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  • CONTEST: A Day in the Life

    Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in the studio? Here's your chance to postulate! What do you think a typical day in the studio looks like?

    You can use descriptive text, images, whatever you want to create your "Day in the Life". They can be serious or humorous, but please keep it clean - no profanity. You can pick from any of our positions to formulate your day's agenda, or mix and match to create a team overview.

    Producer - oversees the entire project, the head honcho, fearless leader
    Designer - the masterminds of the game, creates the content, events, specials, heroes - if it's in the game, it's because a Designer dreamed it up
    Engineer - the heart and soul of the game, makes the stuff work - takes the Designers' plans and brings them to life on the servers
    Artist - the game is beautiful because of our Artists. Anything graphical comes from the creative genius of our Artists
    QA (Quality Analyst) - testers and breakers of the game - everything must pass through QA for approval before it goes live
    Community Manager - first point of contact and liaison between players and development staff, who walks the fine line of finding the balance of best interests for both the players and the studio
    Customer Support - our front-line of assistance to the players, resolving account issues and taking in feedback and bug reports

    So just a little clarification - these entries should be telling a story - a day in the life of a staff member, not just describing their position. I've already done that for you Think about YOUR typical work day and what things you do on a day-to-day basis as part of the general routine, and then apply that same kind of thought to one of our positions.

    Due to the potential length of these entries, all entries must be posted on the Forums here in this thread.

    • Entries must be received by 2pm PST August 18, 2017
    • Entries must include Ally Code to be considered valid
    • MUST BE PG-13. Keep it clean.
    • Winners will be announced August 23, 2017
    • Winners will be selected at staff discretion
    • 3 Winners will be selected to win 150 gems!
    • All participants will receive 50 gems!
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    Ally Code 125-644-519

    Customer Service. Arrives at work at 9:00AM PST. Pours a cup of coffee (or favorite wake up drink), adds vodka or bourbon to prepare for the onslaught of issues waiting for them. First issue: reimbursement for purchase accidentally made as gamer pressed "Purchase" prompt by 'accident' while actually wanting a different toon that the pack offered. Adds alcohol to coffee...crafts polite but firm claim denial. Second through tenth issue: reimbursement for inability to acquire wanted 3 star toon from 4th CP or 1st GCP. Sends copy of earlier denial. Chugs drink, pours a new one, takes a break, goes into bathroom and screams into a wad of paper towels. Back to work...most of the remainder of the day spent explaining that Sera will not be nerfed and is working properly and there will be no compensation for her power. The trip home is spent talking to themself, which morphs into yelling at the steering wheel about 'compensation for nothing being expected', and exits the car having left frustrations in the cab of the vehicle.


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      Starts the work day reviewing previous work 8:30 am
      Email checking, including staff and facebook and why not instagram (?) 9:30 am
      Coffee time! 10:00 am
      The work does not stop, scheduling together the team the next steps in creating the past work plan 11:45 am
      Interval - Time of Lunch
      Work plan, schedule the whole development stage of the news 1:30 pm
      Distribute the assigned tasks to each member of the project team 2:00 pm
      Supervision of previously completed projects and their features, Make possible corrections 3:30 pm
      Another coffee, without stopping work...formulate steps of completion of report 4:00 pm
      One checked in the work plan 4:30 pm
      Finalize the tasks, schedule the next day's supervision and carry out the new steps 5:00 pm
      One more beautiful day of work finalized 5:30 pm

      Ally Code: 785-928-912
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        Customer support probably involves a lot of face palming and coffee.

        QA probably spends most of the day yelling I NEED MORE GEMS!

        Producer probably mostly says: this will be hilarious to watch

        Ally code 341-169-336


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          Every morning, a Community Manager wakes up and knows he will have to try to recover a disappointed client, ignore a two-headed troll and thank a loyal fan.
          The first morning thought is devoted to social profiles during breakfast or in the shower or during the journey to work.
          Once in the office, they analyze the pages of the competitor, the problems of the customers and after the search for and the collection of new ideas begins.
          Activities are constantly monitored and moderate interactions throughout the day, in order to avoid creating temporary gaps.
          The day is a continuous monitoring of newsfeeds from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn.
          Finally comes in the evening, and you can not go to bed without checking the latest notifications.
          If you do not understand, Community Manager does not have working time.

          Ally Code: 267-176-954


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            So just a little clarification - these entries should be telling a story - a day in the life of a staff member, not just describing their position. I've already done that for you Think about YOUR typical work day and what things you do on a day-to-day basis as part of the general routine, and then apply that same kind of thought to one of our positions.

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              Game Designer.

              GD, Capital Games:

              We want to add griffon as a large, legendary unit.


              That's a no.


              But people really want this character.




              (With tears in his eyes) But...


              Oh, just wait for the freakin' Dragon Age 4 and then maybe, MAYBE...

              Ally code: 368-668-796


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                Ally Code: 841-886-395

