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    Artist: after a long night you lie down and soon you realize that it was late to go to the office, take a shower and have a coffee on the go. When you get to the office your boss asks you for the new "ghost of the needle" design, you tell the boss: I do not know the ideas did not flow, I thought to change the color of Cole to orange! Ally Code: 935-187-525


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      ally code 468-432-113

      All I got in this world; a word and two balls
      IG: I CR I Finn (468-432-113)


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        Ally Code: 331-367-913 Click image for larger version

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          Artist -
          Arrives at the office cup o joe in hand in his travel mug. Says good morning to all as he really tries to enspire himaelf to have a good day. Sits at Desk to realise that its only Tuesday.... Instant sadface. Also remembers that he promised to have next weeks feature hero concept drawn and finish by 5pm.
          The next hour is spent nervously sweating... twitching... a few facebook log ins... a few texts to the wife about how stressed he is and he doesnt have the time... goes to bathroom and logs into his own HoDA account. Does his 8 rounds cause you gotta be in it to win it and he needs those sweet gems so he can get next weeks feature hero he is drawing.
          Lunch... realises he hasnt acually started his day... ok, one coffee then get into it.
          Ok time to start... oh no. Shortage of pencil sharpeners in the office... then boss calls production meeting... He is reassured your all over it. Oh its been 2hr and 50min. Goes to bathroom. Logs into HoDA does his 8 rounds.
          Its 4pm. He literally sweats through the next hour snapping pencils drawing like a mad man.
          5pm... hands finished product to the designers to do the graphics and make the artwork come to life in the game. Looks at his stick figure drawing and just says "I will just tell you what I want".
          5:30pm... Heads home thinking about stressed and over worked he is.

          Ally Code: 737-727-373


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            What do community managers do, anyway? (;

            Dunno if this qualifies, but it was fun to make.

            Ally code 143-741-717.
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              Ally code: 759-827-335

              Customer Support:

              get up in 7am
              finish breakfast before:7:40am
              Arrive in office:8:20am
              Begin to process 500 customer service requests, 300 of them are about crying for their bad luck, just move them to trash folder.

              Go home at 5:40pm

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                My ally Code: 217-418-174
                customer support
                The work starts at 8 in the morning
                First, attend a small meeting of department work
                Check all kinds of customer mail and reply to them.
                Have a nice lunch at 12 noon.
                Continue the same job in the afternoon


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                  Ally code: 377-516-587
                  Okay, so here's mine - an average day in HoDA office x)

                  Engineer doesn’t come to the office - they were already there, sleeping on the keyboard, after whole night of fixing another bug caused by a tiny update made for IOS, which made some people unable to scroll runes and some other to see the spanish translation of Dragon Morrigan as Dragon Dorian.
                  Artist comes to the office early, spending whole morning playing their favourite game of „just how many Viviennes or Dorians I can design, before I run out of ideas?”. For now, nobody knows the answer, but everybody is pretty sure that artist made some pact with dark forces, because indeed, they somehow didn’t run out of ideas for the fifth version of Cassandra so far. And the producer swears they saw ten alternate versions somewhere in the big pile of sketches next to the Artist’s desk.
                  After spending the whole morning sketching and creating rough concepts of every creature and character from DA universe covered in red lyrium (just in case, I mean, you never know when there might be a need for red lyrium Sandal or red lyrium dracolisk!) the artist works on the splash art for a character to be released in next few weeks. At this point the Producer comes by, to see the progress. They discuss whether the Solas’ bald head on the main splash art is brighter than the future of Thedas already (if not, fix it!), or if they should actually replace at least one of the dragons with a nug.

                  During the chat Designer joins in, and looks through some sketches of Plaidweave Florianne, Pin-up Blackwall, Blighted Morrigan and other unholy ideas we love so much. Taking a bit more time with Red Lyrium Sera... Then they walk off slowly, with a sinister laugh. to make notes in their dark book of secrets, also known as „how to make people with old meta teams cry”. Their whole desk is filled with almost illegible scribbles of mad genius, because seriously, no one else would be able to balance a game with so many heroes. Weird calculations everywhere, and in them, coded new ideas, that make the current meta winners sleepless at nights, same with people who recklessly turned some insignificant toon into fort food. Soon they will know their mistake, when the rework of Maryden sees the light… Soon...

