WAR TABLE: Development Plans - July 2018

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  • WAR TABLE: Development Plans - July 2018

    It's time for another War Table meeting! We want to bring you up to speed with our current and upcoming plans. As usual, this is a long post, and we encourage you to read everything, and then read it again, before starting to make any responses.

    With summer upon us and the various holidays and vacations that entails, we've had to alter some of our plans, although we will still be moving forward with them.

    Next Client Release

    We're working on a few things for our next client release, which should be out in the Fall. Our focus will be on user experience enhancements, along with the usual ongoing performance improvements. As usual, these are our tentative plans and may change based on available resources and priorities.

    Updated Hero Cards

    As we've been adding more things to more heroes, our current stat cards have been unable to keep up with the description lengths we want. This has been limiting us in what we can do for some heroes as we've attempted to find shortened descriptions to ensure everything fits in all supported languages. Our aim is to reclaim some of the wasted space that's currently on the cards - You've already seen a small bit of this occur when we removed the "Faction" text from the card, since it was redundant. We'll be adding it back in based on feedback, but it will be different, and will be part of the upper section of the card. Reducing the empty space should let us have a significantly larger area to work with for text, leading to fewer cards that have descriptions running over the edge and difficult to read.

    Player Stat Cards

    Currently, the only thing on the top bar that doesn't do anything when you tap on it is the Level icon, with the XP display. The XP display has been monstrously difficult to read, and we want to make that better. We hope to add a new screen that will appear when tapping on the Level icon, which will display several things about your account. The XP to level will be very easily readable from this screen, and will include your current IGN, Guild name, Level, your Join Date, Ally Code, and Player ID, along with a few fun stats that we track, such as your highest PG trophy count, and win/loss ratio. Keeping a screenshot of this screen will be extremely useful to you should you require assistance from Customer Support, as it will contain absolutely everything possible for being able to locate your account, should an issue arise.

    Levelling Caps

    We've been monitoring progression of our highest-level players as they approach the current level cap. We'll be implementing a solution to ensure our power levelers can continue to gain levels indefinitely.

    Gear Selling

    The functionality to sell gear will be improved, with the ability to sell multiple pieces of the same type of gear at once, in a manner that allows a fine control over the number of gear to be sold. In this way, if you have, for example 20 Forge Master's Hammers and you want to sell 15, you will be able to do that all at once.

    Rune Selling

    In the ongoing quest to improve rune inventory management, we are looking to introduce Rune Selling. This will be an additional functionality on the current Rune screen, allowing you to sell your unwanted runes for a bit of gold. Runes may be sold individually or as part of a multiple-sell where you can sell all runes of the same type or rarity, with up to two "seed" runes at a time.

    Mythic Rarity

    We are hopeful that we will be able to finally implement the Mythic Rarity in the Gallery as part of this update.

    Ongoing and Upcoming Development

    New Specialties

    Very soon, we'll be introducing a new specialty, Retaliate, to the game, as the first of a few new abilities that are in progress. Retaliate allows a hero to revert damage received back to the enemy squad, and may hit all enemies, or target specific enemy groups. This skill will be in-game prior to the Assassination fix, so please be mindful of that. Until that fix goes live, having a hero who Retaliates facing a hero who Assassinates could cause the assassin's team to get a retaliation nuke based on the damage being dealt. This will be corrected with the Assassination fix, as Retaliate is considered an on-hit ability.

    Game Mechanics Balancing


    In mid-July, we plan to release the previously discussed fixes to Assassination. We will be altering Assassination to always behave as Stealth damage, regardless of whether the assassin is stealthy. This will have two effects to improve the mechanic:
    • On-Hit effects will no longer trigger, meaning a retaliation nuke by a hero such as Uldred will no longer be a concern as a detriment to your squad
    • Assassination will instantly kill an opponent, regardless of any damage resistance involved
    In addition, this change will allow us to fully identify when an attack is considered an assassination, which will allow us to create mechanics in the future for certain LC heroes (such as Dragons) to have an immunity to Assassination.

    Along with this, we will be altering the mechanic that provides allies power/health based on damage dealt to enemies to ignore Assassination damage, specifically. Regular Stealth damage will remain unaffected.

