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New PVE Mode - Introducing The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a new type of Quest event. The first Gauntlet is called "Civil War", and can be found within the Quest selection screen.

The Gauntlet Quest has these major differences from standard Quest events:

1. Every node has an energy cost, unlike standard Quest events where only the first node costs energy and all nodes after that have no energy cost.

2. Revive potions are not allowed. If you die, you can replay the node but it requires you to re-pay the energy cost for that node instead of using a revive potion.

3. Rewards are given immediately after completing each node, so you do not have to complete the entire Quest before receiving your rewards from each node.

4. Enemy health is NOT persistent. In normal Quest events, when you die and retry the node the enemies have the health amounts that they ended the previous battle (they would heal a small amount), meaning it's easier each time you die and retry. However, in the Gauntlet Quest enemy health resets every time 100%.

5. Specific nodes in the Gauntlet Quest have first-time rewards, which means the very first time that you complete that node, you will get a unique reward. You only get this reward the very first time you complete that node, and every time you complete it again on later runs through the Quest you receive only the standard reward drops. These are the first-time guarantee reward drops:

Complete node 10 - 3 Iron Packs
Complete node 15 - Exclusive new Epic gear Dreamweaver Staff
Complete node 20 - 650,000 gold
Complete node 25 - 2 Bloodstone Packs
Complete node 30 - 2 Tomes of Ascension
Complete node 35 - Exclusive new Mythic gear The Golden Prince's Pauldron
Complete node 40 - Exclusive new Legendary hero Qunari Defender

6. The Gauntlet Quest is MUCH longer than a standard Quest. This first one, Civil War, has 40 nodes.

7. The Gauntlet has a timer like a keyed event. The timer is 40 minutes in total. If you finish or quit the map, then the map resets and you will have to restart from the beginning with a fresh timer.

Good luck!
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CLIENT UPDATE - Unfortify, Wisp Ascension, and MORE!

It's here! It's finally here! The long-awaited, much-anticipated client update has finally hit the app stores and Facebook, and should be available in your region soon, if it's not already! Please be aware it can take up to 24 hours for the app stores to update to become available in each region, as Google and Apple roll it out within their markets, and it may require you to restart your device before the app store will display it. Facebook will update automatically behind the scenes, so there's nothing for you to do if you access the game within the browser.

In a couple of days, we will be forcing all players to upgrade to the new client, as there are several features that are simply not backwards-compatible with the old client version, and these new things will be going live very shortly.

Here's all the juicy details!
  • Fortified heroes can now be removed from fortification and returned to your inventory, for a cost. There is now a “Remove Fortifications” button in the fortify window which will allow you to choose heroes to remove from fortification. The cost to remove fortifications is discounted by 50% for the first 2 weeks, so you can take care of all those fortification changes you’ve been dying to make!

    Costs to Unfortify (full price), per slot:
    • Mythic Fortifications: 50 Gems (25 during introductory discount)
    • Legendary Fortifications: 25 Gems (12 during introductory discount)
    • Epic and Below Fortifications: 10 Gems (5 during introductory discount)

    There is an option available to remove all fortifications at once, and this will inform you of the total price before you confirm to do so.
  • Legendary Wisps can now be made Mythic using Tomes of Ascension! The tome slot on Legendary Wisps is unlocked by default and does not require equipped gear to unlock.
  • Legendary Wisps will now consume or fortify into their Mythic counterparts to immediately tier them up.
  • Proving Grounds now uses squad slot 2 as your defense slot so that PvP Events and Proving Grounds do not have to rely on the same defense squad. The icon for squad slot 2 has been updated to reflect this change.
  • Added support for both a new pvp event modifier type (No Dupes!) and a new quest type. Keep an eye out for new events coming soon!
  • Pre-battle event bonus notifications have been simplified due to the increasing complexity of event bonus types.

In addition to all these new things, we've made some improvements and resolutions to some outstanding issues:
  • Gear icons on hero cards will no longer disappear after completing a quest event.
  • Health/Power values in the hero card will no longer temporarily reset to base levels after equipping a piece of gear.
  • Updated the quest drop logic to reduce the likelihood of gear/tome information becoming stuck in the pop-up, or showing default text, in the rewards claim window after completing a quest event.
  • Battles will no longer sometimes appear to end prematurely when using heavy healers like Spirit of Faith.
  • Tapping on enemy gear in the More Info screen will now bring up the gear's details.
  • Consume screen will no longer incorrectly show a hero’s base stats after consuming the 2nd time.
  • Quest events will no longer load indefinitely when your gear inventory is over the limit.
  • PvP Event bonus descriptions now scale properly to fit long texts in both the PvP Hub and PvP Event windows.

How to Ascend Wisps

Wisps may be ascended to Mythic rarity in any of the following ways:
  • Apply a Tome of Ascension to the Wisp in the Squad screen. No other gear is required, the Tome slot is the only available slot and is unlocked by default.
  • Consume Legendary Wisps into an exactly matching faction Mythic Wisp. The result will be a Mythic Wisp of the sum total of Tiers consumed.
  • Drop a Legendary Wisp onto an exactly matching faction Mythic Wisp in the Fortification screen. The result will be a Mythic Wisp of the sum total of Tiers of the two units.
  • Drop a Mythic Wisp onto an exactly matching faction Legendary Wisp in the Fortification screen. The result will be a Mythic Wisp of the sum total of Tiers of the two units.

Please note: Consuming a Mythic Wisp into a Legendary Wisp will result in a Legendary Wisp. Don't do it.

That's all for this update. I wonder what will consume us for the next one...
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