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    I'm a history lover. If I was Vacation in Thedas, I would go to Anderfels to Weisshaupt Fortress to learn about the secrets of the Grey Wardens. I would also like to bring a souvenir like a griffin egg.

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      HBO has produced some great shows. From The Sopranos for fans of the organized crime genre, to Game of Thrones for those more into fantasy. I am a huge fan of both genres, and absolutely loved both shows.

      In honor of these two shows...
      In the interest of combining these two genres...
      And as a hat tip to some of our recent Dwarven revamps...


      My vacation will not be spent enjoying beaches. Or taking in beautiful landscapes while sightseeing. I would not go hunting for a glimpse of exotic dragons, or places of historic significance. Rather, this will be a working vacation, not one of enjoyment. This vacation will lay the foundations for the future, both my own and that of Thedas.

      I would begin my journey in the Free Marches, in The City of Chains, the great city of Kirkwall. I would spend some time learning the city: the streets, the neighborhoods, the people, the crime. I would position myself as an ambitious new recruit within the Coterie, ready and willing to advance the organization by any means necessary. I would work my way up the ranks quickly. The Coterie are relatively new to the Kirkwall underworld "power club", so they will be one of the easier organizations to take control of - which I would do by positioning myself as a powerful member, with strong influence to the leadership. This has to be done quickly - I don't dare lose too much time in this forsaken place. This is no destination, only a stepping stone. Once I have the Coterie under my control, I would arrange a meeting with the leaders of the city's Carta arm. I would betray the Coterie, and offer their heads as a gift, their operations would be absorbed by the Carta. This gesture buys me a ticket across the Waking Sea, to the northern edge of the Frostback Mountains.

      From here I would obtain a guide to take me down the Frozen Teeth, to Gherlan's Pass. I would take this road to the entrance to Orzammar, and enter the great thaig. Once in the Dwarven city, I would travel to Dust Town to meet with the true Carta leadership and work my way into rank and favor there. I would offer them what I've done for them in their Kirkwall outreach: an expansion of power and elimination of competition, and propose that they fund and outfit me to expand their operations to a new arm. Perhaps somewhere in the Lake Celestine region. Orlais, and the royal establishment itself, would make for a tantalizing prospect, and high-stakes rewards, as a takeover target for the Carta.

      And a peaceful lakeside home for the head of the syndicate that will infiltrate take control of the Orlesian throne? That's where the vacation will begin.


      (P.S. - Maybe I watch too much HBO...)

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        My dream summer vacation in Thedas would not be very boring. I'd like to visit Val Royeaux, the Orlais capital city, to get better knowledge of its traditions and way of life.
        I'd like to taste Orlesian food that was famous for being elaborate and extravagant - Nug-nug, the nesting roast and butter soup. And of course we can't forget about Antivan wine.
        I'd spend the vacation in company of Orlesian bards and would get acquainted with Leliana, Empress Celene and Florianne de Chalons.

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          My summer vacations on Thedas

          Well, my destiny would be Rivain, Afsaana village, i am interested in know the culture and enjoy theatre and good wine, maybe learn to dance if times help, for that kind of prupose i would invite Varric or Iron Bull, because i am pretty sure they will accept and they like fun and party, after exploring the village and all it's culture, testing different foods and drinks, i would consider to reach some beaches of Rivain, not something to crowded, but peacefull and quiet places, to just enjoy sun and the waters of Rialto Bay, who knows, may be i can find some peace, may be i would find some adventures, hoping not to find problems, but i will be prepared anyway, for everything.

