Seeking advice for elf team + unnecessary origin story

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  • Seeking advice for elf team + unnecessary origin story

    Hey fellers

    So I used to play HODA back in high school when it first started, took a break, then started again in uni, took another break, and then I lost my phone. Started a new account a few weeks ago and threw in a couple dollars for a leg team and was pretty lucky with my soldier pack pulls and rewards from events. The first few weeks back have been pretty great and I placed somewhere in in the #300s during the last PvP defenders event. So far I've only went through some of the main quest, the daily and weekly events, and PvP (not PG yet). Really impressed by how the game's changed since I remember it last and hope to keep playing for years to come

    Anyway, the reason why I had the urge to play HODA again was because my hype for DA's been on overdrive from finishing the DLCs and the DA4 teaser dropping last year. I'm just gonna confess right now and put it out there that my ultimate goal (for now) is to collect all the Solas heroes and make a kickass Elf team because I'm a sucker for elven lore and the egg king.

    Here's my legs so far:

    Apologies if I use the acronyms incorrectly but here's my first question: What's a good elf team comp starring Solas, IA, DM with either Merril, KM, KEH, Abelas or Spirit Spellbinder? I was lucky enough to get a Solas and Abelas from the elven mages event today and I've got the former up to tier 4.

    However, one thing that's stopped me from grindin the rest of those elves is that I already have a decent Inquisition team that I've been using for pretty much everything:
    LC: Dragon Morrigan
    FR: AC, LSC
    BR: AL, IA
    They're all tier 4 and IA, LSC, and AL are mythics and they're all almost at the level cap. So I'm not even sure if that elf team I mentioned above would even be worth making at the moment, especially when it's not what I'd like for my final elf team

    Thus, I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can get Fen'Harel? Or have any other hero suggestions for a sick elf team? HODA codex said I could get Fen'Harel from the bloodstone and iron packs but I'm not sure what the two other icons mean. I'm also currently trying to place in the top 500 in the Line Them Up PvP event for the Dalish Banner (currently hovering around the #50s) as well as opening dozens of knight packs hoping in vain for an Apostate Solas.

    I'm not too bothered if an elf team isn't the most OP comp and I'm still flavour/lore > consistent wins but any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated !!! Thank yall so much and bless up .

    Those were my main questions but I was also wondering if anyone could explain how Onslaught works and the general features of guilds? I'm not part of a guild yet (pls accept me lmao) and I'm a bit anxious about joining one without knowing what the heck I'm supposed to do.

    Finally, I know this is turning out to be a huge wall of barely coherent text but I got one more question that's really stupid but it's been bugging me since I started PvP. This is more out of genuine curiosity than anxiety or worry btw so pls don't judge me lmao.

    Is there any social etiquette for having a deliberately weak defending team (i.e the nugly sweater or wisp teams)? I noticed a couple people doing it when I first started (and struggled) in PvP events and I made my defending team a few wisps because god i know they are a godsend for new players. However, I saw less and less of those as I went up the rankings until there was really only one other person doing it amidst the seas of Josephine IVs with minimum 6 digit stats. I don't know how the game matches up opponents so this could all be coincidence but are wisp/nug/ezbanners teams not as common in the higher ranks for a reason?

    Anyway, thanks for reading this far! Have a good day and keep up the good work CG!!

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    Hi there,
    It's funny cause I also recently came back to playing during my Thanksgiving break from classes, so I missed the Halloween event where you get the Shadow nug, gotta wait for next year I guess to get it.

    I'm also hyped for DA4 as well and finally get to teach that egghead a lesson

    Moving on to your questions,
    you can get Fen'harel from the Gauntlet nexus he drops in Gauntlet Origins and Metas, I would recommend Origins cause it's fast and I've gotten a total of 2 of him from that nexus.

    You can actually built a powerful elves team, for me I go with Guardian of Mythal (LC), Fen'harel, Inquisitor Ameridan, The Highest one and Dalish Banner.
    If I wanted more curse resist I would take out the Dalish banner and use a second The Highest one.
    I tend to use GoM as large creature because she can get the aura bonuses with her elves tag.
    I'm sure there's someone out there that is better at team building and can give a better Elves team setup lol.

    I also do nugging to help new players in the banner pvp events by always leaving 1 freshly new Cullen in the slot lol, and this is my guess is that most nuggers are playing with just natural stamina refills then the players at the higher ranks whom are also refilling with gems.
    There are less and less nuggers now and I do noticed there are still a lot of new players with epic characters so what ever helps them is always good for me.

    anyway, welcome back and good luck with your elves team.
    a Cullen and Theron Shan fangirl


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      The codex pics mean gauntlet 2 and 3 (by release date, not how they appear in game) - Origins and Metas - you can search for the drops per node to work out where you can farm them, but this isn't very reliable.

      In great news, next weeks PvE event has rewards including Fen and Solas, and there are some other elves available for the next few hours.

      You're also in luck here - Fen and the Solases have just been updated, and Fen looks half decent again. Not as good as your advisors, but better for your flavour. You could definitely do pretty well with them.

      You get matched to people around and above you - the higher your opponent the better the reward banners-wise. In terms of nugging - sending out an intentionally weak team - it's kinda frowned on but isn't too much of an issue unless there is a really good reward at the top of the ladder. eg QES is going to be at 13k banners this GW, but it's a bit cheap if you get those mostly by fighting a singe rare character. With really exclusive characters guilds could plan nugging sessions and give an unfair advantage. Also, putting out a weak defence will allow others to farm you, so it's harder to get into a higher bracket.


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        Thank you so so much Victorian Romance and pixie359!! Sorry for the late replies but y'all have been a big help !!

