CONTEST: Community Design - Part 2

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  • CONTEST: Community Design - Part 2

    Poll 1 - Should Xenon be a non-attacker:
    - Poll expired. Xenon is a non-attacker!

    Poll 2 - Should Xenon be a large creature:
    - Poll expired. Xenon is a normal sized hero!

    Poll 3 - What rarity should Xenon be:
    - Poll expired. Xenon is a 3-star legendary!

    Poll 4 - What speed should Xenon be:
    - Poll expired. Xenon is a slow round hero!

    Poll 5 - What groups should Xenon be:
    - Poll expired. Xenon is Nobility group only.

    Poll 6 - Who should Xenon buff:
    - Poll expired. The top 4 votes were for all allies, Hawke, Nobility, and Inquisition. Xenon's final design will buff between 1 - 4 of these depending on what we decide.

    Poll 7 - What faction(s) should Xenon be:
    - Poll expired. Xenon will be White/Black faction.

    Poll 8 - What should Xenon do when he "attacks":
    - Poll expired. The top 4 votes were for heal allies, power gain allies, curse health, and curse power. Some or all of these will go into Xenon's final attack ability.

    Poll 9 - Xenon's final "attack" ability:
    - Poll expired. Xenon's final attack ability is: Heals and power gains allies 15%. Curses Health and Power of all enemies for 2 rounds (does not attack).

    Poll 10 - Should Xenon be a Defender:
    - Poll expired. Xenon will NOT be a defender.

    Poll 11 - Xenon's H/P buff:
    - Poll expired. Xenon's H/P buff will be: +40% Health and Power for allies. Extra +10% for Nobility.

    Poll 12 - Should Xenon have or give any immunities:
    - Poll expired. Xenon will give curse power immunity to all or some subset of allies. TBD.

    Poll 13 - What should Xenon's health pool be:
    - Poll expired. Xenon will have VERY high health but very low power.

    Poll 14 - What general aura types should Xenon have:
    - Poll expired. The top votes were for damage resist, enemy negative power/resists, power gaining allies, and power draining enemies. Final auras TBD.

    Poll 15 - Damage Resist aura:
    - Poll expired. The top vote was for: Allies resist the first 2,000 damage per hit.

    Poll 16 - Enemy negative auras:
    - Poll expired. The top vote was for: -35% stun, slow, power drain, and curse resist to enemies.

    Poll 17 - Ally power gain auras:
    - Poll expired. The top vote was for: Power gains allies 20% when this hero is hit, and 100% on death.

    Poll 18 - Power drain enemy auras:
    - Poll expired. The top vote was for: When enemies are hit, power drains all enemies 2%.

    So this tentatively gives us the following final design for Xenon... the final wording of the description will probably be shortened somewhat to save space. I've added some general stat ranges to line up with your choices for very high health but low power.

    3 Star Legendary Xenon the Antiquarian
    Faction: White/Black
    Groups: Nobility
    Initiative: Slow
    Health: ~22,000 - 23,000 (Max Tier 4 including self auras, no fortifications)
    Power: ~3,500 (Max Tier 4 including self auras, no fortifications)
    Heals and power gains allies 15%. Curses Health and Power of all enemies for 2 rounds (does not attack). +40% Health and Power for allies. Extra +10% for Nobility. Allies resist the first 2,000 damage per hit. Power gains allies 20% when this hero is hit, and 100% on death. When enemies are hit, power drains all enemies 2%. -35% stun, slow, power drain, and curse resist to enemies.

    To put the stats in perspective, the current highest (non-LC) health is Spirit Champion with 18,317 max T4 health including self-auras/no forts. So this puts Xenon roughly 4-5k higher Health than the current highest non-LC. This is like mid-range 3-star LC health.

    What do you guys think? Did we design a good hero or was this a huge mistake. Do you think he needs to change?


    The community has voted, and Xenon the Antiquarian will be the hero for design discussion!

    Now is the time to participate in the discussion! Any game mechanic that you have seen on a currently released hero (or gear) is absolutely valid. Be sure to keep game lore in mind.

    WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING NEW MECHANICS AS SUGGESTIONS - You must use existing mechanics. Posts containing only a new mechanic suggestion will be disqualified.

    You don’t need to submit a full design of the hero - just something you would like to see have happen. Post up your idea along with your ally code. All participants in this discussion will receive 50 gems!

    Support ideas submitted by other players by using the “Like” button on their post. Comment with your own ideas, or embellish on others’ ideas. gettypoppy and Lyeshal will be weaving through the thread as it is on-going. This is a group effort, and the end result will be a hero designed by the community, to be released this summer!

    The discussion will close at 2pm PDT Friday 5/26/2017, and participation gems will be distributed next week. We will be keeping the thread itself open as we finalize the design plans.


    • Participate in the Forum Discussion Thread by 2pm PDT May 26, 2017
    • You must meaningfully contribute to the discussion with a comment in the thread - just posting your Ally Code is not enough
    • Ally Code to be included at some point - once you have posted it, you don’t need to post it again
    • One participation prize per Ally Code
    • All qualifying participants will receive 50 gems!
    Xenon the Antiquarian - This is a link to the wiki entry for Xenon. Please review to learn the lore.

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  • #2
    Awesome! I love Xenon.

    Xenon should be a non-attacker. On his turn, he would self-heal and buff party power. Personal damage resistance makes sense, too.

    I like the idea of immunity to curse health, but that is probably reaching.

