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    3 or 5 gems to refill?

    Thread Starter: XDXK

    It makes me mad when my friend tells me that his account only needs 3 gems to refill energy, coz I have to spend 5 gems to do it! Does anyone know why

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    the code is breaking down!!

    Thread Starter: BadCompany

    3 issues have popped up on me

    my GG attacked and then stayed dancing the entire 4 round fight

    the stun issue, documented in

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    Mordras Ghostwalker

    What did you guys do to the game?

    Thread Starter: Mordras Ghostwalker

    I can't find anything above 10 banners. Why would you change anything during an event, especially day 3 of it.

    i almost had 3000 and 2000

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    Johnny James

    AOE stun glitch

    Thread Starter: Johnny James

    I'm not sure whether it's just me, but whenever I fight AoE stunners, they always stun my whole team making it very difficult to win against them.

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    Mastering 7.4 and 7.5

    Thread Starter: SpidersAllOcean

    I'm gonna post everything I got:

    GWO I 17% LV70
    Isabela I 16% LV70
    GG III 20% LV44
    PD III 19% LV42
    IG II 16% LV55

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    Sammy SimsVille

    Legendaries are rare?

    Thread Starter: Sammy SimsVille

    While I have not gotten one, the current event where heroes that attack multiple targets get a health buff, says otherwise. I have seen many groups, of

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