                  Somewhere around early afternoon the Quality Analyst comes to the Engineer with a list of bugs they found. Apparently, if you run the game on some old version of android, it crashes when you try to consume 130 uncommon red wisps at the same time, but if you consume 133 it seems to be alright. Also, on some other device you cannot fortify Advisor Morrigan with Nug King, because it causes the game to freeze for a moment and then a window pops up, telling you that you don’t have enough gems for a purchase of wisp pack.
                  Engineer begins to sob over the keyboard, as the Quality Analyst pats them on the shoulder and leaves a 20-page bug report of „everything that doesn’t work after another Facebook update” on their desk, next to a pile of empty energy drink cans.

                  Next to the Engineer’s desk sits the Community Manager, who spends better part of the day on telling people on the forum, facebook and twitter that no, Sera will not be nerfed, no, there is no way of making every one star legendary a three star version for „rebalance” of the game, and NO, the Dragon Dorian is not an option, not now, not ever. Also, no, the drop rate of that one hero some salty player wanted from the certain event was not lowered in secret and it’s just a pure bad luck that they didn’t got that toon. YES, REALLY.

                  It’s late afternoon and finally the unfortunate, tortured soul, known as the Customer Support appears. „Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come” they say, walking to their desk with a huge jug of concentrated chamomile infusion, absolutely necessary in the process of dealing with everyday portion of complaints. The rest of the staff just nods with understanding. CS groans, and then opens the first mail. „I didn’t get a guarantee in my last GCP. WHY?!” They give a polite answer, that the pack counter is already included and working, and that they no longer provide such information. Then copies that answer and uses in another 50 complaints of the same nature. Then deals with people who want a refund on a CP, because it didn’t drop the toon they wanted, so they say it was, uh, an accidental purchase. Third this week. Really. It was the cat, plaing with the phone, that furry bastard. And so on.
                  After three hours of dealing with this job, CS wonders, if there is any hope for the humanity. After five, they decide that no, there isn’t. Also, the Maker has truly forsaken humanity.

                  The Producer has their own room, where they spend most of the time doing loads of paperwork nobody would really associate with gamedev. Also, making sure that all third parties do their job, invoices are sent to the accountant and that every part of the team actually has something to do and doesn’t sit around playing Angry Birds or something. They keep an eye on everything, so that it is possible to make everything work right and on time. It’s not a fun job, but thanks to it we all can play the game.
                  Also, when the tension and crunches of the production get too bad and people begin to lose faith, morale gets low and so on, the Producer handles everybody a milkshake, party hat and a nerf gun and orders the Exalted March on the nearest pizza place – a secret coaching technique to keep everybody motivated.

                  In the evening, after a hard day of work everybody says their goodbyes, leaving only the poor, poor Engineer still woring around the bug with 130 uncommon red wisps and wandering, if they’ll ever see their home again...


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                    Day in the life of Community Manager:

                    9am - Settle down with coffee in hand and check overnight forum and private messages. 17 messages asking whether Nexus drop rates have been nerfed. Respond explaining concept of random numbers.

                    10am - Producer stomps in asking why gem purchases have gone down last week. Keep low profile.

                    11am - Excited game designer proposes revamp of Elf flankers with extra bonus damage. Politely explain to designer that further boost for Sera will not go down well with community.

                    12pm - 14 new forum messages asking why they have not got featured hero on GCP guarantee. Send link to explanation of how packs work.

                    1pm - Eat banquet lunch worthy of Iron Bull in staff canteen

                    2pm - 5 reports of bugs on new hero mechanic. Forward on to QA/Engineers.

                    3pm - Brainstorm ideas for new forum contest

                    4pm - Fire alarm goes off. Designers and artists are in a world of their own and don't hear it, so poke them with stick until they make their way out of the building

                    5pm - Go to dragon themed bar with Engineers and Customer Support team and settle down for the evening to play HODA while getting the drinks in.

