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    DISCLAIMER: I never approached the DA saga games if we exclude HoDA itself, so please forgive me for a possible weird matchup.

    During a night, in a tavern, everyone was celebrating the birth of a child. Everyone was having fun, between all those people only two were still resisting the alcohol, Morrigan and Garrett, charmed by each other.
    Not a single word was spoken between the two, all that was left was a message recieved by Morrigan, sent by a waitress, she said “Meet me tomorrow, at down, at the garden in the middle of the city”.
    The wait for the promised moment was long, Morrigan was so fascinated by him that she did not know what to expect, all she did was being ready, wearing her favourite clothes right after a refreshing bath.
    When the moment came, Garrett arrived earlier, he sat on a bench and then he saw her coming for him. At first he noticed her sweet scent, he complimented her for her look and said
    “You look so good! I'm glad you came”.
    With a huge smile Morrigan replied:
    “Thank you! It's nice to have a chance to talk with you now, as we didn't get time to talk at all yesterday, where should we head?”
    Garrett then said:
    “Let's take a walk for now.
    They were somehow managing to know each other, they knew nothing about each other, discussing about their previous experiences and what they were planning to do in the near future; then the rain started falling and they were looking for somewhere to not get wet, they ran till they found a refuge under a balcony in that area. Because of the rain all the effort Morrigan put into looking nice was vanished, she was almost embarassed by being like that in front of the man she took interest into.
    Meanwhile in Garrett's mind there was only the crystal clear image of her lips, looking so bright thanks to the rain.
    Maybe because of luck, maybe distraction, perhaps both, Morrigan slipped while moving. Garrett managed to make her not falling and held her tightly, then he let her go and adjusted her hair, then he asked:
    “Since it's not going to stop anytime soon, what about coming to my place? It's nearby.”
    As she (not reluctant at all) agreed they went to Garrett's home, and made themselves confortable, while drinking some ale. Not much was being said, once again, there were only looks, every little unrevealed detail of her was being revealed: her smooth skin, those small lips of her, her scent once again was tickling Garrett's nose, and last but not least, those sharped shaped eyes, so mysterious and intriguing, yet, such lovely eyes.
    Time passed quickly and the rain ceased to fall from the sky, it was time for Morrigan – our new Cinderella – to go back home.
    Right after she opened the door to go out Garrett grabbed her hand and exclamed:
    An unexpected yet extremely passionate kiss was happening right there, in that moment, there was room for nothing else. Everything was so warm, nothing was important anymore.
    Right after that Morrigan, with an insecure voice, and looking on the side asked:
    “What are we doing?”
    Garrett, with an intriguing smile then replied:
    “It doesnt matter, stay here for the night, it's late already.”
    “And this, my daughters, is what happened 30 years ago, and indeed, how I met your father, but what came next will be said perhaps, in another story.”
    Said Morrigan.

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      Originally posted by winchell View Post
      Sure we know that why in our text a lot of water^^ goat master
      ??? I almost made that mistake until it was pointed out to me.I didn’t want anyone to get disqualified for too few words. DUMAT you have a very eloquent entry and would hate to see it not count!


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        Originally posted by Dildoith View Post
        ??? I almost made that mistake until it was pointed out to me.I didn’t want anyone to get disqualified for too few words. DUMAT you have a very eloquent entry and would hate to see it not count!
        thats true, I remember last year I translated for my friend a huge story, but unfortunatelly he didnt received reward because in rules was said a short valentine message


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          Hawke a magician in search of redemption for himself and his world, ended up succumbing to the whims of a pirate, who stole the treasure of his heart, in exchange for flashes of love, which sprout from his eyes like emeralds. From the beginning, when he saw her in a commercial boat, heading to Kirkwall, she felt amazed, by the way she gave orders, as if she were the captain, and as she wagged her hips from bow to stern, the intrigued In knowing his name, he approached her and said: "Throughout the seas and oceans, which I have seen, you would be the only island, where I would choose to live forever and although I will do so, I would like to know the inescapable destination name. " She replied - isabella.

