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  • Patch Notes - 1.27.2021

    Content for the remainder of Q1 has been added to the game. Here's what you'll find with this update:

    New Heroes
    Two new heroes have been added to the Champion catalog!

    2* Autumn
    Two Star Legendary Autumn proves that sometimes the goodest boy is, in fact, a girl. Rumor has it she is descended from the Hero of Ferelden's mabari, or perhaps a gift from the Hawke family.
    - Initiative: Normal
    - Faction : White/Red
    - Groups : Creatures, Warrior, Fereldan, Pets
    - Ability: Attacks a single target up to 4 times, with the final attack dealing 200% damage. 25% chance to stun all.
    - Auras: +50% Health and Power and +10% 2X damage chance for allies. +10% bonus damage and damage resist. +75% stun and slow resists. Gains +10% health and power when allies attack. More likely to attack the strongest enemy. -25% all effect resists.
    - Health: 9166
    - Power: 1008

    2* Thaddeus Gigantus Crumbum
    As with most things in the Black Emporium, it is unclear how Two Star Legendary Thaddeus Gigantus Crumbum came to be in the possession of Xenon, the Antiquarian. What is clear, however, is that crossing this golem will result in your immediate removal from the shop, by any means necessary.
    - Initiative: Slow
    - Faction: Giant
    - Groups : Golem, Warrior, Free Marches, Pets
    - Ability: Attacks a single target, with 50% chance to stun. 20% chance at massive self heal. 10% chance to assassinate.
    - Auras: +10% bonus damage, +20% damage resist, and +50% curse resist for allies. +15% 2X damage chance. On enemy death, heals allies 25% of damage dealt. More likely to attack enemy with lowest % health. -100% stun resist. -10% power.
    - Health: 33921
    - Power: 6874

    Revamped Heroes
    Dorian and Abelas have been revamped with updated abilities and auras.

    3* Dorian
    - Ability: Attacks all enemies and drains 65% power. Allies gain +7% 2X damage chance.
    - Auras: +50% health and power for allies. +75% stun resist for Inquisition. Immune to power drain. When allies attack, gains +15% power, and allies gain +15% health and +10% curse resist. On any death, drains 15% power from all enemies. -20% 2X damage chance and all effect resists.
    - Health: 12245 (0.0% change overall)
    - Power: 1947 (0.0% change overall)

    2* Abelas
    - Ability: Attacks a row with 75% chance to slow all enemies and curse health. Grants allies 20% health and power.
    - Auras: Perceptive: Negates stealth. +50% Health, Power, and slow resist for Elves, extra +35% for Sentinels. Gains 50% power when any hero dies. When hit, drains 5% power from enemies, and heals Sentinel Elves 50%. On death, reverts 20% of damage received. -25% curse resist to Black Faction.
    - Health: 9901 (0.0% change overall)
    - Power: 1336 (0.0% change overall)

    • Bug fix: Hissrad's health gain on ally attack was not using the correct value to determine the amount of health gain. The intent was for this hero to gain health based on the amount of damage dealt, but was instead using a flat percentage of the ally's power stat. Hissrad should now experience much more significant health gains.

    Promotions and Events

    Over the next several weeks, look for announcements for these events:
    • Map 3 - Legion of Steel, with chances for Runic Golem and other Golems
    • Map 4 - Carta Hideout, exclusive rewards Dworkin's High Explosives and Duster armor set
    • Map 5 - Magic and Stone, exclusive reward Sidereal Staff
    • Map 8 - Halamshiral, exclusive reward March of the Everlasting
    • Map 10 - Lost Dragon Bones, exclusive reward Vigilance
    • Map 13 - Serpent of Nevarra, exclusive rewards Mortalitasi Cowl, Mortalitasi Staff
    • Map 15 - Mirror Image, exclusive reward Sundermount Varterral
    • Map 16 - Depths of Depravity, exclusive rewards Robes of the Architect, Belt of the Architect

    2/4/2021: Enjoy reduced unfortify costs for all heroes!

