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    I would go with AWw (Alpha Werewolf) and AlW (Alamarri Warlord) personally, while Uldred has also been called 'dred (possible a Judge Dredd homage). For Ser Stroud I would suggest SerS to not clash with SS (Sentinel Spellbinder; which came first).
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      Originally posted by Jesper Vad Kristensen View Post
      The acronyms are by far the most annoying and difficult thing about the game.
      I struggled with this, too. To help myself out, I wrote a Chrome extension built off Popline to provide a nice pop-up whenever a term in the list you provided is highlighted.

      You can download it here: Helper of Dragon Age. If you're not sure what to do with that link, just click "Download ZIP" on the right sidebar and once you've unzipped it, drag the .crx file to your chrome://extensions page.

      Let me know if you have issues or suggestions, either on incorrect/missing abbreviations or or how the extension could work better in general. I didn't bother coming up with a new Popline theme, but if anyone wants to whip up something more appropriate than a cheerful light blue, be my guest.


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        Originally posted by KyreneZA View Post
        I would go with AWw (Alpha Werewolf) and AlW (Alamarri Warlord) personally, while Uldred has also been called 'dred (possible a Judge Dredd homage). For Ser Stroud I would suggest SerS to not clash with SS (Sentinel Spellbinder; which came first).
        Updated with 'dred. Forgot that one.

        Are there any other "Ser" out there? If not maybe just Ser?

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          Originally posted by sessile.fielder View Post
          I struggled with this, too. To help myself out, I wrote a Chrome extension built off Popline to provide a nice pop-up whenever a term in the list you provided is highlighted.
          Great info for the Chrome users. I'll include the resource later when the new list is validated by a few more people.

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            Jesper Vad Kristensen still playing HoDA? update the acronym list?
            Have a hard time beating current Nexus? This thread might help:

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              I use AW for Almarii and AWW for Alfashitwolf.
              Stache is for Stroud.

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                Should we continue to use SW for Shah Wyrd and maybe use Sky for Skywatcher?
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                  Originally posted by Odin View Post
                  Jesper Vad Kristensen still playing HoDA? update the acronym list?
                  Still checking in. Bit less time on my hands.

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                    Originally posted by Jesper Vad Kristensen View Post
                    Still checking in. Bit less time on my hands.
                    Thank you for all the effort you've already put into this list


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                      So was it intentional that the two new toons for this week have inverse acronyms? BD an DB?

                      Speaking of which, BD is already Brogan Dace, so is Belinda Darrow going to be...BelDar?

                      And DB means...well, you know.
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                        Yikes - hard to keep up with the ton of new toons that are released. Fresh list to be updated slowly:

