WAR TABLE: Current and Upcoming Plans - September 2017

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  • WAR TABLE: Current and Upcoming Plans - September 2017

    War Table

    Hey all! We’re calling together a War Table meeting to share our current and upcoming development plans with the community. This is a long post, and we encourage you to read everything, and then read it again, before starting to make any responses.

    As always, THANK YOU for playing Heroes of Dragon Age, and continuing to support the game! We are coming up on our 4th Anniversary, and we are excited to see how many of our players have gone through this journey since the beginning with us. It has been our great pleasure to provide you with more than just entertainment over the past several years and we have some great plans for the future!

    Next Client Release

    We know you’ve all been eagerly anticipating news of the next client release. Unfortunately, we’ve had a few setbacks that have pushed this out, so we can’t give any sort of estimation on when this will be released at this time. However, we are working on several items for this release.
    For the most part, the next client release will be focused on addressing some pain points within the code, to help in optimization and performance. We won’t be releasing any huge new features with this, but some conveniences and things to make gameplay go more smoothly are being addressed.

    Gem Purchase Confirmation

    We will be implementing a confirmation screen to alert you when you are about to make a purchase using gems. This should assist in reduction of accidental purchases while you are perusing the stores. The screen will display a brief warning that you are about to make a purchase for gems, and to please confirm it.

    Hero Roster Sorting

    Similar to the sort functionality of Runes, the Hero Roster will be able to have the sorting reversed, allowing for much easier access to the heroes that you are currently working on building. This sort option will be available on each filter tab, so if, for example, you want to find one of your newer, not-yet-complete Legendaries to work on, you can go to the Legendary filter, then reverse the sort, and your least built units will be displayed first. This should assist with not having to scroll past the hundreds of completed heroes in your roster while searching for the ones you’re still working on.

    Ally List Battles

    Battling your allies from your ally list will no longer affect your Proving Grounds standings. In this way, you will be able to test out squads with your allies without fear of affecting your Proving Grounds rank, and you will still receive a flat gold and XP reward for these battles.

    Proving Grounds Leaderboard Throttling

    With the Ally List being separated from Proving Grounds, we will be re-enabling the feature that limits attacking players on the Proving Grounds leaderboard to once per 24 hours. You will still be able to attack a player multiple times through Next, but targeting them from the leaderboard will be limited.

    Ongoing and Upcoming Development

    Squad-Based Runes
    Long asked-for, we will be enabling a feature that allows you to apply runes per squad. This means that you could have up to 8 different sets of runes running at once, increasing the strategy of your squad building by allowing you to apply specific runes for specific squads. So, for example, your defense squad could be augmented with health runes, while another squad that you are running in Nexus could have gold or experience runes running at the same time.

    Rune Duration Crafting

    You can already craft your runes up to Mythic rarity. Once there, though, they cannot be crafted any further. We are looking into a mechanism to further craft Mythic rarity runes in order to increase their duration. These enhanced runes would not be of a different rarity, nor would they be more powerful, they would simply have an extended duration. As an example, you could craft two Mythic Health runes together (100% Health for 1 hour), and the result would be an enhanced Mythic Health rune, supplying 100% Health for 2 hours. This would be available to craft up to an 8-hour duration rune, allowing you to apply a rune to your squads for defense while you are away from the game for an extended period of time.

    Enhanced Quest Drop Rates

    We are continuing to improve the drop rates within our Quest Events. We anticipate that all of the weekly events will be completed by the end of this year. The Daily and Keyed events will be tackled afterwards. The Daily and Keyed events will have a different set of rules associated with them for the drop tables, but it will still be an improvement overall to their current rates.

    Improved Gear Packs

    Coming soon, we will be releasing new gear packs into the store for a lower gold cost, providing the lower rarity gear. These are intended to assist our newer players in acquiring gear to get started with. In addition, the existing packs will be improved to remove the lower rarity gear and provide a much better value in line with their costs.

    Epic Revamps

    Our first round of epic revamps will be taking place in the coming weeks, providing updated abilities and auras, along with improved stats. This should assist in making the use of epics more diverse, and provide newer players the ability to jump into PVP sooner, learning the strategies of creating synergistic squads. It will also diversify the epics that are valuable for use in our epic-focused PVP events, giving you more options to play with.

    New PVP Modes

    Unfortunately, the new PVP Modes we previously discussed suffered the most setback, and we have had to put these aside to address other higher-priority items. The designs for these are still out there, waiting to be developed, but we’re not sure at what point they’ll be released at this time.

    Anniversary/Holiday Festivities

    As we approach our Anniversary month of December, combined with the winter holidays, we are beginning to make plans for these celebrations! We’re looking into some surprises and great events!

    There’s several other items we have in design currently that we can’t share quite yet – they’re still a little way away from being in active development.

    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks Lyeshal for this information. Great developments that I'm sure the players will appreciate.
    Long live HODA!
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      Squad based runes and Ally List battles sounds really, really, i mean really good!


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        But where do I sit at this table?> i see no CHAIRS~!..

        epic revamps.. so excited.. ~!
        MAny of this sounds interesting~!

        Thank you for sharing this info.
        ... and then there's PALA (you know.. that lil warrior dwarf).


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          And I was soooo looking forward to the new game mode haha. Guess patient is in order


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            All of this sounds great! Good information! Thanks!


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              The Rune Duration Crafting sounds like it will be really useful for those competing in PG. It won't solve all of the issues with people who live in time zones where PG is inconvenient, but it should at least help them defend better if they can't actively participate.
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                If it's not already in the plan with this update, possibly expand the amount of rune grab bag packs we can buy daily.
                I'm sure this has already been thought of and isn't mentioned as it isn't necessarily a big update coming, but it's relevant to the runecrafting mention so I figured I'd throw it out there.

                As always though, I am very much looking forward to these updates!


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                  You could separate the runes by rarity or by type, as is done with the heroes. So it makes it easier to find the rune that i intend to use.


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                    Originally posted by CerbAJi View Post
                    If it's not already in the plan with this update, possibly expand the amount of rune grab bag packs we can buy daily.
                    I'm sure this has already been thought of and isn't mentioned as it isn't necessarily a big update coming, but it's relevant to the runecrafting mention so I figured I'd throw it out there.

                    As always though, I am very much looking forward to these updates!
                    That's definitely something we're looking at. It may not coincide with this update, but it's certainly something we'd like to do.


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                      Originally posted by Filipe Dornelas View Post
                      You could separate the runes by rarity or by type, as is done with the heroes. So it makes it easier to find the rune that i intend to use.
                      That's something that's already been suggested in our Suggestions section of the forum.


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                        Wow, great news
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                          In term of rune improvement, is there any plan to upgrade the rune of shielding duration ?. As of now the 15 mins time for rune of shielding is a little off compared to other runes. Maybe 30 mins would make more sense


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                            Originally posted by Mer'lan View Post
                            In term of rune improvement, is there any plan to upgrade the rune of shielding duration ?. As of now the 15 mins time for rune of shielding is a little off compared to other runes. Maybe 30 mins would make more sense

                            No plans for that, but you would be able to craft up its duration as part of this.


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                              Very awesome update, Lyeshal! I can't wait to see these implemented. Thank you and the team again for all of your hard work!

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