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    "Would that Corypheus split the sky and swallow us all, lest I endure another moment of your oafish trudging in my path."

    Morrigan's tone was as clipped as her gait as she strode swiftly past the Iron Bull to emerge from the shadows of the valley pass and into the relative light, leathers fluttering, bare shoulders held high. The sky above was a slowly swirling vortex of emerald malaise and floating rock. Strings of unstable, winding terrain led in aimless circles, dotted with horrific, repugnant appropriations of Skyhold. The Fade was leaking into this place, and quickly.

    The Iron Bull's sigh ended in a frustrated growl. "Just crap out your weird magic bullsh*t already."

    "An interesting turn of phrase," Morrigan murmured softly, turning her hawk-like amber gaze to the twisted hellscape that floated leagues above, seeking her prey. No sign… but no matter.

    Sister Nightingale sidled up to the Iron Bull, an arrow notched, though her bow was lowered, a slash of red hair swaying beneath her hood as her eyes flitted about. Concisely, she nodded, before slipping back to the pass. "Clear it."

    "Clear the platform!" Iron Bull roared, his voice ripping from his chest with command, and gusto. He hefted his Edge into the air as Inquisition footsoldiers scrambled past him the way he had come, though some tarried under siege from the wretched talons of monsters. The Edge whistled as it swung through the air, connecting with the ribcage of a Terror with a delightfully deep crunch. With a wistful smirk of satisfaction, the Iron Bull pressed his momentum upon another forsaken creature, his axe swinging with him.

    Demons continued to crumple beneath the bladed wrath of the Inquisition, until all of their forward forces had evacuated the immediate area to join Red in relative safety.

    It was, in that chosen moment, that a blinding curtain of light rose immediately upward in front of the Qunari, hot white sparks flying in all directions, fizzling against his leathers, his skin. He squinted against it, until it burned into his very sockets, his eyelids more and more useless as the enigma brightened. Though just as quickly as it had appeared, it shrunk away.

    Refortifying his defensive posture, the Qunaris' honed warrior senses became keenly aware of some massive, silent menace looming inches beyond his slowly recovering perception. Musky, cloying brimstone reached from his nostrils, down to his clenched gut. A deeply reverberating, guttural growl rumbled so loud it drummed against his ribcage, and against the very stone he stood upon.

    "Dragon," he muttered, clutching his haft.

    And surely enough, before his view could recoup, a great taloned claw came crashing to the ground beside him with a shuddering crunch, dust billowing into the tepid air, the twisted form of a demon writhing beneath with an otherworldly shriek.

    The sudden flailing of the creature mere feet away roused the Iron Bull's senses to action, adrenaline thrumming throughout him, spinning from his spine to tingle at his fingertips. A horrid silhouette in his peripherals twisted toward him, and he flung the blunt end of his weapon into the darkness with a roar. Before it could connect, the air rung with an ear piercing, bloodcurdling screech, and a handful of twisted demons tumbled from the charred platform, their cries drowned out by the ringing of his pointed ears.

    The Iron Bull had never been this close to a dragon without Dread mounted upon his skull, and at least two pints of sack mead rolling around in his belly. His eyes, his ears, his nostrils. They are f--ked.

    Lifting his chin as high as he thought it might go, hot breath hissed forth through his teeth like a billows, heart thundering so loud he could feel the blood throbbing in his eardrums. He puffed his chest in a pathetic gesture against the goliath of flesh that eclipsed him, awed him.

    In the surrounding darkness, a single golden eye, as deadly as it was beautiful, rotated within an immense reptilian skull to lock upon him. Beneath, the great dark wall of scale and muscle shifted, a colossal creature uncoiling before him, turning upon the platform of blackened rock. A pair of monstrous, towering wings unfurled to the tugging winds, blocking the Breach itself, with an oscillating creak like that of leather heraldry.

    He was just a man, after all. The Iron Bull could not help himself. He held his palm out as this great beast unfurled before him, and sighed deeply as a swath of violet scales purred upon his gloved palm with a soothing ripple. Morrigans nostrils flared with heated intensity. Warmth rolled in around him, his muscular form cosseted by a miasma of soot for a single indulgent and lingering moment, before the two immense wings came plummeting down, the earth shuddering beneath them. Morrigan ascended from her perch, from him, with grace unexpected of such an immense beast, talons curling from the ground, her gilded eyes fading into the darkness of the infinite beyond, though not without a final, pining glance.

    The vacuum pulled him to her, but without wings, he could never join her. It's fine. The distance, it's kind of hot.

    The smoke was flushed from the platform with the force of a typhoon, yet the Iron Bull looked on unflinching, though his ears, his leathers, his soul fluttered. Surrounded by the bitter tang of blood, the murmur of the crumbling landscapes, the fizzling crackle of battle on islands above, the Iron Bull thrummed with passion, a rumble in his throat.

