, since your energy can accumulate for a good part of the day and can be used up in a few minutes if you enter the insane nexuses and as of this writing (Jan 2015), its the best way to get legends due to the drop rates being high and the battles being easy.

    In summary, be patient, don't get upset if you miss out on events -there will always be more- and just enjoy getting toons at your own pace.

    Team Configurations: Rare Events

    Every now and then there will be a PvP event that features 1500% bonus to rare heroes. The best hero configurations for this event are shown below, but note that the descriptions are relative to other rare heroes.

    4x Rift Wraith (RW)
    These guys have normal speed and have the highest combined base stats of all rare heroes. With just uncommon fortification they are at around 1800 attack and 1900 defense. When increased 1500% you get a pretty hefty punch. They also hit a column so just three of them hitting will usually be enough to finish of the opposing team. Their high toughness also means that they can survive most other normal or quick heroes except the ones mentioned below. They also resist being slowed and stunned and deal 50% extra damage to mages (even the BMs get walloped by these guys with a 1500% bonus).

    4x Cultist Assassin (CA)
    These guys have stats very close to that of the Rift Wraith but only attack a single target. They make up for that by having a quick speed and they also drain power and have slow resistance, so once they hit, even if they don't finish them off, their target becomes quite powerless. The also grow in power so once the first opposing team member dies they will likely one-shot kill everything they hit.

    These guys will can often beat the rift wraiths unless the wraiths have a rune of speed, but beware, if they don't kill at least 3 of the wraiths in the quick round, the wraiths can potentially critical hit each column and destroy the Assassins in two clean shots. Since its kind of a coin flip, I usually skip any squad made up of either of these and just look for other weaker squads of which there are usually plenty.

    4x Lay Sister Leliana
    The rare version of Leliana gives a 50% boost to all chantry heroes, including herself. So if you have 4 of her, each gets a 300% boost due to the way the auras are applied. In total, each Leliana will end up having a fairly high power and is capable of destroying many opposing teams before they can do anything. Having said that, they certainly aren't as powerful as a 4x CA or 4x RW.

    4x Ferelden Bann (FB)
    This used to be the powerhouse before the Wraith was added. Its power lies in the fact that it has a high probability of stunning, so a team of 4 Banns would quickly neutralize the opposing team un then eventually finish them off. Given that they have a normal speed, they'll quickly lose to the CAs and the stun is useles against RWs so they lose there aswell, but they are still better than other rares.

    None of these drop from SPs so you'll have to wait for a nexus event to feature them. Once they you get them, make sure you can tier up 4 copies of each. If Once you have both teams (either of the quick teams and the RW team) set up you can breeze through the event, using the Wraith team against any squad that might have something like a blood mage, and using the quick team against opposing normal teams that might be able to deal with the wraiths. Without runes there may be some fights they can lose, but with a 100% power rune and a speed rune, there is almost no fight you can't guarantee a win.

    Other teams that do appear in SPs are the following:

    2x Stroud/2x Gray Warden Mage (GWM)
    Stroud absorbs AOEs and have a high defense and can protect a couple of GWM in the back that will then hit all enemies and drain them of their power. This combo is decent and can be used effectively against many other squads (but not RWs or CAs).

    As far as Large Cratures (LCs) go, they aren't as important as the main squad for these configuration but I found Wintersend Dragon to be quite effective due to its quick speed and its attack on all creatures. It would often clear the board before anything else happened or deal that last bit of damage so that my main toons wouldn't have to attack again. Dragon Thrall also fits that role well and is a bit more powerful alongside a 10% damage reduction and taunt ability.

    The 2014 Christmas gift Silver Halla also seems to have very high stats and has potential. Also, if you have the snugly sweaters, also given away during the 2014 Christmas, they have great stats and very powerful abilities and are a force to be reckoned with in rare events. Unfortunately, it is unknown if they will ever be featured in a nexus event or have some other release thus if you have them, you have to tier them up manually and if you don't its unlikely you will get them soon.

    Team Configuration: Epic Events

    Just like there are PvP events that give bonuses only to rares, there are ones for epics. There is already an excellent discussion on Epic heroes in this link:


    In addition, I'll present one way to easily compete in an Epic event which is to have each of the rock-paper-scissors squad so that you select the appropriate team to counter each opponent's team.