          From there their hearts, synchronized with their eyes and their dreams would be the candles that would guide that journey, which they decided to take to find themselves in the other's arms; they crossed more valleys, than seas, more soldiers than fish, they fought side by side for an ideal, always enjoying their thirst for battle and victory, which they later transformed into passion and even more thirst for it. They crossed from the paths of the depths, to the black emporium, and even though they found rare and ancient objects, powerful and beautiful, dangerous and harmless, they never found a replacement for that treasure they saw for the first time on that ship.
          She tireless adventurer, he one lover of the letters, she agile and sure of herself, he, strong in her convictions and immovable in her principles, she appreciates the beauty of the landscapes, he, finds eye in dark arts. But being together, whether in a bar on the red cliff, in a ravine of the Elvish valleys, a bazaar in Ferelden or an Orlesian festival, their smiles always reflect that unison of their love, their looks are consumed by melting any difference and forging an immaterial jewel that only exists to be contemplated and loved by them and is so much its effect, that it transmits that force to those who pass by it.
          Day by day they visit as many places as possible, in search of new challenges and dreams, and with so many characters that add stories to their lives, so that their mutual friend Varric, perpetuates this love story, as only the He knows how to do it. In these stories there are episodes in the veil, with demons of all kinds and each one overcomes them with their tenacity and light, so their only enemies lie in their own being and in this way, they have learned to control the evil that habits the external, but like they have promised to learn to control, those who live within. Her hands are so skilled that they rival the oldest forges of the dwarfs, and although he has no armor, he gives her that protection and security that she so much sought, he does not lose his fascination for all the things that are still hidden in her. that world of a woman that is her, but she will not use her knowledge to manipulate it, only her feelings to keep spontaneously awakening the capacities and their emotions that would emerge there.
          At the end of their days in their endless trips, they realized that what made their love so great, was not to achieve their goals and journeys, but everything they shared and lived, while those achievements came. They enjoyed their time and the happiness that came together.

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            A Rather Crass(ius) Tale

            There was so little to do in Skyhold's small, crumbling prison. Since he'd been locked up down there by the grace of the Inquisitor, Crassius Servis had a lot of time to ruminate on his actions while in the service of Corypheus. He could hear - and smell - the celebrations in the halls and courts above him, and his faltering confidence in the cause for which he had been formerly employed was confirmed: Corypheus had been defeated, and the Inquisition was victorious.

            Servis had felt a lot of emotions since his imprisonment. Anger, hopelessness, frustration, disgust at the conspicuous lack of gold trim on the dull rags he'd been given to wear. But now all he felt was boredom, and he had to get out. Crassius surveyed the prison, and saw only a pair of uncharacteristically pleasant guards sharing a large bottle of wine. Hoping to take advantage of the guards' inebriated state, he called them over and turned up the Tevinter charm.

            "Good evening, gentlemen! Enjoying the festivities?"

            "Piss off, Vint. We've all had enough of your kind for a lifetime," grunted the less glazed-over of the two. The other simply hiccuped in agreement.

            "Oh my friends, I wish merely to congratulate you on your hard-fought victory. Each drop you imbibe is well-earned, I must admit. You have felled a mighty foe!"

            With that, the less drunk guard chuckled. The more drunk one retched in agreement and slumped to the floor. "Aye, I suppose you're right." He thought for a second, then gestured to his wine. "Had any chance to try out our southern spirits?" He asked, holding out his bottle toward the cell.