    "Taarsidath-an hilsaam, Ataashi."
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      With the coming of the night Varrik's table was very interesting for Elissa. After the third circle of an incomprehensible mixture of alcohol, the girl smiled absently and looked at everyone sitting in this cozy room.
      To her left is a beautiful green-eyed elf with a sonorous name Fenris. The girl looked at his mail for a long time. Quite an interesting design, especially if you are flying some crazy, not worrying about what will fly on the spikes. Elissa and characterized the elf: he was as prickly as his armor.

      Near him sat guard Avelyn, also a beautiful name and very famous, mainly for those who are even a small part interested in history. She was slightly flushed with alcohol and something cheerfully explained the black-haired girl sitting next to her. As Elissa later learned, it was Hawke's sister. Bethany looked modest and gentle, but El was absolutely sure that this magessa is a good fighter.

      Directly opposite, he sat Hawk himself and looked with trembling at the little elf. She explained something self-consciously, threw up her hands and looked inquiringly at Garrett, seeking support. The warrior nodded all the time, and Elissa flashed the idea that Hawk's blackhead would simply fall away. And there was a feeling that the leader of this farce feeds far from friendly feelings for the sweet Merrill. Although Isabella, who is close to the elf, could also claim a vacant seat. In addition, it was not known where Hawke looked, nodding so desperately: either in the huge eyes-saucers Merrill, or at the huge bust of the robber.

      Somewhere at the heart appeared a painful unpleasant feeling of loneliness and the realization that she had never seen such a gentle look in her direction.
      Sitting at the head of the table, Warrick quickly scribbled into his notebook, creating something great. Tetras knew his business and was given to him completely, just like Elissa's possession of pairing blades and combat tactics.

      Realizing that it was too late and it would be time to know, the girl nodded Warrick and rose imperceptibly from her chair. But already standing at the door, she heard:
      "And you will not even say goodbye?" Hawke's mocking voice could be heard even through the noise of the Niggling Sea. "We'll meet again, will not we?"
      "Of course, Hawke." At last the girl winked at Garrett and with a smile went out the door.

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      Ally code: 862-249-638


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        The Crow and the Seeker

        Cassandra was following her usual weekly routine, start out with training, check on the inquisition stocks, prevent Sera from being a pain, when she decided it was a chance to treat herself.
        Sneaking away from the inquisition she headed into the town, she knew where she was heading, the book store.

        She had finished Varrics latest novel and needed something to distract herself from hard life of the inquisiton. As she perused the shelves of the romance novels she got to thinking about how things would be different if life was more like one of these books.

        The thought of running away with a mysterious foreigner, the chance to travel, no more following the rules and behaving as she always had. As she dwelled on the thought a book caught her eye "The Kiss of the Crow". The front cover depicted a two crossed daggers entwined with a steel rose, something about this book spoke to Cassandra but as she moved to pick it up, something blurred past her and the book was gone.

        Instantly her hand went to her side reaching for her blade, eyes darting around she looked for the blur, there in the shadows she noticed the light catch something that her eyes couldnt focus on. Down the aisles it moved, cautiously she followed, heart quickening with every step, unsure what this lithe shadow was. Every step closer the figure moved form shadow to shadow, with feline grace of one trained in the way of stealth, as she followed sword at the ready the shadow dissapeared round the end of the aisle.

        Cassandra braced herself, ready to deal with whatever lay in store for her, she pounced blade ready to strike at..... nothing. The aisle was clear, not a shadow nor a whisper, no hint that there was anything to follow, there on the floor lay the book. Curiously she moved over to it but just as she went to pick it up she felt a blade at her neck, unprepared she braced herself.

        "A curious choice for a seeker" came an unusual voice.

        Cassandra flushed, caught unwares looking at a romance novel of all things.

        "It is not for me" she claims

        "A shame, for one who knows how to handle her blade might well learn a thing or two from such a book " came the curious voice, his warm breath on her neck - causing Cassandras heart to race.

        She paused figuring out why this voice was familiar, thinking back to her days exploring. The words so familiar, as her eyes caught the title of the book the memories came flooding back.

        *Antiva - Cassandra had been sent to see what she could find out about the crows. Heading down an alley to meet her contact she noticed she was being followed. A group of cloaked figures following with weapons drawn, she was clearly outnumbered, as she moved to intercept them blade at the ready, a shadow flashed by, 2 of the figures fell. As she took down the nearest of the figures, another few fell seemingly from nothing. She span on the spot, sword clashing at the approachers, two encircled her but she did not slow and took them down. As she turned around she found the rest had been dealt with.

        "I hear you are looking for the crows" came an antivan voice

        She turned back around and found an elvish assassin with a grin on his face, two daggers drawn and curiously close.

        Her blade lashed out, but he was too quick there blades met his daggers wrapped around her blade.