        I tried grinding the origin gauntlet for a few days to no success (but with a lot of other interesting legs!) BUT ANYWAY I just got my Fen'harel and Apostate Solas from the PvE event today and I'm absolutely over the moon !!!! I also got the SC, SS, SA (I hope I'm getting these acronyms right aahaha) who're all at tier 4 now too.
        Though to be honest (and I should have realized earlier lol), I'm not getting the impression that just throwing all 3 eggs in one basket and calling it a team is very viable in pvp ; w;

        Is a team with all three Solases and IA or the Dalish banner decent in PvP? I'll still build each of them up because damn I love this egg and use them for as much as I can but I think I'll also try to build a more 'competitive' team around Fen'Harel for PvP that I'll use alongside my Inquisition one maybe.

        The other heroes I have at the moment that I'm thinking I could mix and match with them are the Dalish Banner, IA, and SC. Thoughts and suggestions appreciated !!

        Victorian Romance That team sounds pretty spicy Sorry for more questions is GoM really only attainable in the bloodstone packs? ;0; And where can I get THO? The codex isn't showing any icons for the latter :'(

        Also I think I've seen you around in PvP ! Or another Cullen lover at least also nugging with a single fresh Cullen Your username in-game wouldn't happen to be 'Cullen is HOT' would it?? lolol

        pixie359 Ahh thank you for clarifying the codex icons!! I feel so blessed that this Solas event came so soon after I started and at the perfect time too!! My inquisition team I mentioned (who are all now level capped, mostly fortified, and mythic) were able to pull through the ludicrous difficulty.

        And thank you so much for the insight about matchmaking and nugging! I'm not in a guild yet but yeah, I can definitely see how it'd be not as appropriate in higher levels. I'll probably keep the wisps when I'm low on the ladder for beginners but switch to my main team when I get to around maybe the top 1000?


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          Hi welcome!

          You have pretty good heroes, but you are focusing on FH and elves, this is the main problem
          I am sorry, I love elves too, but most of them are outdated, I would use them for some easy nexuses or for fun, but not for competing seriously, they only could be useful in an elven pvp with a high bonus.
          The current meta are advisors and shales.
          You have awesome heroes you should focus on and they are really good and competitives: Advisor Cullen, Advisor Leliana, Diamond Shale, Dragon Morrigan, King Alistair, Lady Seeker Cassandra, Viscount Varric.
          I would build a team with AC, DM, LSC and AL and I would try to get AC and AL dupes, SH and Josie.
          And if you have the chance try to get more shales.
          The best drops are at Metas gaunlet, so I recommend you to do some gaunlet runs to complete your team and open soldier packs to get Josie.
          But don't worry, with the new DA 4 we will have a new and powerful Fen Harel
          Yes, Guardian of Mythal is at Bloodstone packs.
          Yo can't get THO, I am sorry but it isn't available at the moment, you should wait till CG releases a special pack with it, sometimes you can get heroes in special Flash Packs, but they aren't released frequently.
          I see you love FH and Cullens cool lol
          It's you lucky day Victorian Romance, Cullen is really good
          I think you can be in a good guild with your current heroes if you get more advisors to complete your squad.
          I missed to tell you SH is a drop at Civil Wars gaunlet node 4, don't complete Civil War, is really tough, only repeat node 4 to get SH, but I would focus on Metas gaunlet first and soldier packs.

          Good luck!


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            Hi again,

            Yeah that's me *giggles*, my in-game name is "Cullen is HOT" I'm a big Cullen fangirl lol

            The problem with an all Solas team is that they're not really good for competitive pvp.
            In general, Elves are not really that good at the moment.
            The thing is if they go up against the current meta teams all they are really doing is feeding the opposing team power before they get taken down.

            Since you are set on to build a Elves team, then more power to you and I would focus on something with power drain and curse resist.
            Like have Fen'Harel, Spirit Champion with the Golden prince's helm and Spirit maul gear, Asha' Bellanar and Apostate Solas
            or a second Fen'Harel with Wryme as the large creature, something like that along the lines you know.

            Grey Warden gave some great advice!, you should definitely build a powerful advisor team, this way you can use for pvp and the hard Nexus stuff and on the side work on your Elves team which is a work in progress.

            Like what Grey Warden recommended, Open the Soldier/recruit packs for Josephine and do Gauntlet Civil War for Scout Harding, go up to node 4 which is like 20 energy and quit map and repeat until you get her.

            Guardian of Mythal is also in the raid portal which you will need a orange key to unlock, so if you have a orange key and a powerful team you can unlock raid portal.
            Once unlocked it last for 24 hours I believe, and you have a option to pick from 4 different raids which are Wintersend, The Descent, Well of Sorrows and Shapeshifters.
            I highly recommend you do Shapeshifters raid first to get Asha' Bellanar ( She's also a Elf ) and Shapeshifter Morrigan.
            Then you can do Well of Sorrows raid which drops GOM,
            but make sure you have a powerful team before hand, like a Josephine advisor team will suffice.

            Sadly there's no other way to get The Highest One at the moment, just have to wait for his return.
            Anyway, Good luck.

            a Cullen and Theron Shan fangirl


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              I recommend you The Right Armour raid, is the best with better gear drops and you can get Josie and AC dupes.
              I know you love Cullen Victorian Romance, and AC is very useful and powerful lol.
              Asha and SSM are pretty outdated now and are drained easily by Josie or DM.
              You can also get Guardian of Mythal opening Bloodstone packs.
              Yeah, the Highest One is very difficult to get and you only can get it, if it is released in a special pack.




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