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  • CONTEST: Thedosian Vacation

    Summer vacation time is here! Tell us your dream summer vacation, set in Thedas, and win some gems - and perhaps something in the real world too!

    Where would you go? Who would you bring? What activities would you have planned?

    From the shores of the Storm Coast hunting darkspawn and dragons, to the beaches of Rivain watching pirates and taking in the beauty of the locals. Or maybe you're up for a hike through the Frostback Mountains, or a historical tour of the ancient ruins in Tevinter. Let's hear about your summer plans!

    1. Entries must be posted on the Forums by July 28 2019, midnight GMT.
    2. One entry per Ally Code
    3. Keep it PG-13. All posts that the staff deems to be not PG-13 will be removed without comment.
    4. Include your Ally Code in your entry

    All valid entries will receive 50 gems.
    One winner, selected by the staff solely at their discretion, will receive 500 gems or a journal book with the Heroes of Dragon Age logo
    • Journal prize available to residents of North America (US/Canada/Mexico)
    • Residents outside of North America will receive 500 gems instead
    Winner will be announced on August 1, 2019 and will be contacted via PM for grand prize choice and shipping information, if applicable.

    How can I increase my chances of being selected for the grand prize?
    We're lore nerds. The more "realistic" within the realm of Dragon Age your vacation sounds, the more likely we're going to choose it. For example, if you choose to have a tropical vacation on the southern shores of Ferelden, that's not likely going to win.

    Where can I find more information about the Dragon Age setting and what the different countries are like?
    We get it, not everyone who plays HoDA is intimately familiar with Dragon Age itself. Fortunately, there's a great resource available at the Dragon Age Wiki:

    Boy, this seems like a lot of work.
    Maybe, but the journal is a one-of-a-kind item. Only one was ever created. We want it to go to someone who's going to truly appreciate it, so you're gonna have to work for it. This is also why it's restricted to residents of North America. We can't risk this unique item being lost in customs overseas - we can't just send you another one if it doesn't make it.

    Good Luck!

    Click image for larger version

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    This may be blasphemy, but can North American residents request the gem payout instead of the journal?
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      Originally posted by xXx_nog_xXx View Post
      This may be blasphemy, but can North American residents request the gem payout instead of the journal?

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        I would like to spend my holidays in Denerim with Cassandra, Sera, Zevran, Josephine, Varric, Isabela and Leliana, the more the merrier!
        We would have a good time and a funny holidays together.
        We will visit Denerim market district and awesome place and Leliana and Josephine loves shopping.
        Next we will go to see the Royale Palace, I love history and I would like to know more about the Theirin family and we can also go to see Fort Drakon, I love big and ancient fortresses.
        Our holidays are being quite quiet and relaxed at the moment and Zevran, Isabela and Sera are bored with so many history and market places even if Leliana and Josephine are pleased with it, it's time for having a little action and doing some craziness.
        We could visit the darkest alleys for cleaning the streets and getting a good reward hunting bandits, we need some extra money, we spent all at the Denerim market (damn Josie and Leliana).
        And then we could spend all the money we got in The Pearl, drinking a lot and playing the Wicked Grace, it will be amazing.
        If we aren't drunk enough it's time to go to the Alienage and free the elves, I could never stand their horrible situation and we are ready for some action after driking some beers, so when we free the elves we will run away from there as fast as we can and we will escape in the Siren's Call, it's big enough for all of us.
        These would be a dreamed and unforgettable vacations.

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          Being in a country where its hot all year round, I would love to take a journey to Frostback Mountains. Maybe I'll drop by Orzammar to do some trading with my younger brother who would Is a huge fan as well.
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            I would like to spend my holidays watching and learning about the most magnificent creatures Thedas has to offer: DRAGONS, of course!

            And who better to spend such a vacation with than the most important experts on those beasts Thedas has ever seen: Frederic of Serault.
            With him as my guide and a party of guards with dragon experience in Iron Bull (because he's awesome), Cassandra (because the Penthagast family is known for their dragon expertise) and Morrigan (I mean, she can TURN into a dragon - who better to take with us?!), we'd go on our great adventure vacation.

            Our first destination would be Nevarra, where we'd meet up with Cassandra's knowledgeable relatives - especially the king's brother, Ferdinand Pentaghast.

            Then, we would embark towards the real destination of our travels: the Tellari swamps.
            Rumors suggest, that a special, even more powerful kind of dragons reisdes there: the fabled Great Dragon. Yes, we'd have to convince Iron Bull to not attack it if we ever found it, but just in case it noticed us, he'd still be good to have around.