        "Tut tut, as much as I like a woman who can handle her blade, do not think you can handle me" he smirked. There was a glint in his eye as he withdrew his weapon.

        "That is not the way to thank your rescuer, but first let me introduce myself I am Zevran of the Antivan Crows, now tell me my little steel rose how can i be of service"*

        Cassandras mind reeled as the flood of memories bought back feelings she had not felt for a long time.

        "Zevran! You wicked assassin"

        Chuckling he span her round. Her hand flashed out to slap him, with the grace of a cat he batted her hand out of the way and embraced her.

        "Too long my steel rose, I had given up hope of finding you again, when I heard of the inquisition, I came hoping to lend my blades to your cause and of course any other services you require" that charming smile and glint in his eye made her flush. She was speechless

        Cassandras voice wobbled as she went through a range of emotions " how dare you! After all this time" picking up steam she prepared to tear him apart for leaving her all those years ago!

        Noticing the warning signs Zevran did the only thing he could think, he kissed her, not lightly nor gently but with passion.

        Speechless she reeled, dazed at what had just happened. Quick as a flash he was gone again. A note falling the floor "Tonight" was all it said.

        Cassandra slumped to the floor clutching the note "tonight my crow" she breathed.

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        Ally Code: 438-565-797
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          "Damn," Hawke drawled, her head sharply swiveling, "Now that’s a feast for the eyes!"
          Carver groaned at the interruption of their planning. "Could you quit being a hopeless **** for a moment and focus," he snapped. "We’re on a mission, remember?"
          "Yeah, yeah," his sister said absently, still staring over her shoulder. "I'm just saying..."
          He wasn't going to look, Carver told himself. He was absolutely not going to look. He knew all about his sister's tastes which meant he knew for a fact he’d regret it.
          Of course he looked anyway. What he saw made his jaw drop with sheer astonishment and it was several seconds before he could collect himself enough to speak.
          "The Knight-Commander?!" he whisper-screamed while he tore his eyes away.
          "I know who she is," Hawke said, nonplussed.
          "She! Is the Knight! Commander!"
          "She has nice hair," Hawke said defensively. "And a woman in armor...woof."
          "You! Are an Apostate! Mage!"
          Hawke punched him lightly on the shoulder. "Bit louder if you please, I don’t think the all the Templars in the Marches got the invitation to my arse-kicking extravaganza."
          "And you’re the one people like to put in charge? You’re insane," Carver insisted.
          Hawke whistled innocently and kept on walking. "So I like older women! And no, it is not because of any latent mommy issues, so don't even start."
          "I wasn't going to. But now that you mention it..."
          "You can die now, little brother."
          "Okay, ****, marry, kill," Varric said with a smirk and a flourish. "The Knight-Commander, the Grand Cleric, and the First Chanter."
          "Easy," Hawke boasted loudly. "Kill Elthina, she's a bitch. Marry Orsino, he seems like such marriage material, honestly. And," Hawke grinned, "**** the living **** out of Meredith."
          Their Wicked Grace group devolved into instant chaos. Fenris started laughing. Anders' sensibilities were so offended his eyes lit themselves blue while Merrill’s cheeks, on the other hand, turned bright red. Isabela howled and nodded but her response was a foregone conclusion to them all. Varric simply grinned, touched his quill to his tongue and began feverishly scribbling notes about the whole thing.
          "Oh, I don't know," Isabela finally said to the assembly after the furor died down. "I think Orsino would be a good lay. I mean, that lovely lithe body? Getting to take off those heavy robes would be like unwrapping a present!"
          "But Meredith in armor," Hawke said wistfully. "That’s a sodding gift."
          "Oho Ho!" Varric exclaimed with surprised fervor. "That’s not just for the sake of the game, is it? You really do want some hanky panky time with the Knight-Commander!"
          Hawke shrugged shamelessly. "You want me to say it? Alright. I want to **** the formidable Meredith Stannard."
          Anders groaned. "You're setting back mage rights by a hundred years."
          "Oh get off your high horse. She's delicious!"
          "Is there even a woman under all that armor?" Merrill questioned seriously.
          "Oh, there's a woman under there alright. A toned, powerful woman, who'd boss me around, and--"
          "Stop!" yelled at least three people at once.
          Hawke put on a shocked and offended air. "And there it is, the lot of you unable to handle even a teeny bit of truth."
          "I can't believe your taste," Aveline mumbled between sips of tea, “How’s that for truth?”
          "She’s not wrong," Isabela said with a chuckle. "I mean really, the woman’s more likely to gut you than have a roll in the sack. Have you SEEN the way she looks at you? If that’s what puts some jelly in your bean I’ve been going about this the wrong way entirely!"
          "Oh please don’t start that," Aveline cut in then looked at Hawke sternly, "Hawke needs to preserve what’s left of her dignity. Right?"
          "Nope!" Varric declared with a laugh and the others joined in. “This is good stuff!”
          Hawke just shook her head, “Sorry bunch of nugs. How are you supposed to achieve greatness without the odd seemingly unattainable goal? You'll see one day," she cackled. "You'll all see!"
          There were Qunari corpses everywhere, and Hawke was covered in blood, so circumstances could certainly have been more romantic, but that didn't slow her down. Oh no.
          "So," she said, sliding directly up to the Knight-Commander. “Knight-Commander Meredith. Can I call you Meredith?"
          "No," she said flatly.
          Varric, Aveline and Anders all groaned simultaneously. Anders covered his eyes with his hand. Aveline sighed.
          "Thank you endlessly for saving us, Meredith," Hawke said earnestly. "And may I just say that the burning fires of chaos throughout the city highlight your cheekbones marvelously?"
          For once, the Knight-Commander looked speechless. "You may," she said, probably out of surprise more than anything else. "Although I do not see why--"
          "What are you doing later?" Hawke cut in. "Surely you aren't busy all the time."
          Meredith stood straighter. "The city of Kirkwall always needs my protection."
          "Oh, surely not all the time."
          Hawke dropped a smile so simpering and flirtatious that her companions could taste the saccharine from ten yards away.
          Meredith shook her head. "Enough! We have business to attend. Come."
          "If you insist," Hawke said, tramping after her.
          "This needs an intervention," Anders whispered urgently to Varric. "Never mind the Qunari. This is the real emergency."
          "Just let her work through it, Blondie," Varric said soothingly, patting his forearm. "You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped."
          The nice thing about being Champion, Hawke thought (besides all the accolades, and the fancy armor, and the inaccurate statue, and the fact that people just politely looked away when she did magic in public) was that Meredith was constantly calling her into her office for business. Or at least she claimed it was business. It was Hawke's opinion that the Knight-Commander wanted something rather more.
          She was headed there now, whistling, her incredibly obvious mage's staff balanced on her shoulder. She shut the door behind her when she walked in.
          Meredith briefly looked up as Hawke entered, neatly setting aside her reports and rising. "Hawke," she said brusquely.
          "Why, hellooo," Hawke said, hopping up onto the much larger woman's desk, draping herself across it and scattering papers all over the floor. "Meredith."
          The Knight-Commander stared flatly for several moments, and then crossed her arms. "What is the meaning of this?"
          "Why," said Hawke, settling her chin on an armored fist, "Whatever do you mean?"
          Meredith sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Never mind," she growled. "I need to discuss the apprehension of those blood mage apostates."
          As if that would ever make her to-do list. "No progress on that front yet," Hawke said blithely before lowering her eyelids and smiling sweetly. "But are you sure there isn't anything...else I can do for you?"
          Meredith stared at her long and hard and for a sweet ephemeral moment Hawke thought she might relent. "Get out of my office," she said finally, jaw clenched.
          Hawke smiled just the same. “Yes, Ma’am,” she said, then hopped off the desk and strolled out, blowing the Knight-Commander a kiss as she went.
          Ah well, she thought cheerily on her way out of the Gallows. There was always tomorrow.