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    • #3
      Ally code: 392-685-458

      my suggestion would be.. +30 Health and Power for Hawkes and Inquisition. +15 Health for Golems


      • #4
        I think similar in the lines of Janus14 that he should be non-attacking on top of that heavely debuffing the enemy with curisng power and -10% dmg to enemies at same time healing allies in some sort.

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        • #5
          Originally posted by Mhinemallow View Post
          Ally code: 392-685-458

          my suggestion would be.. +30 Health and Power for Hawkes and Inquisition. +15 Health for Golems
          If he's going to be a non attacking unit, I think those numbers are a bit low, unless they're stacking and you just forgot to mention it.

          Last edited by Lyeshal; 05-23-2017, 02:27 PM. Reason: added ally code


          • #6
            I think that given his longevity and access to powerful artefacts, Xenon should have a very high damage resist for himself, but a very low health pool, to reflect his, uhh, "Elderly" status. This would tie in well lore wise in that a stealthy hero would do a lot of damage, as if they have caught him unaware, without his magical protection. Although with stealth being changed, this might no longer suit.

            Perhaps some sort of power/heal to a single ally when hit(empowering his urchin boy), will still allow the idea of stealth countering him despite the lack of damage resist interplay.



            • #7
              Xenon, awesome!!!

              # Foremost, the guy does not attack. On his turn, afflicts all enemies with a random status ailment
              # +25% Health to Nobility,
              # + 50% Power to Golems,
              # +250% Health and Power to Rare allies ( I'm looking at you Urchin, your are rare indeed; Xenon is lucky to have you)
              # Allies most likely to attack and deal an additional 25% damage to witches.
              *stretch* additonal 2% on overall gold loot

              Ally Code: 241-462-299
              Last edited by Zer0-Zer0; 05-22-2017, 09:23 AM. Reason: errrr... the debuff is for witches and not sure why i wrote demons


              • #8
                I think Xenon can't really have an attack... He would function as an LC Banner, that way we could bypass the issue with his tags which could be very divisive... Giant non-creature LC...

                His lack of tags could be compensated for 3* stats and global auras that don't need to compete with Hivernal (not inquisition, not Hawkes, but all allies)... I'd say Curse Health immunity for allies, 40% Health and Power for Allies, Heals all allies a large amount when this hero is hit (regardless of stealth)...

                He would be slow round and on his turn he would heal and power gain allies 25-50% and have a medium chance to remove Steath from all enemies for 2 turns. If the stealth parts are not possible, I'd make him Normal round and the heal on hit would be replaced with 15-20% DR for allies

                Just my two cents...

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                • #9
                  I don't think he should be a large creature. I see him as a slow all attacker with a really high health pool and maybe 10% damage resist.And he should gain health when an enemy dies.

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                  • #10
                    Xenon is a merchant, so he won't attack but boost money income per battle. He's in war business, so allies will get a buff (50-60%) on power and health. As the xenon element is a gas, maybe make him float just above the ground? -10% power to tevinter because they are bad for business. Grants power drain immunity to allies.

                    And of course his pet bear at his feet.

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                    • #11
                      Ally Code: 773- 122-187 (name: Karioshi)
                      The story began with an Antivan witches of the wilds, so he should have some sort of connection with the Witch of the Wilds.
                      I think that he should be a slow attacker, or a non-attacker - because of "his body withered and decayed over the centuries" - he can absorb damage, gain health - health self - and the squad.
                      He should curse health and power - with curse and drain resist for self. (I think that his immortality is a curse for him without a moving body, and the Black Emporium and his stuff is full of magic, so he should get magic power )

                      [Details of new mechanic removed]
                      Last edited by Hiro; 05-23-2017, 02:39 PM. Reason: Details of new mechanic removed


                      • #12
                        As he is unable to move, he could be a non-attacking support or debuff toon. For example, he could be a non-attacking curser. Normal round, curses all enemies' power with a chance of cursing health. Ignores curse resistance/immunity. -10% power to power gainers. Foresight: dispels stealth.

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                        • #13
                          I would suggest Xenon to be:

                          Nobility – Mage

                          Blue – Black


                          20% Hlth and Pow to Nobility – Black characters (stacking)
                          35% Hlth and Pow to Hawke.

                          Attack: Drains pow 10 % and gives 20 % pow to allies with a 10% chance to assassinate.

                          Heals heal 4% of damage taken by allies

                          50% chance to resurrect with a 30% health (as he cant die)

                          Ally Code 373-265-529


                          • #14
                            I'm going to submit my suggestion in the same for as the sheets we write up in the character suggestions threads, because it's what I'm used to.
                            Ally code: 361-137-841

                            Xenon the Antiquarian
                            3* Legendary
                            White faction (?)
                            (I have no idea what tags Xenon should have, tbh)
                            Abilities: Does not attack. Enemies who hit Xenon receive 50% of damage taken, with a chance of being slowed, stunned or cursed.
                            Auras: 50% H&P for allies. Front row allies receive 10% damage resist, back row allies receive 2X crit chance.
                            Ally code: 361-137-841


                            • #15
                              I think that Xenon should be an LC since he is inseparable from his chair, and all together this "construction" reminds me of GW Knight.

                              He's definitely non-attacker, but surely not an absorber: Xenon is too egoistical to protect others. I'd say that he boosts health and power 50% for Hawkes, Inquisition and DA2 companions since the players could equip gear from the Black Emporium on companions.

                              Xenon is slow round. He heals allies 35% of his power, drains 20% of enemies power and curses their health and power. When he's hit he drains allies power 3% (let's remember how expensive his gear was, his bonuses definitely should come at a price). All the power he drains from allies he accumulates and grants to one random ally during his move. Much less likely to be hit of course.

                              He has Nobility tag for sure.

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