            "I've avoided it, such swill is far below the Imperium's standards. But I suppose a drink of anything is better than a drink of nothing." Servis reached out to take the bottle from the guard. As the guard passed the bottle to within inches of the cell's bars, Servis lashed out with ferocious speed, grabbing the bottle with one hand and reaching for the guard's neck with the other. The poor man's muddled senses and slowed reflexes were no match for the tevinter mercenary, who, holding him by the neck, smashed the bottle against his head and plunged the jagged, broken bottle into his face. Servis eased the corpse to the ground in front of the cell, patting him down until his fingers, sticky with both blood and bottom-shelf Fereldan wine, found the cell key. Unlocking his cell door, Crassius breathed a sigh of hesitant relief. He knew there was no way he'd be able to easily escape with so many soldiers, nobles, and ambassadors around celebrating the Inquisition's victory. Being a true mercenary, Servis decided that if he were unable to defeat his captors, he'd have to join them - or at least impersonate them. An idea dawning, he slid a shard of glass across the passed-out guard's throat and donned the armor of an Inquisition soldier. Servis dragged the bodies to an empty cell, stuffing them far into a dark corner. As he laid the bodies down in a place where they hopefully would not be seen until long after he had made his getaway, a shape scampered out from the shadows and came to a stop just outside the cell.

            Servis watched the figure stand and get her bearings and was immediately stricken by her raw beauty. Despite being grimy and dirty, her soft pink skin glowed in the torchlight. Her brown eyes pierced through the musty air and settled on Servis. Her small hands, likely once delicate and beautiful, showed calluses indicating she had spent a long time trying to claw her way out of the cell. Her pointed ears and large nose struck Servis especially, but what truly stole his heart was her long, twitching whiskers.

            She was the most beautiful nug he had ever seen.

            Eyes glistening with tears of joy, Servis began to slowly approach her. The creature was skittish, but appeared somewhat calmed by his presence. He picked her up gingerly, and lovingly began to pet her back. This precious creature had full dominion over Crassius' hardened Tevinter heart. Desperate to make the nug feel comfortable and safe, he sat down with her at the table where the guards had been drinking earlier.

            Laying the nug carefully down on the table, Servis admired her. He felt not only a deep love for the creature, but... lust? He had been locked up a long time. The darkness had infiltrated his mind, and such things seemed natural, right even, in that moment. And in that moment, Servis made a decision.

            The armor he had just put on clinked, clanged, and clattered loudly to the ground as he stripped it off. So loud in fact, he didn't hear the approaching footsteps. As he pulled off his filthy prison rags, he was so enamored by the nug's charming visage that he failed to notice a figure strolling down the stairs into the prison.

            It was only as Servis stood there, stark naked before the nug, that a voice rang out behind him in alarm.

            "Oi! What in Andraste's flaming knickers is making so much noise dow- HOLY MAKER!" The soldier stood in shock as Servis turned to face him. The soldier drew his sword, trying hard to avoid looking toward Servis' own unsheathed weapon. The two stood in appalled silence for a few beats before the nug leapt off the table and scuttered away into the darkness. Both of the men were speechless.

            "What were you... was that... were you actually about to... ugh!" The guard stammered, his shock turning to disgust as the reality of the situation occured to him. "You're that Vint mage, and you're buck-ass naked, out of your cell, gazing sensually at a nug..." With utter repulsion, the soldier made a grunt tinged with amusement as he summarily lopped off Servis' perverted head, an expression of surprise still plastered across face. The body flopped to the ground, and the soldier sheathed his sword, shaking his head and chuckling softly to himself. "Can't wait to tell Cullen about this one," he said as he lumbered back up the stairs, out of the empty prison, to get another drink.
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              Wilhelm's cellar was not precisely the best place to rest and feel comfortable. Many years had passed by since the demon even talk to another creature. But when she did, it changed everything. Amalia did not just tell her pleasant child stories, she showed the demon there were a whole world beyond the walls.

              After the warden let her go by promising she wouldn’t hurt the girl, Kitty was prepared to experience the world. The light, the stunning landscapes, the sound of the rivers and the birds crying when she had to feed her cat body… A bunch of possibilities and sensations every single moment made her feel again the difference between the Fade and this world. The cat travelled alone and visited uncountable places in her way to learn about life.

              Since spirits are not conscious about time, nobody knows if it was sooner or later, but Kitty started to feel the necessity of someone’s company. One human experimented with her and let her trapped in a dreadful room, another one told her news about an alluring place waiting for her, while the last ones seemed to be reasonable enough. “Fascinated creatures humans are” is for sure one of the phrases that crossed her mind at least once. And then, there were that rat in the cellar, surprisingly annoying, surprisingly toothsome.