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            Vacation in Thedas: I would need one wish fulfilled – to be a mage ?
            As a mage (and one of the free mages of course – being confined to one of the circle towers makes going on vacation sadly impossible; and being allowed to leave as battle mage for example to the king‘s army at Ostagar – well, it’s not really relaxing, rather life threatening) I simply couldn’t resist a tour of Tevinter – Just imaging its famous (if not undisputed) history! Tevinter had already existed when the elven race was still a major power! What is more: Just think of all the arcane knowledge there must be in Tevinter: Of course, it won’t be easy to obtain – but I guess obtaining powerful arcane knowledge is one of the best pastimes during a mage‘s vacation. Tevinter also offers great architecture – the famous towers of Minrathous, Tevinter‘s capital, for examaple – towers that are rumoured to have been raise by magic! True, it might have been blood magic and been done at the cost of elven lives, which might taint the marvellous sight.
            Who would I take with me? Can’t imagine a better guide than Magister Dorian – not only a native to Tevinter but also an open minded reformer with political influence – this might also provide a „safer voyage“, as maybe not all citizens of Tevinter like foreign mages with interest in arcane knowledge.
            But not enough – for many good laughs, I would also bring Sera – as she stated that she had already been to Tevinter, she would certainly know where to go to also experience fun and relaxation. Oh, and if someone looks for trouble, there would be arrows – many arrows?
            Just one more person missing – even if she’s not a fit at the first glance – Leliana. Who could better provide information about where to look and who to talk to? Knowledge is power – and the mages of Tevinter will surely guard it well. Plus, as a bard she has quite a way with words – no one could more charmingly defuse dangerous situations with magisters. Oh, and as I like to play music, the songs and tales at a camp fire – or while enjoying the sunset on top of one of Minrathous` towers would be really something to remember.
            As Minrathous lies pretty much in the north – the exotic culture of the Qunari wouldn’t be far away – just a short trip per ship could get you to Alam on Seheron (still under Tevinter control) – but as interesting as it would be – with the Qunari aversion to free magic users I would deem it rather dangerous – so maybe just a short trip through the more tolerant Tal-Vashoth territory (of course wthout Tevinter colors .
            And certainly I couldn’t pass up the chance to visit the place called „Solas“ in Tevinter – maybe save the best for last.

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              I'm not a fan of crowds, and I hate traveling in hot or wet weather, so my ideal Thedosian vacation would be a weeklong trip to the cold and dry, yet breathtakingly beautiful Frostback Mountains. For a place to stay each night, I'd love to rent a cabin in the Fereldan foothills with my friends, probably somewhere in the Hinterlands (though only after the Inquisition took care of all those rebel mages and templars). And to handle those pesky bears and the occasional dangerous red lion, we could hire the Bull's Chargers as protection. They could escort us to the memorial at Haven, so we could pay our respects to those who lost their lives fighting against Corypheus. Also, since the Chargers are good acquaintances with the Inquisitor, perhaps they would take us to see Skyhold, too; old castles hold a special place in my heart, and Skyhold is no exception. Though I realize the headquarters of the Inquisition is no tourist trap, I'd settle for seeing it from a distance after hiking the same trail the survivors of Haven took. Being let inside would be a magnificent bonus, and sharing drinks and a hot meal with the companions at the Herald's Rest would be the icing on the cake.

              As would glimpsing a certain blonde Commander...

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                There are many places I could go on vacation. The Orlesian capital of Val Royeaux is a nice place to be at the center of civilization. The melting pot of Rivain, where cultures clash and meld with each other in interesting and novel ways is a nice...exotic place Icould go. What I really want is want something a bit slower paced, relaxing, and simple. For that I would go to the Ferelden's Hinterlands. The Fereldans are a straightforward people. They will largely leave you to your own devices, so long as you leave them to theirs.

                My traveling companion would be Bethany Hawke, a Grey Warden in Fereleden. She probably could use the vacation, and she would probably have an appreciation for some of the history of her nation that certain others wouldn't. On top of that, having spent time with her cousin, the Warden-Commander of Ferelden, seeing some of the places she visited during the Blight might provide new insights into the Hero of Ferelden.

                Our first stop would be Redcliffe Village. This provides a central location to and act as our home base for the duration of the trip. the frist day or two would be spent exploring the village itself. There is a lot of history there and much to see. Most recently the village acted as host to the rebel mages and a magister. Before that it was plagued by the undead and visited by the Hero of Ferelden. The history continues back, through the Orlesian occupation all the way to Calenhad himself. During our stay in the village we would be fools to pass up a chance to visit Redcliffe Castle.