                        AD - Ancient Darkspawn
                        AG - Arlathan General
                        AH - Arcane Horror
                        AJ - Apostate Jowan
                        AoE - Area of Effect (attacks that hit multiple targets: all, row, column; Cole is single-hitter)
                        Archie - The Architect
                        Asolas - Apostate Solas
                        ARW - Ancient Rock Wraith
                        AS - Amethyst Shale
                        Assflo = Assassin Florianne
                        AW - Ash Wraith*
                        AWW - Alpha Werewolf (after update: Swiftrunner, Whitherfang's second in command.)
                        ALW - Alamarri Warlord
                        ATC - Ancient Thaig Challenge
                        AV - Aveline Vallen
                        Bark - Barkspawn
                        Barkie - Barkspawn
                        Barky - Barkspawn
                        Bart - Varterral
                        BD - Brogan Dace
                        Ben - Ben-Hassrath
                        BH - Ben-Hassrath
                        BM - Brood Mother
                        Boobs - Brood Mother
                        GM - Blood Mage
                        Cal - Caladrius
                        Capt. Isa - Captain Isabela
                        CB - Common Bear
                        CG - Capital Games (the maker of HoDA)*
                        CG - Chasind General
                        Cory - Corypheus
                        CS - Charred Sylvan
                        CSQ - Corrupted Spider Queen
                        Dan - Danarius
                        Danny - Danarius
                        DAW - Dalish Arcane Warrior
                        DD - Desire Demon
                        DD - Dark Dragon
                        DF - Dragon Flemeth
                        DM - Dragon Morrigan
                        DP - Duke Prosper
                        'dred - Uldred
                        DS - Diamond Shale
                        DW - Dalish Warrior
                        EA - The publisher of the Dragon Age games
                        EC - Eluvian Challenge (map 15)
                        AEG - Arl Eamon Guerrin
                        EH - Elite Harlequin
                        FAW - Fereldan Ash Warrior
                        FEO - First Enchanter Orsino
                        FF - Fereldan Frostback
                        FK - Fereldan Knight
                        Fiona - Grand Enchanter Fiona
                        Flem - Flemeth
                        GCA - Guard Captain Aveline
                        GEF - Grand Enchanter Fiona
                        Genny - Grey Warden Genevieve
                        GG - Gate Guardian
                        GO - The Grand Oak*
                        Goat - Avvar Goat
                        GtU- Gaxkang the Unbound
                        GotU - Guardian of the Urn*
                        GoU - Guardian of the Urn
                        GWA - Grey Warden Alistair
                        GWB - Grey Warden Bethany
                        GWC - Grey Warden Carver
                        GWG - Grey Warden Genevieve
                        GWM - Grey Warden Mage
                        GWO - Grey Warden Oghren
                        GWR - Grey Warden Rogue
                        GWV - Grey Warden Velanna
                        GWW - Grey Warden Warrior
                        HD - High Dragon
                        HO - Harvester Orsino
                        HoDA - Heroes of Dragon Age
                        HSA - High Seeker Aldren
                        IB - Iron Bull
                        IG - Inferno Golem
                        IGN - In Game Name
                        Isa - Isabela
                        Jowan - Apostate Jowan
                        KA - King Alistair
                        KC - King Cailan
                        KCC - Knight Captain Cullen
                        KCM - Knight Commander Meredith
                        KE - King Endrin Aeducan
                        KEA - King Endrin Aeducan
                        KM = King Maric (used for Keeper Maretani, thoughKing Maric came first and got naming rights)
                        Mare - Keeper Marethari
                        Kol - Kolgrim
                        LC - Large Creature (the big solo creature ex. Bear, Ogre, Sylvan or High Dragon)
                        LE - Lord Erimond
                        Leo - Leopold
                        LF - Lyrium Fenris
                        LMT - Loghain Mac Tir
                        LotF - Lady of the Forrest
                        LPH - Lord Pyral Harrowmont
                        LSL - Lay Sister Leliana
                        Maric - King Maric
                        Morri / Moori / Mori - Morrigan
                        NA - Nightmare Aspect
                        Nats - Naturals, “going on nats”: using time refills of stamina/energy (not spending gems)
                        NH - Nathaniel Howe
                        Node - Any place to click on in a quest to fight PvE, including Challenges
                        NSoH - Noble Spirit of Hope
                        NSoJ - Noble Spirit of Justinia
                        Nug - can be a Nug of any type or refer to an easy unit used for nugging
                        Nugging - putting a “nug team” (easy team) in your Defense Slot (first slot with the shield)
                        OC - Ogre Commander
                        OP - Over Powered, a hero that is considered so strong it threatens the balance of the game
                        PBA - Prince Bhelen Aeducan
                        PC - Paragon Caridin
                        PD - Pride Demon
                        PSV - Prince Sebastian Vale
                        PVE - Player vs. Environment (fights that use Energy)
                        PVP - Player vs. Player (battles that use Stamina)
                        QA - Queen Anora
                        QotBM - Queen of the Blackmarsh
                        RLA - Red Lyrium Archer
                        RLM - Red Lyrium Meredith
                        RNG - Random Number Generator (how they determine what drops)
                        RO - Risen Ogre
                        RS - Ruby Shale
                        Saar - Saarebas
                        Sam - Samson
                        SC - Seeker Cassandra
                        Schmoo - Schmooples
                        SD - Sophia Dryden*
                        SD - Sloth Demon
                        SG - Steel Golem
                        SH - Sky Horror
                        Sky - Sky Watcher
                        SoH - Spirit of Hope
                        SoJ - Spirit of Justinia
                        SotB - Sten of the Beresaad
                        SPAL - Ser Pounce A Lot
                        SN - Sister Nightingale
                        Snug - Snug the Bronto
                        SerS - Ser Stroud
                        SS - Sentinel Spellbinder
                        Stache - Ser Stroud
                        Sten - Sten, The Arishok
                        SW - Shah Wyrd (not to be confused with Sky Watcher)
                        Swift - Swiftrunner (former Alpha Werewolf)
                        TAM - Tevinter Arcane Mage
                        TB - The Baroness
                        TC - Templar Carver
                        TEO - The Elder One
                        TF - The First
                        TGO - The Grand Oak
                        TLI - The Last Inquisitor
                        TLM - Tevinter Laetan Mage
                        TOO - The Old One
                        Toon - A generic name for any of your characters, “cartoon”
                        UC - Undead Challenge
                        UC - Uncommon (a rarity)
                        UL - Ultra Legendary (rune)
                        Uld - Uldred
                        Uncle - Uldred
                        VA - Vengeance Anders
                        Vart - Varterral
                        VH - Very Hard (a difficulty on the Nexus)
                        VT - Varric Tethras
                        WCD - Warden Commander Duncan
                        WF - Witherfang
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                          Originally posted by Jesper Vad Kristensen View Post
                          Yikes - hard to keep up with the ton of new toons that are released. Fresh list to be updated slowly:
                          GM - Blood Mage
                          RLA - Red Lyrium Archer
                          I think that first one is a missclick I will also add a few (legendaries only; you can put them on your list) - some are new names under old acronyms, also think that most shortnames of rares, epics and challenge nodes aren't used anymore. And please sort them all alphabetically (most are OK).