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            ALLY CODE 529-849-619

            Lady Seeker Cassandra: " I was desperately trying to sell my shield on a used warfare website. Contact me this guy, Ketojan, willing to buy it at any cost, even if he had not offered me a tempting offer! He was sure of himself, charming in words, he caught all my attention with his ways of doing !

            We soon exchange the id line ? to talk about the conditions of sale and shipping, and .... we soon start talking about something else. The feeling between us was immediate ... there was something special between us right away !

            Living in the same kingdom, the Thedas, we decide to meet in a lyrium bar for the delivery of the shield. But this of course was just an excuse to get to know each other. We both wanted to understand if the nice and nice person we had talked in online chat, would have been able to conquer us in person. For me it was so ... pity that I was engaged
            since many years. but my story was not very good ... and for some time sex was poor and poor !

            That same evening, after various lyrium cocktails, between a shield and a sword, I kissed him ... he took me by the hair and continued to kiss me sensually, we ended up under the sheets without realizing it ...but I remember well that it was the most beautiful night of my life!

            After that unforgettable evening of passion we did not feel for a while ... but mine, as his thought was always fixed there ... to that love born in that lyrium bar! A few weeks later, a bit by chance, a little luckily, or maybe because that's what destiny wanted, we met again, and from that day we never left. Not for one day.

            Now we are together. We are friends, we are lovers, we are accomplices ... we travel often, we were also the enchanted castle of the Morrigan dragon! We have fun together, and all of this under the sign of love. I took the time to leave my ex-boyfriend Saarath, he did not take it very well, he wanted to challenge Ketojan in a fight between Qunari, but he then realized that my love for him was exhausted! And i realize he wanted to be with Ketojan.

            my virtual love, become reality in a click !
            Thanks to a shield !