              Fully adapted to her new body, one night, there was no other way for her but going out and find another of her kind. She run and jumped, she walked while meowing. Suddenly, in the next roof, there was a creature, graceful and proudly like a big tiger, but tiny as her. Together, they spent countless days hunting birds and rats, stealing food, hanging in the hallways of the fortress that were in the city and mocking around Mabari puppies.

              Clever enough not to bore her, fool enough not to collide with her desires, the male cat was accurately what she wanted. However, real cats do not have powers and do not have seven or more lives. Her beloved companion passed away leaving her alone again.

              Kitty remembered why in first place she wanted to leave that cellar, those things Amelia mentioned and hadn’t seen yet. She learnt a lot from another being, even when he was not as smart as others she met before. It was a lovely experience, literally, but ended. She just wanted to forget, but a little kitten was not in her new plans.

              Brighter than other nights, the moon was lighting Anders’ face up. The recently arrived new grey warden commander could not take his eyes away from him. He had found in Anders a good friend and although he knew it was fast, the mage inspired confidence and endearment. He was so lost in Anders’ words that even a sudden darkspawn raid wouldn’t distract him. Nevertheless, an unexpected charming cry made him look for the source of the sound.

              Astonished by his find, the warden remembered something but could not figure out what it was exactly. Anyway, he soon forgot about it and thought a cute kitten was unerringly what he was looking for to catch Anders’ attention. Actually, the apostate would not image a better gift.

              Two purple dots of light shone far away and suddenly vanished.

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                Originally posted by Hellboy View Post
                Possesed Ogre Commander was very sad. In a poker game, three Kitties and The Dark Theurge won everything he had, including his house, and now he was ugly and homeless.

                Where could he live now? Maybe it was time to find a new place, the city isn't a nice place for a homeless. Looking for a remote place where he could be alone, he decided to go to the Tellari swamps. He had heard rumours about a beast living there, that sounded like being a good place for ugly and homeless people. If there's room for a beast, probably there's also for two!

                He soon learned that the Beast of the Tellary Swamps was very different from what he had imagined. And to his surprise, she seemed delighted to hear his war stories, and how his Demon's team beated the powerful Fereldens again and again.

                The Beast of Tellari Swamps had a lot of pity about that big guy. Most of people she know was prideful and presumptuous, but POC (as she liked to call him) was humble, always ready to sacrifice himself on bahalf of a victory in which kitties will enjoy the glory; she almost cried when POC showed her his Golden Prince's Raiment. It was only a matter of time that the pity became affection, and the affection became love.

                POC was very happy talking and laughing with the Beast of Tellari Swamps; he almost couldn't believe when she told him "call me Yavana". But he was always afraid to talk with her about his sentiments, because she was sooooo nice!! And her family of Witches of the Wilds was told to have a huge secret fortune (who knows why they still liked to live in that pesky swamps!), while he was a ugly homeless living in a cave. And to make things worse, Yavana had a sister called Morrigan who never was kind with him as Yavana was; he didn't know if Morrigan was jealous of Yavana, or if she simply disliked him (who could reproach her for this?).

                But the fortune finally helped POC. A team of slow, white heroes, leaded by Advisor Cullen, were hunting the Witches of the Wild in the name of the Inquisition. POC had saved some Vestmentes of the Dragon Hunter, in which the kitties have never been interested, and distributed them among the Whitches of the Wilds. Teaming with the Witches, POC gave them a strong help on draining the inquisitor's power, while absorbing a big part ot their attacks. The victory felt in the witches side, but POC was seriously injured; Yavana was crying at his side, while Morrigan (regretful of her past behavior) was helping her wise mother Flemeth to prepare a healing potion, which in the end saved POC's life. Kisses and tears rained after the first signs of improvement, and soon they arranged a marriage date in which The Dark Theurge and Morrigan were accompanying the couple. Only the kitties were missing, but the wise Flemeth was right: wedding dresses and kitties aren't a good couple.

