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  • WAR TABLE: Development Plans - April 2018

    Hey all! We’re calling together a War Table meeting to share our current and upcoming development plans with the community. This is a long post, and we encourage you to read everything, and then read it again, before starting to make any responses.

    With our recent client release, several development items had to be put on hold as we brought the game up to snuff with several new legal regulations that came down the line in a pretty rapid-fire succession. Additionally, we saw the release of iOS 11, the iPhone X, and Android Oreo in that timeframe, each bringing new challenges to many developers. These all shifted priorities around to ensure compatibility as best as possible within the time we had, and we weren't quite able to get all of them done in time to prevent further delays of the stuff we actually wanted to provide you.

    Next Client Release

    We'll be releasing another client update very shortly (within the next few weeks, even) as a followup to the recent release. This will finish up the work required to make the game more visually compatible with the iPhone X, as well as finalize all the new legal requirements.

    iPhone X Compliance

    The game screens will be modified slightly for iPhone X users to account for the infamous "notch". Certain elements of the game will be shifted over slightly to the right to allow unobstructed interaction.

    Pack Odds

    In compliance with new regulations, we'll be adding in additional options within the game to view basic information about pack odds. This comes in the form of a new icon to be tapped on the applicable store items, which will display a window of information for those curious about the odds of acquiring a hero, gear, or rune of a specific rarity within each pack.

    Updated User Agreement (TOS) and Privacy and Cookie Policy

    After the release, be sure to access the Settings menu in-game and read up on the User Agreement (Terms of Service) and Privacy Policy, as these have been updated. These are accessible in-game by tapping on the cog wheel in the upper right corner, tapping on "Legal Info", and then viewing the desired item.

    Ongoing and Upcoming Development

    Enhanced Quest Drop Rates

    In the coming weeks, we'll be starting to roll out updates to the Daily Quest Events, to freshen up the drops and improve the events overall. We'll be doing the days one or two at a time as able, starting with a brand new event for Fridays, and updating Saturdays. Each event will present a new set of foes to face, with difficulty modes up to Ludicrous. Daily Events will have the ability to drop any gear within the game, although you may get gear of any rarity even at the highest difficulty setting. In addition, we're lowering the energy cost of the Daily Events to make them more widely available and to better reflect the quantity and quality of drops provided by these events. Drop rates will be improved as compared to current, but the Weekly Events will still be your best place to go for higher rarity drops.

    In the midst of the Daily updates, we'll be working on the Gauntlet: Civil War to bring that up to snuff. Our current plan is to get Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday complete, then revamp the Civil War, and then finish up with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Barring any unforeseen complications, we anticipate being able to have these all complete by the end of July.

    New Quests!

    We are continuing to create and add new Quest events, including new Raids and of course, the winning events from our Create-a-Quest contest. The first of the winner events is anticipated to be released in early June, with the other in early July.

    More Special Events

    Who doesn't love a sale? We'll be adding in more weeks of having reduced energy and stamina refill costs, increased potion capacities, double consume points, and discounted Premium packs. These are fun things that shouldn't be held hostage for a holiday.

    Game Mechanics Balancing

    We haven't forgotten about the mechanics changes that have previously been discussed throughout the forums. These items were unfortunately delayed due to the engineering time required for the regulations that we needed to comply with. This section is unchanged from our previous War Table, but included here as a reminder.


    We'll be taking a look into the way Assassination works, and correcting a few issues with it. In particular, we will be altering Assassination to always behave as Stealth damage, regardless of whether the assassin is stealthy. This will have two effects to improve the mechanic:
    • On-Hit effects will no longer trigger, meaning a retaliation nuke by a hero such as Uldred will no longer be a concern as a detriment to your squad
    • Damage Resistance will be correspondingly reduced by the Stealth bonus of 10%, which will assist in ensuring Assassination is successful regardless of the Damage Resistance of a target
    In addition, this change will allow us to fully identify when an attack is considered an assassination, which will allow us to create mechanics in the future for certain LC heroes (such as Dragons) to have an immunity to Assassination.

    Along with this, we will be altering the mechanic that provides allies power/health based on damage dealt to enemies to ignore Assassination damage, specifically. Regular Stealth damage will remain unaffected.

    Unbounded Power Gain

    To alleviate out-of-control power gaining that causes damage variables to overflow and is extremely hard to balance against, we are looking into methods to bring power gain back under control, while still maintaining a strong benefit to using power gainers. We are hopeful that this will assist in broadening the strategies that may be used, as well as allowing us to create stronger power gain abilities on heroes without having to worry about unintended side effects of mixed mechanics.

    Hero Stat Cards

    As we create and revamp more heroes with more abilities, we've found ourselves re-evaluating the space available on our Hero stat cards. Some adjustments will be made to make the top portion of the cards a little more compact, providing extra space for the ability and aura descriptions without having them run over as they currently do in several languages. There's a fair amount of wasted space, and we're looking to reclaim it.

    Player Stat Cards

    The "Level" icon in the top bar is the only item you can't tap on to activate something, and it's difficult to read the experience required to level on it. Our goal is to create a new window to be displayed when tapping this to provide you with a little information about your account, including a much more easily readable value of XP required to level, along with your account creation date, Ally Code, and Player ID all in one convenient location. There's a few other goodies that will show up in that window as well, for those of you who are very interested in your personal stats.

    Inventory Management Improvements

    Gear and Rune management has been a concern for a while now, and we are looking to improve these areas. In particular, we are planning to make it easier to sell Gear in bunches, and adding the ability to sell Runes to get the unwanted ones out of your inventory without feeling like a waste.