    The quick team. This will usually involve elven rogues like Athenril, attacks a back row and gives all elves 25% health and power. Fenris works well here as well even though he's normal. His global attack will finish off anything that Atheneril missed. This teams is very strong against the slow mage team and will finish them off before they can act. The best large creature to accompany this team is the Varterral due it being quick itself but more importantly, the 50% power boost to elves.

    The normal team. This will be made up of gray wardens, mainly Alistair. He has pretty high power and attacks a row. He also gives 50% to all wadens, so combining a few of these generates an unpenetrable wall that the quick team can't get past. This team is strong against the quick team.

    A similarly effective team is one made up of Queen Anora (QA). She has a similar aura that gives 50% health but she attacks every one and gains power for every team member while doing so. Having 4 of her in your team gives exponential growth making it so that the last QA standing will hit very hard.

    The mage Slow team. This will be made up of First Enchanter Orsino (FEO), the only Epic blood mage. He will have other heroes to increase his health, like Velanna, and the idea is to have him survive a single round of blows and then destroy the opposing team with a single blow. Strong against the normal team or the qunary slow team. For this team the best LC is likely the Pride Demon. While not that strong in other teams, the pride demon has a huge amount of health and the taunt ability, which can distract opposing team member from hitting your mage while he charges up.

    The Qunary Slow Team. The qunaries also have The Arishol that gives all Qunaris additional 50% health similar to the wardens but they have much higher stats while only hitting a single character. They have a very similar effect to the normal team in that they easily destroy the quick team but have a hard time against the slow mage team.

    If you can build and tier up all 3 teams, you should be able to compete quite effectively. There are also teams that work well by combining different toons and different speed values. For example, you can add a Duncan or two to the Gray Warden team to take out Orsinos in the back row.

    One problem with the Epic event is that they only get a 500% bonus, which isn't nearly enough to beat a well made legendary BM team. However, not everyone has one and you should be able to easily get up to the 200 ranks with enough gems and a little time (and maybe some runes).

    Power Formations... And How They Can Be Beaten

    Even though it will be a long time before you can get to the big leagues, its good to know what is out there. In my experience there are 2 sets of overpowered (OP) toons: the high power quick toons and the blood mages (BMs).

    The quick teams have toons like Witherfang or Prince Sebanstian Vael that have power auras that make each other have very high attacks and stun or power drain effects. This means that after they attack, the opposing team will likely be completely destroyed or nullified to be finished in the second round.

    The BM teams use toons like Uldred, Danerious (Dan) or Apostate Jowan (AJ) which have the ability to increase their power when your characters are attacked. Then they will be combined with health enhancing toons like Vengeance Anders (VA) or the large creature Harverster Orsino (HO). Then what happens is, your team attacks them, increases their power to a huge value but doesn't manage to destroy them due to the huge health and then they decimate your team in one swell swoop. A much more detailed explanation of how this mechanic works can be found in the post below by MAM_HoDA:


    Since these teams often dominate the PvP events, people have analyzed them and the squad formations to deal with them. MAM_HODA and others have written quite a few threads discussing those strategies:

    Blue mages

    4x Keeper Marethari(KM)

    BM + Defenders strategy
    BM + Defenders strategy (vs Witherfang)
    BM + Dodger strategy

    Flemeth + Defenders strategy

    Competing for the top ranks in PvP

    The strategy to compete for the top rank (25th and above) is beyond the scope of this guide, but here is one particular PvP event where the players going for the 25th rank began commenting on some of their strategies:

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    Good luck with this, it will be good to see an updated guide!
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      Originally posted by Gabo View Post
      I found that at level 80 I felt each refill was worth it but to each their own.

      I just want to ask what difficulty you would have to be able to beat to make spending gems on refills worth it?

      I managed to skyrocket my player level and level up my characters by abusing the fact that during the birthday one day event i could level up in a single pool of energy (and even squeeze in some eleven rogue runs) by spamming medium. This took me from level 23 to 80-something, and i'm curently level 93 with 104 energy.
      I'm afraid this means that the strenght of my roster just isn't where you'd expect it to be at that player level. Medium is a breeze but this elven mage event is the first one i can consistently beat on hard. Since fiona and FEO are the firepower on my main squad i'm unsure if i will be able to beat events where they do not get a bonus. VH is way out of my league for now.