            But if the trip works out like I want it to, we'd have a lot of fun camping, slaying a few minor beasts along the way and then, deep in the swamps, find the Great Dragon and get to know a little bit more about its habitat, its way of living and most importantly, we'd get to behold the most magnificent beast Thedas has ever seen.
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              Only three entries so far? Don't sit too long and forget to enter!

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                I'm not native in English, but I would try to make a simple story.

                My Thedosian story would be on the idyllic Orlesian empire, one night, full moon, on a soft wind, there lies the paradise of whispers.

                After a dance on Halamshiral, a masked dance with an unknown lady, not precisely the most beautiful, but the most intriguing, but beautiful non the less, always trying to learn secrets about her, forgetting Nobility, life is life and in a dance of masks which is life, reality shows who we are Sooner or later, no matter the birth or powerful names. Beyond the eternal dance of masks, sweet and sour, the truth always lurks in shadows,...a Whisper in her ear, sweet words.. To follow her game until she can't hide behind, and to find something pure and honest beyond the mask, and the mask beyond the mask, until the secret is revealed, the identity of our names, real names, always dance in the shadows, waiting for the Supreme moment of revelation, where we can be ourselves after lifting and putting away the heavy armor of lies.

                And a kiss of course, a kiss in the shadows, always reveals the unknown mysteries of the heart.

                Should we dance another day.. My lady..

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                  As I am a fan of dragons and other marvelous creatures, I would most certainly love to see (yes see, not interact because that would might turn unpleasant quickly) all the magnificent high dragons. From the fereldan frostback in the hinterlands, to vinsomer hidden away at the storm coast and of course even hakkon wintersbreath if the time allows. As a bonus I get to travel most of thedas and the dales.

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                    Adventuring and dragon hunting aren't really for me. How about a tour of history and nature throughout Orlais?? After arriving in the port of Val Royeaux, my companions and I would spend a few days recovering from the journey (very choppy waters on the Waking Sea this time of year) in the courtyards and marketplaces of the capital. While there, we would be sure to take in numerous plays and performances, visit the palaces, and spend some coin at the shops. All this while enjoying the best of the food that Orlais has to offer, from the simple jam cakes to the unique Nug-Nug (whether the waiter laughs at me or not).

                    After a few days in Val Royeaux, we would hire a few guides to take us west on the Imperial Highway to visit other sites: historic battles, Elven ruins, and untouched wilderness. If we happened upon an estate or village, we might negotiate with the residents to shelter us for the night and hear their stories of the land they call home. If we found no one, then we would set up camp alongside the highway and spend the night under the stars. Our guides would be skilled enough to ward off most bandits or quillbacks, but we would wait up nervously (a little excitedly) to listen for the distant roar of a dragon.

                    About halfway through the trip, we would definitely have to take a detour deeper into Western Approach to see the infamous fortress at Adamant. While we might not be daring enough to approach (we all know the stories and heard the rumors!) we would get as close as we dare and listen for the winds as they howl through the Abyssal rift. While in the wilderness, our guides would teach us about various edible plants and how to hunt and roast whatever game we could find. At least then my companions and I could pretend we were self-reliant!

                    After the detour, it's back to the Highway and continuing on eastward now. On the south side of Lake Celestine, the land becomes more green and lush again. We dawdle around Montsimmard, reveling in the history of the place. We say goodbye to our guides in Lydes (and be sure to tip them well. They kept our tourist-y butts alive!), and take a modestly priced carriage over the boarder into Ferelden. Best to skip Halamshiral--the elves always seem on the verge of a rebellion, and that's not exactly what I had in mind for this vacation!

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                      The sun was setting over the mountains and Cullen wrapped his cloak around my shoulders. Even though it was summer, the breeze off the ocean had cooled the air significantly. He draped his arm comfortably around my shoulder and gently pulled me towards him. I curled into him and sighed contentedly.

                      The Waking Sea was roiling, the waves crashing down below Morrin’s Outlook and the wind sweeping tendrils of my hair around my face. The storm clouds had parted just enough for the sun to reflect down. Hues of fuschia and tangerine streaked the sky and painted the underside of the clouds. The deep indigo of the falling night bleeding into the rich azures and brushed through with highlights of streaming sunshine rippled off the water.

                      In the distance, the scrittering sound of spider legs echoed in the caves. Cullen rested his head on mine, his blonde curls catching in my long, auburn hair. “The shore is awakening. We should try to make it to the docks before nightfall,” he gently urged.

                      “All right.” I stroked the tentacles of my Earnest Reprisal stave, the innate chill causing me to shiver, while the pop of the electrical rune surged through my body and energized me. I pulled away and touched my hand to Cullen’s face and kissed his cheek. The magic in my touch causing him to recoil slightly. “You never will get used to that, huh?” I teased.

                      “No,” Cullen laughed. “All this time without lyrium, and I still have some side effects. But I don’t mind too much, I’ve gotten used to magic.”