                The next few days would be spent traveling through the Hinterlands. There are a lot of ruins to visit in that part of the country, but some standouts would be Winterwatch Tower and Fort Connor. Both the Fort and the older Tower are etestaments to the Guerrin's devotion to protecting the arling and its people. Winterwatch Tower was built as a base for Lornan Guerrin to use while dealing with bandits in the area. Fort Connor was built by Arl Eamon Guerrin to watch over and protect the Hinterlands after the Orlesians had been run out of Ferelden.

                Another stop we might make would be Arl Jacen's Villa. The villa itself was built before the Orlesians came to Ferelden and stood as a summer home to be used by the arl's family and guests. Abandoned during the Blight, it stands as a reminder that there are peaceful times in Ferelden, even if they seem few in recent years.

                Those are by no means the only ruins worth visiting in the Hinterlands, just some of the highlights. There are ruins connected to specific legends throughout the region and all are worth a visit. Some of those legends, and their corresponding locations are older than Ferelden itself. Some of those locations might be of particular interest to Bethany, after all, magic grows wild in the hills of Redcliffe.

                The last leg of our journey would begin back in Redcliffe Village. From there we would head north along the coast of Lake Calenhad to Kinloch Hold. The tower was the home of the Hero of Ferelden before she became a warden. The tower also hosted King Maric on several occasions.

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                  I would like to spend my summer vacation in Ferelden. As a fellow history aficionado, I'll definitely going to bring along another kindred spirit, the local - Brother Genitivi [the prolific and well-travelled chanty scholar] as my official tour guide. Our itinerary will be as follows:

                  # Day 1:
                  @ Denerim
                  - Check in at the Gnawed Noble Tavern in the Market District
                  - Drop by Brother Genitivi's place just opposite the Tavern.
                  - Visit Fort Drakon/Palace District. Take photos of the surrounding scenery from the very rooftop where Maric and Meghren duelled and the Hero of Ferelden ended the 5th blight by killing the Archdemon. Lit a candle for Riordan who valiantly fought the Archemon [but failed] before heading down.
                  - Visit the Royal Palace/Palace District. Learn from the current Grand Cleric the offical account of how The Hero of Ferelden reunited the nation when he won against Teyrn Loghain during the Landsmeet duel. Meet and greet King Alistair and Queen Anora.
                  - Before heading back to the Market District, touch the Birth Rock and offer a silent prayer to Andraste.
                  - Dinner at the Gnawed Noble Tavern.(must try - Fereldan Lamb and Pea Stew and the Fereldan Turnip and Barley Stew)
                  - Visit and take pictures of the Vhenadahl in the Alienage.

                  # Day 2:
                  @ Amaranthine
                  - Take pictures of the Warden-Commander's soldiers patrolling the Pilgrim's Path and listen to their stories and exploits in keeping travellers safe from bandits and darkspawn alike.
                  - Arrive at the city of Amaranthine and check in at the Crown and Lion Inn.
                  - Travel to the Blackmarsh and take pictures of the desolated Baroness' Mansion.
                  - Segue to the Wending Wood to read the verses from the apocryphal canticle inscribed on the eight Maferath's Statues located in the area.

                  # Day 3:
                  @ Amaranthine
                  - Visit Vigil's Keep. Check out the Keep's interiors which has survived for many years [testament to the Alamarri Avvars building craftsmanship] and hear from the Seneschal how the Warden-Commander successfully defended the keep from the Darkspawn in the impressive throne room. On the way out of the fortress, take pictures of the granite walls that proudly resisted the battering rams of the ogres and the pressing darkspawn horde, work of master stonemason Voldrik Glavonak.
                  - Return to the City of Amaranthine to buy souvenirs at Octham's Goods from Glassric's wares and from Henley's Apothecary.
                  - Leave Amaranthine and travel to Highever

                  # Day 4:
                  @ Highever
                  - Meet Teyrn Fergus at the Cousland Castle. Dine and wine while hearing stories from the host about Bann Conobar Elstan's murder at the hands of Flemeth, werewolves, defeat of Elthea under Calenhad and everything about his brother, the man before he became the legendary Hero of Ferelden.
                  - Leave Highever for a quick side trip to Soldier's Peak. Meet up with Levi Dryden for a tour on the fortress. Listen to stories of how the Hero of Ferelden cleared the fortress of demons and strengthened the Veil. Convince Mikhael to share his schematics of the fabled Starfang.