      Considering my former drops and the nexus drop spreadsheet i'm pretty sure medium isn't worth burning gems on, but is hard? Or should i only do this when i can make a squad to beat VH?

      By the way, this is very helpful, definitely deserves to be sticky . Thank you!
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        It sounds like you might not have a legendary LC at your level. GO is decent and seems to drop relatively frequently. It also seems like you'll have troubles winning a legendary in PvP, so relative to your other options this might be the time.
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          Originally posted by Forumaccount Dummyhoda View Post

          I just want to ask what difficulty you would have to be able to beat to make spending gems on refills worth it?

          I managed to skyrocket my player level and level up my characters by abusing the fact that during the birthday one day event i could level up in a single pool of energy (and even squeeze in some eleven rogue runs) by spamming medium. This took me from level 23 to 80-something, and i'm curently level 93 with 104 energy.
          I'm afraid this means that the strenght of my roster just isn't where you'd expect it to be at that player level. Medium is a breeze but this elven mage event is the first one i can consistently beat on hard. Since fiona and FEO are the firepower on my main squad i'm unsure if i will be able to beat events where they do not get a bonus. VH is way out of my league for now.

          Considering my former drops and the nexus drop spreadsheet i'm pretty sure medium isn't worth burning gems on, but is hard? Or should i only do this when i can make a squad to beat VH?

          By the way, this is very helpful, definitely deserves to be sticky . Thank you!
          To be honest, the best event for players of any level to burn gems on is the Saturday Wisp event. You should be able to do it on the hardest level. This would help you tier up any legs you have, get epic/leg wisps to fort with. I personally always spend 50-100 gems every Saturday.

          If you don't have much for legs on your roster, I would focus on doing one of the daily events to build a squad. Your choices are below, in the order that I would prioritize them:

          Blue: a couple Merrills and FEO would be solid
          Black: The First is awesome, Baroness not that much. TF with Corypheus and maybe Archie from SP would be good.
          Red: Tallis and Schmooples are both solid toons.
          White: GCA is solid, but Isa isn't very useful
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            I have 4 legs. I have Fiona, who was my first leg T4 with epic t1 forts. I also have a Vengeance Anders since 2 days ago from my first and so far only GCP, but he lacks tiering and forting (damn those elusive blue epics, hoping to place top 5k for 2 of them) and levels so he is quite weak, but i still use him as i find his aura benefits fiona and FEO greatly, and with the bonus they can actually tank hard with a bit of help form my pride demon, though i've been forced to move FEO to the back row on the beta wolf nodes since i've run out of anti-stun runes, as if they're both chainstunned i just lose.

            I do have a legendary LC, Queen of the Black Marsh, and i've been using her whenever i can to level her and the ton of rare LCs the elven mage nexus drops should help tier her up, but facing content that challenges my squad i found that i can't really justify using her over Pride Demon yet, as i really have trouble soaking damage and she is really squishy. Does that get better with forts and levels?

            Pride demon seems to be pretty tough against single hitters and has taunt, but i was already looking for someone who isn't an LC to take his tanking duties over, because he dies quite easily to row and column attackers and of course to be able to field QotBM.

            Just a few minutes ago i lucked out and Sophia Dryden dropped, and obviously, i'm really happy about that, but i would like to know how tough she is? The squad doesn't take full advantage of her aura but anders and the pride demon do benefit (does she buff herself?). Her starting stats are really quite high compared to my other characters and i have some black and white epics for forting, so she definitely seems to have the most potential for being hard to bring down on my current roster, but will she be tough enough to take the hits for me on hard and perhaps eventually on VH without leg forts (i feel it will be a while before i get to using legs for forting)? Could she allow me to replace Pride Demon with QotBM?

            Overall am i right in thinking that i should concentrate my efforts on strengthening SD and VA? Or maybe use blues for epic forting FEO's health slots first?

            Thanks again!


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              As a mid level player I used a fully T1 epic fortified FEO to get to top 25-50 in events months ago. In terms of PvP, a pair of teams of FEO in front and on with FEO in can almost always cherry pick teams and get quite high in PvP even getting Leg rewards.

