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    Elberto Denerio

    Android: Free Dalish Solish Warrior

    Thread Starter: Elberto Denerio

    Hi, so there's a free rare unit on Android now - the Dalish Solish Warrior.

    It's tier 1 but looks like a tier 4. Is it a unique unit in that

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    Ng Wei Jun

    Please NO more runes!

    Thread Starter: Ng Wei Jun

    Dear CG, it is too laggy to load the rune page and the more rune u guys are giving out further worsen the problem. Please fix the rune loading page or

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    Hi i need confirmation on when is DF event for my time

    Thread Starter: GildedHero

    I live in cyprus current time 11:30 AM i suspect the event is at 4:00 AM for me or maybe i missed the first one lol can someone enlighten me on when is

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    need help with health aura

    Thread Starter: Cibbi

    Did someone notice some changes with health aura? It seems it is not stacking or maybe not working correctly. I use black team with 2 Archies and noticed

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    App won't start

    Thread Starter: Draegian

    I recently got a Merrill from SP and decent drops in the new pve. Therefore I felt inclined to buy another 1600 gems in order to grind pve and pvp.

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    Is Fluffy worth the Fort?

    Thread Starter: djlott

    So I have a fairly strong blue team but it's only 3 legs strong.

    Fiona T4 epic fort
    Merrill T3 mostly rare fort w/ 1 epic

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