                          AC - Advisor Cullen
                          AGL - Avvar Goat Legendary
                          AL - Advisor Leliana
                          AM - Advisor Morrigan
                          A(p)sol - Apostate Solas
                          ARH - Arl Rendon Howe
                          Arv - Arvaarad
                          AT - Aurelian Titus
                          AW - Alamarri Warlord
                          Beh(e) - Behemoth
                          BW - Blackwall
                          Cal(p) - Calpernia
                          CS - Corrupted Spiderling
                          CZ - Crow Zevran
                          DD - Despair Demon
                          DoTEO - Dragon of the Elder One
                          EC - Empress Celene
                          ES - Emerald Shale
                          FEI - First Enchanter Irving
                          Gax - Gaxkang the Unbound
                          GB - Great Bear
                          GH - Golden Halla
                          GM - Greater Mistral
                          GWS - Grey Warden Sigrun
                          Hiss - Hissrad
                          IA - Imperial Archon
                          Jos(i)e - Josephine
                          Kat - Katari
                          KCDB - Knight-Commander Delrin Barris
                          Ket(o) - Ketojan
                          LW - Lord Woolsley
                          Mav - Maevaris
                          MdC - Michel de Chevin
                          Mom - The Mother
                          MP - Marshal Proulx (also: Magister Pavus)
                          ND - Necromancer Dorian
                          N(o)H(u) - Northern Hunter
                          PBK - Professor Bram Kenric
                          PX - Phoenix
                          Ras - Rasaan
                          RLG - Red Lyrium Giant
                          RLS - Red Lyrium Samson
                          RTA - Red Templar Archer
                          Sandy - Sandy Howler
                          SBD - Ser Belinda Darrow
                          SH - Scout Harding (also: Sandy Howler, Sky Horror)
                          SR - Swiftrunner
                          SS - Ser Stroud (also: Sentinel Spellbinder)
                          StA - Sten, the Arishok
                          SW - Snowy Wyvern (also: Shah Wyrd, Sky Watcher)
                          TL - The Lost
                          TM - The Mother
                          TS - The Seeker
                          TSSH - Thane Svarah Sun-Hair
                          TT - Thornton
                          Vin(s) - Vinsomer
                          Viv(i) - Vivienne
                          WCC - Warden Commander Clarel
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                            Thanks for doing this. I'm truly lost with these acronyms
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                              This thread needs updating..
                              And first post needs to have the list re-compiled for all the newest additions stated throughout this thread.

