CONTEST: Christmas and New Year's Wishes

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  • CONTEST: Christmas and New Year's Wishes

    What would YOU like to see happen in 2019 for Heroes of Dragon Age?

    Submit your detailed entry (no one-liners, please) about what you'd like to see and why you believe it would improve the game. Do not discuss other people's ideas here; if you wish to discuss an idea further, please feel free to make a thread in Suggestions or Gameplay.

    Be sure to include your Ally Code for your entry to count.

    No guarantees any of these would actually come to pass based on feasibility and resources, but we'd love to hear your wishes!

    All valid entries (as solely defined by our staff) will receive 25 gems.

    One entry will be chosen to receive an additional 100 gems, for the most well-thought-out and potentially feasible wish.

    Entries must be received by no later than December 12, 2018. Prizes will be awarded on December 14, 2018.

    All entries must be posted here in this thread on the forums. Submissions through Twitter and Facebook or any other social media outlet will not be accepted.
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    What i would really like to see are some “ guild based “ Events. For example, an extrem difficult Raid just for guild members. Something like a SuperMegaCrazyBoosted large Creature as Opponent which can be stunned, drained, slowed but every players Attack can only do a limited number of damage. Every guild member has 30 challenges per day ( with an option to buy maybe 5 more for 10 gems or so ). Once the boss is defeated, it starts from the beginning, with the boss getting stronger and stronger. Rewards should increase with higher difficulty.

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      1. Сделать разграничение рун по виду. Создать на каждую отдельную руну свою кнопку. Нажал на кнопку "руна скорости" и выделились все руны скорости вне зависимости от редкости. Как с героями ....
      2. Сделать продажу вещей в один клик. По технологии поглощения героев.

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        First thank you for an excellent anniversary week. Here are a few thoughts.

        1. I know it is in the works, but the drain coding change would be a great New Years present.

        2. Some sort of “reveal” gear or rune that would give a percentage that stealthy opponents attacks would not be stealthy.

        3. Change the consume all rarity mechanic to prevent accidental consume all legendary from happening. Perhaps another step where you can choose the rarity. Click consume all, then rarity, then a menu with choices of common-epic?

        Thank you.
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          I would like more guild options and guild chat improvements.
          Guild chat sometimes don't work well and you can't see the mates messages if you don't restart the game.
          Some important guild messages are deleted very fast and some mates if they are studing or working or have a different time zone can't read them and you should write the same message several times to make everyone read them, so it would be nice if there was an option to keep important messages and select what messages shouldn't be deleted.Besides,
          I would also like to have an option to send PM to the guild mates in-game and recruit players in-game, lots of players don't check out CG forum and it is sometimes difficult to find new players for the guild. So it would be cool if players could see a brief description of each guild to choose what is the best guild for them, you could invite players to the guild and check out the banners that they did the last wars.

          I didn't you could add all your suggestions and more than 1 idea.
          So I would add all the changes I would like for HoDA 2019

          2) The lack of the inventory space is one of the game main problems, I have asking for a increasing of the inventory space for a long time and I would be very glad and I appreciate it a lot if you could do something about it.
          I would like enough space for all the roster heroes included epics rares common and uncommons I would like to test epics and I couldn't because of the lack of space, all the dupes to complete the full x4 squad (all of us know most of teams don't work well without dupes and you need 3 or 4 Josies, Bartrands, AL...) and the new heroes that are still to come (possibly all the DA 4 heroes lol).
          3) I would also like a rune system improvement where you can find the runes easily and sell or erase the runes that you don't need.
          4) A increasing of the gear space.
          5) A Proving Grounds system improvement where all players could play and compete well regardless the time zone, if it's no possible, different PG depending on your time zone or a better PG ending time for most of players, I would like to sleep well for 2019 without losing PG because it's one of the most important part of the game where you can get more gems and test your best teams.
          6) Fix all the bugs and bad mechanics.
          7) Make the heroes gallery work well and you can access to check your heroes out.
          8) Add new map quests and new goals if you reach an achievement like in the past.
          9) Change 2500 trophy goal, after PG releasing it's very difficult to achieve that.
          10) A different color for the enhanced runes, you can't distinguish them from the normal mythic runes.
          11) Better rewards at GW, they are tougher now and takes more time to do the banners after the runes and prestige update, so rewards should be better to encourage guild mates to do the banners.
          12) A special reward for players wh are playing the game for so many years, it would do players be loyal to the game and a motivation for continue playing HoDA for more years.
          A gift for year that you are playing the game would be nice.
          13) A present or reward when you reach a new level.
          14) A present or reward if a guild improve its position in a war or keep its position for so many wars, for example if you guild always ends 26-30 and they end 22 or if the guild mantain a regular position all the wars.
          15) A special reward for the guild leaders if they have mantaining his guild competitive for so many years to incentivate players to create guilds.