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                [ATTACH=CONFIG]n2266227[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]n2266228[/ATTACH]
                This was genious!!! I laughed so hard at home my parents had to shut me up!
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                  ‘Join the inquisition’ the flier had said. ‘See Thedas’ the flier had said. Her dreams of escaping the alienage had been realized, but oh so many other dreams she thought would come with adventure were still just that, dreams. As for seeing Thedas, she had seen her assigned portion of the Hinterlands, a quiet portion. The trees and fennecs and such were nice at first, but oh was scout duty ever boring. At least in the alienage there were people. She had been somewhat of a big fish in a small pond, the life of the party, and now she felt smaller than the littlest fish in the most vast of seas. And she felt lonely, oh so lonely.

                  The apostate turned to make sure no one was following. Forget the templars forget the rebels, forget everything. What was freedom really worth? At least in the Circle you weren’t hunted. At least in the Circle you could have friends. At least in the Circle one didn’t feel so completely alone.

                  Ritts spotted the apostate, and drew her bow, at the ready in case of threat. But her mind ran wild with questions. What did they like? What was their family like? Did apostates have families? Were apostates fun at parties? The apostate looked young and enticingly innocent, and their features were quite handsome. As Scout Ritts studied her potential prey, she felt something inside her that led her to choose a little mischief.

                  The apostate kept coming back to the same tree, every day. It was peaceful, there was no one around. It was a great place to clear one’s head and rest without looking over one’s shoulder all the time. But today, there was an out of place bundle of elfroot. At first alarm settled into a desire for connection. Perhaps this was left for a reason. The next day, it was some royal elfroot, the next some Crystal Grace. And the next day, holding the flowers, was a young elven lady in a scout’s garb.

                  Forget their roles, they were two souls meeting in the wilderness, away from boredom and the chaos, away from most of all loneliness. They smiled mischievously at each other and began to know each other.

                  The sounds of battle were heard nearby, they were doomed from the start, as they had always known.


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                    Sky above them was clear and blue, with only small, pink clouds on the horizon, the sea of grass that surrounded them whispered gently on the breeze, basked in the slowly setting sun. It was perfect. Just as he imagined so many times before.
                    Solas caressed her palm gently, amazed by the softness of the skin, still so delicate, even after all the battles she’s been through and all the damage they left. Her small hand, her elegant, long fingers, her thin wrist… oh how long had he dreamed about this moment, about being able to touch this beautiful hand once again, to hold it in his, here, laying upon the grass of the realm long forgotten, staring at the warm, almost impossibly beautiful sunset, so far from all the mud, dirt and dreariness of the human world. Away from petty wars, court intrigues and politics, all so small and insignificant from the distance. What they even meant, in the face of eternity? How silly they seemed now, how pointless in the bigger image. After all this was really important, this moment, this place, her palm in his. Finally.
                    - How do you find this realm, my dear? - he asked her, gentle tones in his voice, even after all this time they were apart, it was so easy to evoke the deep feelings he had for her. As if they never went away, always waiting there, inside, for the right moment. Just as this one. - I think it’s just as it should be, just as I want ourl new world to be. Perfect. So different from the one that you left behind. But do not worry, my love, we will make them both perfect. Just as they once were.
                    She didn’t answer, perhaps just listening to his words, or simply not wanting to spoil the moment.
                    - Ah, sorry, I am talking again. It just happens, you see, perhaps I used to spend too much time on my own, pardon me. I will stop, let us just cherish this moment, not ruin it.
                    Again, silence, only the wind singing in the grass that surrounded them. And a glimpse of sunrays on the shimmering surface of the eluvian.
                    Solas sighed, holding her hand tighter, and letting them enjoy the moment for a little longer, before he finally got up, still not letting her go. When he stood, the illusion broke and lost a bit of its charm, but it still was there, at least some of it. Even despite weirdly twisted qunari in the background, all turned into stone, some with pretty silly expressions.
                    - We should go already, my dear. The change awaits us – he said and smiled at the Inquisitor’s hand, which he carried in his.
                    If only the rest of her would stay too… but well, he had to do with what he had.

