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  • Morrigan's guide to bad heroes / fort food

    Hello hello! Morrigan here, with another guide for new and experienced players alike. In my previous guide, I listed the "good" heroes, which you may want to avoid fighting against in pvp as they are very strong. In this guide, I tell you about bad heroes, or the legendaries that you will essentially not be needing in mid to late game, as they are just bad.


    1) This guide reflects my personal opinion and experience. Furthermore, sometimes heroes are updated and buffed significantly, which means some of the heroes in this guide may make a comeback. I cannot guarantee that the bad heroes in the list here will stay bad forever

    2) The guide is not exhaustive. There are many other bad heroes out there that are not on this guide, but I omitted them because they can be useful in very specific situations (pvp events with certain buffs, specific teams, etc). Just because a hero is not on this guide does NOT mean they are good. But it means you should probably at least think before using them as food.

    3) I only list one star legendaries. This is to minimise the possibility that they will end up being good later on. Even when "revamped", one star legendaries are rarely so good that they deserve a spot in experienced player teams. However, two star legendaries can be revamped to become really amazing (Warden commander clarel, Sera being two examples), so my personal advice is, just keep your ** and *** legendaries, even if they're bad. You never know

    4) NEVER consume your legendaries. As a new player, you should keep your legendaries for your teams and epics for fortifications. Late in the game you will start using only legendaries to fortify, so you can start consuming epics when you have loads of legendaries to spare. Never, ever consume legendaries. It's just a waste and they don't even award that much more than epics. This guide is not about consuming heroes, it's about using them as fortification food for strong heroes

    5) Wisps should be your main fortification food. They are also the only truly regret free one. This is to help you fortify after you ran out of wisps

    6) Use your head. If you are currently using a hero in your team, it's better than to have a non legendary or a hero that provides no bonus for your team. If you are building a team and one of the heroes here takes up a spot, wait until you have a better hero before you get rid of them. This guide only tells you that once you have many more legendaries, you will not need these ones anymore


    So, you found a shiny new hero and it looks pretty good! You want to know if that's a strong hero that'll stay with you for the long haul. If that hero is in this guide, you know he's not very good in the long run, and there are better heroes for that type and class.

    The guide should help you answer two questions:

    - Does this hero deserve to be made mythic with a tome of ascension? If he's in the list, I'd say no

    - Can I use this hero as fortification food for another hero, or will I regret it later? If it's on the list, it can be food


    So, simply press Ctrl and F on your keyboard and type the name of the hero you're looking for, if it's here it will find it

    Assassin Florianne - Ok for beginners, bad later on. Decent in orlais event with elite harlequin, but best Orlais teams are Wardens (clarel, stroud, thom rainier all wardens)

    Thane Svarah Sun-Hair - Blah. Avvar are bad in general, but only decent Avvar teams are Jaws of Hakkon

    Ben-Hassrath - Very weak, not worth it even in qunari events

    Sky Watcher - Again, Avvar without Jaws of Hakkon and Inquisition without Inquisition bonuses. Not good

    Thornton - Weak inquisition. Ok as a placeholder until you have a full inquisition team, but there are many, good inquisition heroes to choose from, he's not one

    Amethyst Shale - Ok early on if you have a dwarf team, useless later on, like all Shales. Good teams beat full Shale teams even during events that have Golem bonuses.

    Golden Nug - It's a nug. You can keep it for comedy or if they every give us a nug event with a ridiculously high bonus, but it's unlikely to ever be competitive, like all nugs

    Katari - Bad Qunari, not much use

    Keeper Marethari - Weak. Ok as a place filler but her attack is so low she's weak even for new players

    Sentinel Spellbinder - Slow, bad bonus, bad stats. Sentinel elf teams are not a thing

    Venatori Marksman - Top tevinter teams use mages, not rogues. Venatori are super weak

    Luka - Inquisition dwarf team? Not a thing. Red inquisition teams use outlaws, best inquisition teams are white at the moment

    Nug King - Again, only useful as a comedy team

    Elite Harlequin - Easy to get, very bad. Getting 4x of these might be a good way to build an early team for Orlesian PVP events, but once you have some orlesian grey wardens you will never use them again