              Until you get more HO, VA, Morrigan, use Velanna as well to bolster FEO's health. When taking on AoE squads, consider the rare Dragon Thrall which has 10 damage reduction. Pride Demon isn't as meaningful when fighting AoE.

              For stun, Varterral gives stun resistance. As long as you're getting and using gold, those anti stun runes will fall.

              All toons buff themselves as long as they are in the right groups. One of the few weird ones is GWB who buffs Apostates, but isn't one. LotF is similar. SD buffs herself.

              One ing you can do is put together squads and try them in Nexus to see if you get an easy rating. If you do, imagine the worst case. If it seems pretty unlikely, then really try the fight. The rating system is perhaps only 70% reliable.

              Focusing on SD and VA are good thoughts. Perhaps throw in QotBM when you know you will win to slowly level her up. Dragons only start being effective at higher levels as they die very easily early on, so PD remains a good tank to spare your main squad.

              Check out this thread and really think about your forting strategy when you get your first leg fort (probably a wisp)

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                Dear Mod/Redbox,

                Sticky this thread.



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                  Very nice, actually useful if you are a out of touch older player as well!
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                    I did a few hard runs on the black daily nexus to see how the squad does without the event bonus and surprisingly i had no trouble at all. I realize most of my damage is blue so it gets boosted which makes this event less than ideal to test generl viability, but my front row was fiona and sophia, who are both half white and they were able to soak the hits which i think is a good sign. Thankfully the desire demons couldn't get their hits off so they couldn't stun me. The GEF buff surely helped out as well.

                    What i'd like to know is how it compares to to other events. Should i expect more or less the same difficulty or is this one of the easier ones?

                    Also, i saw some posts on the forum that say it's wise to save gold since since there might be some special christmas stuff coming up. Does that extend to gems too? I saved some and planned to sink it into the wardenland nexus event if i can run hard consistently, but maybe i should hold on to them?

                    Thanks again!
                    Last edited by Forumaccount Dummyhoda; 12-17-2014, 11:06 PM.


                    • #11
                      Would a crystal ball be useful, or would it take away all the fun in things? We've had less than 10 Nexus events and their difficulty is all over the place. So far, this has been one of the more easy events. What you can expect is that your squad will get better, and their will be multiple levels of difficulty. Insane got dropped but it may make a comeback.

                      There was a time after 2.0 when it rained legendaries (higher drop rate from SP). There have been deals for gems. If it makes no difference, why not save things.

                      It's all about fun. If the Wardenland event is cool, why not. I've spent gems on the current Nexus event because it drops blues and LCs, and LCs are harder to tier, and I'm looking forward to playing with a tiered RO.
                      Last edited by MAM_HoDA; 12-18-2014, 06:30 AM. Reason: refining predictions
                      "Dan and his BloodMage buddies loved the sport of hunting for the rare goaten eggs. With each new egg, they increased their efforts and enthusiasm. Then Dan found the goat who laid the eggs. Dan soon had all the eggs and went forth to resume the sport he loved. But, the village was empty as his buddies could no longer find eggs nor the sport they loved. Dan threw down his eggs and left, realizing that while he did indeed love the eggs, he loved the sport and his buddies more. When other goats returned, there was only Smaug who yawned and went back to sleep..." With a start, Dan awoke from his nightmare and vowed to run from GOATS!
                      Enter your Nexus drops and see your odds: http://bit.ly/HoDA_Nexus


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                        Stack your gold right now. You can thank me later.
                        Click Here to Check out my HoDA YouTubes


                        • #13
                          This is a wonderful piece of work - recommend sticky!!
                          A TV can insult your intelligence, but nothing rubs it in like a computer.


                          • #14
                            great work on the guide but the game in its current form is terrible for new players ive made 2 new accounts in the past 2 months ( been playing since launch) and both hit a wall within 2 days and its been basically impossible to overcome without paying

                            the way i see it unless a player is going to spend right out of the gate they will stop playing within a week which really isnt a good thing for a game that basically exists to run pvp tournaments


                            • #15
                              I started playing 1 week before 3.0 came out and I was able to beat the nexus insane this week. I think it just takes a bit of patience and some grinding.

                              To be fair, there were more nuggers back then, perhaps the made a bit of a difference. Hopefully they can add proper tiered pvp events so that new players have an easier time.
                              Last edited by Gabo; 12-21-2014, 01:44 AM.




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