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  • I'll take a crack at a day in the CM's life.

    7:00: Roll out of bed, check your phone, open up the forums. Only 56 notifications, must be a slow day.
    7:05: Coffee.
    7:10: Start responding to threads about bugs, and asking for compensation and balances and fixes and this and that and the other thing. All responses are very level-headed, polite, and objective.
    8:00: Coffee.
    8:05: Make daily formal request on behalf of dozens of community pleas to BioWare for Griffon to be added in-game.
    8:06: Request denied.
    8:07: Heavy sigh, more coffee with a shot of something special.
    8:15: Get to work improving nexus drop rates. Laugh maniacally at current drop rates for Dracolisk event, and leave them unaltered.
    10:00: West coast US is awake, time to check the forums. 109 notifications, as per the usual. Pleas, requests, and complaints are respectfully answered. Stupid questions that have already been answered a dozen times in the current thread are carefully deflected, and redirected to the top post where the answer is already very clear. Post edited, answer made bold and underlined for emphasis. Another sigh.
    10:30: More coffee. Two shots this time. More forum micromanagement of members asking basic questions.
    11:00: Better close that spam thread...
    11:02: Check the current contest. Laugh at gross misrepresentations of daily life in your position.
    12:00: Lunch time!
    1:14: Get your daily notification on your phone to signal that Darrell has bought another 1600 gems. God bless that man.
    1:45: Meetings and stuff. Boring but important discussions with colleagues about finances, game balance, deadlines, and such.
    3:30: Check the forums again... 48 notifications, half of which are demands for a Sera nerf. Coffee is equal parts espresso and vodka at this point.
    4:30: Work day's almost done, getting bored, might as well play a little of that game you work on. Two runs of Very Hard on the daily quest get you 4 legendaries. You feel grateful for the ability to personally adjust your own drop rates to give yourself the edge. This is the life.
    4:40: This is not the life. Another two dozen forum notifications, another two dozen absurd requests and complaints. But Alduin liked your post, that's kind of nice at least. Someone mentioned that you accidentally wrote "Seeker Leliana" again instead of "Sister Nightingale." There's barely even any real coffee in your drink anymore.
    5:30: It's been half an hour and you're still trying to convince a forum member that no, they are not going to get a refund for buying a GCP and getting 3 Gurns.
    6:00: Argument is finally over. Forum member says they hate this stupid developer, and will be taking their business elsewhere. A new account is promptly appears on the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes forum.
    6:30: Work is done for the day, no matter how high the tide of forum complaints is. You turn off your phone and once again resist the urge to throw it into the toilet. You need a long hot bath.
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    Hero attack names from days gone by


    • Customer Support

      6 am Wake up, shower, breakfast, commute
      Gets to work, powers computer on
      Answers ticket
      Answers bug report
      Answers ticket
      Deals with angry player
      Answers ticket
      5 pm heads home

      Not bad huh? Coffee is the answer haha

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      • (based on my impression of office life)


        1:30 (am): Finish watching GOT, goes to bed
        2:30 - 7:30: Restless sleep, dreaming of things on fire
        7:45: Coffee!
        7:55: Wakes up
        8:15 - 8:50: Commute to the office, catching up on email from Producer ("We should have even more Dragons in the game!!1"), Engineer ("The stuff you described in the meeting last week is impossible to implement, please revise"), QA ("The latest toon is impossibly OP, will definitely break the game") and CM ("Are there actual lore reasons for Melifith (Dorians second crush/lover) being part of outlaws group?"). Dont reply, just sigh.
        9:00: Enters office
        9:15 - 10:00: Reads email again, responds with respectively: "Ok boss!", "... whatever", "Ok, lets nerf pre-leunch", "reference obscure fan fiction".
        10:00 - 11:30: Design meeting, mostly a heated discussion about the placement of the new water-cooler
        11:31: Finally coffee
        11:35 - 12:30: Lunch at the Lebanese place with Artist.

        12:45: Enters office.
        13:00 - 13:45: More of the email thing, mostly a continuation of discussing water-cooler
        14:00 - 15:30: Meeting with Engineer. Trying to decide if its worth taking the issue with the placement of the water-cooler to Producer. Engineer admits trying to sway Producer into getting a pinball machine instead of new water-cooler.
        15:31: Coffee again!
        15:45 - 16:30: Trying the Swedish concept fika. QA brought kake! And more coffee, digestive system not happy.
        16:40 - 16:55: Getting some designing done
        17:01: Leaving office
        17:15 - 17:50: commute home, discussing last GOT episode on reddit. One guy suggests the whole story is Bran´s psychotic dream. You sigh.
        18:10: Get Chinese take away.
        18:15 - 19:20: Eat Chinese on the couch, rewatching GOT.
        19:30 - 21:00: Read some DA fan fiction, trying to get inspiration to start writing your own.
        21:05 - 21:06: Open and close Tinder app
        21:10 - 22:50: Eating at the Turkish place, with Engineer and Artist
        23:30: Netflix and chill
        01:00: Goes to bed

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          A day in the life of a Quality Analyst
          The day begins waking up and grabbing his cell phone to start playing HODA. Has a quick shower... while playing HODA (good thing his phone is waterproof), grabs breakfast, while playing HODA. Drives to work, playing HODA. Gets stopped by police and ticketed for distracted driving. Walks into the office, playing HODA and promptly bumps into the glass door like he does every day. He's excited to hear about the new OP character and asks the Engineer to give him 4 to test. After spending the afternoon gleefully destroying the current meta teams; he finally suggests to the designers that this might break the game and maybe they need to roll back the new character's abilities. Near the end of the day, he goes for his daily physiotherapy appointment due to this mysterious neck and back problem he seems to have which coincidentally started soon after getting this job. He drives home... playing HODA and getting another traffic ticket. He eats dinner, while playing HODA. And goes to bed; falling asleep with his phone, and HODA, falling gently onto his pillow.


          • That's it, this contest is closed! I'll be distributing the participation gems early next week and announcing the winners on the 23rd.

            ** Please do not contact Customer Support asking for your participation gems, they cannot help you **

            I will let you know when the participation gems have been distributed, after which time you may send me a PM if you haven't received them with a link to your entry and I'll be glad to check it out for you.


            • Participation Gems have been awarded. These are automatically applied to your account, either the next time you log in or after your next battle if currently logged in. There is nothing to claim in-game to receive these.

              Winners will be announced on August 23.


              • Just a reminder...

                Originally posted by Lyeshal View Post
                So... the posts that aren't in English are not qualifying for this contest, as it is a basic forum rule that all posts in the main sections of the forums must be in English.

                Posts that are not about a day in the life of one of our staff members are also not qualified for this contest.

                If you find your post has been removed, it is likely due to one of these two reasons.


                • My apologies - our deliberations are taking a bit longer than anticipated and I don't have solid winners quite yet. I will make the winner announcement tomorrow.




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