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                      Time is up. Thanks to everyone that participated. I haven't got a timescale for the announcement of the winners, or the distribution of the prizes, but hope to get everything done within a week.

                      In the meantime, enjoy the rest of Valentine's Day, whatever you may be up to!


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                        Just a quick update. I was hoping to have made some progress on the contest prizes by now but a short illness has unfortunately put a hamper on that. This contest is rather reading-heavy, and I just haven't been up to the task these past few days.

                        I'm going to try and get the participation rewards issued out tomorrow, and the top prizes decided and distributed by Wednesday/Thursday.


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                          The participation award of 50 gems has been distributed. If you believe you should have received them and did not please message Skywalkered as he is conducting this contest. I won't really have any answers for you as to why you did not qualify. If you message me, I will just bounce you back to him.


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                            Participation rewards have gone out now for those who submitted valid entries.

                            A few unfortunately didn't make the cut, mostly because there were insufficient words in the submission. However, I was feeling slightly generous and allowed those with at least 450 words to qualify, rather than the original 500.
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                              Alright, apologies for the delays, but the results are finally in!

                              • 1st Place: 300 Gems, 3 Tomes of Ascension, plus your choice of a single item of gear! - Flerm for Beardy and the Beast, featuring Oghren and a Nug (there also may have been alcohol involved )!
                              • 2nd Place: 200 Gems and 2 Tomes of Ascension! - Hellboy for a story featuring Possessed Ogre Commander and Yavanna!
                              • 3rd Place: 100 Gems and 1 Tome of Ascension! - evbneto for a story featuring Wynne and Sten!
                              • The following people recieve bonus entries into the weekly #TieredAndGeared contest!
                              @Sandor Surana
                              @Сергей Лазарев
                              Grey Warden
                              ACK 512

                              Congratulations to the winners. We had some amazing entries to be sure!




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                              To contact a moderator, please use the Flag Post function on the post represented by a flag:

                              What happens if I break the rules?
                              At best, your post will be edited by one of the moderators and you will be issued a warning. If the offense is more serious your post will be deleted. Posting "why was my post edited/deleted?" etc. will only make matters worse, so please don't. If a moderator has not sent you a message stating why, please send the Sr Moderator a message asking for a reason.

                              Should you have already been issued warnings and continue to break the rules, you will be issued an infraction - your posting privileges will be disabled for three days, but you will still be able to view the forums as a guest.

                              For persistent and deliberate rule-breakers your account will be "Banned". That means you are no longer welcome on these forums and/or games and your account will no longer function in them. If you re-register, your new account will be banned as well.

                              Posting Suggestions
                              In the attempt to create a compromise where everyone is happy, the following suggestions are also recommended:

                              1. Be civil and courteous. This forum is visited by people from all over the world, of different ages, genders, religions, and backgrounds, and are each entitled to their own opinion.
                              Also, see Flaming, Right to Privacy, and Hatred.

                              2. Make sure that your message topics fit the topic description of the forum in which you are posting. This is for your own benefit - for example, a question regarding a bug or problem should be posted in the Feedback section.

                              3. Use the search function before posting, particularly if the question is problem oriented. Most technical questions have been answered before, and solutions are freely available.

                              4. Make sure that you have followed #3 before posting

                              5. Read the sticky threads at the top of each forum - they are there for a reason, and generally contain information relevant to the forum.

                              6. Don't quote the entire message that you're responding to, only the pertinent passage. This makes it easier to read for other users.

                              7. If you find it easier to express yourself en français, auf Deutsch, en español, in Nederlands, in Italiano, or any other language, post in the International Discussion forum. Hopefully someone who speaks the same language as you will be able to assist you. All posts in other sections (non-International) of the forums must be in English, so please make use of Google Translate if you need assistance with translation. Posting in English will allow the widest range of people to assist you.

                              In addition to the Forum Rules, you are bound to the general EA Terms of Service both on these forums and in the game. Links to the TOS are as follows:

                              EA TOS English
                              EA TOS French
                              EA TOS German
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