                    Ally code: 785-468-231


                    • Software Developer
                      start the day with a coffee and then ready to make some nasty bugs =)
                      Ally code - 841-337-582
                      IGN Cerb3rus
                      Ally Code 841-337-582
                      THE IMPERIUM


                      • Originally posted by Morforwyn View Post
                        Before I make a fool of myself and submit a wrong kind of entry... a story not focusing about just single staff member, but rather telling about a day in office, including something about everybody, is okay? x)
                        Yeah, absolutely


                        • Customers Support:
                          Since counter for guarantee are available, the days become boring and typical first 100 tickets now looks like:
                          -Dear tech could u transfer all my gems and gold from one account to another?
                          At 8 am answer:
                          -Dear Sandal, unfortunetly there is not such an option, we advise you to wake up few times at night to spend your stamina, thank you for choosing our service.
                          Answer at 4pm:
                          And on way to home the song playing: I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky...
                          AC: 764-371-421


                          • Customer support
                            Arrive at work 8:00 am pst
                            Make a coffee and than starts to checking the mail
                            15:00 pm
                            After few frustrating hours of reading ridiculous staff, take a brake for bathroom yelling in the mirror
                            21:00 pm
                            Returns home, screams a little bit more , than falls into bed
                            Ally code: 366-974-949


                            • Contest

                              Almac Tir
                              Ally code: 355-493-574


                              8:00 AM snooze alarm
                              8:15 AM wake up and run to bathroom shower , brush teeth
                              8:30 AM start makeup
                              9:30 AM Look in mirror aww I look pretty
                              10:00 AM stop at Taco Hell and order 2 breakfast Burrito
                              10:30 AM arrive at office but see no one at their desks . Did I missed a meeting?
                              10:31 AM see a few peers hiding under their desks ( they shaking )
                              10:31:01 AM see Leystat at back of office screaming why no one responded tutorial new bug tickets
                              10:31:02 AM jump under my desk shaking
                              10:45 AM phew Leystat left and didn't saw me. Turn computer on
                              10:55AM this junk computer finally boot on. I log on
                              11:00 AM check tickets grrr so many FTP players tickets grrrrrrr
                              11:01 AM run to bathroom ahhh those breakfast burritos
                              12:00 PM lunch , sit in lunch room , chat with peers about Tix
                              1:00 PM read a PTP player Tix Andrew fix player problem
                              1:15 PM send email to Tix player saying his problem fix ticket close and contact me if any more problems about his issue. Pls click link to rate me
                              1:20 PM read a FTP ticket ha ha ha , take away player best toon ( that teach him not to keep bugging sending tickets )
                              1:30 PM send email to FTP player saying your problem fixed ticket is closed
                              1:31 PM lunch made me sleepy so take nap
                              3:55 PM wake up look at tickets emails and laught
                              4:00 PM get to elevator tell my peers OMG worked harder than ever respond to a PTP ticket phew I was able to fix his problem
                              4:00:05 peers in elevator congratulated me
                              4:30 PM grrr stucked in traffic. Think PTP fixed ticket ( big smile ) , FTP ticket
                              Messed player toons show player not to send more tickets ( bigger smile )
                              11:00 PM go to bed smiling ( I have the best job in the world)

                              Los Hispanos
                              PR Lacey


                              • PR Lacey
                                Ally code: 399-939-498

                                Community Manager

                                8:00 AM arrive at work
                                Turn on computer and log on
                                Read emails
                                Read forums and see many players stucked in new tutorial bug
                                10:00 AM go to support office to ask if they know about new tutorial bug ,but find no one in their desk , scream why players tickets not been answered
                                Guessing everyone at meeting trying to solve new bug issue
                                10:30AM back at computer writing in forum and reading players posts
                                12:00 PM skip lunch ( no time for it )
                                Keep answering players posts , write in forum new contest, new PVP schedule etc.
                                11:00 PM log off and turn computer off
                                12:00 AM arrive home and grap something fast to eat, take shower.
                                12:30 AM go to bed with satisfied smile ( was long day but job well done)
                                12:31 AM think wow I have best job in the world, fall asleep with smile on my face
                                Los Hispanos
                                PR Lacey




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