    Krem - Yeah, no. Bull's chargers are not a viable team

    Wynne - Many good spirits around, she is not one of them. There are better characters for mage teams, spirit teams and circle teams, so she won't get a slot in them

    Merrill - Sorry, blood mage with elf only bonus? Nope

    Isabela - Qunari is not a prevalent enough team that it deserve a 4 x isabela counter, plus she still would not win against the good qunari teams. Better outlaws and rogues out there

    Sandal - He's a little slow in the games, but he's much more useless here

    Daveth - Blight is already a weak group, but he's one of the worst blighted heroes

    Arlathan General - Elves teams use mages, not warriors. Also low attack and hits a lot of people, which will probably just make them gain power through passive abilities

    First Enchanter Irving - HP for Wynne, who is also useless. Pure blue mage, nah thanks

    Ser Pounce-A-Lot - cute/funny but useless, even 4 of these will never get close to a lurker team

    Pala - Inquisition dwarf team is not a thing

    Chasing General - terrible groups (outlaws, warriors? wtf), weak attack

    Lyrium Fenris - awesome in the games, useless here. Sorry Fenris, I thought you were great, but not here

    Marjolaine - Many good rogues, she's not one

    Malvernis - Very nice starting out, decent health and great curse power effect, but once you have a decent mage and demon team you will not use him again

    Hall - He'd be ok but there are many better inquisition heroes, and no outlaw tag makes him weaker

    Sister nightingale - she's good for chantry teams. Once you have cassandra (any of them), any of the divines and/or divine guard, she'll be less useful

    Sharp-tail Dracolisk - All the dracolisks suck

    Mountain Dracolisk - All the dracolisks suck

    Hunter Shade Dracolisk - All the dracolisks suck

    Sigrid Guldsdotten - Nice starting char (she was my first!) and nice stats! But, Avvar with not Jaws of hakkon tag or bonus, she will ultimately be swapped out from a good team

    Sky Horror - Repeat after me: slow enemies need to be exceptional to deserve a chance. This is not

    Amber Shale - Shale is not good

    Ariane - Good elf teams are mages

    Morrigan - :'( I could never use her as food, but she simply isn't good anymore

    Macrinus - Ok until you find a fourth slot for your tevinter team, but he really is not good, and tevinter has some very strong heroes (Dorians, Archon, banner)

    Diamond Shale - Shale is not good

    Maliphant - Bonus against inquisition, not strong enough to beat inquisition teams. No thanks

    Guard Captain Aveline - much like practically every Dragon Age 2 hero, beloved and great character, but useless in this game

    Phoenix - no reason to use this if you have Gurn or other generic health boosting creature

    Primal-Trained Longma - Dracolisks suck

    Velghast Chieftain - it gets double bonus from fade touched lurker but it's still not worth using with him

    Larius - Blight is weak and he is weak within blight

    Ghast Leader - Creature teams are lurkers and stalkers, not ghasts

    Corrupted spiderling - blighted spider team is weak compared to blight teams and compared to creature teams, and normal speed means other (fast) creature teams will destroy it

    Emerald Shale - Shale is bad

    Crassius Servis - Venatori is bad. Tevinter is strong but not this one, and he does not even boost tevinter

    Steel Golem - Golems are bad, Shale is bad

    The Baroness - strong at first. Solid character. Nothing against her. But there are better blood mages out there. Once you get them, you will not need her. Uldred, Lord Erimond, Warden Commander Clarel, etc.

    Qunari Shock Trooper - Qunaris are bad and this is a bad qunari

    Cahir - Outlaws should be rogues to get the right bonuses from teams. Normal speed, not strong stats. pass

    Venatori Gladiator - venatori are not viable and he does not boost tevinter. no thanks

    Ruby Shale - Shale is bad

    Venatori Zealot - Nice health, useless character. Bad auras, no attack, venatori suck

    High Dragon - just take a generic hp boost creature like Gurn

    Giant - No hp or attack bonus? Baaaad large creature. Boosts outlaws without being one, either

    Thanks for reading! Hope it was useful!
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    Hi, really nice guide, really useful for beginner player, most of toon listed here i'm using it for food, but i should mention few legs here maybe you should keep in my opinion of course.
    Red lyrium nug, very good for on death power gain heroes, this hero is so rare, i don't recall you can get it anywhere else for dupe. and it can be used when there is nug/lyrium theme pvp event.
    Snoufluer, very good for on death power gain heroes like flemeth/clarel/etc, i even read on forum somewhere, this creature can be used to win the gauntlet.