            Soon we will celebrate our third Valentine's Day "

            I LOVE YOU KETOJAN
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              "You know, Songbird," Isabella stretched seductively like a cat. "You're bad for me." I began to think seriously about religion.
              Sebastian struggled to keep from skeptical laughter.
              - And you think about something specific? He would not be surprised, say pirate, that in her opinion the Creator allowed the Tevinter people to burn Andraste, because he loved girls more hotly. Isabella pierced the man with a stare. Her dark eyes looked extremely serious, and from her usual playfulness there was not a trace left. However, after a moment, Isabel smiled again. Putting her elbows on the table, she placed her chin on her woven fingers and held it out, staring into the void:
              - I think that perhaps the Creator should be a sailor.
              The door of the tavern slammed, and a hired man was drunk into the Hangman. Waving a hollow flask and a throat to an eerie indecent song, he wandered to the stairs to the second floor. Sebastian lifted his eyes to grief. Better for conversations on religious topics would come only brothel.
              "Why did you decide that?"
              "Because I knew a lot of sea wolves - most of them, of course, were rather puppies, but some ..." The pirate leaned back in her chair. - The first storm will show what is hidden under the person under the skin, what thoughts he keeps in his head. If you want to know a friend, go out with him to the open sea.
              "And where is the Creator?"
              "In the sea, people show themselves real," the woman's voice appeared patronizing, as if she were explaining obvious things to the child or to the idiot. "Who knows people better than anyone else, but not the Creator?"
              Sebastian shook his head.
              - I'm glad that you began to think about high matters ...
              "... but you think of me as a stupid *****, who, after having sipped his face, begins to carry delirium."
              "I'm not at all ..." Sebastian was embarrassed, for he knew deep down inside his heart that it was about this that he first thought about it.
              "Relax, chorister," Isabella leaned toward the man and winked conspiratorially. - Do you want a dispute? If I am right, tomorrow the Creator will bring the bishop of the church Eltin to the Hangman.
              "And how will this prove that the Creator is a sailor?"
              "At least it will prove that he has a great sense of humor."
              The next evening, watching as the Lady of the Church almost pulls out two young novices from the tavern, Sebastian could not believe his eyes. Warrick, somehow learned about the dispute and ruffled about him to everyone who could, was laughing, Isabel smiled meaningfully and slyly. Visitors to the tavern looked puzzled at such a different fun company.
              "If you're still right," Sebastian muttered after a long silence, "maybe one day you even met with the Creator in one of the port taverns."
              "Maybe," Isabel bit her lip, "he even once was lucky to be in my bed."

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                It s a normal monday like much others in varric's life but he's excited becouse he has a beer with his best friend the bianca. She s finally in town after a long journey* . Bianca and varric were best friend since they were kids, and they grew up togheter being always in touch with their experiences. But what that bianca ignores is that varric is secretly fall in love with her and varric has finally found the courage to speak about his feelings; Bianca misses him too much, he feels that can t shut up anymore. He is ansiouxs and continues to repeat to him self that it's the time to exit from the friendzone, but in the meanwhile he has fear to lose his best friend. But time is running out and finally the time of the date comes, and varric meets bianca at the usual tavern. She's radiant, beautiful than ever for varric and she starts to speak about her jouney, her work, and they laught all the time like always, like they had never left... their complicity is crazy! In his head Varric continues to remand the moment when says the truth, he won t ruin an amazing friendship. But suddenly it happen something unexpected : she stops to talking, approaches to varric and kisses him!! Varric loves her back. No words, just a kiss. After varric finally confides to bianca his love and* she smiles glad. From that day they are lovebirds and their love story is prospering nicely.
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                  I here have casually come across one entertainingly the letter in the archive, and would like to share it with you.
                  Here is its brief meaning.

                  Hello my dear Brogan !! I am writing this letter to you, since with great anguish I understand that we will not be able to see in the future, as if to me
                  I did not want to ...
                  I want to tell you what happened over the long years of our separation, and to be more precise, there was only one thing that unfortunately was
                  is hidden from you ..
                  My dear, you have a son, yes, you did not misinterpret, the most that neither is real. All this time he was with me, his eye with him
                  not taken, a good fellow, much of course he took from you, but I did not go unnoticed)
                  Imagine, he learned the basics of magic and even makes progress, can you imagine ?? At the same time, the hefty force
                  In general, I want you to know that he is and of course we always wait for you,
                  And maybe when you digest it all, then you want to see us ... maybe you can return ... you write ... to us.

                  Always fond of you, Fiona and your son Sandal.

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                    Love is desperate - a romance.