    Unbounded Power Gain

    We will be altering the way "damage dealt" is calculated, so that an overkill of damage will not provide an overkill of power or health gains, or any other effects relying on this calculation. Dealing more damage than a hero has remaining in health will result in the "damage dealt" value to be limited to the target's remaining health, plus a 20% "overage" allowance. For example, if you attack a target that only has 5000 health remaining, and your attack provides 15000 damage, then the target would die, and you would have a damage dealt value of 5000 + ((15000 - 5000) * 0.20) = 7000 damage dealt. This is the number that power and health gains, and the new Retaliation skill, would be based on. This will also affect your total damage dealt, so that a battle's tiebreaker will have much more meaning, based on who dealt the most meaningful damage - rather than cheesing a win with a super-powered up hit.

    The assassination fix will also affect this calculation, as the damage dealt by an assassination will now equal the total remaining health of the target at the time of assassination.

    Our hope is this will also greatly mitigate the issue of variable buffer overflow that has regularly occurred with high powergain values. The 20% overage allowance will be set up in an easily configurable way, so that as we monitor this new balance, we can easily adjust this value as needed. We won't go below the starting value of 20%.

    Enhanced Quest Drop Rates

    Due to scheduling constraints, we've had to delay completion of the daily quest revamps. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are still slated to be updated, but we're looking more at mid-August for this.

    New Quests!

    We have a new Gauntlet in development! Expect to find this hitting the game in late July. There's a few other quest event ideas we're tossing around as well.

    PVP Shake-up

    The usual PVP schedule will be shaken up a bit in the coming weeks to provide a break from the monotony of our typical 2-3-2 style of event scheduling. Be sure to keep a close eye on the event schedule and in-game timers for PVP Events so you don't miss out!

    There’s several other items we have in design currently that we can’t share quite yet – they’re still a little way away from being in active development. Thank you for your commitment to the game! Battle on, Heroes!
    Click image for larger version

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    Really excited for those features! Excelent work, really. I hope that some old heroes could gain a revamp whit those improvements on the text box. ?


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      Ohhh, how will I beat my 1.8 billion (non assassination) damage record after that update, then?
      Always glad to see new quests, and so proud of having once again guessed the new ability, retaliate O:-)
      Keep up the good work, if people guess things, it usually means that is't what they want!
      I can't wait to see nuke retaliation, but more importantly the combo Saraath + retaliate + power gainers like sime spirits!


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        How confident are the team in delivering the above? Comparing this with the previous war table suggests that from a coding perspective a lot of what was in April's plan is still here for July, as far as I can tell only pack odds making it in.

        Credit to the team who did the revamps though, those have continued to roll out at a steady pace.
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          Originally posted by Coldbayne View Post
          How confident are the team in delivering the above? Comparing this with the previous war table suggests that from a coding perspective a lot of what was in April's plan is still here for July, as far as I can tell only pack odds making it in.

          Credit to the team who did the revamps though, those have continued to roll out at a steady pace.

          The April update pointed out what was to be released in that update, which was delivered, and the items under the "ongoing development" section in April are now listed here for the next client release. So now you have a better timeframe for when these portions may happen. As always, though, we may have to shift timings depending on our resource availability and any priorities that may have to change. Because HoDA is a live game, these plans can always shift around based on the natural things that can occur in a live environment.


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            Will be interesting to see retaliate defensive teams in pg while we wait for the assassination fix. Assassination fix impact will be major in pg strategy, many more variables coming, exciting!
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              Originally posted by DUMAT View Post
              Will be interesting to see retaliate defensive teams in pg while we wait for the assassination fix. Assassination fix impact will be major in pg strategy, many more variables coming, exciting!
              Dont get ur hope up so high lol. Retaliation seems to be an on hit effect which means it can be by passed by steath anyway


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                Love these changes, and I'm very interested to see how both the assassination and power gain fixes work once implemented. In terms of game balance, those two fixes alone could even out all the current bumps in the meta - or turn everything on its head. Can't wait to see these ideas realized, and keep up the good work HoDA team!
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                  Thank you for the update.

                  Can you confirm that the retaliate will trigger on-hit effects? Eg, if you attack a retaliator with MD, will it activate his passive drain? Or will it be stealth damage?
                  Old Goddess


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                    Very interesting updates and very intrigued with the new hero mechanic and the new gaunlet.
                    I am also very glad that at last I could get rid off my useless runes


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                        Originally posted by Dildoith View Post
                        Wow is right. Looking forward to selling every last rune of alacrity.
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                          Will assassination still act as a multiplier to power? You said it will always kill, ignoring damage resist, but can it still be effected indirectly if the hero is power drained?
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                            Mythics in the Gallery! Can’t wait!


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                              Always love these updates. Keep up the great work guys.
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