                      “Well, my friend, we will never find your wife if we stay here.”

                      “Inquisitor Aisling…”

                      I gave him a sidelong glare.

                      “My wife, Aisling, isn’t far ahead. We’ll catch up to her, Sera, Iron Bull, and Dorian shortly. But we will meet Cassie in Amaranthine first.”

                      “Alright, let’s go.” I stood up and dropped Cullen’s cloak down on him. “It will be good to see Cass. And I’m ready to shoot some lightning.”

                      Cullen stood up and donned his cloak, the thick fur rustling in the sea wind, and packed our food in a small pack. I picked up my cloak and shook the grass off, our impromptu picnic blanket, and wrapped it around my shoulders.

                      “Hey… you alright?” His eyebrows furrowed in concern as he looked at me.

                      “Yeah. Let’s go catch a boat.”

                      “No… but… Hawke…”

                      “I know.”

                      “You loved her.”

                      “Cullen…” I chewed on my lower lip, “She had to do it. I know she loved me. But… after everything she went through, I understand why.”

                      “I know. I was there. I just… well…”

                      “I know, you’re my friend. But it’s chilly and the stars are coming out. Let’s go.”



                      “Hello friends.” Cassandra was holding a blanket and grimacing.

                      “Hi Cass, any news from Skyhold?” Cullen raised an eyebrow at her agitated state.

                      “No, all is fine, Leliana has it under control,” she gritted her teeth as the blanket bucked.

                      “Cassie? What on earth do you have?”

                      “Here. You like animals. You hold it,” and she shoved the wriggling bundle into my arms.

                      “It’s… a cat!” Cullen exclaimed, surprise in his voice. “I’m used to mabari, but not cats.”

                      “His name is Ser Pounce-a-lot and he’s being delivered onto the boat. For… reasons,” Cass mumbled.

                      “Wait. Ser Pounce-a-lot!” I unbundled the ginger furbaby and the cat leaped out hissing and growling, claws flying. “Pounce! Pouncey boy! Come here Ser-Ser!”

                      Ser Pounce-a-lot stopped and stared at me. His large, orange, globelike eyes reading my very soul. He approached the edge of my cloak slowly, sniffing cautiously. Cullen and Cass exchanged anxious glances while I whispered his name. “C’mon Pounce. Pounce-a-lot, come here sweet boy.”

                      He finally jumped to my shoulder in a swift motion, and coiled around my neck and started purring. “Awww, hey baby.” I reached up and scratched the furry, soft head. “You miss him don’t you? You miss them both. I do too.”

                      “Ooooookay then. So we stop by the market to restock and then board for passage to Kirkwall?” Cullen looked at the cat on my shoulder with the same unease he had when he was weaning off lyrium and was so much spending time around Inquisitor Aisling and her magic. He accepted the animal but it just made his spine crawl.

                      “Yes. I have the ship chartered and we are ready to set sail.” Cassandra then made a disgusted noise. “What is it with mages and cats? I just do not understand.”


                      “Isabela, this has been such a pleasure!”

                      “Yes. You were quite the pleasure,” her eyes glittered as she smiled slyly at me.

                      “I…” I turned bright red, my face matching my hair, “I mean…”

                      Cullen walked up, “Make sure you have a handle on your cat before we leave. Andraste knows what will happen when step out into Kirkwall. Why are you red? Feeling ill?”

                      “Oh no, she’s quite fine,” Isabela smoothly replied, with a wink to me. “Commander, Seeker, I hope your voyage was smooth.”

                      “Yes, thank you Isabela. I was very good to see you again, and I very much enjoyed catching up with you. Will we see much of you in Kirkwall?” Cassandra straightened her braid and reset a hair pin.

                      “Oh, we’ll dock here for a while and I’ll be around the Hanged Man. I have a few deals to make. And I’ll have my usual room there. Just in case anyone needs me for... anything.” She cocked an eyebrow and grinned. “Looks like we’re here.”


                      “Cullen and I are going to talk business with Varric. Once we are done, we should have an idea where the others are.”

                      “Tell him to take some time off and come visit. I miss him.”

                      “Yes. I will tell him. It should not be hard to convince Varric into having a drink later.”

                      “Thanks Cassie! Bye Cullen! I’m going to go wander around with Pounce. Maybe check in on Isabela.”

                      “Be safe,” Cullen nodded as the two exited and shut the door.

                      “Be safe, he says.” I stroked the silky fur of the orange cat. “It’s been quiet for the past year and a half. But for real, is it ever safe anymore? But it’s just too weird sitting in Hawke’s room, sleeping in Hawke’s bed without her. I need some fresh air. Okay buddy, let’s go.”