                    Captain Guard Aveline Vallen stumbled onwards through thick mud and rivulets of water as the rain soaked through her armour, creeping between plates of metal. She was returning from an evening of protecting a ragtag group of men and women who were defeatedly fleeing the battle at Ostagar, all humiliated beyond reason.

                    Miserable and cold, Aveline spyed her tent in the distance and her deflated spirits lifted at the thought of seeing her beloved again. They has met just days ago at an unfortunate village that had been ravaged by the Darkspawn, leaving destruction in their wake. Since then they had spent precious time together, sharing everything - food, comfort, warmth and most important of all love. It really did seem to Aveline to be love at first sight, but what about her husband, perhaps he would understand, Wesley was a good man. She had separated from Wesley after the scattering of the army but the plan has always been to rendezvous outside of Lothering.

                    At last Aveline reached her destination and pushed gently through the fabric entrance and immediately saw a shape curled up on the makeshift bed, soft and dark with a sweet smell of perfume. Her heart hammered in her chest, fingers trembled in anticipation of spending the remainder of the night in a blissful embrace. She quietly removed her gauntlets and breastplate, her beautiful red hair was soaked and lay in tumbles across her heaving bosom, her delicate mouth formed a shivering smile.

                    For a moment she held her breath and allowed her senses to flood the space around her. The chill of the air pricked her skin, sending tiny hairs to rise, trapping a layer of insulation. She could taste a delicate sharpness from long ago kisses, passionate and hungry that led to a strong stirring of the circulation. The perfume assailed her nasal passages, a curious, sickly, coppery smell - the scent of blood red roses or death. The sound of air passing in and out of expanding lungs reassured her her that life held court over her loved ones existence. She could see a kaleidoscope of colours in front of her, pink and purple, love hearts, flowers and sunshine.

                    Aveline quickly and silently swooped down to bundle her precious lover into her arms, tears of joy and exhaustion mingling with streams of rain. She buried her face into the mass of dark fur as the body stirred and stretched in protest to such a rude awakening. ‘Kitty, oh Kitty, I am so glad to be back’, she whispered.

                    Kitty awoke with a brief flare of demonic light in her eyes, wondering who she would meet in Lothering.


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                      "Garahel always used to say that 'heroism' was just another way of saying 'horror', and maybe a worse one ...
                      Who would say that this great hero would be right with his motto, because the worst thing for him in his act of heroism was losing his own life and the love of his beloved ...
                      Still tell the stories of the great romance that existed between these two beings: the young elf Garahel and the well-known mercenary of the Ruby Drakes, Amadis Vael. With it he lived incredible and risky adventures of love; leaving aside his principles and values, Garahel lived a torrid romance despite being the fiancé of the Gray Guard Velanna.
                      Much is believed that Garahel died at the hands of Archidemomio Andarel, but the reality is that, having lived an experience of much love with his lover but in the end an infidelity, did not reach the heroine life that he had nor the time that he lived moments before. with Velanna, his heroism this time referred to confronting his wife, the beautiful and powerful Gray Guard Velanna, who as I mentioned before, discovered the infidelity of his beloved, which was his end for him, a planned end.
                      This situation led to Amadís Vael, taking his life with his beloved lover, exclaiming a phrase that Garahel himself taught him to be together after death and continue his great romance.
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                        Miracles happen, and even between those people who are irreconcilable enemies. On February 14, there was an extremely brutal battle between the crimson creatures and the gray guardians. Almost all guards were killed, and only wounded guard Klarel was a hair's breadth from death. The older, monster prefers wanted personally to finish off the guard, but in the eyes of her eyes he managed to see something magical, beautiful, innocent and at the same time terrible. He looked into her eyes not as they look into the eyes of the enemy. He felt love, as a person would say, but to him it seemed like an unprecedented He left her alive, and the most surprising was that he sheltered himself and began courting her. To say compliments often, he gave flowers from the red lyreum, led the places of the destroyed Tedas and showed her the landscape landscapes of war. In the end he proposed a truce to the guards and wanted to uncover the mystery of the power of the sphere of destruction, but the magic on February 14 ended and melted away, which brought the Elder back to the previous thoughts. And then they came to the guardians of Hawke ...


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                          The beautiful and the monster

                          From the beginning of the alliance, between the brave iron bull and the Inquisition, there was always a strong attraction between the most bizarre element of the iron bulls and Josephina, who always hid behind the terrifying image of this character. Bloody battles marked with the power of his unmistakable ax and manly air. Everyone respected him, everyone admired him, but only one person thought that behind that powerful, ruthless and grotesque being would hide a sweet heart. Attempts at approximation were made from side to side, but either one stood in the impasse. One for the shame of his image, another for the uncertainty of feeling. After a bloody battle, and in the festivities of the same, the exchange of glances was inevitable, and in the fall of the party cloth crossing in the corridors of the castle the inevitable happens, physical approximation and the appearance of a kiss. Everything was amazing, the warmth of both.
                          After all, they both knew it would be a secret between the two, and would never be accepted by the community.
                          A figure with the power of Josephine in the community, in love with a monstrous and violent being, who in the image of others could only kill. On the other hand, she would know that the strong attraction that the advisor cullen felt for her, could cause it to create a climate of instability within the Inquisition.A condemned love from the beginning. A story in the image of the beautiful and the monster.
                          Subsequent to this, many battles were won, much glory was known. Although this secret had never been uncovered, the heat of this union made the power of the inquest surpass itself. Love and commitment.