                              BP - Banished Plane
                              BP or BSP - Bloodstone pack
                              CP - Champion Pack OR Consume Points (depending on context)
                              DR - Damage Resistance
                              GCP - Grand Champion Pack
                              GW - Guild War
                              IP - Iron Pack
                              Orb - Refers to either gear piece Warm Orb OR Orb of Destruction
                              PG - Proving Grounds
                              RP - Recruit Pack
                              SP - Soldier Pack
                              Tome - refers to Tome of Ascension OR gear piece Tome of Rifts (usually Tome of Ascension)

                              (Top down in order of most recent)
                              ==For 2017==

                              LSC - Lady Seeker Cassandra
                              AR - Archon Radonis
                              TB - Tevinter Banner
                              IA - Inquisitor Ameridan
                              BH - Bethany Hawke
                              HS - Hakkonite Spellbinder
                              RG - Revenant Gurd
                              Maf - Maferath
                              GWB - Grey Warden Banner
                              SC - Spirit Champion
                              Storv - Storvacker
                              FTL - Fade-Touched Lurker
                              RLN - Red Lyrium Nug
                              QD - Qunari Defender
                              TF- Tessa Forsythia
                              SoS - Spirit of Shartan
                              DG - Divine Guard
                              MG - Mother Gisselle
                              ATG - Arl Teagan Guerrin
                              FM - Forge Master
                              DMal - Dragon Malvernis
                              ED - Envy Demon
                              Xeb - Xebenkeck
                              GoTS - Ghost of the Spire

                              == 2016 ==

                              GoM - Guardian of Mythal
                              RM - Reindeer Mabari
                              WC - Wintersend Cullen
                              GEV - Grand Enchanter Vivienne
                              IG - Ice Giant
                              Hive - Hivernal
                              TR - Thom Rainer
                              FB - Fairbanks
                              TD or Dow - The Dowager
                              SGH - Saboteur Garrett Hawke
                              SMH - Saboteur Marian Hawke
                              GH - Gibbering Horror
                              NM - Nightmare
                              GWL - Grey Warden Loghain
                              BZ - Blighted Zevran
                              Kalt - Kaltenzahn
                              SWV - Ser Wesley Vallen (I always think Sisters With Voices.. a 90s RnB singing group)
                              MD - Magister Dorian
                              VZ - Venatori Zealot
                              AG - Alpha Goat
                              RLB or RedWall - Red Lyrium Blackwall
                              AGH - Arcane Garrett Hawke
                              AMH - Arcane Marian Hawke
                              VV - Viscount Varric
                              SBS - Sha-Brytol Stalker
                              THG - Titan Heart Guardian
                              BO - Blighted Oghren
                              BG or BroG - Brother Genetivi
                              DC or DivC - Divine Cassandra
                              DC - Duke Cyril
                              NKC - Noble King Cailan
                              RLIB or Red Bull - Red Lyrium Iron Bull
                              BMGH - Battle Master Garrett Hawke
                              BMMH - Battle Master Marian Hawke
                              GS - Gomordian Stormrider
                              DSM or DM or "dinos" - Deepstalker Matriarch
                              KEH - Knight Enchanter Helaine
                              KEV - Knight Enchanter Vivienne
                              RTG - Red Templar Guard
                              RTS - Red Templar Shadow
                              DL or DivL - Divine Leliana
                              GN - Golden Nug
                              CD - Commander Duhaime
                              GWF - Grey Warden Fiona
                              GWK - Grey Warden Knight
                              NK - Nug King
                              PD - Plaideweave Dorian
                              PV - Plaideweave Vivienne
                              RJS - Red Jenny Sera
                              JD - Jerrick Dace
                              QST - Qunari Shock Trooper
                              SoC - Spirit of Cole
                              SoF - Spirit of Faith
                              AHD - Abyssal High Dragon
                              AV - Artificer Varric
                              HoK - Hand of Korth
                              AU - Archdemon Urthemiel
                              HR - Highland Ravager
                              LVR - Lambert Van Reeves
                              HWB - Hakkon Winterbreath
                              HA or HakkA - Hakkonite Archer
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