                      I grabbed a lightweight, grey sweater because despite the hot summer day, the wind off the water still made me cold and pulled it on, I tightened my black boots up around my leggings, and grabbed my mage’s cloak. Ser Pounce-a-lot jumped up and settled into his place on my shoulder and I strapped my stave to my back… just in case.

                      I wandered aimlessly through Kirkwall, stopping briefly to look through the overpriced wares in the square and somehow found my way down to Darktown. Pounce jumped off my shoulder with meow and went running.

                      “Pounce! Wait!”

                      I started to chase after the cat and found myself in a burned out wood structure. The cat had disappeared into the charred structure. I looked around at the shafts of sunlight filtering through broken boards.

                      “What was this place?” I wondered aloud.

                      “A clinic.”

                      I froze. Four eyes shone out of the darkness at me. My heartbeat rose and I reached slowly for my stave.

                      Two eyes jumped down and moved forward into the light, ginger fur glinting in the sun. A tall figure followed, blonde beard and hair, stave in hand, “Relax mage, I mean you no harm.”


                      “Do I know you?”


                      “Hawke?” His voice broke saying her name and he walked forward towards me, “What do you know of Hawke?”

                      “She… the Inquisitor… the Fade and she… oh Anders.”

                      He looked crestfallen. “I know we parted so long ago, and after what I did… but…”

                      “She knew. She never stopped loving you, you know. And I know the sacrifice you made. I only wish I could have helped you both. What you did, the chantry, the mages… thank you.”

                      “Very few share your sentiment.”

                      “Very few knew Hawke like I did. Like you did.”

                      He smiled. He dropped his head and ran his hand through his hair, looked back at me grinning. “She loved you, then?”

                      “She did.”

                      “Good.” He scooped up the cat and cradled him like a baby. “Hey Pounce,” he scratched the soft, furry belly, “I’ve missed you, you little darkspawn killer, yes I have.” The cat tipped his head back and made air biscuits. “Just knowing that Hawke had someone to love makes it better.”

                      “Do you want to get a drink? I have a feeling we have a lot to talk about.”


                      Over the summer, a lot happened in the Kirkwall city walls. Anders and I spent a lot of time together while Inquisitor Aisling, Sera, Dorian, and Iron Bull met up with Cullen, Cassandra, Varric, and Isabel. Cullen and Aisling would disappear for long stretches, with knowing smiles exchanged between the band of friends. After a series of unexplained events involving red handkerchiefs, the treatment of the staff at the The Blooming Rose suddenly improved among the wealthy and well-to-do who frequented the establishment.

                      Big plans were being made for another Deeproads expedition. It was time to go back to the Primeval Thaig and see if there were signs of a Titan nearby, it’s lyrium blood poisoned by the Blight. Maybe the source of all the darkspawn and the Blight everywhere.

                      Pounce was purring on the bed, and I was lounging there and stroking him instead of doing inventory. Anders sat across from me, eyes downcast.

                      “Hey. What’s wrong?”

                      “I used to be in there. In the midst of everything. And now I’m barely even here.”

                      “Anders, we still need you.”

                      “No, what you all need is Justice and Justice is gone. He left me. He didn’t need me anymore. You all don’t need me either.”

                      “I need you.”

                      His hair falling over his eyes, he glanced up, “You don’t need me.”

                      “Yes, Anders, I do.” I reached across the bed and kissed him softly, weaving my fingers into his hair. He slid his arm around me, supporting me against him. I released into him and ran my fingers up through his beard. As Anders lowered me down, Ser Pounce jumped down off the bed and exited the room.

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                        This contest has been extended by a week - please see updated dates in the first post.

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                          Well on vacation in Thedas....I bring a long walking stick with a sharp poke around....but carry it on my know. Wear really heavy metal gear that is not meant for walking in the snow but I know. After hours of walking finally make it to the top....enjoy the view....and then................go back down again

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                            My ideal vacations in Thedas would be traveling around the world with Oghren drinking as much as we could in every tavern, and then enter the usual brawls formed in such places. If Shale wanted to come she would be welcome, always liked her humour.

                            I know it doesn't sound good but Oghren is one of my favorite characters and nothing fits him better than alcohol and fights ^^
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                              I am a simple woman: My ideal Thedas holiday would be a shows and shopping marathon with the girls in Val Royeaux. Going shoe shopping with Leliana, mini cheesewheel spa and dress shopping with Vivienne, going to the theatre, galleries and having tea and frilly cakes with Josie! Going to fancy parties...or getting messy and crashing those exact same parties with Sera!

                              Coming home with a wine hangover, the wardrobe of a fashion icon and with all sorts of little random fancies like perfumed frilly cake shaped carved soaps that are practically useless because that are too pretty to ever wash with.

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