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      Nice list! I don't agree with all of them personally, but it all comes down to personal playing style. goals, and choices I do agree with Leo Johan regarding Red Lyrium Nug though--nugs aren't that good generally, but he's a nice fit on RL teams.

      One thing I would add to new players: always keep at least one copy of a Leg character. Varric was one of the worst toons in the game until a revamp awhile back, and now he's a staple of many powerful teams. The game also likes to mix up their bonuses, so even though someone like Daveth generally sucks, if there's an event that boosts both Blighted and Ferelden you'll be happy you saved him (happened just a few months ago, I believe)

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        Originally posted by Flerm View Post
        One thing I would add to new players: always keep at least one copy of a Leg character. Varric was one of the worst toons in the game until a revamp awhile back, and now he's a staple of many powerful teams. The game also likes to mix up their bonuses, so even though someone like Daveth generally sucks, if there's an event that boosts both Blighted and Ferelden you'll be happy you saved him (happened just a few months ago, I believe)
        Great advice. Varric, in fact, went back and forth a couple of times in usefulness, and ended up being top-tier at one point.

        At least now, heroes forted away can be recovered (at cost).
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          It missed my least favorite, Maryden, but overall, a very good (bad) list.
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            Thank you all for the comments! I will remove lyrium nug and snouff from the list - I somewhat agree that sometimes multiple type heroes can be strong in specific events, but a double buff event for a specific hero is often rare enough that I don't really feel it's worth tiering and levelling otherwise useless heroes for a "once a year, maybe" occasion. But indeed it's important new players are aware of it so they can make that choice themselves !
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              What are we coming to as a society when people need to give a disclaimer for video game advice,lol


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                Gotta blame the internet and the keyboard warriors

                Great guide morrigan!
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                  I generally don't use my sharp-tail drakolisk, but it came in handy during the last creature event where they had a ton of health but no power. The Uldred style power gain was devastating by round 2, barring Lord Woolsley is out of the way for the opponent.


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                    Great list! And I agree with basically all of them, used most as fort food too already xD

                    Though I will defend Marjolaine. Partially because nostalgia, as she was the hero that got me into the game (I saw her concept and decided that I play whatever it is in, because damn!), but to be honest, despite not boosting orlesians, she has stats that are solid enough to earn her place in orlesian or rogue team. Also, it may be a detail, but the fact, that she sets priority for rest of the team to attack Leliana can be really useful against teams with Divine Leliana or Advisor Leliana, it helped me many times when other members of the team eliminated Lelianas first. The only bad thing about Marjolaine is her being a normal round rogue, though : /

                    I mean, she's not great, but I think she deserves a place on this list less than for example Hybris, The Grand Oak or Maryden


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                      Thanks for the list.
                      I think some of the heroes list could be useful depending on the pvp bonus as Larius, it was the best choice with Blighter Ogren in a GW.
                      I prefer keeping 1 heroe at least in my inventory even if they are bad toons, because they could be revamped and be great heroes as Sera, VT, TLI and other heroes that are very dangerous now and they were useless in the past.


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                        Good list for newbies.

                        Us veterans actually tiered and forted many classic toons on your list early on before the better ones appeared.

                        I always keep 1 of everything in inventory. They are sitting patiently on bench for revamp or special event.


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                          Yep I do too...still remember when varric tethras became a big hombre, and here I actually had 3 of them gathering dust, not to mention that one nexus event that dropped them like turds from a goose suddenly dried up as just never know when yesterday's guy at the beach getting sand kicked in his face becomes the big ass kicker.

                          Well, except for sandal of course.




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