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                            So many options, such potential, how will I choose only one pairing. I think it is time to revisit some party banter, if I'm not mistaken there was something about a oily massage Zevran offered to Alistair


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                              Sorry my bad English, it isn't my main language and I am not a good writer either, but I love HoDA contest, I tried it

                              AN ODD VALENTINE’S LOVE!!!
                              They met one icy morning in Skyhold, when a young boy suddenly appeared causing mayhem everywhere.
                              Sera was going to play a joke on Cullen and she was really scared when she saw that boy and she screamed, she is very sensitive to magic and the veil and she noticed right away that this guy was not normal.
                              He can’t stay here, no way, he must go back to the veil immediately! Sera said very angry.
                              Cole explained that he didn’t intend to cause any problem and he only was trying to help.
                              “How rude of my side, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Cole” said the boy, “and I want to stay here and help the Inquisition”.
                              Solas assured that the boy wouldn’t represent any problem and he would be responsible for the boy acts.
                              Cullen and Vivienne weren’t very convinced about the idea, but they decided to trust Solas and they gave the boy a chance.
                              Sera started to cry very angry and nervous and she went to her room.
                              Sera blamed Solas then and decided to play a joke on him at night, I don’t know what is the best prank, Sera thought, maybe I will put a laxative in his tea and I could tear some pages from his magic books. Yes, this is perfect, and Sera started to laugh and she seemed happy.
                              Sera stood in the corridor in front of Solas room, when she noticed a strange presence, go away for me, Sera cried nervously.
                              Cole appeared and say Sera that she didn’t need to be nervous or worried and they could have fun this night together, Cole said Sera he loved jokes too and he could sneak into Solas room without being seen or making noise.
                              The expression on Sera’s face suddenly changed and she seemed excited about the idea.
                              Cole did it while Sera was watching the door in case someone caught them, Sera was really happy and couldn’t stop smiling all the time.
                              Suddenly they heard footsteps and ran to the cellar and they opened a bottle of the finest wine to celebrate their triumph.
                              Cole was a little drunk and he tried to kiss Sera, but Sera turned away and slapped him.
                              “What are you doing? Are you crazy?” “I don’t like men” Sera cried out.
                              Cole felt a little silly and embarrassed.
                              “Don’t worry Sera, it was my fault, I was a little impulsive” “But you are very pretty and funny and you have a beautiful smile and I wanted to kiss you”.
                              Cole left the cellar a little sad and disappointed and went to cheer up to the tavern, there he was impressed by the beauty and voice of Maryden and applauded and whistled enthusiastically.
                              “Brilliant performance, I loved it” Cole said.
                              “Thanks a lot for your compliments Cole, I am glad you liked my song” Maryden answered him.
                              Would you like to drink something? Maryden invited Cole for a drink.
                              They drank a mug of beer and chatting, they seemed to be happy together and get along.
                              But Cole didn’t realize that Sera was in the tavern too.
                              Sera seemed very angry and she I shot Cole a glass of whiskey and went to his room.
                              “Damn Sera, what happened to her”. He said angrily.
                              Maryden then became happy and blushed, “Maybe she is jealous, I thought Sera didn’t like me and she didn’t like my songs, but maybe I am in a mistake”.
                              Cole was a little sad but he tried to help Maryden and convinced Sera to talk with her.
                              Maryden was playing a song for Sera when Sera left her room and invited Maryden to have a drink.
                              Cole left with a bittersweet feeling. On the one hand he was happy to have helped Maryden, but on the other hand he was sad because he liked Sera.
                              Cole asked for a drink and he saw Krem, he seemed also sad and a little drunk, because he liked Maryden, but Sera and Maryden seemed very happy together.
                              Next day he wake up and find an arrow with a note in the wall, it seemed Sera’s penmanship.
                              Cole read it, Sera was inviting him to taste his cookies, he followed the map that Sera was drawn and arrived to a Skyhold tower roof.
                              Sera was waiting for him anxiously with a beautiful grin.
                              “Sit down and taste my cookies”.
                              Cole: Thanks Sera, they are delicious, you are a great cooker.
                              Then Sera kissed Cole.
                              What??? Why did you that??? Poor Maryden. Cole felt a little disappointed.
                              Sera: What makes you think I like Maryden? I have never liked her and her music is horrible, I only went with her to get you jealous and because you asked it to me.
                              And if you want to have a date with me you have to get a new body, a qunari woman body.
                              Cole was very surprised, speechless and puzzled at the same time.
                              Sera: Come on Cole say something. Sera said impatiently.
                              Cole: Of course I want to date you, I will get a new body, don’t worry.
                              Sera started to laugh: And when you got it, I will wait you in my room.
                              They ate some cookies and they were watching Skyhold from above, all seemed beautiful and smaller.
                              They saw Dorian trying to flirt with the Inquisitor, Varric dedicating one of his books to Cassandra, Cullen walking with scout Harding in a loving attitude and Josephine kissing Leliana.
                              Sera laught: What is happening, Valentine is crazy this year in Skyhold.
                              And you have to see the best Cole, I prepared a romantic date between Krem and Maryden in the gardens and they seem very happy together.
                              Cole: What a fantastic idea Sera, You are crazy but I love you, he smiled, you are very special.
                              Cole hugged and kissed Sera.
                              It seems Cole and Sera, a very odd couple that was doomed from the start, fell in love.