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            I know everyone has their favorite groups in the game, so i'd personally like to see releases and reworks that allow more teams in the meta by making equivalent heroes in different groups.
            The strategies might stay similar, but at least more heroes would be relevant and people would be able to play with their favorites instead of just using the same strongest team. That'd actually make the choice of factions and damage to specific groups more relevant too.

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              Originally posted by Vaykesh View Post
              1. Сделать разграничение рун по виду. Создать на каждую отдельную руну свою кнопку. Нажал на кнопку "руна скорости" и выделились все руны скорости вне зависимости от редкости. Как с героями ....
              2. Сделать продажу вещей в один клик. По технологии поглощения героев.

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              Per forum rules, please translate you post into English.

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                I already asked for this in the suggestions forum (maybe it inspired this contest?), but I want my gems, so I'll copy it here:

                I started the game in 2017. At the time, CP/GCP was the way to get meta heroes: Three starts like Lady, Xenon, Great Dragon, TDT, Calenhad; two starts like Spirit champion or RL Bartrand, and even one star like Kitty or Ferelden banner were making a difference...

                2018 started in the same path, with The Highest One; but after him, in 10 months CP/GCP has ranged from only situationally useful heroes (Queen of the Seas, Leandra Amell, WC Sophia) to pure crap (I'm looking at you, two-star dragonlings), with only Wryme being seen in powerful teams. Three-stars Torpor wasn't even among the bests in his group, there should be 4-5 demons better than him (same for Stonejaw), two-stars like Zathrian or Denam are still to be seen in battlefield, and some epics are now more powerful than brand-new legendary heroes like ghasts.

                We still saw some new great heroes: Shapeshifter, Asha or even PW, but they were out of CP/GCP. And we certainly saw huge revamps: Alistair (with Duncan & Thom Rainier), Josie/Cullen/Harding, most of LC... revamps have been ruling the meta after the assasination fix.

                Revamping toons in the right point is nice, having great event exclusive heroes is nice... but CP/GCP should be the main source of meta. This is my wish for 2019.
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                  In 2019 i would like to see big changes in heroes of dragon age:
                  1. More heroes in 1 squad: 5, or even 6 normal sized and 1 giant because the heroes pool is large now and the 5 man composition seems like a big limit for fun things to happen.
                  2. More surprising mechanic: like damage over time(each turn or even each phase), freeze someone(enemy or ally, make them invulnerable but can't do anything in 1 turn), or instead of attacking, has a chance to remove all debuffs on someone in team,or even mimic someone on enemy team, gain their abilities in 1 turn! because all mechanics in the past evolving in status effects, resistance around them, i want to see something out of the border.
                  3. Raid boss event: a big boss appears in each leader board and players will dps them in a short limited time, everyone participate in will have great prize. This one is a way to help new/comeback players catch up the game in an exciting way! they will not feel lonely anymore because of being lifted up even when they are not in any guild.
                  4. A new rarity: each player will have to choose only one hero in their collection to be upgraded into "ultimate" rarity, the base(that under each hero's model) will look like made of diamond! this ultimate hero will gain a random special effect, permanent and unique for each account(!) that apply on whichever team they are standing with. If a player want to change the ultimate hero, simply demote the old one, and promote a new one, of course with a price like gems or have to wait for 1 week. Here are some examples for the effects: every other heroes have max faction bonus despite their faction, allies have a chance to stealth, the ultimate hero gain 150% damage vs large creatures, the ultimate hero immune to the 1st debuff applied in a duel, ... (this effect will act like a special item on the ultimate hero, it will have it's special symbol on the hero card for opponent to recognize which effect it has, it is roughly as good as other ultimate effects(for fairness), and permanent for each account despite whoever ultimate hero got it) The reason for this is to let players build their own favorite character in dragon age into a powerful boss of their own, to make each duel more epic, strategic, and fun, which is more than just a fan service feature! this is even better for new/comeback player to have their epic or 1* legendary hero to be surprisingly more powerful!
                  5. A faster duel speed like 3x, or even 4x for players who reached lvl 150, 200. This brings a tasty bonus reason for the high level grinding!