                8am: Arrive at office, hide in car so as not to have to interact with humans
                8:30am: Sneak in side entrance, settle into desk. Rearrange Star Wars paraphernalia.
                9am: Begin to ponder how best we can make every single hero I created before completely irrelevant. First, you have to search the lore and find some obscure character that no one has EVER heard of that you haven't already made into a toon.
                10am: Wakes up from unintended nap. Wipes drool off pocket protector. Realize that you've been thinking all wrong, this week, we are going to create a character from an ALTERNATE TIMELINE!! Sure we have 23 iterations of Leliana, but we don't have one where she was kidnapped by the Qunari, became infected with Red Lyrium, and joined a coup against the Nug King!!! Now we're cooking with FIRE!
                11am: Time to spec out this honey! She's going to quick attack all, then one, then three, then all again, ALL WHILE POWER GAINING! She'll do a full heal every turn and have TEN MILLION THOUSAND HUNDRED health points and FIFTY-FIVE HUNDRED BILLION hit points. Not only that, she will randomly assassinate characters NOT ON THE FIELD OF PLAY. Not just assassinate them, but kick them out of the opponents catalog, that'll get some micro transactions rolling as people will have to re-buy the toons. BRILLIANT!
                Noon: Lunch break, we're not animals!
                1pm: Nap break with blankie.
                2pm: TIME TO CODE!
                3pm: Begin to get pushback from the Customer Support. Those closed minded fools will pay. It's their job to field complaints, I'm just ensuring they have work!
                3:30pm: Artists added a few tattoos and drew a few red spikes on an old Leliana toon's shoulders, not where I asked them to be, but whatever. Their job completed, they went back to chugging Schnapps and complaining that people don't give hipster artists the credit they deserve.
                4pm: QA has the product in testing....apparently they are worried the Klingon translation on the player card isn't going to fit. "MAKE IT FIT" I screamed, "QAPLAH!" they replied.
                4:30pm: Engineer says there's a problem, apparently this toon will wipe out everything in the game on its first turn. Producer comes in to talk about our abusive language policy after the Engineer reports my reply.
                5pm: Time for Ramen!
                5:30pm: Release the toon to testing and mark Community Manager emails to go straight into spam. Job well done folks!
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                  John arrives into the office for his first day on the job in Customer Support for HoDA. He’s been told he’s dealing with customer complaints. He smiles to himself - they are actually going to pay him to answer customer complaints for HoDA. Today is going to be the easiest day of his life. He plays HoDA himself and so knows that there’s very little for people to complain about - it’s awesome. He takes his seat - almost feeling guilty for accepting such an unnecessary role. Fast forward to the end of the day. A shadow of his former self, he limps weakly back to his car. HOW? How can so many people find so much to complain about such a wonderful product. He contemplates asking for a raise.

                  A/C: 131-161-891


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                    Customer Support:
                    Arrives at 7:45 A.M jumps straight in and checks email to see what requests have come in online overnight. 9:00 A.M goes to a pointless meet to listen to managers who like to hear them self’s talk. 10:00 A.M deal with rude customers who didn’t read the updates page. 12:00 P.M lunch time (AKA) work through lunch to catch up on think that you are behind on so, you can go home on time! 1:00 P.M go to another useless meeting! 2:00 P.M look at the new customer issues that have come in and that someone else picks them up. 3:00 to 5:00 try to coast till time to go home!

                    Ally Code: 992-729-313
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                      To get up in the morning and wait for the job because you think this job is a dream and a great celebration. They enter the workplace and drink coffee while they are preparing for the morning meeting. The discussion tells him what to expect for testing, what new development will be and the tests that the Ghost Champion will do against Sera. With lower performance, it also introduces character characters and recognizes potential anomalies on the test line. Back behind the big monitor. There is little thought to what to do on the weekend when the test game is upgraded. The game starts, that is, the work. Create each report by adding notes and adding an idea to the notes. In the meantime, pause, then go on and meet in a corridor with a colleague who has big dogs. Last run, test again, and after work, at home. Meanwhile, you buy at the usual place and when you get home, a dog's hanging ear will be on you. When they are at home, they have dinner at home, then look at the latest throns or other fantastic series before I went to bed

                      I think this is the average day of QA I hope you do not have much to do and have a wonderful life!

                      Ally code: 236-416-182

                      Unfortunately, google translate is often misleading
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                        474-636-766-ally code---About 2'yrs ago--LD was around doing several duties for CG at the time and I noticed for several weeks while I was playing that my LVL bar wasn't moving up at all-so I sent customer service several tickets and no one could figure out what was going on turns out LD figured I had reached the MAX LVL that you could go to--so I think it went like this-----CS----this guy has sent us ANOTHER ticket about his LVL BAR BEING busted---CSMGR---give it to LD he likes to figure out what is going on and he loves a challenge---LD-- I'll get right on it---and guess what they figured I Broke HODA---God Bless You All


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                          Ally Code: 219-318-223

                          QA testing:

                          Ally code 219 318 223


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                            They arrive to work and look at the problem tickets and bug reports that are piling up from the day before. 9:00 A.M goes to a pointless meet to listen to the same managers who like to hear them self’s talk. Out of the blue the engineers are hit with a question about some bug that on one knows about! 10:00 A.M research this phantom bug that can’t be reproduced. 12:00 P.M lunch time (AKA) work through lunch to try and find this phantom bug so, you can go home on time! 1:00 P.M go to another useless meeting about this phantom bug! 2:00 P.M time to make something up about this phantom bug so, management will move on to something else. 3:00 to 5:00 try to find a place to hide until it’s time to go home and forget this day!

                            Ally Code: 328-651-319


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                              Desingers busy day.
                              It is all in his head, he is ready to work, his hand is well rest, his mind is calm and steady. But all that good ends quickly, on the beginning his approach is great! "It will be something wonderful, people will be delighted with my work!" - He Thoughts. He goes to work, his hand moves gracefully like Picasso himself, but then something happens, his colleague looks at his work and he can see his face as if something is wrong. The hours pass his work is changes in every minute, he considers every minor change of character, he drawn it in every possible way brighter, darker, straight, bent, calmed, angry, happy, sad art is practically the same as in the beginning, but with One significant difference even if the whole company looked at his work badly he would not care because in his eyes the work is excellent and the first is over. His good mood is back, he is glad he can get up and go to rest with a good book that will enrich his imagination, but in the moment he catchs the door handle his head haunts another idea how he can improve his work, fortunately he is reasonable and states that he will end it tomorrow.
                              619-488-799 Ally code.




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