    2/5/2021: Onslaught Battle Royale, with banner stretch goal Sundermount Varterral and MVP rewards Robes of the Architect, Belt of the Architect, and Bull's Edge as featured prizes!
    Event bonuses: No-dupe event!

    2/11/2021: Western Approach returns, with chances to win the newly revamped 3* Dorian.

    2/12/2021: The Well of Sorrows Raid becomes available to all players for a limited time, featuring the newly revamped 2* Abelas.

    3/4/2021: Enjoy reduced Prestige Gear Slot costs for all heroes!

    3/5/2021: Onslaught War of the Lions, with banner stretch goal Asha'Bellanar and MVP rewards Hakkon's Wrath, Axe of the Dragon Hunter, and Joining Chalice as featured prizes!
    Event bonuses: No dupe event! Celene grants her supporters +600% health and +50% all effect resists, and reverts 30% of damage received to Gaspard's supporters. Gaspard grants his supporters +400% power and +25% all effect resists, and drains 2% power from enemies when hit.

    3/18/2021: Enjoy increased Revive Potion capacity!

    Our next scheduled update is currently planned for March 31, 2021, including two new gear.


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    Hi my friend. Are New Heroes are available now? Tomorrow? I have gems for New Heroes. But I don't need old.

    Autumn is female dog from Comics. Please add all New Heroes from Comics. Blue Wraith etc. Like Marius etc from precious.

    Btw. Please create Queen Anora Legendary in the future.
    Last edited by Ilidan; 01-27-2021, 08:50 PM.


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      I just got both new heroes in the lyrium packs


      • #4
        regular fereldens GW. why is there no variety? at least take away the restriction on duplicates.


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          Originally posted by Elbows View Post
          I just got both new heroes in the lyrium packs
          Like me

          Thank you HoDA Team.


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            I like the new heroes. Autumn may accompany Barkspawn and, Thaddeus Gigantus Crumbum may be good foe Runic and Steel Golems as well. Also, I like the revamps for Dorian and Abelas. Dorian was good before but now even better.

            That said, for few years I have benign asking for a legendary 2* Queen Anora, an update animation and abilities for Guard Captain Aveline and, a 3* version of Aveline (Vanguard Aveline?). I think it is about time to concentrate on these two for the next release.

            Thank you for your work HODA team.


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              With all these Freemarcher units, what I'm excited for is how they can be a fully-fledged group by themselves, and of course hoping Hawke and companions will be in the centerpiece of that!

              Anyways, love the new generic aura units. Autumn is a good unit in a Fereldan no-dupe squad. Thaddeus is generally a good LC, having generic auras and all, and a PET golem of all things too!

              I'm quite expecting Dorian to be in drain teams now, and Abelas could be a potential candicate in a no-dupe Elven mage squad.

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                so funny, I tried a champion pack and got neither. Has not happen in a long time.

                guess try lyrium for free. just wow.


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                  i like the dog. is she applicable with the dog legendary item?


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                    Originally posted by faceboo3r View Post
                    i like the dog. is she applicable with the dog legendary item?
                    Indeed, she is tagged as a dog and can take full advantage of the Blackmetal Torque.

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                      Can anyone confirm if Dorian's drain is working as intended?

                      I noticed when he hits that nothing happens to other squad, eg Ferelden squad KA. Can that possibly be from gear?


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                        Originally posted by nycdude View Post
                        Can anyone confirm if Dorian's drain is working as intended?

                        I noticed when he hits that nothing happens to other squad, eg Ferelden squad KA. Can that possibly be from gear?
                        They're not new auras - if they aren't working for Dorian, then they also wouldn't be working on the other heroes using them either. It's possible the enemy has enough drain resistance for it not to apply - it also depends on whether the deaths happened via assassination or as a result of retaliation. Those two cases don't trigger the on-death auras.

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                        No announcement yet.