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                    As someone who has played all the Dragon Age games and Heroes of Dragon Age for a looooong time. One of my favorite things in HoDA are the holiday themed heroes: Nugly Sweaters, Santa Blackwell, etc.

                    I would really like to see more of these fun, kinda silly characters added into the game. Some ideas include:
                    1. A red-nosed Halla
                    2. Abomidble Snowman Ogre
                    3. Ugly Sweater Nuggalope
                    4. Wicked Witch Flemeth
                    5. St. Patrick Oghren

                    Happy Holidays!
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                      I would like to see HoDA implement a filing cabinet system for runes.

                      My fingers hurt from scrolling down endlessly looking for a particular rune, and this gets to be really tedious come the last hour of PG or guild war.

                      Please, if you can, show me a filing cabinet type of system where i can see only one rune per drawer. For example, i want to use a legendary speed rune. I just click on one drawer which contains all the leg speed runes. This way my thumbs will be spared the hassle of scrolling down... and down... and down.

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                        First, I would really appreciate a big big roster increase. As a lvl230+ player, I’m pretty sure we all have the “ out of room trouble”. Or maybe add a second inventory where to store less used toons.

                        Second, pulling toons from soldier packs 1 by 1 is really a pain in the A. Wasting so much time! Would be so convenient to pull 10 or 50 all by 1 click.

                        Third, I think it would be fun to introduce more epic or rare , even common/ uncommon toons instead of legendaries. right now so many useless legs in this game. They would never be used till they get decent revamps.


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                          I'd like more periodic events (ideally PvE as well as PvP) which rewarded having different rarities of units in the same squad.

                          We've had some recently with bonuses that encouraged having both epics and legs together, that was an interesting change, and the Red Jenny events you get a specific commons with Elfie Sera, but that's because of the latter's bonus. And there are the epic and rare events, but since they're not no-dupe that renders squad design fairly simple.

                          I'd like to see some events where there was no-dupe and bonuses structured so that it would make sense to have e.g. one each of common to leg or uncommon to mythic or something. Yes, peoples' investments in mythics or dupes shouldn't be made irrelevant, but the occasional PvP or PvE event like this - maybe even a guild war? - would be interesting.

                          Ideally, there'd be an all-Leliana event sometimes that rewarded having a squad of the rare, epic, legendary and 3* advisor Leliana on the same squad, for instance. Maybe something similar with Alistair or Cassandra etc.
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                            I would like to see some sort of ‘holding’ area for a squad of 4 or 5 characters that are being forted or built by consuming, rather than having to search them out in your roster every time you need to get to them, perhaps even accessible from the fort or consume area directly. As a lark, how about an experience node that allowed one to build more than one LC at a time, maybe two or three could battle other LC’s or a standard 5 toon squad. Thanks for your hard work, it is much appreciated.

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                              Suggestions for improving the game:

                              1) Implement the ability to change the nickname
                              2) Implement the ability to change the name of the guild by the leader
                              3) Bulk selling gear
                              4) Sale of runes
                              5) Add crystals as rewards in nexus and raids
                              6) Expand the number of stored heroes
                              7) Implement the absorption of more than 5 heroes
                              8) Set the signs (checkbox) that will not allow the heroes to swallow.
                              9) add mythical lights to the lights category
                              10) add a category of mythical heroes to the gallery
                              11) add to the gallery information about the levels of existing characters (1-2-3-4 stage)

                              These are the primary changes required for the game.

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