                  # Day 5:
                  @ Crestwood
                  - Traversing the North Road heading South, make a quick pit stop at the Village of Crestwood to check out - Caer Bronac, a keep which the Inquisitor liberated from the Highwaymen. Purchase a trinket or two from the Keep's Merchant as souvenirs. On the way out of the village, pay homage and offer a silent prayer on the Memory of the Drowned statue.
                  - Continue travelling South and arrive in Lake Calenhad docks. Check in at The Spoiled Princess Inn.

                  # Day 6:
                  @ Lake Calenhad and Redcliffe
                  - Board the ferry to the Circle Tower or Kinloch Hold. Meet Irving and hear from him the exploits of the Hero of Ferelden while touring the Tower. Before heading out, purchase Lyrium dust from the Quartermaster as a souvenir.
                  - Continue traveling further South until reaching the Village of Redcliffe. Meet Arl Teagan and tour the Redcliffe Castle. Request the good Arl to show us the secret passage used by the Warden on The Attack at Nightfall. Use the passage (via the dungeons) exiting from the Windmill to reach the Gull and Lantern or previously Lloyd's Tavern for a parting pint of ale or two and secure provisions for a trek to the Frostback Mountains. Start the long travel towards the Village of Haven.

                  # Day 7-9
                  @ Haven
                  - Arrive at the Village of Haven and visit the monument commemorating the villagers and soldiers that lost their lives during Corypheus' onslaught of the village. Shortly thereafter, begin trek to the mountain top to visit the newly rebuit Temple of the Sacred Ashes as Brother Genitivi narrates the history of the place and ensuing exploits of both the Warden and the Inquisitor.

                  # Day 10
                  @ Ostagar
                  - Head further down towards the Korcari Wilds traversing until the end of the Imperial Highway. Soak up on the ancient history of this ancient fortress. Climb and take photos atop the Tower of Ishal where the Warden and Alistair lit the famous beacon. Camp for the night. Offer a silent prayer for the Maric, the Fereldan soldiers and Grey Wardens that paid the ultimate sacrifice for Loghain’s betrayal.

                  # Day 11
                  @ Lothering
                  - From the Imperial Highway, travel north bound towards the intersection of The North Road on the village of Lothering. Visit the shrine of the Hero of Ferelden. Learn from Brother Genitivi how the reconstruction efforts went after the village was overrun by the darkspawn horde during the 5th blight.

                  # Day 12
                  @ Denerim
                  - Head back to Denerim travelling The North Road. Rumour has it that Denerim once in a while hosts interesting visitors such as the captain of the pirate ship Siren's Call - Isabella. Check The Pearl and see if Isabella is in town to challenge the notorious pirate in the game of Wicked Grace. Visit Wade's Emporium and then the Wonders of Thedas for souvenirs before returning to the Gnawed Noble Tavern to check out and head home.


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                    It's gonna have to be a trip to Stone-Bear Hold in the Frostback Basin. Drink with a man that looks like a bear, wrestle with a woman that's as strong as a bear, then judge a bear for being a bear (and sentence it to tranquility).

                    If Svarah Sun-Hair hasn't thrown me out at that point, visit the Augur and commune with a Spirit of Misplaced Optimism before climbing with the other warriors in the Lady's Test, testing my mettle in Hakkon's Trials in the arena, back to the Augur for some healing "herbs" (what do you think those spirits REALLY are?), then pester Fulina the Skald until she agrees to write a sarcastic song about my exploits.

                    When the Avvar of Stone-Bear Hold have had just about enough of me, go beachcombing for any remains of Hakkon Wintersbreath and play "throw the rock" with the invincible Hryngnar Ice-Troll, then nugjack an Avvar War Nug and leg it back to the farm in Crestwood for a game of Plants vs. Corpses.

                    Best summer holiday ever? If only there'd been a dragon left to fight in that part of Thedas, I'm pretty sure Bull would have agreed.

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