    Mythic Rarity

    The Gallery is not currently showing Mythic Rarity in any form, meaning it's currently impossible for players to discover which Banners and Mythic Wisps they have acquired, as well as which heroes they have yet to promote to Mythic, in order to complete the Gallery. This has proven to be a more difficult and complicated addition than initially foreseen, but we will find a solution to this.

    There’s several other items we have in design currently that we can’t share quite yet – they’re still a little way away from being in active development. Thank you for your commitment to the game! Battle on, Heroes!

    Click image for larger version

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    Looking forward and all the new changes as always
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      I’m looking forward to it as well.It is time for barts reign to come to an end and this is coming from someone that has x4.Im excited to see new king of Hoda squad


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        When you come to do the inventory management element of the next release, might I suggest the option to sell unwanted gear gotten from packs immediately on receipt, or a tag as trash button - save going through inventory working out what new stuff I'd received and don't need... i'll put this in suggestion forum too
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          Originally posted by Coldbayne View Post
          When you come to do the inventory management element of the next release, might I suggest the option to sell unwanted gear gotten from packs immediately on receipt, or a tag as trash button - save going through inventory working out what new stuff I'd received and don't need... i'll put this in suggestion forum too
          That's not likely to happen with this. Because there's different ways the different packs work, we'd require a pretty extensive update to the base pack functionality in order to add in something like that. Consider you can get gear through hero packs, gear packs, and from quest events, that's 3 different systems for how to acquire gear, with different display methods for each. It's something we could consider, but we'd be starting at the base design process for it.

          By the time something goes into the war table, the design process is already completed and approved, and it becomes a matter of how much time it then takes, and how we can manage that time based on the required personnel resources we have available. So any new idea posted after a War Table goes up, particularly if it's complicated and requires a fair amount of design work before approvals, is not likely to make it into the release associated with the War Table.

          What we'll be implementing may actually work out better for you than an immediate-trash kind of thing. The idea is to allow you to choose how many of each particular gear you've acquired and sell them at once, which should actually end up being overall less time-intensive for you than attempting to one-by-one sell the gear as it's acquired. So after you've gone and collected a bunch of gear from packs, quests, etc, you can go into your inventory, and as you're looking at the gear you've got, if you see you have a lot of a particular gear, you can tap it, choose how many of that gear you want to sell (from 1 to X, where X is the total number of that gear you own), and then dump them all at once for a lump sum gold total.

          Conversely, for an "immediate-trash" system, we'd still have to implement a confirmation to make sure players really want to do this (so they didn't accidentally hit the button), which means for every individual piece of gear you want to trash from the store, you're going through the same process as now of picking the specific, individual gear, telling it to be sold, confirming you want it sold, and then actually selling it. The method we are working on reduces the number of screens overall you'd need to go through, as you'd pick the gear, tell it to be sold, tell it how many to sell, confirm, and then sell- but just once per gear type. That is, if you acquired 20 Maul of Tacitus, to have sold them from the stores, you'd need to go through the sell process 20x, whether it's from the inventory as now, or from the store as proposed. The new system would mean you'd only have to go through the sell process once, and it would sell all 20 pieces. Or just 10 of them if you wanted to keep some.

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            Cool... new ToS sounds sexy... hehe...

            ... and then there's PALA (you know.. that lil warrior dwarf).


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              Great updates, thanks.
              I am very glad that I will have the possibility to sell runes, at last I could get rid off of the useless runes and gear easily.
              I am concerned about heroes inventory space too, everytime there are more new heroes, not only new, but also revamped ones and I don't have enough space for them. I hope you will find a good solution for this problem too because I can't test revamped epics and revamped heroes because the lack of space.
              I am very excited about the new quests and special events.


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                Rune sales, woohoo!
                Also, big fan of the idea of a player stat card. I love me some numbers...
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                  Originally posted by Grey Warden View Post
                  I am concerned about heroes inventory space too
                  We know. You've mentioned this as often as possible, in nearly every thread you've posted in

                  We've already said we're not increasing the hero roster any further. You'll have to manage your roster within these defined limitations. Continuing to make this statement all over the forums isn't going to change this.

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                    Originally posted by Dildoith View Post
                    I’m looking forward to it as well.It is time for barts reign to come to an end and this is coming from someone that has x4.Im excited to see new king of Hoda squad
                    Yes I agree. Barts are currently so OP that they have become the new Fen Harel. Those that don’t have multiple Barts have no hope whatsoever of competing on a level field. For the sake of restoring balance to the game the sheer uncounterable dominance of Barts should be addressed asap I think.
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                      Originally posted by Lyeshal View Post

                      We know. You've mentioned this as often as possible, in nearly every thread you've posted in

                      We've already said we're not increasing the hero roster any further. You'll have to manage your roster within these defined limitations. Continuing to make this statement all over the forums isn't going to change this.

                      I am sorry, I thought maybe it could be new plans about the expansion of the roster now with the new runes and gear updates.
                      I promiss I will not mention the increasing of the hero roster again


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                        Originally posted by Therealpill Cosby View Post
                        Cool... new ToS sounds sexy... hehe...
                        ​I laughed.

                        War Table rocks Lyeshal ! Revamped dailies and new upcoming events is what I LIVE for! Long live HoDA!
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                          Dilly Dilly!
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                            Add multiple hero summoning from packs pls. This has been brought up again and again. It’s taking too much time to summon heroes 1 by 1.
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                            Any Aussie mate?


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                              Originally posted by sydneyboy View Post
                              Add multiple hero summoning from packs pls. This has been brought up again and again. It’s taking too much time to summon heroes 1 by 1.
                              I gave up on almost every pack on my main account. I'm up to ten open spaces XD
                              the gear selling thing is exactly what I was hoping for can't wait for the events and maybe another or more raids.




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