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                                Alistair never trusted him, from the moment they met, maybe that was because the crow was trying to kill him back then, but nonetheless they became companions and somehow close. But even after time had passed Alistair never let his guard down, he was always watching, looking for signs of the assassin’s intentions trying to understand his motives, never missing the slightest detail.
                                In time he began to notice Zevran was not what he expected, that is not to say he was anything close to trustworthy, but different, intriguing one might say, nothing like the other elves he knew, he had markings as well, tattoos he called them, but with different meaning, he also was… experienced, had a fair share of adventures of all kinds.
                                One time Alistair let his curiosity get the better of him and tried to indulge in a friendly conversation with the elf about the tattoo he once offered Alistair.

                                “I've been thinking about those ink drawings, what did you call them? Tattoos? Are you... still willing to do one?” asked Alistair;

                                Zevran decided to entertain the warden, “Oh-ho! You've decided to take the plunge, have you? What is a little pain, am I right?”

                                “I'm not worried about that. I think they look interesting, though I'd want mine... smaller. When can you do it?”

                                “Not so fast, my friend. There is an entire ritual to how this is done, do you not know? First I need to bathe you in a mixture of olives and rosewater.”, said the crow.

                                “You need to... bathe me? That seems... odd.”, inquired the warden.

                                “No, no, no, not at all. It needs to be worked into your skin, preparing it to receive the ink. The massage is quite pleasurable, do not worry. You are in good hands.”

                                “The... massage? You're... having me on, aren't you?”

                                “I might be. I might not be. Shall I describe the rest of the ritual to you?”, Zevran answered.

                                “Hmm. No. No, on second thought I'll just pass.”

                                But Alistair just couldn’t get the idea out of his mind, maybe he wanted that tattoo after all, they were fascinating. When they were back at the camp Alistair asked Zevran.

                                “So… About that tattoo, I… I changed my mind, I think I want one, could you do it?”

                                Zevran was speechless, “… even with the massage?… that is definitely essential for the procedure.”

                                “Yes, please stop asking”

                                “let’s not waste any time then”, replied the assassin.

                                After the “massage” Zevran gave the promised tattoo, they did not speak a single word, what was there to say? Alistair’s mind was just storming he was stunned, confused, angry… exited? Zevran did not lie when he said the massage would be pleasurable, but the warden never thought he would fell like this, that he would come to feel this things... for a assassin, for someone who would likely betray them at the first chance. But what he felt during the massage, the way he felt, Alistair had never felt this in his life. He was furious at himself, even though he knew this tattoo was sketchy to say the least and he let his curiosity get the best of him, but to think he would allow it to go this far. Or maybe he just convinced himself of that, maybe he never believed it wouldn’t be “just a massage”. After the tattoo was done they slept, still not a single word spoken.
                                The next day when Zevran woke up Alistair was no longer there, probably went back to his bed before anyone saw the two of them together, probably for the best. What was he thinking, when Alistair accepted his offer he thought something could happen, something did happen, but it was a mistake, Alistair of all people, was he out of his mind, maybe if they pretended nothing ever happened everything would be fine.
                                When he got out of his tent he saw Alistair, looking at his new tattoo with a mirror, Zevran thought it would be best to just go to the other side, the other side of Thedas, maybe Tevinter would do.
                                When the party was leaving the camp Alistair and Zevran got slightly behind the others and Alistair said.
                                “Hmm… ahhh…” he was always so good with words, “so how do you think it turned out? Rather nice isn’t it?… the tattoo of course.”
                                “Ah yes, the tattoo of course, yes, it is good i think”.
                                “Yes… I liked it too, may… hmm, maybe you could give me another one later… another tattoo I mean… if you… if you don’t have anything better to do that is”...

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